What was Luke expecting Yoda to be?

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Obviously Luke was surprise to find that the great Jedi master that instructed Ben was this little old creature called Yoda. So what was Luke expecting Yoda to look like? A old hermit similar to Ben? What do you think?

Darth Daft
Hmmmmm, hard to see that is.

I'm not sure if Luke expected Yoda to be human or not, but as soon as he realised what kind of a planet Dagobah was he probably knew it would have to be someone quite strong and intelligent to survive in such a dangerous planet.

At least a large heroic kooking creature thats more than 18' tall.

Tom Gon
A massive warrior with loads of battle scars, big muscles, loads of weapons and stuff. Y'know, the Master type thing.

I think Luke was probably expecting a human too. AND somebody a little taller too. stick out tongue

I think Luke, since knowing so little about what really went on during the days of the republic, thought Ben's (errr...OB1's) mentor was a very prominant Jedi Knight. (Nomi Sunrider! smile ) Not really, but someone like that.

You have to think about how much Luke acually knew about the Jedi. The only one's he had ever me or known of, so we think, are human. His reaction to the small green elf calling himself a Jedi Master is proof enough that he wasn't at all expecting what he got. I think he was looking for a hermit like Ben, or at least someone taller thatn his kneecaps.

I forgot we were talking about Yoda, not Ben *smacks forehead*

eek! eek! eek! eek! How dare you call Yoda an elf.

I didn't mean to offend anyone by the elf thing. I was trying to be funny. Please frogive my disrespect.

Jedi Mercenary
he probably expected a human

I think so too. Like was full of massive misconceptions about life. Even after two years with the alliance there was a hell of a lot of the brash youth still in evidence, even if he had progressed within the racks of the rebellion.

This was a lot of Yoda's arguements for not training him but, in the end, he was still basically a kid with kids values and expectations.

I think he expected a powerful warrior, large of stature and bold as well.

Unfortunately I believe that it is standard human behaviour to expect that to be a superior being it would have to be human. The thought of him being a different specis would never have crossed his mind.As well as anything it has to be taken into account the different species that in his life he had so far encountered none of which would he likly to surmise to be likely to be the great Jedi master that he dreamed of. Oh and your right probably taller

And with a beard. Beardiness appears to be a common Jedi status symbol.

Ah but would Luke be aware of this fact, after all I sincerely doubt that he could ever muster facial hair. Not without a great deal of effort and perhaps Jedi training...

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