If Movie 1 Had Been Changed....

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There wouldn't be a second or third one. Here are my thoughts:

Change 1: If the Pearl's crew hadn't left Jack to die on that godforesaken spit of land, Jack wouldn't be out looking for it, so he wouldn't be in Port Royal.

Change 2: If Jack never saved Liz, and threatened her, Norrington wouldn't be trying to blow the bajesus out of him in the first place, so Jack wouldn't of had to hide in the blacksmith's shop, so he wouldn't have met Will.

Change 3: If Jack was still the captain of the Pearl, he would have protested as to what Barbossa wanted to do to Bootstrap. (throw him to Davy Jone's Locker) Bootstrap would still be on the Pearl, and Will would've had an easier time reuniting with his old man.

Change 4: If Norrington hadn't purposed to Liz, she wouldn't have been in that place at that time. She would've been looking around yelling "Where are those bitches who tied my corset........." and then fainted. She wouldn't have met Jack, because of falling off the thing, blah blah blah, yak yak yak......... you get the picture.

Change 5: If Gov. Swann hadn't hired his maids, (the bitches^^) Liz would have never fallen off the thing and met Jack and so on & so forth.

Change 6: If the latest fashion in London hadn't been squeezing your body into a corset, then Liz would have never met Jack..... you've heard it all before.

So in conclusion, almost all the changes relate to Liz's corset, so if that hadn't of happened, a lot of other things wouldn't have happened! (including movies 2, 3, maybe 4, 5, and 6.)

Yes that is so true. I guess fate intervened big grin

which ties into the whole, not having a corset in the 2nd and 3rd movies.... its served its purpose and now she doesnt need it. she can be herself. w/ jack big grin love

I Love Jack/Liz!!! W0o0o0o00o I want more Lovin!!!

yea.... i'm a jack/liz shipper!!

(who isn't who has stuff to back it up)

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