General New Gods Respect Thread

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This one's going to address all of the New Gods that aren't Darkseid, Orion, Mr. Miracle, or Barda, basically. All the ones who have very few battle appearances by comparison and aren't really set to get a respect thread of their own. Additionally, feats of random New Gods will appear.

This is just starting things off. I don't have much time to be on the net these days, so instead of posting them all in one sitting, I'll continually update this thread when time permits. None of these character sections will start off comprehensive.


For comparison, this is Orion's fight against the powered up Kalibak from Kirby's original run:

While Kalibak is powered up. Lightray lands a good blast. It seems to be implied from the text IMO that the blast would've taken Kalibak out if not for his enhancement. Now, while his next attack doesn't land and Kalibak goes on to beat him as soundly as he did Orion, still, check out the blast compared to Orion's attack on Kalibak. Is it just me, or does Lightray's blast look to be more damaging than Orion's fists?

Lightray KOes Mongul with a similar blast:

All-out Lightray vs. Takion. Now, obviously he loses to the Skyfather-level being before him. Nevertheless, check out how impressive his performance is. In fact, if you compare it to Takion's battle against Kyle, Captain Atom, and The Flash combined, IMO Lightray clearly looked better than any of them. Takion is so impressed that he even states Lightray's power nears his own. He faced a Takion who was far more in control of his powers than they did, at that:

This machine releases energies that actually kill several New God warriors. Even Orion uses Mother Box to help protect himself from its indirect power:

Lightray survives one of its blasts:

Lightray takes a clean sucker-blast from Guy Gardner, and recovers fast enough to catch the guy he dropped before he hits the ground:

Lightray and Superman resist a black hole's pull about equally well (or not well):

He's essentially suckered by Captain Atom, and gets knocked out of the sky, but gets back up fine, and J'onn steps in to restrain him from attacking CA:

He sorta restrains Orion. This one's arguable as he only grabbed one of Orion's arms, but IMO it looked like he stopped Orion in the middle of his flight:

For blunt force durability, here he runs at top speed unawares into a barrier created by the power of Yuga Khan -- a being whose power is greater than Darkseid or Highfather's. He's alright afterward:

Next issue he repeats this feat:

Lightray creates a star and shrugs off a lightspeed collision with a nearby planetoid:


Highfather creates Takion:

Highfather gathers The Forever People back to their proper time:

From the time when Mr. Miracle started realizing the power he inherited from Highfather, his portion of The Alpha Force ... Alpha Force Mr. Miracle revives Barda from her zombified form after her death, returning her to the living, and banishes The Black Racer:

As for how he compares to dad when it comes to weilding that power? Highfather casually blocks a blast from Alpha Force Mr. Miracle:

Highfather combines himself and 4 other Skyfather level beings into a single body:

Highfather cuts open a "cosmos of torment" which he threatens to send Orion to:

Highfather vs. Lightray:


He takes a Captain Atom blast to no effect:

Random New Gods

Random New Genesis warriors scuffle with The JLA:

A random Apokoliptian KOes Martian Manhunter:

Two random New Genesis warriors restrain an insane Metron:

MUCH more to come soon.

I was sorta thinking the same thing yesterday, but only about making a Highfather Izaya Respect Thread. I'm sure he has plenty. If Darkseid has one, Izaya should also.. Could you start it Jimmy? smokin'

Well, I just provided some Highfather feats above. I'll get to more soon.

Dinkus Mayhem
Some Big Barda feats would be great, the Lightray ones are sweet.

Cool thread.

Barda already has a respect thread by Thorion at SHC, I think.


This one's for comparison's sake. Orion faces an Earthling who's gotten ahold of the power of an Old God. It's a brief exchange and Orion comes out the better, but I think it's obvious he was around Orion's level of power. After the scuffle with Orion, Highfather steps in and nonchalantly strips the being of his power:

While their first battle was brief and even, in their second fight, Highfather ends up killing Steppenwolf with one hit. Then he singlehandidly drives off the rest of the Apokolips army that the other New Genesis warriors were having trouble with:

Contest of strength with Darkseid:

This isn't much of a concrete feat, but symbolically it looked to me to be of some value. Highfather breaks up a battle between New Genesis and Apokolips with a single blast:

I already posted this in the Darkseid thread for another reason, but check the narration. Highfather's power covers every corner of existence:

The Infinity Man

The original Kirby representation, where he saves Superman's ass from some Gravi-Guards:

(John Byrne later retold this meeting in JKFW)

Orion is strapped to a machine of Apokolips weilded by Earthmen and his life-force is being drained away to power Metropolis. Eventually, he gets angry and super-charges his power in one big jolt to attempt to free himself. The Earthmen discharge his energies out into the Metropolis sky in order stop his life-force from busting him free. Lightray then absorbs the discharge, preventing it from causing any destruction, and uses the power he's absorbed to set Orion free:

Lightray battles Arrden and Serrpa of The Primitives. While they didn't really battle anyone else other than the random followers Lightray had with him, Arrden showed rock powers sufficient to move a mountain. They also seemed to be the leaders of the Primitives' warriors, which is notable given that another Primitive managed to knock Highfather down (though Izaya's counter attack killed that Primitive). Lightray gets the better of this fight:

Lightray vs. Orion. While Orion is holding back for most of this fight, Lightray is arrogant and clearly underestimates Orion, due to his madness. At one point, it looks like Lightray has Orion beaten, but leaves to bring down Supertown. Orion himself was perplexed that Lightray left when he was "down." In the end, Orion wins, but I got the impression that Lightray was as close to Orion as Firelord is to Surfer. Judge for yourself:

Lightray blinds a fellow New God with a flick of his fingers:


Yeah, he's jobbed a few times. No, he's not quite top tier. BUT, he is not The Rhino; his record is as good as the next class 100 brick's. When he loses, with a few rare exceptions, it's because he's facing someone he should lose to based on his powerset. I'd place his feats next to, say, Ulik's any day.

Let's start it off simple. Kalibak takes a hard left from Superboy (YJ era) with a smile on his face:

To be fair, Kalibak did get KOed by a sucker-punch combo from Kyle and Darkstar Donna Troy right after this. However, when there were no cheap shots, this is how Kyle's fight with Kalibak went:

I'm going to put up some of his better performances against Orion, Lightray, Superman, etc. soon. Along with maybe some Mantis, Brimstone, and Kanto scans.

Kalibak's first fight with Orion:

A fight between Kalibak and Orion in Evanier's run. The fact that Orion's hit with Radion at the beginning makes it a bit questionable, but he's never said to be greatly weakened, and the rest of the fight is even. Kalibak was fighting just to distract Orion while Darkseid's tech was setup. While Orion lands the last hit, I think Kalibak wasn't beaten, but left because he'd distracted Orion long enough:

This is, IMO, Kalibak's most high-end portrayal by far. It's the ONLY time he's been portrayed as stronger than Orion. He has Orion on the floor, near defeat, until Orion blasts him with Radion. Even then, Kalibak gets right back up after Orion's left, as another Apokoliptian observes that he let Orion win:

Kalibak vs. Superman. While the Man of Steel ends up winning, it was a tough fight. Check out Supes' comments on Kalibak's power:

A group of Apokolips warriors and a slew of Para-Demons stalemate several powerful heroes from Earth, along with Orion, Barda, and Mr. Miracle for 6 pages. Most of it is off-panel, but one apparent highlight is that Steppenwolf appeared a match for Kyle Rayner (and this wasn't rookie Kyle either):

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