Angel Season 5.......continued.

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I want to slay the dragon

The hordes of Wolfram and Hart came upon them, each one having dealt with their own task this night. Bones ached, wounds bled, but their courage could not be denied. Angel was standing taking point, Spike to his left, Gunn and Illyria to his right, he could hear Gunn's heart racing, the only one of the four who had no superpower, or super-strength, he admired his tenacity and his will to bring the single most powerful influence of evil in this world to it's knees.

"I want to slay the dragon". Angel said with a sly grin on his face.
"Looks like you'll get you're chance mate". exclaimed Spike.

The demon hordes swarmed upon them, Angel who with his broadsword swung a mighty killing blow to the first demon who came upon him, and if memory served correct, this particular demon was a Krenik demon, whose sole purpose was to kill. As the demon army came at them from all sides, each one took their respective parties, Gunn fought with a demon of Asian origin, and with a demon from another dimension. As he fought hand to hand with the Asian demon, he realized he still had the wooden stake ejectors in his sleeve, as the demon whipped around, Gunn with flawless motion pressured the trigger and out came an 8 inch wooden stake straight into the neck of the demon warrior. As he savored his victory too long, the other demon swooped upon him, and landed a blow that would have crippled a lesser man, with all the strength he could muster, Gunn pushed the demon against the wall of the hotel he used to call home. Gunn punched the demon furiously in the face, and after what seemed like an eternity the demon whose face was now mush, slumped to the floor, as Gunn turned to look at the other, he saw Spike battling with an ogre and a troll.

Spike had never fought an ogre before, but he was finding out it was not a slap and a tickle. The ogre, who he estimated was at least twice as strong as he was, was not going down easily, and to add to his trouble, the ogre had help from a troll, who last time he saw one, Buffy was kicking it's ass, and he could barely even lift it's hammer. Spike thought of Buffy right then and there, and of how he could use her help, along with all the other slayers, but he knew better, and he also knew that Buffy would never arrive on time to help. As Spike tussled with the troll and ogre, he was trying to come up with a way he could kill both of them without using allot of his energy. " You want a piece of the big bad, yeah thats right, I'm talking to you, you filthy disgusting gits". said Spike. The troll now enraged even more so than before, swung his axe wildly, Spike ducked and then jumped toward the ogre, the troll, dumb as rocks, swung the axe and chopped the head clean off the ogre. " You stupid ponce, you can't even tell when ya being bated". The troll angered again held his axe over his head, and Spike seeing an opportunity, ran and slammed into the troll shoulder first, it was enough to drop the troll to his back. Spike quicker of the two, grabbed the axe, and sliced the troll from his belly to his head." Now that's how you do it, bloody moron". He turned to see Illyria in battle with a giant, and handling herself, quite well.

To be continued.

The giant grabbed Illyria and forced her down his throat, thinking he just killed an Old One, the giant clutched at his neck, which had a bubble on the side and found that it proved harder to digest Illyria than he thought. Illyria burst from the giants neck and held what could only be the dead demons throat muscles. As she was still in a mood, she grabbed the nearest demon and threw him head first into the ally wall, instantly killing him. Another demon approached her cautiously, and the two squared off in a hand to hand combat, the demon had surprising strength, it took the massive blows Illyria was throwing at him, but soon found himself overwhelmed, the more he fought, the more enraged Illyria seemed to get, and before the demon knew, he was on his knee's and about to get his head ripped off. Illyria dispatched several more demon with minimal effort, now that the demons seemed to be thinning out, she noticed the dragon swooping down, she turned to see Angel jump from the near garbage can and gut the dragon with his broad sword. Angel wanted to slay the dragon, and now he had, the feeling he experienced just now was damn near perfect happiness, but not quite. With his sword still in the dragons body, Angel fought hand to hand with several demons who apparently did not take to kindly that their largest weapons were now dead, the Ogre, the Troll, the Giant, and now the Dragon, were all dead, and if Angel has his way so will all the other demons who were here fighting tonight. Angel fought his way through the demon army, killing them one by one, he made his way to Gunn, who was starting to fade a little, he could see him physically exhausted, but still determined to fight till the end. As Angel came to Gunn's aid, there was a slight tremor in the ground, and from the ally opening, more demons came through. Angel knew they would all die here tonight, but he didn't want to believe it, he had fought so hard all these years to keep the evil at bay, but it was all for nothing, or so he thought. Angel kept his hope alive with the thought that he had eliminated the Circle of the Black Thorn, and cut off a very powerful influence in this reality from the Senior Partners. As more and more demons came, the hope he had for surviving was diminishing, he needed help, but he hadn't contacted Buffy, he doubted she would come in time to help them anyway, just as the demon throng was getting to it's fullest, help came in the form of Gunn's old crew, 30 of the his old friends, and one's he had never seen before came from around the corner armed with swords, axes, and all sorts of weapons. The fight had turned from hopeless, to slim chances.

