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Rachael Carr stared into the deep dark abyss that was the coast of Miami,Florida. Even though she was in a boat with a five men crew and her husband, she knew she

was safe, but she still felt insecure. But Rachael had to do this, that's what her phsychiatrist Dr. Kensington had said in thier Talahassee home. As she was lectured, she fingered

the scar on her collar bone.

It happened three years ago next week. The Miami Killer had kidnapped her and four other women. He took them to a boat and one by one killed and dumped thier

bodies into the ocean. At least, that's what the evidence and everyone else told her. But in her own mind, she wasn't really sure of anything anymore.

So now she was back, the same exact spot where it had happened. The Miami Killer had kidnapped her and four other women. They were taken to a boat and one by

one killed and dumped into the ocean. It was marked by a bouy and a plaque. But that kjust borught back the memories of the interviews, the tests,and the trial. Most people

would be happy, ecstatic even for living through a situation like that. But not Rachael, for even though the evidence and people told her that everything was good and done. In her

own mind, nothing felt like the truth anymore.

"A storm's pullin' in. We're gonna head home."Johnathan Carr said from behind her.

She stared blankly into the sea. Lost in thought.

"Mabey this wasn't such a good idea. Moving back to Miami you know?" She finally said in the car,

"You know they caught him. We were there for his execution."

She remembered that day clearly, even though it took place a year and a half ago. Through the trial, he had pleaded innocent. But the evidence was too strong to deny

him being guilty. And the killer? Her own brother, Andrew Williams. Yet he seemed so loving when they were children. Then again they always do, don't they?

That night, she had a nightmare. Rachael was back on the boat standing over Andrew and the women. A butcher's knife in one hand and a sawed off shot gun in the

other. In what seemed like slow motion, Rachael raised the knife to her collar bone and cut it. Then......

The alarm cut off the rest of her dream. She turned on the news to wake up.

"...And in other news, the body of fisherman Crevy Grady was found in his boating house this morning by his colleagues. Sources say the murder is identicle to the

infamous Miami Killer...."

She turned off the t.v. before they could utter another word. Just then a knock came fron the door. A thousand lights erupted in front or her face.

"Mrs. Carr!!! How do you fell about this recent homicide? Do you think it's a copycat killer?"

But she darted in before they could get an answer.

"Dr. why is this happening?!?"

"We do not know, but just to be safe,I'm admitting you into a hospital...." Dr. Kensington said from Talahassee.

"What...?Admitted?" the room spinned.

"In your frantic"

She didn't hear him. Behind her lurking in the shadows was Johnathan.

"John?"She said as she hung up.

"Now Rache, you need to listen to the good Dr. They're coming to take you to the hospital..."

The room turned again.

A voice inside her head woke up,"run Rachael, before they get us. We need to run. RUN!!!!"

"Now come with me and everything..."

"NO!!!!" she made a break for the bathroom.

Inside she held her body against the door as she fumbled with the lock. When she got it, John kicked it smashing her head into the door. Th room spinned harder.

Groggily, she made her way to the mirror.

The image swam as she remembered. Everything.
* * *
She has been bipolar since she was little. They knew when she would play with her friend's and in a split second they'd end up in a bloddy heap on the ground. She called

her other self Daniel. and she only came out when Rachael didn't get her way or someone picked on her.

Eventually, her childhood phsychiatrist surpressed Daniel,for good. Or so they thought. People came up missing or dead, the serial killer was therefore dubbed the

Miami Killer. One day in a bar, four women picked on her sense of music and drink. So on the boat, she took care of them, and frammed her brother.

She used drugs from a local pharmacy, needles from the hospital where her husband worked as a male nurse at. A butcher's knife and a sawed off shot gun were her

weapons of choice. The other night, the old fisherman refused to let them come onto his boat for the spot they went to was bad luck. So she took care of him.

"John knows too much. That's why he's taking you away, the 'good' Dr., too. Kill him. Kill him. KILL HIM!!!!!" the voice screamed.

Rachael Carr stood up, bag of drugs slung over her shoulder, butcher's knife in pocket, needle in one hand, and sawed off shot gun in the other. Eventually, the

bathroom door gave away, and there stood John and two orderlies. She shot down th orderloies with ease.

"Rachael..." He said eyeing the gun.

"Hello, John." she said before pouncing on him and sticking him with the needle.

He struggled, then his eyes rolled into his head and he collapsed on the floor.
* * *
On the boat, shestood over him with the knife and shot gun. Beside John was a woman resembling Rachael.

"Rachael...hwat are you doing...."

"Rachael can't come out to play anymore..." she said as she took the knife to his throat.

In the airport the next day, a man confirmed her passport, I.D., and ticket.

"Daniel...Williams, is it?"

"Yes, sir."

"Have a nice flight to Talahassee."

"Thank you. I will."

Behind her, the reporter warned people told everyone to look out for Johnathan Carr.

"That's a shame. Killing his wife and all those people. He looks like a nice guy."

"Don't they all?"

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