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I hope this is okay....

Name: Terry Bogard

Nicknames: The Hungry Wolf, The Wild Wolf, The Lone Wolf, The Hero of Southtown

Age: 35

Sex: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Anime / Manga: Stars in the Fatal Fury Trilogy anime, as well as having a cameo appearence in King of Fighter: Another Day. He also stars in all 11 Fatal Fury Fighting games, and is featured in all 17 King of Fighters games.

Made Up?: No

Appearance: Terry stands six feet tall, two inches, and weighs in about a hundred ninety pounds, pure muscle. He has thick, blonde hair the reaches to his shoulders, and is parted down the center. He has deep blue eyes, and has a fair complextion. Age has washed away his boyish good looks, and changed him to be ruggedly handsome. Broad-shouldered and and is built of solid muscle.

While years ago, he was known for his red, sleeveless jacket and matching baseball cap, he has since changed styles. He now can usually be seen wearing a brown bomber jacket with a white star on the back, the words "Running Wild" embroidered under the star. He also normally wears loose-fitting jeans and brown shoes.

Personality: Terry, first and foremost, is a fighter and loves pitting his skill against those of like ability or greater, but at the same time, he always strives to do what he believes is right believing the methods are just as important as the means. This often leads to him developing friendly rivalries of other great fighters. Most of the time, in a battle, he is looking to take something with him from a match over victory itself. When pushed too hard, however, or when there is more at stake than himself or pride, Terry is known to fight relentlessly and without mercy.

All in all, Terry is an extremely expierienced warrior, and a man of unquestionable honor that is constantly seeking to better himself. He has a strong dislike for organized crime or people that use others like pawns.


Born in Southtown, USA, Terry and his younger brother Andy at the age of ten wittnessed the brutal assassination of his adoptive father Jeff at the hands of the young up-and-coming mob boss Geese Howard. Onthat day, Terry and Andy swore to train themselves to one day avenge their father. Andy went to Japan and was introduced to Hanzo Shiranui by his fathers mentor Tung Fue Ru and trained in the arts of Kepoken and Shiranui Ninja arts. On the otherhand, Terry choose to stay in America alone, wandering the country and challenging martial artists and street-fighters. This allowed him to develop his own style of brawling which isn't tied down to one discipline.

Ten years pass, and the brothers reunite along with a new friend, the muey thai kickboxing champion Joe Higoshi. The three entered in the King of Fighters tournament held by Geese Howard, who is now known as the King of Southtown and is head of the strongest syndacate in the world called The Howard Connection. They were almost assassinated by Geese but were saved by Lilly, "The Queen of Southtown" who had fallen in love with Terry (who returned her feelings.) Unfortunately Terry could only watch in horror as Geese threw Lilly to her death. Terry won the tournament, and defeated Geese. However Geese escaped the Bogard bothers vengence. Years later, on a whim, Geese's half -brother Wolfgang Krauser decided to amuse himself by hunting down Terry. Krauser was not out for revenge, but did it just out of cuirousity and boredom. Initially, Terry succumbs to fear and is soundly defeated by Krauser, but with the help of his friends, he recovers his compusure and fighting spirit. He challenges Krauser to a rematch and wins. Krauser, ends his own life rather than coping with the shame of defeat.

It is here that Terry starts particpating in the new King of fighters tournaments, assisting its new star Kyo Kusanagi, on several occasions, against the demonic Orochi warriors.

Eventually fate would take another strange and tragic turn. Terry and his friends were one day approached by a mysterious girl named Sulia who pleaded for their help. Her brother Laucorn was collecting a set of armour called the Armour of Mars, which instantly transforms the wearer into a god if one should ever wear them all but at the same time corrupting them and driveing them mad with power. Terry and company agree to help and through several vicious battles, they come face to face with the fully armoured Lacorn. Again, the woman Terry let himself fall in love with, sacrafices herself to save him. Sulia's action allowed Terry to disarm Laucorn and and return him to his old self. However, the armour reassembled itself in its true form. The God of War Mars. Terry, teetering on the edge between grief and maddness displays an awesome mysterious power and destroy the God Mars completely before returning to his senses.

