WACOM Graphire4 work by Aliies

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Is it true, *Gasp*
Aliies has a 6"x8" WACOM Graphire tablet on order big grin
You cannot guess as to how excited I am, This means that I can finally be free of the brick (mouse) for my digital paintings big grin

Now, I'm openning this up early as the Tablet will be here in a week or two, but tonight I'll post some of the work I can do using just a mouse smile


I'm jealous...my tablet's only 4x5 stick out tongue

But it works...which is good as I can't do a damn thing with the mouse, drawing/painting-wise ermm

I learnt to deal with the mouse as I only learnt what a Wacom was two nights ago... sad I've never seen, heard or let-alone used one before, but don't feel jealous about the size, I had reach deep into my pockets for that one... AU$149 for a 4x5, AU$279 for a 6x8...

Ok, the Tablet's here, has been for a few days... IT IS GREAT!!!
The pad is over half the size of my screen and it is so easy to Photoshop things now!

First up, something a I did a while ago in pencil that I realized deserved more work...

The original:

The Digital Edit using the Tablet:

Next is a fan-comic underway for a great Webcomic called Gone with the Blastwave, it can be found at www.blastwavecomic.com:

Haha I understand that woot big grin
I love the zoot suit cat remastered, chic

Thanks big grin But understood what? the punchline of the comic or what the Green said o.O

And that cat is very old now, did him early on in the year until I found the pic yesterday and attacked it...
And what do you mean 'Chic'on the end of you're post confused

The green

chic as in stylish

Oh, he... Never heard 'chic' used other than mentioning women... ^.^

Almost forgot about this thread smile I've been working on this character for a week now; so far a total of five hours work including many slaved retries as I worked it smile It's far from finished, the based colors are there, natural effects are still needed though the lighting has been worked to match the shading... for now...

It's ituses a total of seven layers, not one of the character aspects touch the background, technically making it a floating picture. The character himself is one out of a possible Story/RP Idea Called Second Generation, he's an enforcer of the new-world order where Magic has become an outlawed practice as the age of technology rises over the horizon... So enough Jargon... Here he is smile

things are picking up in my little shop of horrors, the Dark Laboratory as it's now called is hopefully going to be an active website from where to engage all of my insane ramblings and submit works all from me... big grin

Jeez... I wasn't even thinking then... my fingers talked for me XD

here's something to display just how insane things have gotten here big grin

he comes with a little story too!

++++ I had made my way to the upper-spire, my Auto pistol was running dry as I had emptied three clips clearing a path upwards into the ancient basilica...

My entrance into the hall was met with a low tone that chilled my blood. In the glum darkness, I could make out the shape of a man... or at least what seemed like a man...

"You shall find no passage here, Pilgrim..." the voice was cold, mechanical; whatever it was stepped into a soft beam of light that arced down from one of the many lead-lights along the hall walls.

I took one look and drew my pistol, the thing had recently gouged out it's eyes, the alien-esque power-arms reaching out as if praying to the heavens, it's head swung backwards.

I let loose an almighty cry of fury as I emptied the last nine shots in the pistol, the Arco-Servitor fell backwards a step under the barrage.
Brackish-dark blood oozed from the eight straight hits, it's horrid form revealing a wizened smile upon it's half-life-lips, "My faith is my armor, your retribution holds no sway, Pilgrim..."

Without a gun nor any weapon for that matter, I was beaten, it would take alot more than even a las-rifle to down something that felt no pain... My instincts caught up with me... I ran... ++++

And a few of his 'comrades'

How do you like the tablet? I was looking into one.

well, the last three are solely done on the tablet... believe me, they were rushed! you should get one smile

but what size? is a 4x6 or a 6x8 bige enough?

well, the Intuos is infinatley better but if you want a 6x8 pad like me, go for Grapphire, it's 200 dollars (AUD) cheaper and there's only a small amount of difference, though i'll be moving to an Intuos in the nera future as it's a professional pad...

and here's a few more warhammer-y type things to sink yer teeth into... the last one sucks though sad




and the first page of something random and unintelligible...
and yes, something compelled me to emblazon her second varying top with KMC on it...

Originally posted by Aliies
and the first page of something random and unintelligible...
and yes, something compelled me to emblazon her second varying top with KMC on it...
http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f352/Aliies/1copy.jpg i like this. the shirt design change in each picture is amusing and what she says is also amusing. i like this "none of your concern" character.

There will hopefully be many more of these random comics, they're done to help improve my artwork as a whole...

if you like, I could color your characters for you if you need... this job here was meant to be rushed and sloppy though...

Thanks for the comment, your artwork is not too shabby either big grin

Nice man, I like your work smile

thanks alot big grin I'm trying to allocate time to turn this random comic shop idea into a frequent comic... Might even set up my own web address just for it: Aliies' ++RANDOM COMIC SHOP++

Ok, this was my first try at a realism picture in quite a while... Dj88 requested a picture done and said sher would prefer anime; I'm not the best artist at anime as I left that style a while ago, though all my attempts at creating realistic portraits all look something anime-ish... and now this is no different and took me all of an hour from start to finish!

I have the ability to copy nearly everything I see and draw it on paper or digital pad in almost the exact way, adding slight changes to make it unique... Working from a very-nice and warm-temperatured picture of the lovely Dj88, I created this in the last half hour while listening to songs like Grinspoon- Hard Act To Follow and Kayne West - Jesus Walks With Me

so enough crapping-on, here's the picture for you Dj88!


also for you today is the first page (besides the intro) of my new comic ++None Of Your Concern++


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