Jack and Lizzie Island Scenes

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Here is all of the deleted scenes from the Jack and Elizabeth island scenes. I didn't put them together it's from youtube here's the linkSparrabeth Island Enjoy!


for some reason I am having trouble with youtube today...the site won't come up......bummer....I hope it's temporary

Try this linkSparrabeth Island I hope it works.

oh yeah I seen this..I like it but it does drag quite a bit so I can understand why they ct it down..they should have left the part where she teaches him the song..that would make it so damn obvious what was on his mind as he was leaving move 1 but they tried to dumb it down a bit back then it seems..make it more subtle than anything.

Yeah I agree Lovelyone they should had kept that part where Elizabeth teaches him the song. The whole island scene was very important they both got to see each other for who they really were. And like you said it would had made sense at the end when Jack was singing the song. Cause he totally had Elizabeth on his mind.

I agree about the teaching of the song. That really surprised me the first time I saw that scene and realized he didn't know it beforehand. How the hell does a governor's daughter know a pirate song that an actual pirate doesn't? Makes you wonder what all Lizzie's done before we met her......

They also should have kept the part when he shows her all his wounds and scars. It adds to his larger-than-lifeness that makes him Jack.

wait was her teaching him the song on the dvd, cuz i dont remember seeing it

It was in the deleted scenes.

i thought see said she wouldnt teach him?? its been a while since i've seen it.. im probably wrong

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