Sometime later Terry, Andy, and Joe are drawn into another battle in Southtown when a Chinese Triad begins to wreak havoc in search of the Jin Scrolls, also known as The Scrolls of Immortality. Terry and cpmpany come to find that whoever possesses and "masters" the scrolls becomes immortal, and bears limitless power. With the help of his friends, Terry manages to stop the triad but lose the scrolls. In fact, all three scrolls are stolen by Geese Howard, the Bogard brother's nemesis.

Geese then holds yet another King of Fighters tournament, the explicit purpose to destroy the Bogards once and for all. Terry and Geese once again duel, this time ontop of the tallest skyschraper in Southtown, Geese Tower. The battle is vicious but Terry knocked Geese over the side. Suddenly terrified that if he killed Geese of of hate and rage, he would be no better, Terry grabbed Geese's hand before he fell to his death. Geese just laughed at him, and shook free, not giving Terry the satisfaction of saving him. Geese then fell to his death. Terry once again felt defeated, cursing himself for giving into his anger and hate.

Shortly after Geese's death Terry got a strange request from Iralia Howard, Geese Howard's wife. Though they never met face to face, she pleaded for Terry to take her young son Rock, Geese Howard's son, into his care to protect him from those that would try to kill him, or try to use him to further their own agenda as she was dying. Terry agreed, seeing this as a chance to repent and was quickly taken with the boy. He never hid anything from Rock, and was candid about his father. Over time Terry also trained Rock to fight who came into a style all his and the Terry became part father, part big brother, and part master to Rock. Ten years pass...

Another tournament is hosted in Southtown and Terry and Rock eagerly sign up. Both make it to the final's but the championship match to decide the victor is interrupted by an assassin nameed Grant sent by the tournaments sponsor Kain Heinlein... Iralia's brother, and Rock's uncle. Terry fought with the assassin while Rock went to face his uncle. In a strange turn of events, Kain convinces Rock to join him by claiming his mother is still alive. Join him in accomplishing what still remains a mystery but it seems nefarious. When Terry shows up, Rock pleads with him not to try and stop him. Terry doesn't, with a heartwarming smile Terry simply states he has absolute faith in Rock who can't look Terry in the eye.

Since then, Terry continues to train and improve himself...

(OOC: The preceding Bio is a mish-mash of King of fighters lore, Fatal Fury videogame history, and Anime history that I compiled and edited.)


Andy Bogard - The current head of the Shiranui Ninja Clan. The clan itself is directly descended from the legendary Hanzo Hattori. Has a rivalry with his brother.

Joe Higoshi - Muey Thai champion and light-hearted warrior. Honest but somewhat arrogant.

Mai Shiranui-Bogard - Andy's wife, and a master ninja. Describes herself as the "Modern Day Ninja Babe." Extremely confident, but somewhat obsessed with Andy.

Kyo Kusanagi - The Warrior of Fire, a former champion of the King of fighters tournament. Good pals with Terry who gladly helps him fight against the evil Orochi.

Alba Meira - The New King of Southtown. He runs the Southtown syndicate for the good of Southtown herself, not just personal agenda. Once fought side by side with Terry against his own nemesis Duke. The two share much in common as far as background and share a friendly rivalry.

Lilly Kane - Joe's girlfriend, and the sister of Geese's former right hand man Billy. Is working tirelessly to get her brother to let go of his vendetta against Terry.

Mary Ryan AKA Blue Mary - Terry's on again, off again girlfriend. A seasoned fighter specializing in submission moves and karate. Also a FBI agent.

Enemies: Billy Kane - Geese's former right hand man that has sworn to destoy any who disgrace the name of Geese.

Generally anyone or anything that uses others as pawns or to further their own selfish agenda.

