a couple of poems from Ruby

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I'm a beginner, please dont be TOO criticizing ^^

Ever so silent
When in death
The spirits walk
Ever so silent
They never talk

They watch over us
in our wake
They wait for death
Our soul to take

When we burn
In the lake of fire
We may never see,
nore take desire

When in death
The spirits walk
Ever so silent
They never talk


The Reaper

The reaper stalks
he is there
Bringing our death
Bringing despair

He loves the pain
The agonizing glory
He is god
In our little story

May he walk
May he see
May he know
Who his next will be

The reaper is here
He doesn't rest
He see's in our soul
the fiery pest

Though we are blind
to his dirty deeds
He still walks among us
on our pain he feeds

With his scyth
and long black cloak
May he take his next
from the humble towns folk

Bring in their pain,
Taking their soul
Bring his pleasure
Showing his whole.

Weeping Fairy
Awesome poems, i love em! good job wink

thanks, weeping Fairy ^^

Through My sins
I walk in the dark
Feeling all alone
the sadness inside me
More than i have known

Though he who is without sin
May drop the first stone
I am the one
who needs to atone

Through my sins
Through my heart
I shall never forget
My feelings so tart

What have i done
He wont forgive
My sins are done
He wont let me live

My feelings are true
This is how i feel
Why belive in him
If he isnt real?

-no name yet-
In the dark ally
The rapist waits
Knowing very well
through his debates

Along comes a girl
Never expecting
She hadn't known
Recieved no warning

Now it's too late
The deed is done
Never again
Will she see the sun

Once was pure
Now is not
she hadnt known
Before she was shot

She had been raped
Alive through it all
Screaming for help
thus was her downfall

Thunder Fox
damn 0.0 nice job

He waits in the darkness
He waits for rest
Knowing it will never come
Taking this as a test

He can not talk
He can not see
He can not taste
Though he knows me

he waits here with me
Waiting for peace
It will not come
the pain will not seace(sp?)

I stand with him
with knowing eyes
listening to him breath
Listening to his sighs

The he is mute
he says so much
he looks around
His looks, my heart touch

I have to leave
Go back home
soon he will see
He can not atone

He picks up the gun
Licks the berral
tries to taste
though his senses do baffle

He gives up hope
He pulls the trigger
now he is dead
He could never figure

He rests now
Though not at peace
He took his own life
He didn't face the beast

Nice!!! love them.....but they seem all so scary ^.^

The angel flaps her wings
Staring in the mirror
Facing herself
knowing the truth comes nearer

She sits there
Gritting her teeth
she knows not why
her body did not treat

She balls her fist
and punches the mirror
Not standing to look twice
crying silently, no one could hear her.

Crying silently
even she should know
Goes against the angel's code
she knows now what she must show

She picks up a shard of glass
looks into it deeply
She wipes her tears away
knowing to everyone greatly

She cant hold back
The tears come fourth
She cries more
she can not stop henceforth

She lets out a scream of pain
as she throws the glass
IT shatters on the wall
into a bloody sharp mass

She looks deep within herself
Withing her soul
Thus she waits
taking in the cold


Weeping Fairy
I love 'em all Ruby, you have true talent dahling stick out tongue, i really hope you post some more, cause they rok my sox Happy Dance

thank you ^^

I smile slightly
the wicked grin
You broke my heart
So i killed him

You said you loved me
You said you did
Make up your mind
I'm only a kid

I stand over him
Blood dripping from my knife
I put the blade to my throat
I take my own life

With my final breath
I want you to know it's true
with my last dying whim
I say i love you

They walked together
On the dark road
He smiles at her
She says she's cold

HE Gladly gives her wamth
Under his warm coat
She higs him gently
listening to the wind's brisk note

He looks at her
She looks at him
He looks away
Looking into the night so dim

She looks to the street
Where a car can be heard
Before she could scream
The car hit her in a moment's third

He watched in horror
As his love was killed
He ran to her side
His anger let build

He looked at the car
That had spun off the road
He cried to himself
He knew this code

He picked up his cell
Dialed 9-1-1
He told them what happend
his heart had fell

Not before long
The paramedics showed
He held his love's hand
Trying to keep out the cold

The next day
He was not seen
He walked in the night
His senses were keen

He held his gun
a Glock 17. automatic
He knew what he has done
This was the storie's climatic

He killed the drunk
Murdered in cold blood
then he shot himself
Fell with a thud

Though in the hospital
She did wait
She was not dead
she was in a comatose state

Soon to be fine
But only to hear
Her love killed himself
For herself dear

Weeping Fairy
Those poems are so sad, but so beautiful good job, yet again happy


stick out tongue Nah j/p...nice work hun tee hee

through the fires
We all will burn
On that date
the tables will turn

The monster is back
No disgues
from the ground
into the skies

It attacks
one swift motion
the end of it all
ends at the ocean

Through the waters
You will find peace
The monster cant swim
It's attacks will cease

I made this one up for my role play

In Silent Hill
The Darkness awaits
It swallows your soul
Your life it takes

With no recolection
You will be gone
No one to help
You've become it's spawn

You walk the darkness
Itchy and cold
No control
It's gotten so old

May the Darkness
Show it's pity
End your life
Though you soul is witty

Through the murders
through the storm
your monster like form
Is your new norm

Through beauty she thrives
Never the less hiding what she feels
The feelings she hides deep inside

Though shes a beauty
Her eyes devine
She still is sad
as she climbs down the vine

This teenage girl
Now please understand
She was crying
When i took her hand

She despised her beauty
It's what she felt
She continuesly said
It felt like her heart would melt

She says she was alone
Alone in this world
what she said that night
Made my stomach twirl

I wished she had listened
This is the plot
now three days later
i found her, in noose and knot

Her life has ended
Still so young
This is what you get
When people refuse to hold their tongue

Now the moral of this story
It's very simple
T'is not what you see
Not the face nore dimple

The person is she
Even a he
We all have feelings
People don't see

Perhaps if you cared
You could save soul
For this little girl was broke
More than you could ever know

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