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True Geek
Welcome to my currently unapproved game!

This game takes place a very long time after the 6th movie. All the characters you know are long dead. Do not worry about the descendants.

47 years ago, the Sith left the Remnants (Empire), due to their lack of power and gain of a conscience, in search of more brutal powerful groups. The Sith and their teachings became little known.

The Jedi started having little use to the Republic because of no war going on, so most were laid off from the Republic. One big mistake.

20 years ago, the Sith found unwilling people who were Force sensitive. They were forced to join them. After a while longer, they found a perfect candidate for something to join. The Black Sun Pirates. They may not have been powerful, but they were ruthless and chaotic. The Pirates refused their services, because they thought it was a trick. One man who became leader of the Sith, Darth Basek did not approve. He organized a way to take them over by force. It was put into effect and worked perfectly.

The Remnants and Republic were not aware of this until they took over Tatooine from the Republic.

10 years ago, Darth Sroth (Darth Basek's apprentice) did not like his low rank. He built a suit of armor made of purified cortosis and diamond plating, and trained himself severely with the force. He learned something amazing, summoning. With the help of 5 minions, there was no way he could lose in overthrowing his master.

The Remnants gained power because of a discovery of how to put the Force into people, due to the research of Emperor Talor without it... again. Soon they retook over Hoth, Kessel, Kamino, and Geonosis.

6 years ago, Darth Sroth tried it. Much to his surprise, Darth Basek could regenerate himself. Sroth managed to fire his master into space.

The Republic has lost power regardless of the efforts of the remaining Jedi who are sometimes advised by Luke Skywalker's ghost.

Now, a great conquest between the 3 factions is beginning. Which side do you want to be on?

Character creation finally

Force users aren't as good as they seem, but they are still useful.

There are some classes, and if you know the races, be them.

Here are the classes
Force Combatant- strong physically, but weak with the force.
Force User- weak physically, but strong with the force.
No Force
Tribal- strongest. can rage.
Soldier- proficient with anything but lightsabers. strong.
Scout- average strength. skillful.
Scoundrel- weak. most skillful.
Tech- skilled with droids and piloting. weak.
Social- Protocol. Weak. No weapons, but infinite gadget use. all languages
Melee- Protocol. Strong. Proficient with all. most languages
Assassin- weak. Proficient with all ranged. most languages. infinite gadget use.
Companion- astromech. weak. beeps. infinite gadget use. skilled with droids and piloting. most skillful

To decide what skills and abilities and race you are, make a bio of your character. age, planet, inventory, skills, and a name. Or, make a back story, which can even get you bonus XP which is used to level up and become stronger.

For more details ask more questions. This is not approved yet.

True Geek
We can get to playing once the vote is complete, and people make their characters, and is approved.

Bespin Bart
This actually seems quite interesting, but I'm afraid it does require approval before it can be played. erm

approval first. smile

You should post it in the proper place if you want approval.

True Geek
is the proper place the Note: Welcome to the Star Wars Role-Playing Area! New arrivals please read! ?


True Geek
never mind what i just had put here

Johns Mannequin
Well, unless Ush told you so, it doesn't have permission, by saying "In" I was just supporting your idea, you need to get about five people to get permission, so just wait until about that many people have supported you in the READ THIS FIRST THREAD, and then you'll get permission.

True Geek
Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Sorry about the confusion.

Johns Mannequin
No problem.

i'll do the game

True Geek
Okay, this time Ush said that it is approved. The poll expired, so let's re-vote. I will accept votes for 24 more hours. It is the same poll as the one on the top. Go ahead and type your votes.
Here are some additions I have made to the game.
Jedi, Sith, and Zabrak have improved unarmed combat skills.
Another Force class: Creature Handler: Weak physically, weak force, pets, force-like abilities.
Feel free to make your characters.

True Geek
Here is how combat works. You say what you want to do, and I say the result. Example.

Guy Smith: I swing my lightsaber at the Sith in front of me.

Whoever: I shoot the Sith he slashed.

True Geek: He blocks the blaster shot, but takes a slash for 9 points of damage. He uses Force shock on Guy, but Guy resists full damage, so he takes 7 points of damage.

The way I decide if you hit, miss, get hit, resist, and all that neat stuff is by rolling a die and add all the modifiers.

There are free actions, standard actions, and full actions. Here are examples of them.

