Why do u like batman ?

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I like it becouse its dark and Gothic and everything happens after dark when the bat is out . eek!

Sexy catwoman my favorite is the pengien an umbrella that turns into a gun how cool !!!

ohh and the joker Why do u like batman?

Cause he's the shit. End of topic haha.

Nah Batman's one of my favorite characters because it doesn't have to rely on "its a cool comic book" to survive. The stories are interesting enough that they can work outside of the comic book world, as can the characters. If you take away the fantasy and all of the super powers and all that, you still get the same story, just without the bells and whistles, and its far, far better in my opinion than just going "see, he's got a surfboard, so that makes him cool to young people, and uh...he's uber powerful...and he can (list a thousand things)." --- Granted, SS isn't a terrible character, that example just popped in my head --- If you care about the character itself and you can write interesting stories about it, the action and so forth will just write itself. That's why it was so hard for me to get into Superman, because so much that I've seen over the years is just "like this guy, cause he's really strong and does a lot of cool things, so...yeah...like him...cause, see, he just threw a bus" rather than what I'm seeing now, where its actually more of an emotional focus.

So in conclusion...Batman's the shit lol.

Mr Parker
Batman has always been my second favorite comicbook character after spidey because of the reasons you mentioned,Catwoman is sexy as hell and the joker is so cool of a villian as is the penguin.The batmobile is just the bomb.my favorite car of all time,it would be so cool to have a mansion and have a batcave underneath like that,thats just too awesome.I mean who wouldnt dream of being able to have a life like that? and then go out and swing the rooftops at night.that would be awesome.

I like Batman because of:
He is a none powered human that owns some superhuman villians, his gadgets, manor, wealth and alfred.

I have grown up with batman since i was little and there has been something that has drawn me back to him time after time, plus have always LOVED catwoman and joker, riddler and penguin make up a good set of villain! Like Mr Parker it has to be the car too, who wouldn't want the batmobile pulled up on your driveway!

Batmans just the greatest. he truly is. i remember my interest in him started at a young age, like 5 or 6 and i hadevery single Batman toy action figure and costume u could possibly think of. my mom even made me a black Batman costume out of fabric when i was little no expression im telling u i just loved him and i still do. i like him because hes dark unlike all ur other stereotypical heroes who always seem happy. he's very mysterious and interesting and he really has a purpose to do what he does. and he invokes FEAR, yes, FEAR and he does it with passion, and also. he doesnt kill. hes compassionate, but still finds a way to fight crime and win over and over and over again. he doesnt stoop down to their level and still kicks their buttsbig grin i like all the villains, especially the Joker, i always have, Catwoman, Two Face, everyone, and for some reason throughout Batmans history in comics, hes somehow found a way to attract very, very good writers, time and time again.

he just rulez wink Happy Dance

oh yea, and Batman Begins was the sh!t too...cool

Darth Vegas
Batman is one of my top 5 fave comic characters.

---I like Batman because he's a mere mortal human being yet, due to his keen intellect, cunning, resourcefulness, and pushing himself to the peak of human physical limits, he's able to keep up with his superpowered peers and to best superpowered villains
---Nobody can be Superman, but anybody can be Batman if they try hard enough and apply themselves
---I love the whole cape and cowl routine
---He justifies his means to achieve his ends
---He willingly invokes fear and intimidation into his enemies
---There's an air of mystique about him in the criminal world and how he's spoken about almost as if he's an urban legend or myth
---He's dark, gritty, and I love film-noir and his stories share a lot of the same qualities as that genre
---He's a flawed character and has faults. He's not invincible nor undefeatable
---He can be arrogant and downright condescending to his allies.

The guy is just a bad ass, plain and simple.

Mr Parker
great reasons to be a Bats fan. thumb up

Lets see, a rich man whose parents were killed by a unknowed person, who is a play boy in almost all the day, geting all the girls in parties and at night, he dresses like a big bat and he goes in a cool car with many tricks. He also has a cool cave, several cool gadgets, a plane, a boat, a cicle, etc. And he fighs with several crazy people dressed like a clown, a frac, a question mark costume, a cat, a scarecrow, some guy with a horrible face, etc.

I think that it sounds pretty cool, you know?

Darth Martin
Batman is most GANGSTA smile

-He has his own car.
-Gets all of the girls.
-Tons of money.
-Cool origin.
-Cool gear.
-Ra's Al Ghul

.....and that is why I like Batman.

