The Death Of Tony Stark?

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Who else is starting to think that Ironman is being built up to be knocked down. There has been hint's of his death i.e the Sentry Civil War tie in and of course with all the going on's during Civil War he hasn't made himself a popular figure will Marvel resort to killing him off or some weird never seen it coming cop-out? Surely with a movie being made about him they won't resort to this?


Lucid Lui
Eh, i guess there's a chance. I honestly don't see it happening though, especially with the movie on the way.

Tony's been getting a good push from Marvel lately, and despite all he's a popular character. All Civil War has done has made him more interesting in my eyes, and i think that's the case with alot of other people aswell.


I like his recent push as well it's defintely made him more interesting but i'm just worried with Marvel's track record that they'll pull something stupid out of the bag as they do with some popular characters.

If he die I don't see it as lasting very long to popular a character to just kill and not expect to be back really soon.

I belive Tony is gonna getkocked around, but marvel is in no way gonna kill of Ironman, one of the founding members of the Avengers.

No, no death. He'll suffer some hardship, though.

Marvel already killed Thor. There is a possibility they are putting Tony down. But first they are going to power him up. If they kill him. I suppose it is possible, but let's see...

Thor is not dead - he's sleeping. wink

He's not gonna die. Not after expanding on the character so much. It would be a waste.

Then again, Marvel IS known for its countless anticlimactic **** ups.....

Kinda like the Onslaught saga.

Anywho, I don't think they'll kill him off. Bendis tried to say it might not be Tony behind the mask in Mighty Avengers, but he's not smooth. Tony is the only one able to use that armor. Who did he think we thought it was gonna be? Rhodey?

He'll still be around, but I think Maria Hill will probably be killed, and more than likely by Fury.

No, Tony will be director of SHIELD. Not only he will not die, but will have more power and be a much more influential figure in the MU.

Could someone tell me what happened in the Sentry Civil War tie-in that hinted at his death?

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