My fanfic! yay!

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yeah, i still have roughly 30 more pages 2 type! lol

Chiki Mina

Is this your first fic? Its really awesome!

thanks. its not my VERY first one, but its the only one i have successfully finished and is actually decent. it gets better.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Amazing I liked it. big grin

thank you. my favorite part is when JAck is explaining engagement 2 Will, its funny!

Chiki Mina
Are you gonna post it in

its fantasticulous!

its fantastical, its prettifull, its sweetiness, its marvellousiness! lol

OMG you have to post more, i'vebeendepped!! I LOVE IT!! Especially since I am a J/L shipper. You must post all of it!! PLEASE!

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOOVE IT. my fave part was that engagement part as well I was LMAO imagining it! big grin post more soon

thts sooooooooooo gd!! lol u hav 2 post morebig grin

PLEASE POST MORE! I love the part where Will gets totally rejected!! *evil laugh* my plan is falling into place! devil2

Originally posted by Chiki Mina
Are you gonna post it in yes i certainly am!Originally posted by *jcd*gmc*
PLEASE POST MORE! I love the part where Will gets totally rejected!! *evil laugh* my plan is falling into place! devil2 that was my take when i wrote this. but unfortunately, Will, Liz, and Jack make up later. i wish i could make him suffer omre, but itwas getting strange....i'll post more soon!

whats ur pen name on, coz then it will work....

my pen name? h/o i dont remember...*checks* its givemedepporgivemedeath

hehe, nice siggy. okay

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hhmmm... i havent posted my story yet, but let me try 2

lol i love your screenname im going to go check....

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hhmm.. ill figue it out

im typing up more now!!!

yay! heres more!!

"THat child really needs to grow up some day." said Jack
"Jack what do you expect? I ripped his heart out. And hearts don't repair that easily. Just imagine if, now that were engaged, that you walked into a room and found me kissing Will. How would you feel?" Jack shuddered and hugged Liz to his chest like he would never let her go.
"That would never happen, would it darling?" he said, very worried.
"Of course not. I mean, you are my true love. I only agreed to marry Will because I had lost all hope that you loved me back."
"I was just so nervous that you didn't love me too. I knew that I had to just grit my teeth and do it, but i didn't know how." Jack let Liz go.
"So when will our wedding be?"'
"As soon as possible, luv."
"Oh my gosh! I need to tell my dad about this, don't I?"
"Somehow I don't think he'll take it well considering what i am."
"And what are you Jack Sparrow?"
"Very lucky to marry a woman like you? Devilishly handsome?" Liz smiled. "And i'm a pirate."
"Well, if i'm a pirate also, my father might accept it more." Jack's face lit up.
"You wanna be a pirate, luv?"
"More than anything, Mr. Sparrow." They kissed again.
"You have made me the happiest man on earth, Lizzie Sparrow." Liz blushed.
"I could say the same for you, Captain Jack Sparrow."
"I love you, darling."
"I love you too. I better go write my father. While i'm gone do NOT pick any fights will Will, savvy?" said Liz
"Yes ma'am." he joked. Liz walked into her cabin and jack stared back at her. Once he was sure she was gone, he walked over to Will.
"No offense, mate, but you've got to get over this sometime." he said.
"Easy for you to say, you got Elizabeth."
"That's true, but that doesn't mean there's not someone out there for you."
"I suppose you're right."
"Darn right, i'm right! Now stop moping and regain some confidence in yourself, you pathetic mass." he said with a laugh.
"I think it was the best advice you've ever given, Jack."
"Thank you Will.......wait....."
Wil laughed and patted him on the shoulder.
"You're alright, Jack."
"I guess you are too, eunuch."

Jack walked into Liz's cabin.
"How's it coming, luv?"
"Fine. How are you and Will coming?"
"Fine now. We just patched things up."
"That's great, Jack." she kissed him lightly.
"I'm gonna go get some rum, would you like a bottle, luv?"
"No thank you, darling." Jack walked down to the rum cellar and grabbed a bottle. He uncorked it and took a swig and walked up the stairs.