Free action: Talking.
Standard action: Walking more than 3 steps. Attacking with 1 attack. Using a low concentration Force power.
Full action: 3 steps and a full attack. A full attack. Moving more than your speed allows in 1 turn. Battle meditation force power. 2 standard actions in one turn.

True Geek
Here are the specifics of the classes.
Force Combatant: +4 on to hit rolls. +7 on to hit rolls with unarmed combat (this does not stack with the +4). +6 on damage rolls. 10 skills for first level, 2 skills for other levels. 1 force power each level. 1 feat every 2 levels (this does stack with the 1 feat every 3 levels). +5 for physical resistance rolls (like poison). +6 for dodging. +2 for mental resistance rolls (like force powers being used on you). 2 force point regen per turn. No armor, except robes and clothing. +1 with lightsabers (this does stack for hit rolls and damage rolls). Able to use lightsabers, blades, batons, pistols, and spears.
Force User: +2 on to hit rolls. +5 on to hit rolls with unarmed attacks (does not stack with the +2). +0 on damage rolls. 18 skills for the first level. 4 skills for other levels. 3 force powers for the first level, 1 for every other level except on multiples of 3 in which 3 more force powers are gained. +2 for physical resistance rolls. +6 for dodging. +6 for mental resistance rolls. 5 force regen per turn. No armor other than clothing and robes. Able to use lightsabers, blades, and pistols.
Creature Handler: +2 on to hit rolls. +1 on damage rolls. 20 skills for the first level, 5 skills for other levels. +4 for physical resistance rolls. +4 for dodging. +5 for mental resistance rolls. 1 force power each level. 1 force regen per turn. No armor other than clothing. Able to use blades, batons, spears, and pistols. Able to have pets. Starts with 1 pet. Able to shapeshift. Gains 1 shapeshift every 3 levels.
Tribal: +10 on to hit rolls. +12 on damage rolls. 4 skills for the first level. 1 skill for other levels. +8 for physical resistance rolls. +8 for dodging. -3 for mental resistance rolls. Light armor and clothing. Able to use every melee weapon other than lightsabers. Only primitive ranged weapons. Able to rage. Raging gives +4 to attack rolls, +7 to damage rolls, 6 damage reduction, +10 temporary health, and -5 to dodging. You can rage 1 time every day per level you have. Able to go 10 more feet than other classes per turn.
Soldier: +8 on to hit rolls. +8 on damage rolls. 10 skills for the first level, and 2 skills for every level other than that. 1 feat every 2 levels (this stacks with the 1 feat every 3 levels). +6 for physical resistance rolls. +5 for dodging. Able to use all armor, shields, and weapons other than lightsabers.
Scout: +9 on to hit rolls. +5 on damage rolls. 30 skills for the first level, and 7 skills for every level other than that. +4 for physical resistance rolls. +6 for dodging. +3 for mental resistance. Able to use light and medium armor, most shields, and clothing. Able to use all weapons other than heavy guns and lightsabers.
Scoundrel: +5 on to hit rolls. +2 on damage rolls. 50 skills for the first level, and 13 skills for every level other than that. +1 for physical resistance rolls. +9 for dodging. +4 for mental resistance. Able to use light armor and clothing. Able to use blades, spears, batons, pistols, and rifles.
Tech: +2 on to hit rolls. 70 skills for the first level, and 20 skills for every level other than that. +3 for dodging. +6 for mental resistance. Able to use light armor and clothing. Able to use batons, pistols, and rifles. Able to build any objects that are physically possible to build with the materials you have.
Social: 50 skills for the first level, and 13 skills for every other level than that. cannot add skill points to skills that add to physical abilities. Immune to poison, paralysis, and other effects that require an actual anatomy. +10 for physical resistance rolls.+1 for dodging. +20 for mental resistance rolls. No weapons or armor, but able to use gadgets (wrist rockets, stun rays, shockers) infinitely
Melee: +10 for to hit rolls. +10 for damage rolls. 9 skills for the first level, 1 skill for every other level. Immune to effects which require an actual anatomy. +10 for physical resistance rolls. +5 for dodging. +15 for mental resistance rolls. Able to use all plating. Able to use all melee weapons, even lightsabers, and pistols.
Assassin: +15 for to hit rolls. +5 for damage rolls. 10 skills for the first level, and 2 for every level other than that. Immune to effects which require an actual anatomy. +10 for physical resistance rolls. +6 for dodging. +15 for mental resistance rolls. Able to use light and medium plating. Able to use all ranged weapons, but no melee weapons.
Social: +3 for to hit rolls. +1 for damage rolls. 100 skills for the first level, 30 skills for every level other than that. Immune to effects which require an actual anatomy. +10 for physical resistance rolls. +4 for dodging. +25 for mental resistance rolls. Able to use pistols. No armor. Pistols are concealed and no penalties happen for dual wielding them.