Lover: Terry has one main lover whom he shares a strange relaionship with. Mary Ryan, aka Blue Mary. Terry has come to believe that if he gets too close to a woman they are doomed to die as he has lost both Lilly and Sulia in the past. Mary has come to believe that if she gets to close to a man that man is doomed to die, as she lost her FBI partner Butch shortly after they became lovers. Two kindred souls doomed to be apart if they cannot get over their fear of losing the other. Whenever one expresses interest in continueing any relationship, the other immediately retreats, sometimes Terry simply continues to wander off or Mary takes an a FBI case that takes her from him.

DONE! Finally.... is everything alright? Am I in?

K Tragedy
Very nice profile Septerra. The anime sounds interesting, I might check it out. You both have the okay.

Completely original character. Though I did pull a few ideas from Bleach...

Name: Joseph Hsu
Nicknames: Joey
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Anime / Manga: Keepsakes (working title for a manga concept)
Made Up?: Yes

Appearance: Joey stands at about 5' 11" and appears to weigh around 160 lbs, but he's really a little heavier than that. He has short black hair, which is bedraggled most of the time as he never takes the time to comb it. He normally wears a blue windbreaker, a white t-shirt, and black jeans. He always has his Keepsake around his neck.

Personality: Joey at first can seem very insular and quiet, but he opens up frequently to those he befriends. He is very trusting and a little absent-minded.

History: As a young child, Joey witnessed the death of his own parents. Their deaths were filed as a double homicide by local gangs, but he knew that whatever killed them was not human. He saw their skin get ripped apart, as if by the teeth of a large animal. Throughout his next years of life, he became very paranoid, thinking that whatever killed his parents might come after him.
When he turned 15, his grandfather gave him a special gift. It was a small amulet, shaped like a sword, that should've been passed onto his father, but the gift was given back shortly after receiving it. Joey, however, kept it for a while, not understanding its latent powers until a week later.
As he tried to sleep, he heard a loud crashing sound from his grandfather's front door. He quickly ran down the stairs from his room to see what was the matter. He was quickly greeted by a demonic creature; it had the head of a raven, scaly skin, and very large claws. Though he didn't know it yet, this was one of the foot soldiers of the Imoshinai, a Rhas.
He jumped away from the creature, thinking it would attack, but the Rhas backed away, staring at the amulet. The small blade began to glow with a bright light which blinded both the intruder and Joey, leaving in its wake a full-sized broadsword in Joey's hand. Not knowing what else to do, he lunged at the Rhas, stabbing it through the chest. It disappeared in a puff of black smoke.
Joey later learned that his grandfather used to wield the Keepsake he now had, but had grown too old to fight the Imoshinai anymore. He introduced the boy to some other wielders who would be able to train him in the use of his weapon. He has since lived with one of those wielders, a girl named Sarah who carries a giant hammer in the form of a small earring.

Allies: Others who wield Keepsakes
Enemies: Imoshinai (evil creatures that are invisible to those who do not have a Keepsake)
Lover: Joey doesn't have a lover, per se. Although, he does have a hidden infatuation for Sarah.

Hey, sorry 'bout the double-post, but I think it's best if I explain how Joey's weapon works, and I can't edit my post...

Those who wield Keepsakes can call upon their power at any time they can think coherently. The object dissolves away, and rematerializes as a weapon in the wielder's hand. Certain Keepsakes hold special abilities that can do a number of things. For instance, while Joey's sword gives him immense leg strength (resulting in great speeds and super-human jumps), Sarah's hammer grants her with enhanced upper body strength (which means more devastating hits).

The Keepsakes can do much more, but not much is known about that subject yet.

Name: Salem
Nicknames: N/A
Age: appears to be 17
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Anime / Manga: N/A
Made Up?: Yes

Appearance: Small, thin and frail looking, Salem does not appear as intimidating as she actually is. She stands at 5'3 and weighs 105 lbs. Her eyes are a pale grey, outlined with azure colored rings. Her hair falls to the middle of her back, taking on a hazy silver hue. She's pale, and her normal attire consists of a thin, white tunic, which falls just barley past her hips.

