Amazing Quote from Terry!

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I love the way that Terry writes! He's absolutely correct about how some people's view of Elizabeth's character reinforces society's double standard. He's also right about a number of other things, I'll leave that to you rest of you to read...This came out yesterday on wordplayer smile

For the record, I've never written a woman who hopped on someone, or who screeched, or who tripped and fell.

Guilty on the charge of writing a character who cried. (I think when you decide to send someone you may indeed love to their death, a single tear might be in order, given that it reveals a part of yourself you might not be able to live with.)

For the record, here is the original screenplay page:


The three men square off against each other. They leap forward at exactly the same time, swords clashing. Their three swords lock together --

Will, we can't let him get the chest. You can trust me on this ...
(off Will's look)
You can mistrust me less than you can mistrust him.

Will really takes a look at Norrington for the first time.

You look awful.

Granted. But you're still naive. He just wants Elizabeth for himself.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

They leap back and the fight is on. Will is pushed aside for a moment, long enough to say to Elizabeth:

Guard the chest.

He moves back to the fight. Elizabeth glares at him --

No. This is barbaric. This is not how grown men settle their -- oh, fine! Let's just all haul out our swords and start banging away at each other! Have at it! That will solve everything. Well I've had it with the lot of you! I've had enough of ... rum soaked ... wobbly-legged ... pirates!


You might note that Will tries to give Elizabeth an order -- which she refuses, and then takes the men to task. And she does it pretty well. There is a double-entendre and even a subtle Jack Sparrow reference.

As for delivery, Keira chose to the play the role as seen on screen, and it was brilliant.


Once again, the criticism of Dead Man's Chest turns out to be lame.

And reverse-sexism pisses me off. When a man yells it's a man yelling. When a woman yells it gets described as 'screeching.' Right.

So often, the lack of human beings to engage in coherent thought makes me sad for the human race. I might even shed a tear

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cool hes funny. reminds me of one of my friends lol

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