Why I hate crossovers!

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One of the main reasons I get a subscription in the first place is because I want to guarantee getting 12 issues without interruption. In other words, I want the whole story.

By moving around the story between different titles that I CAN'T get (~3 month delay in new subscription start, from time you place order to when it first shows up), they are essentially saying I have to subscribe to all of their available subscriptions in order to make sure I can follow the story. That is simply unreasonable. I mean, we pay $10 on average per subscription, but still, how many different ongoing titles are there?

If they are going to move the ongoing story around between different titles, then my subscription should follow the story around when it moves. I don't think that's too much to ask, and in this computerized age, it certainly wouldn't be very hard for them to do, either.

I share the comic subscriptions with a friend, who gets them first. He is paralyzed, and besides, there is no comic store within 60 miles of his house. So I suppose he is just expected to miraculously walk or drive 2 hours whenever they move a story around to another title, so that he can follow it? I don't think so. That's another example of why I think it is unreasonable.

I think what is reasonable is to expect to get the whole, ongoing, uninterrupted story when you subscribe. If I subscribe to Green Lantern, I don't want to get an issue of GI Joe instead, which would be unreasonable, and would disrupt my enjoyment. It wouldn't have anything to do with the plot from last issue. In the same way, I don't expect the story I was reading to jump ship over to other titles, any more than I would expect my Superman subscription to start featuring the X-Men. Does this really seem so unreasonable to anyone out there?

It is a problem, but its been going on for years...

i think its the companies making sure that all their titles make some money...

say uncanny x-men is losing money, 'hey, lets do a crossover with new x-men and that'll boost sales' and so on...

but yeah, its shit...

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