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ok, i thought it would be fun to make a thread about movies that are similar to potc 1 and/or 2 (when talking about relationships, plot, etc.). so i have one:
The Four Feathers
it set in the 1700's (about the same as potc, i guess?) and theres a guy , and him and a girl are in love. at one point, shes talking to another guy (who looks like hes wearing eyeliner lol ) and they're talking and all of a sudden the guy who the girl is in love with walks in and she runs up to kiss/hug him. while doing so, the guy who she is not in love with looks sad/angry/jealous. this is only in like the first 10 minutes, but it kinda reminded me of the 'finding the chest' scene in pirates 2.
any more similar movies?


This is kind of cheating, but Johnny Depp and Gore both said Barbossa reminds them of the wicked witch of the West from Oz and I think those movies have some similarities. Both are in worlds that exist more in imagination than in real life and have an ensemble of characters with their own backstories and desires, and at least one person in both is looking for a heart.

this may be strange, but IMO
Gone with the Wind and Pirates oF the Craibbean are slightly similar

Scarlett: stubborn, set in her ways, wants to keep up with society, bid dreams, longs for freedom

Elizabeth: stubborn as well, set in her ways, sort of conforms to what society thinks is best, insteand of what she wants, big dreams, longs for freedom

Ashley Wilkes: (the man scarlett wants to be with, and thinks is best for her) likes Scarlett, in love with someone else

William Turner: (The man who wants to be with Elizabeth) In love with keeping a promise to his father

Rhett Butler: ( the man scarlett fights her feelings for, but ends up with in the end) suave, confident, slightly arrogant, good looking

Jack Sparrow: ( the man Elizabeth fights her felings for, but ends up with , hopefully) suave, confident, slightly arrogant at times, good looking

Scarlett Ohara has no mother figure, she dies , she has maids her father means the world to her

Elizabeth Swann, has no mother that we know of, has maids and her father means the world to her

Scarlett fights her feelings the whole movie for Rhett Butler, she even slaps in and throws breakable objects and him and tells him to cal her Miss Ohara
Sound Familair?
Elizabeth Swann Fights her feelings for Jack Sparrow, and tells him to call her Miss Swann

The entire movie Scarlett obsesses about Ashley Wilkes, the man she wants sto be with, the man who is fime and upstanding in their society, a man who would be accepted, worried every day all day if he is ok, or being injured in the war, she wats to be married so badly
Just as Elizabeth does in POTC she obsesses about saving will and being married

Scarlett finiaaly lets her guard down with Rhett butler, only to find how much she truly needs him in her life
Just as Elizabeth has done with Jack in DMC

Just IMO smile

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I discussed my opinions on AntZ and POTC similarities in the thread called, "While I Was In The Shower, I Thought"

I think they are very similar in a way, perhaps not identical...but similar.

AntZ is in a way, the 'bad boy'. He's not supposed to be with her{Bala/Elizabeth}, but he breaks rules and goes where no other ant has gone before! all his glory, and ant.

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