True Geek
Here are how skills work.
You can put 8 skill points in each skill per level you have. There are a lot of skills. Most can be used untrained.

Computer Use- The ability to hack in and/or program computers. Cannot be used untrained
Repair- The ability to build and rebuild and fix machines. Cannot be used untrained. Techs need this.
Spot- The ability to see things out of the ordinary
Listen- The ability to hear things out of the ordinary
Search- The ability to find things
Diplomacy- The ability to reason with people
Bluff- The ability to lie
Intimidate- The ability to threaten
Heal- The ability to bind wounds, stop others from bleeding, and heal more with items or powers
Animal Handling- The ability to manage animals. Creature Handlers need this.
Jump- The ability to jump over things or across things.
Swim- The ability to move through water or other liquids
Climb- The ability to go up a wall or ladder or things like that
Piloting- The ability to fly a ship and dodge missiles and blasts from other ships.
Demolitions- The ability to blow stuff up better, and to deactivate mines and things like that. Cannot be used untrained
Locks- The ability to unlock and lock things
Traps- The ability to deactivate and set traps

You are also able to save your points if you do not feel like spending any.

True Geek
Here is some more information for the classes. The second Social in the previous information is supposed to be Companion.
hp is health, fp is force points

Force Combatant: 9 hp per level. 5 fp per level
Force User: 6 hp per level. 12 fp per level
Creature Handler: 4 hp per level. 4 fp per level
Tribal: 12 hp per level.
Soldier: 10 hp per level.
Scout: 8 hp per level.
Scoundrel: 6 hp per level.
Tech: 4 hp per level.
Social: 4 hp per level. 1/32 hp regen per turn per level
Melee:11 hp per level. 1/8 hp regen per turn per level
Assassin: 7 hp per level. 1/16 hp regen per turn per level
Companion: 5 hp per level. 1/32 hp regen per turn per level

True Geek
Here are some things that species get
You are able to move 30 feet per turn except where otherwise noted.
Human: 1 extra feat for first level. 4 extra skill points for first level. 1 extra skill point for every level after that
Wookiee: +6 to hit. +8 damage. +4 intimidate. +4 climb. Wookiee rage. Wookiee rage is the same as tribal rage, even how many times you can use it. -4 diplomacy. -4 bluff. Can only speak shriiiwook
Bothan: +8 to hit. 20 more feet per turn than normal.
Mon Calamari: +4 computer use and repair. automatic success with swim checks unless there is a strong current.
Kel Dor: +4 to hit. +2 damage. +8 to mental resistance.
Hutt: 10 feet per turn. +20 hp per level. -4 dodging.
Gungan: +5 hp per level.
Trandoshan: +8 to hit. +4 damage. +2 intimidate. -2 diplomacy. Can only speak Trandoshan.
Twi'lek: +8 to hit. +8 diplomacy. +10 bluff.
Clawdite: Disguise. While disguised, +12 diplomacy, +12 bluff, +6 intimidate.
Ithorian: +8 mental resistance. +2 diplomacy. +4 computer use.

here's my character

human, female, force combatant, 1 for swim, 5 for heal, 3 for bluffing, 2 for intimate, 1 for spot, 1 for listen, 1 for search