Gunn's old crew was creating heavy damage to the demon army, and after what seemed like an eternity, the demons retreated and left the ally. Angel, Gunn, Spike, and Illyria along with what was left of the helping crew savored the sweet victory in the rain," Man am I glad you came Marcus". said a very weary Gunn.

"Hey homie, there's no way I would let some demon army take out you, or Angel". Marcus replied.
"Thanks mate, thought for sure we were done in". said Spike who was holding some broken ribs.
"Hey, I do what I can, so who pissed off the big boy's enough to get this treatment"? Marcus asked.
"I did, well actually we all did". Said Angel
"Thanks for the help, we owe you".
"You don't owe me nothing, you know you just made L.A. that much safer by taking out Wolfram and Hart."
"We didn't take them out permanently, they'll be back, but next time, we'll be ready, and then we'll take them out, for good". exclaimed Angel.

Angel felt the power boost he got from Hamilton fading, but what was more important was getting Gunn to a hospital." Gunn, let Marcus take you to the hospital, I'll be there shortly, there's something I need to do".
"Hey, don't bury him without me". Gunn exclaimed.
"I won't". said Angel.

Angel needed to hurry up and retrieve Wesley's body, before the sun came up, he didn't want to leave his body there for anyone to just discard. He arrived at the old demons mansion to see an ancient skull crushed on the floor near Wesley's body. He picked him up and rushed back to the car, and drove back to the Hyperion Hotel, he put Wesley's body in a freezer, so it wouldn't decay rapidly. Illyria was already at the Hotel when Angel arrived, and he could see the hurt in her eye's, "You know whats weird"? Angel asked Illyria. "I have never ever thought of a day that I wouldn't be able to talk to him, or ask him for advice about some obscure text". Angel said with a thin grin on his face."You fought along side him for years, he was your second in command, of course you would not think of such a thing". Illyria said with a hollow voice.

To be continued.......

Next will be Wesley's funeral, and Wolfram and Hart's second retaliation.

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"Shit," Thorinn said.


"Shit". Thorinn said.


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Gunn had finally gotten out of the hospital, and was resting at the Hotel, when Marcus came into his room and told him that Some blonde girl was here to see Angel and the gang, he told him she was a Slayer.

"That would be Buffy." Gunn replied.
"Yeah well, I figured she was somebody important, if she came into the place with all the guys around, and not even flinched when 3 of the crew tried to surround her." Marcus said.
"Wait, what? Why did they try and pick a fight with a woman?" Gunn asked.
"Well, it is night, and we thought she might be a vamp or somethin."
"She cleaned your clock?"
"Yeah." Marcus said, laughing.
"Where's Angel?" Gunn asked.
"Downtown, making some funeral arrangements."

Buffy helped up the guy she had just knocked down, and by his jelly legs, she might have hit him a little too hard. But she gave it only a moments thought, as they were the ones who attacked her first. Willow and Xander had made their way into the Hotel now, and were kind of shocked at the scene they had walked into, 3 guys holding their faces and mid-sections, and about 20 more backed about 20 feet away from Buffy.

"Well, haven't we been a busy little slayer bee!" Xander jokingly said.
"You know, you might have not wanted to beat some of these guys up Buffy, seeing as they helped Angel and all." Willow exclaimed.
"Man, I still can't believe he took down Wolfram and Hart, I mean, we all thought he was bought off buy them, and next thing you know, BAM, he up and defeats one of the biggest evils out there." Xander said, half exasperated.

"He did it because he knew if he kept on running things their, he would sooner or later become corrupt." Buffy said.
"And we know that absolute power can and will corrupt." Willow pointed out, thinking of the time she went uber evil.

"Every thing in order here Buffy?" Giles asked, as he walked in, and saw the 3 guys holding various aching body parts.
"Yep, just a little, misunderstanding. Right fellas?" Buffy asked.
They groaned in pain as they mumbled yes.

to be continued...

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