What I like

- Bruce is a well rounded, fairly interesting character. I don't care much for Batman, but Wayne is what keeps me interested.

- He's a non-super powered hero.

What I don't like:

- the more ludicrous gadgets
- the pointy ears
- the prep
- the PIS
- the jobber aura
- he's a non-super powered hero

Originally posted by Darth Martin
Batman is most GANGSTA smile

-He has his own car.
-Gets all of the girls.
-Tons of money.
-Cool origin.
-Cool gear.
-Ra's Al Ghul

.....and that is why I like Batman.

What you talking about he doesnt get any girls, thats just an act.

Batman is the best superhero because he doesn't have any super-powers but still takes a bite outta crime! He's a great character!

We're all guilty of tying a towel around our necks for a cape as little kids so it might be the nostalgia I like best.

I grew up watching Batman on TV in the 60's, reading the comics in the 1970's/80's, & then in 1989 the 1st movie came out & blew me away! Ever since then I have been collecting Vintage Batman Toys like crazy.

I like Batman because for some odd reason, he scares the crap out of the bad guys... even when he never kills them.

Actually... that and the fact that I think he's a rather deep character. I mean, Bruce Wayne is his disguise, and Batman is who he is. Ya know? To me, that's kind of cool.

Not like Clark Kent dressing up like Superman. Peter Parker becoming Spider-man. No, Batman takes off the mask to become Bruce Wayne. I like that.

That, and Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns and Year One are really, really good, and The Long Halloween might just be my favorite comic book story ever.

I like Batman because he really just uses cool gadgets and acts smart. He's not a typical superhero that has ridiculous superpowers.

chase el
because he a frickin human who is in the league with superman and super powered freaks

Plus, I think on some level... we would all like to be that billionaire playboy who is really a superhero. Not some reporter who lives in a crummy apartment or a doctor who can't control his rage. No way! We all wish we could buy what we want whenever we want it, then beat the crap out of bad guys all night long!

Secretly, I would say that most of us have hero complexes, and Batman, not having any heat ray vision or flight abilities, is the closest one we can reach in our minds.

Or I'm full of crap and waaaay off... and that's just me. Who knows?

As quoted from this site http://www.darkknight.ca/gallery/main.html

He (Batman) is perhaps the only genuine hero amongst them. People say Batman is this dark, vengeance-driven, obsessed character but that's not Batman to my eyes. That's just the fuel which drives Batman. The trauma of his parents' death is what motivates him and forces him to go on, but what makes him Batman is a decision. He took a decision to be a good guy, which is a decision in life not too many people make. He is a self made character. He didn't get superpowers, he's not a cyborg, he made a choice to be what he is. He is motivated by the terrible thing that happened to him when he was a kid, but that's not the thing that defines his character. What defines his character is the decision to do something.

Couldn't have said it better myself smile

My reason is the amount of professionalism. He's a no-nonsense guy who's always got the enemy cornered, and approaches problems from all angles. He demonstrates how an ordinary person can become comparable to Superman through cunning and wisdom.

i like the animated series because of harley quinn...


this is a tough one, hes my favourite for many reasons, hes a genius, he doesn't depend on his super power, the only weapons he had are his intelect, his fisical force, acrobatic skills, and his gadgets. theres no shit with the batman, he gous straight to the point and all what he do is becuase his comitment with justice.

exanda kane
I never used to like Batman that much. Like many of DC's heroes, I found him dull, one diimensional and utterly presposterous (I mean, the guy thinks he's a bat), and the Tim Burton films always seemed a little too Tim Burton for my liking, and let's all forgot the subsequent sequels. As a kid in the late 80s and early 90s, I always found Marvel much more interesting, I followed the X-men boom when I could. However I left X-Men and Spiderman films feeling utterly indifferent and disappointed.

I went to see Batman Begins because Christopher Nolan was involed, but I really was not expecting to enjoy the character, or the trademark gimmickry attributed to the superhero. Well, I'm glad to say I am very wrong.

The movie was a great achievment in storytelling and character development aswell as using CGI to further the story, and it made good money at the box office. I was over the moon that someone had reinvigorated a franchise I long thought dead, and had only just discovered. Compared to over the top weak films like the Spidermans, X-Men films and gibberish like Fantastic Four and the like, this was a fantastic film. Well done to DC.

I always liked Batman, over everyone else. I think it was because he was actually human.

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