Stephen King's IT; The Sewer

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Tha Doggfather
Does anyone know where that old sewer building that was used in the movie 'It' is, or if it even exists? I'm talking about the big, sinister looking concrete building surrounded by the algi-infested lake down by the barrens where they 'Lucky 7' gang used to play when they were kids.

I would like to go there one day and take in the atmosphere - for some reason when I see this sewer in the movie, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over, while at the same time it manages to creep me out like hell! That might sound weird I know, but there is just something about it that has intrigued me so much that I HAVE to go see it.

Please tell me this place is exists..I'd be very cut if it didn't.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I wonder if it exists, or if it was even just a set erm

Tha Doggfather
I have since found out that the location of the shooting was at Beaver Lake, in Stanley Park, Vancouver Canada.

And after searching for images of the lake on Google, I think I'm going to have to accept the fact that the sewer building was most probably a special affect or a backdrop type of thing, as it was missing in the images of the lake that I had found.

But still, I have hope. If anyone knows ANYTHING about that sewer, you MUST let me know.

Thanks again.

Hi there!
I too have been a huge fan of the movie and book for as long as I can recall and have been wondering about the sewer's location as well. I have recently tried finding out about that as well and was told that the filming of the sewer scenes was definitely done at Stanley Park's Beaver Lake which further confirms any suspicions that they must have built a set. However, if anyone of the actual movie-people involved in the production were to read this now, maybe they could confirm this?

Esau Cairn
You know whenever there's a sewer scene in a movie, it's always made out to be big, spacious & well-lit. Not to mention the clear fresh running water.

Yes, most sewers are production sets designed for ample space for the camera crew, as well as the lighting rig.
No one needs to gag on the stench or deal with floating turds.

Curious too
Hey everyone, glad to know I'm not the only one curious about this. What got me thinking about it is I was watching the tv program Once Upon A Time and there was a scene just now in it that looked so familiar. So much so that I rewound the scene and paused to take another look. I kept trying to figure out where I had seen that before and I'm thinking it was on the movie It! I'm attaching a photo of the scene and hoping someone can tell me if it's the same scene from It or not because I can't remember for sure what that looked like. But it seems like this is it. Hope to hear back from someone! Thanks!

After looking at the pic i uploaded, not sure if anyone will be able to make it out or not. Hope you can. I'm dying to know if this is the same scene or not. It's probably not but it just reminded me so much of that scene from It.

Turned out that the whole sewer building was an effect as seen from the attachment.

I have evidence but this website won't let me attach it to this so I might have to dm people

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