Gandalf = A Maia?!?!?!?

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i am confused: is gandalf a maia? cause i saw recently the words from the soundtrack: (when he falls in khazad-dum):

Olorin, who once was...
Sent by the Lords of the West
To guard the lands of the East
Wisest of all Maiar
What drove you to leave
That which you loved?

Mithrandir, Mithrandir O Pilgrim Grey
No more will you wander the green fields of this earth
Your journey has ended in darkness.
The bonds are cut, the spirit broken
The Flame of Anor has left this World
A great light, has gone out.

Yes Gandalf is a Maia, as are all the Istari (Wizards) there were five that travelled to Middle-earth from the west and their true names in the Quneya Elvish are as follows.


Alatar and Pallando are two Blue Wizards that travelled East with Saurman but did not return, there is mixed opinion on if they completed their task or not.

I see you havent read The Silmarillion.
Yes, as thefallen544 said, he is Olorin , a Maia.
And thereĀ“s so much more.

i read silmarillion, but i have never seen these things... maybe there are different editions no expression. i shall read it again.

Sauron and Balrog are also Maia

i knew that...

in the chapter "about the maia" it says that Olorin was of the wisest maia, and that he used to live with the elves and in lorien. and it is clearly stated that gandalf is also called olorin so... all the istari are maia.

Also, for the record, Olorin/Gandalf is one of the Maiar of Manwe, Saruman/Curumo and Sauron are Maiar of Aule.

Yeah hes a Maia of Manwe/Varda but it seems he was somewhat of a traveller even in Valinor associations can be drawn with a fair few of the Valar although primarily Manwe it seems.

Year he is Maiar or Lower angel. He came as an Old man to middle earth and was 1 of the 5 Istari Wizards. He was given the ring of fire becuz he was thought to be the most powerful.

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