Auschwitz Experience

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Auschwitz Experience

Chapter 1

I woke up, seeing my usual clear ceiling, feeling my comfortable bed, and smelling good food as the scent goes by. Now you may think, I may have a good life, but I don't. It's hell, and I mean it literally. Every single f*ckin day, I have to go outside seeing violence and corpses, ridicules and Cruelty. Where the hell am I? Auschwitz, every time I woke up, I question myself, why the hell am I here? . Everyday before this whole thing happened, all I remember is 'War against America', 'Hitler makes a miracle', 'Kill all Jews!', and 'Recruiting Soldier' type of sh*t. My dad always tried to convince me to be a soldier, I didn't want to. My best friend was a Jew, now they're starting to ruin everything.

NOW your asking, why did I choose to come here? Because of my family, they dumped me. They abandoned me because I refused to participate in the f*cking war when others did. I had to get meals into my stomach so I volunteered to be in the war. First it didn't seem to be all bad, I just had to watch out for Jews and report daily. Then I got into Auschwitz, now THAT is when I faced hell.

Everyday, even if I prayed to god, I would witness brutality. Beating, Humiliation, and Cruelty. As soon no one is watching, I secretly vomit. Both physically and mentally. I don't know whats worse, my own family abandoning me, or poor Jews dying in front of me. I never felt powerless in my whole life...

I tried not to, once I gave some bread to a Jew, and guess what happened? My fellow guard came in, seeing the Jew with a bread, automatically assumed that he stole it. That day, I witnessed a horrible murder. That Jew, was only a small boy, only about 13. But he wouldn't just accept that damn fact! The guard simply pulled out a Luger and shot the boy in the leg. Oh, how much I wanted to shout out 'STOP!' but my voice box seemed to be trapped. I couldn't talk or even move!

The small boy cried as he was shot, I couldn't even imagine the pain. Then the guard just chuckled and shot the other leg. Then after few minutes he shot the head after hearing enough cries, which seemed to be music to his ears. He came to, smiling. He patted my shoulder and whispered in my ear "Clean up this mess will ya?", he walked away laughing.

I swear, as soon he was gone, I sat down on the ground. My stomach suddenly twisted, I rolled over and vomited. Tears began to come out of eyes as they reddened. But I couldn't cry or vomit for long, I tried my best to suck it up. I looked back at the corpse, and felt like vomiting again. I walked back at the corpse and grabbed the leg.

"I'm sorry"I quietly whispered as I dragged it back to the pit.

As I think about this in my bed, I again felt sick. How can people be so cruel? Why does this violence always have to start? What the hell is wrong with people these days. You know, everyday when I wake up and no ones there, I grab my Luger and let the entrance touch my warm neck. I wanted to pull it, but I was a coward. I didn't have any guts to even try to pull it. I wanted to end my life now, I don't want to see these horrifying sights anymore! No more burnings! No more deaths! And no more pain! But I wanted to live, but my mind tells me how are you going to live like this for long? . I had no answers.

Suddenly, my fellow guard came in and told to come outside. I grabbed my hat, putting it on, and walked toward the door. Even though I did not want to witness these deaths, anymore, I had to live.

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