The Canadian Hellmouth

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Chapter three -The Finale
This revelation bothered her, how could she be both demonic and a champion of God? Shamus had said the life of a slayer is brutal and short lived... Pushing the dark thought's away, she tried to forget them and focus on the matter at hand. She had come before the Elders and received her answers. Now she had to stop the menace of this Death Knight... Her vision's had showed her when and where to find the Knight and what would happen to the World if she failed.
Shuddering at the memory of the vision's, she remembered the ear piercing screams and the World covered in fire with ancient powerful demons roaming free... Her Visions had also shown her death and destruction pouring forth from the Hellmouth. Focusing her attention to the present, she set off for the center of the Hellmouth. Shamus had told her that the Slayer was always alone, but she was not alone in this fight... Her lover Shamus was at her side. Also with them was a small band of Native Warrior's and Medicine Men.
After walking for a while they came to a clearing in the forest. This clearing stretched out for miles. In the center of the field stood the Knight and in his hands he wielded an ancient sword that shined with living electrical light. The Knight was clad in steel-black Armor that covered his entire body. Shamus said to her:
The Knight is beginning the black ritual to open the gate-ways between this World and all others including the many realm's of Hell.
Taking in the surroundings of the Death Knight she saw that the Knight was surrounded by a handful of men, woman and children.. Madeline wondered what these people were doing here? Her Slayer sense's told her that something was wrong with them.. As the Slayer and her allies neared the Knight, Madeline knew now what was wrong with them. Upon closer inspection. She could see the rotting flesh falling off of the people surrounding the Knight.
They are the living dead. zombies, reanimated by the Death Knight's dark necromantic power. Shamus informed her.
Just then the weather changed drastically, black storm clouds covered the skies and lightning struck the Earth scorching all it touched... Funnel clouds formed in the distance, than the earth below began to shake and tremble. Below the Knight a black hole of energy opened and screams could be heard coming from it. The Slayer yelled to her lover: What is happening?
Her Watcher and lover yelled back over the howling wind It's begun, the gate's are beginning to open, the Death Knight must be killed and only then will the gate's of the Hellmouth close and lock once again.
With a look of determination Madeline stated Then we attack now The Medicine Men began chanting and banging on their drums. Madeline knew that they were invoking a magic's that would temporarily neutralize the zombies.
The Death Knight looked at the approaching Slayer and her allies, with a command he ordered the zombies to KILL ALL THE MORTALS The zombie's hearing the command of their master charged screaming in fury towards Madeline and her tribe.
The Medicine men continued chanting as a blue light radiated from them and began swirling around them forming a vortex of energy. The light grew brighter and brighter and then shot into the storm clouds above... Bolts of lightning struck the zombie's and all of them dropped to the ground jerking and twitching now completely immobilized.

Seeing her chance Madeline ran full speed at the Death Knight to meet him for the final battle. Stopping ten feet away from the Death knight. The Knight regarded the Slayer and maliciously stated Slayer Your little power is Nothing. You can never stop me. I will open the gates of this Hellmouth and unleash Hell upon this Earth.

The Knight sprang at Madeline ready to slice and slash her with the sword. With the speed of thought she focused her mind magics and blasted a wave of pure kinetic energy at the Knight, which sent him crashing backwards.

The Knight smashed hard onto the ground and the sword landed twenty feet away from him. The Death Knight got up off the ground with hate in his eye's. The Death Knight gazed at the Slayer and began incanting a spell. As the Knight quickly finished the incantation a bolt of dark-green energy fired from his hands at the Slayer. She screamed as the energy hit her in the shoulder burning her skin. The energy blow knocked her off balance as she hit the ground hard. The Death Knight laughed cruelly as his zombie horde rose from the dead once more.

A arrow struck one of the zombie's in the head effectively shattering the brain and disabling him. The band of Native warrior's led by the Watcher Shamus attacked the remaining zombie's. Madeline got up burned and bruised. She took in her surroundings and seen that the Death Knight was going for the mystic sword... Madeline concentrated and focused her mind-magic and levitated the sword into the air and promptly threw it away from the Knight.

Madeline was joined by her lover Shamus who helped her off the ground. The Death Knight yelled in anger and looked at the Slayer and began incanting another black spell... As the Knight finished his incantation he conjured a huge ball of black-fire. The Knight flicked his hands at the Slayer and sent the fire-ball her way... Before the fire-ball reached her, Shamus jumped in the path of the black-flames to protect his lover from harm. Shamus screamed out in agony as the fire struck him and burned every inch of his body. Shamus dropped to the ground dead and burned to a crisp.