3 months had passed and Liz was changing into her wedding dress with help from her old friend, Shandon.
"Shandi, I can't believe i'm getting married in a hour. Maybe i'm not ready! What if Jack's not ready? What if I forget to say 'I Do'? What if i forget how to KISS!?" she said panicked.
"Lizzie, honey, I felt the exact same way on my wedding day. I was nervous beyond reason. But look at me and Devin now. Liz, you will do fine!"
"Thanks, Shandi. You are a true friend." Just then someone covered her eyes, kissed her, and said "Guess who?".
"Possibly one more kiss would give me a hint." She kissed again. Jack uncovered her eyes.
"Hello Lizzie." Liz rolled her eyes.
"How many times do I have to tell you men, it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?"
"I'll take my chances."
"I'll leave you two alone." Shandi said, and she left.
"So are you ready, Jack?"
"I'm very ready..."
"Me too."
"...but nervous as heck."
"Me too. More than anything! Oh, JAck. Were really going to do this, aren't we?"
"You aren't backing out now, are you darling?" Jack zipped up her dress so she was fully ready and he wrapped his arms around her.
"Of course not! It's just..."
"I know, darling. But everything will be fine. And just think, what happens AFTER a wedding?" Liz caught on.
"Mr. Sparrow! I'm not entirely sure that i'm nervous enough to allow that kind of talk." she smiled. "You know Jack, you look rather handsome in a tux." they kissed passionatley.
"Shall we go then?" and Jack accompanied her out the door. They stopped at the entrance to the chapel.
"I'll see you in a few minutes, luv." He gave her a quick kiss, adjusted his tie, and walked through the double doors. Liz was shaking uncontrollably.
"Nervous, darling?" Liz turned.
"Dad!" they hugged.
"My little girl, getting married!" he started to cry silent tears. Liz followed.
"I love you, dad." they hugged again, and Gov. Swann kissed her on the cheek.
"Oh no!" they heard the wedding march being played.
"Are you ready?"
"No, but lets go." they walked through the doors, with linked arms. They were both silentlysobbing and shaking. After what seemed like days, they reached the altar. Liz and her father parted, and Liz stood with Jack. Jack grabbed her hand.
"Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to join thhis man, and this woman in holy matrimony." the ceremony began.


"Do you, Jack Sparrow..."
"Captain!" Liz and Jack both interrupted.
"Excuse me, do you Captain Jack Sparrow, take Elizabeth Swann to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer r for poorer, for better or for worse, 'till death do you part?"
"I do." he said defiantly.
"And do you, Elizabeth Swann, take Captain Jack Sparrow to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer r for poorer, for better or for worse, 'till death do you part?"
"I do." she said very shakily.
"The by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may..." but they didn't even wait for the word. Jack had already grabbed his wife and was kissing her most passionatley. It lasted at least a minute before they broke apart. Jack picked up Liz, and they walked out the doors and down the steps. They walked straight to the docks and Jack and Liz stepped onto the Pearl, followed by Will, Mr. Gibbs, Marty, Cotton, and Cotton's parrot."
"None of you are to disturb us until we tell ye, savvy?" said Jack sternly. Jack carried Liz to his cabin and set her on the bed after closing the door.
"Are you ready?" asked Jack
"For what?" Jack took off his tie and coat. Liz caught on. She unzipped her dress so she was only in her bodice. Jack took off his shirt and the rest of his articles, as did Liz, and then.....

It was 3 in the morning.
"Why?" he pouted.
"I want to discuss something with you."
"What's that?"
"i want to start a family as soon as possible."
"What? You mean, have kids? Really?"
"Absolutely. So, is that a yes?"
"Great! Ok, continue."

The next morning, they awoke very happy.
"Good morning, Mrs. Sparrow."
"Good morning, Jack."
"I'm really glad you felt the same way about having kids."
"As am I, Jack."
"Now we have to come up with a name......."

Chiki Mina

Bravo,maravillosa ahhhhh big grin

what does maravillosa mean?

Originally posted by ivebeendepped43
what does maravillosa mean?

magnificent smile or marvelous


You are Welcome smile

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ill type more later, im pretty sure

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lol, thats funny. "well whoopty-doodle doo" lol

i luv that line!

lLOL thats funnie

thank you

LOL That was a good fic

your welcome smile r u gunna post it on fanfic yet?

when im one typing it. im almost finished with the second fanfic in this series. i havent even finished typing the 1st one yet! but im pretty close

typing more......






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