Personality: One word would call her " Invisible ". She absorbs and defines this in any and every way. Her moves are silent, and steady. Never a varying step, never a change of disposition. She walks like wind and speaks like water, providing only that which is neccisary. Her whole being is held on a fine line between between chaos and order. She is basically the obvious that no one realizes.

History: Her past is kept as mysterious as everything else about her. A select few have knowledge of it, and the others who did are dead now. There are no records to her name, but to her face there are multiple information sources, if one knows where to look.

Allies: Unknown

Enemies: Many hate her, but none pose even a mild threat to her.

Lover: Over her lifetime ( much longer than one would imagine ) Salem has had many lovers, or, better stated, ' short term partners '

{ Sorry it's so short...stick out tongue I really couldn't extend it much ^^' }

If K doesn't sjpw up soon, is anyone planning on making a temporary RP threaD? smile ( not that I don't have faith in you K happy )

I say we just wait for those who signed up to post their characters and K to start the RP. It shouldn't be too much longer.

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I'm kinda itching to get this started.

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I'm afraid I'm going to be busy throughout the month really... I have doctor appointments, something going on with the band, and semester finals.

If someone could start this for me I'd be so grateful! I don't care who just go ahead and do whatever! Thanks, loves!

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I'll join, just need some time to create a character.

I can start the RP thread. I'll keep the opening post as generic as possible and keep the RPs in the real world until K comes back and moves the story along.

So does nobody want to play this except me?

Hi. Is this roleplay happening? If it is, I would love to be a part of it. smile

Its not very active. If you want you can make a character and post in the RP thread go ahead. Maybe if there's more than one person posting more people will sign up.






Anime / Manga:
Elfen Lied. She is one of the main characters in the story. I will reduce her strength, due the fact that she can without problem kill a human being.

Made Up?: No


Lucy is a teenage diclonius girl around 18 years old, Lucy has four vectors with a limited range of two meters. However, she can be swift and lethal within that range, and will use any nearby objects as high velocity projectiles to kill at greater distances. She is also capable of stopping or deflecting most standard ammunition when she concentrates on the task. Lucy hates humans mainly because of how she was treated by her human peers as a child. Consequently, she discounts non-diclonius, claiming they are not real people. She seems to lack empathy, kills without much concern, and acts somewhat sadistically.

Nyuu is a split personality of Lucy that developed after an anti-tank rifle round ricocheted off a metallic helmet encasing her head. Nyuu has a childlike personality and infantile knowledge of the world, and lacks proper language skills. Nyuu is innocent and incapable of violent acts, a foil to the normal Lucy; she is the manifestation of her "good side". When Nyuu is attacked violently (or hit on the head), she regresses into Lucy; likewise, when Lucy is treated with love and kindness, she will uncontrollably switch back into Nyuu.

Mutated Homo Sapiens; Physically similar. Different only in a pair of horns which extrude from the cranium and the presense of vectors, invisible arms that have the power to effect anything it comes in contact with.
Lucy has been mutated at birth, and is no longer a normal human being. She isa a so called Diclonius.




This is not moving very fast. confused Dead already?

Darn. I liked my post and this character big grin

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One step closer to a proparly working roleplay big grin Welcome back, stranger smile

Originally posted by KingDubya
I'm back!

I sorta left forums in general for a few months. It's sorta let me unwind a bit having a little more free time, but I started to get bored stick out tongue.

Soo...I'ma gonna post now, I think... Welcome back!

I want to join. Can someone PM me with the details?

The details are right in this thread. We have not got started or anything. What you see in this thread is what we know yes

Ooh wait. So we haven't started with the fighting, or anything???


No, not at all. Check the roleplay thread and you will see how far we have got smile

Lol Alrighty then I shall...

It does not seem like this roleplay will get started erm


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And here I was giving up on the rp. Glad to see its finally started! XD

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That's what I'm hoping. yes

I'm still game. Get the game thread going.

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