Seeing her lover die before her eyes left Madeline in shock and disbelief. The Death Knight laughed cruelly at her, than using his dark necromancy raised Shamus's burned body from the dead. The Death Knight ordered the newly-risen zombie to kill the Slayer. Madeline made no attempt to stop the Shamus-zombie, she could not bring herself to attack what was once her lover. From admist the battling zombie's and Native's, a warrior fired his bow and shot a arrow at the former Watcher's head destroying the brain and returning the body to the dead. Seeing her lover's body drop to the ground once again stirred deep dark emotion's within her...

The Slayer felt an intense and powerful rage consume her. Her eye's turned completely black as she then levitated into the air. Using her Mind-magic, Madeline sent out a blast of kinetic energy which slammed into the Knight knocking him into a tree. The tree splintered into piece's as he slammed into it. Madeline than levitated the Death Knight into the air and held him in a bind using her mind-magics.

The Death Knight became enraged and began incanting another black spell... Before the Knight could finish his spell Madeline ripped out his tongue. She could feel her rage fueling her psychic gift's, giving her more power than she ever had before. Looking up into the sky and seeing the lightning, Madeline used her mind-magic and brought down a bolt of lightning to strike the Knight. The Death Knight screamed out in pain as the lightning fried and blackened his body.

The Death Knight was charred-black and smoking but still he lived... Seeing the sword thirty feet away, Madeline used her mind-gift and levitated the sword into the air... and with sheer force flung the sword at the Death Knight's heart. The sword struck the Knight in his chest slicing through his armor with ease. The Knight screamed as the sword began mystically consuming him mind, body and spirit. The sword flared with white light as it sucked in the Knight. The light died down and disappeared as the sword dropped to the ground with no visible trace of the Death Knight remaining.

The weather all around the battle ground was still storming and deep fissure's formed in the earth. Half of the Native warrior's were dead and six zombie's remained. The Native warriors were losing the fight with the living dead. Madeline took in her surroundings, there ten feet away lay her lover's dead body and twenty yards away the black-hole/gate-way was still screaming and vortexing. It was emitting dark blue light flashes and bolt's of black lightning.
Than the portal began sucking in the land around it. Animal's, dead bodies and other bit's of debris flew into the portal... The Native's were holding onto tree trunk's to keep from being sucked into the portal. The zombie's were not so lucky as they were all sucked in. Than one of the many Hell dimension's could be seen within the black-hole.

The Sword Madeline thought the sword had consumed the Knight whole so his power reside's within the sword now and that power is keeping this cursed gate-way open. I must destroy the sword...

Just as Madeline was going to smash the sword, a huge tornado formed from the portal and sucked her towards it. She was instantly lifted off her feet and thrown toward's the mystic gate-way. Just as she was going to pass through the portal into Hell she stopped herself using her mind-magics. As Madeline floated there inches from the portal, she knew she had to break the sword.

She used her Slayer strength augmented by her mind-magics and punched the sword shattering it into several piece's. With the sword-key broken the portal started to close in on itself. Before the portal completely closed, demon's pulled Madeline through. She was taken punching and kicking into the Hell dimension.

With the destruction of the sword-key the Black-hole closed in on itself disappearing... The weather above returned to it's normal state and the earth quit shaking. The threat of the End had passed... For now.

Very well done sir! I had an idea similar to this one, however the male and female roles were reversed. As well as the hero had the mystical "demon-slaying" sword. However it was also a curse, as he could never die, he would have to roam across the Earth forever that is until he came across a sorcerer attempting to use the slayer's son as a host for the Devil himself. Every attempt to destroy the sorcerer was flawed, he delayed the evil one from returning for only mere moments, until he had a strange idea to kill himself with the sword of evil's bane (yeah its from LoZ... I know, but I didn't use those exact words in the original story...) Anyway, the hero kills himself and is transcended beyond the physcial realm where he pulls the sword out of his body, and is now on the spiritual realm! He was only a few precious moments to destroy the sorcerer's spirit, thereby ultimately removing him from the face of existence! So .... anyway... Good story, I'll have to put my up sometime, I think its on here somewhere? Well it may have been to old and removed....

Why thank you Vim, I'll have to read you're story when you put it up. Thank you for reading and reviewing my story, it's much appreciated.

Well people what do you think of this story, yeah it needs work. A LOT of work, but dispite that, what do you think?

It's good, but needs a lot of work done ...


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that was good. was madeline a BTVS "slayer", or just a monster slayer?

Im thinking a BTVS Slayer

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