A KMC Christmas Story.

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Green Arrow
I might write more if you guys like what you read, and feel free to tell me if you want in. I'm only going by the people I've become familiar with in my short time here..

The Night Before Christmas. (At KMC.)
Twas the night before Christmas, and throughout all the board.
There was n00bs, there was trolls, in a triple digit horde.

Vinny shot them with his gun, only killing the n00bs.
As PVS cradled back and fourth, whimpering "this is whob's work you boobs!"

The other members were snuggled, all closeby.
Spooning and moaning, could you tell half were bi?

Green Arrow equipped himself, and shotoff acid bomb projectiles.
Proclaiming that trolls can't regnerate from that, as quoted in some of his D&D files.

When out on the porch there arose such a clatter.
debbiejo and KidRock pushed the bis out of the way, to see what was the matter.

They coverd thier eyes, with a bright light "flash".
Some wierdo decided, to postup thier stash!

Completely naked, using as lingere snow.
debbiejo proclaimed "Gosh this ***** is a ho!"

What when KidRock's mind may wander, and his secret democratic fetishes reveal..
Bardock42, riding a prehistoric seal.

Fifty feet tall, but moving about as fast as a turtle.
Green Arrow shot it in the mouth, to make it choke and gurgle.

And then Green Arrow heard a voice, with a feint oldman chuckle.
He saw a fatman in red, grab his sack and tighten his buckle.

And as he walked toward his sleigh, he looked back at all of us.
Despite his big frown, he made little to no fuss.

"Some of you deserve presents, some of you deserve coal
But no way am I staying longer then I have to in this rat hole!"

And he he got up on his sleigh, and he flew and he flew.
Green Arrow learned that day, that St. Nicholas was a liberal butthole too.

A commie little bastard, who wants to redistubute the wealth.
At the expense of our morals, our common sense, and our health.

As Green Arrow tightend his fists, he decided to shoot one more time.
It was very little odds, but no-one should get away with crime!

So he pulled back his bow, and he shot "the splodey' arrow".
And Santa's sleigh went splodey, and fell on Stranglove's Cheverlet Camaro.

It was a done deal, Santa was dead.
All that was left now, was to go back to bed.

Green Arrow bunked with debbijo.
Vinny bunked with Deano.
KidRock bunked with lil nasty girl, who he was convinced was Janet Reno.

And the heroes went to sleep, while the ignorant masses remaind in bliss.
While PVS cradled back and fourth, still thinking whob was behind all this.

And they all lived happiely ever after. (Except PVS who hanged himself.)

hysterical Well, that was lovely.

freaky and funny laughing out loud laughing

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