True Geek
Here are some feats. None that you can get at level one are not on here.
You get 1 feat for the first level, and 1 more for every 3rd level. If you are a human, you get another feat on the first level. If you are a soldier or a force combatant, you get another feat on the first level, and another every 2 levels.
1 before a feat means it can be recieved as a soldier/force combatant bonus feat. 2 before a feat means it can be recieved multiple times, and its effects stack. If a feat is indented, you need to get the feat that is less indented than it to get it.
1Power Attack: Make yourself less likely to hit, but do more damage.
- 1Cleave: If you kill an enemy with an attack, attack another enemy that you don't have to step to reach
-- 1Great Cleave: If you kill an enemy with an attack, even with a cleave, attack another enemy you don't have to step to reach.
--- 1Great Cleave With 5 Foot Step: Same as Great Cleave, but you are able to take 1 5 foot step and attack again
---- 1Great Cleave With Unlimited 5 Foot Steps: Same as Great Cleave, but you are able to take as many 5 foot steps as you want as long as there is an attack in the middle of each 5 foot step.
- 1Sunder: Attempt to break someone else's weapon.
1Point Blank Shot: You gain +5 on your to hit bonus if attacking someone in melee range with a melee weapon
- 1Far Shot: You can shoot from longer distances
- 1Precise Shot: No penalty is suffered when shooting at someone who is in combat with an ally
- 1,2Rapid Shot: Shoot another time in one turn
- 1Running Shot: Shoot while running away
Improved Run: You can move 5 times your speed in a straight line, instead of the normal 4 times your speed
Ambidexterity: Two weapon fighting penalties go from -4/-8 to -4/-4
- 1Two Weapon Fighting: Penalties go from -4/-4 to -2/-2
-- 1,2Improved Two Weapon Fighting: You get 2 attacks with each weapon
--- No Penalties: penalties go from -2/-2 to 0/0
1Martial Arts: You get 3 punches instead of 1.
- 1Deflect Shots: you can deflect a shot from bows, blasters, or lead weapons with your fist
- 1Stunning Fist: your first punch can stun an enemy, thus leaving them defenseless
1Expertise: you can add points from your to hit bonus to your dodging bonus
- 1Disarm: you can try to remove someone elses weapon
- 1Trip: With a successful attack, you can trip someone as a free action
1,2Dodge: +1 on your dodging bonus
1,2Toughness: +3 health
1Quick Draw: draw your weapon as a free action
Advanced Jedi Defense: +5 to block and deflect a blaster shot into someone.
Leadership: must be 6th level. whole group gain 10% more to hit and damage and experience points.

True Geek
Alright, claybird. You might want to vote. Pick 3 feats.

attack, cleave and ambidexterity

Johns Mannequin
Force User, Clawdite, and I'm afraid I need a little help on where to go from there, 'cause I'm a little slow.

True Geek
Here is the specifics of the Force. It may be considered complicated,
There are several Force powers. You put points in them to decide how powerful they are. You can use almost all of them untrained. The number before them says how many force points they cost. Here they are.

4-Force Push: push someone or something
3-Force Pull: pull someone or something
1-Mind Trick: Convince someone to do something else
10-Heal: heal damage and poison. stops people from bleeding
15 and concentration-Battle Meditation: strengthen allies, weakens enemies
8-Choke: Stop someone from breathing
10-Lightning: Electrocute someone
10 and concentration-Protection: Group takes less damage, and is less likely to be hit
5-Speed: move faster, and have more actions
20-Destruction: requires level 5. Fires an extremely small star from your hand. cannot be used without ranks.
100-Force Summon: requires level 15. Creates a humanoid made out of blueish dust armed with a blade. cannot be used without ranks
100-Fire Summon: requires level 15. Creates a humanoid made out of fire. cannot be used without ranks
100-Water Summon: requires level 15. Creates a humanoid made out of water. Cannot be used without ranks
100-Wind Summon: requires level 15. Creates a humanoid made out of wind. Cannot be used without ranks
100-Earth Summon: requires level 15. Creates a humanoid made out of rocks. cannot be used without ranks

True Geek
Clay, pick 1 power to put a rank in
Okay, Johns. When i say "cannot be used untrained" that means you can't use it without putting ranks in it. If it can be used without ranks, you may not succeed on whatever you are trying to do if you don't put ranks in it.
By the way, pick one of the things on the poll so i will know what to make the story like.

Now, about your character. Since your are a clawdite, you can change your skin. you might already know that, but i am telling you anyway.
Since you are a Force user, that means you can pick 1 feat from the list of feats in the previous page. It also means you can put ranks in 3 of the Force powers. The ranks can all be in the same power, or they can be in different powers, or 2 in 1 power. also, you get 18 ranks for skills. you can't put more than 8 ranks in any skill, yet. all 18 points can be in different skills, or 3 skills.

class: Force User
Feat(s): martial arts (don't get martial arts unless you plan on using your fists to fight a lot)
skills: 8 computer use, 4 repair, 6 piloting
force powers: 2 push, 1 heal

Species: human
class: Force combatant
Feat(s): attack, cleave, and ambidexterity
skills: 1 for swim, 5 for heal, 3 for bluffing, 2 for intimidate, 1 for spot, 1 for listen, 1 for search
force powers: heal

Johns Mannequin
Feat: Advanced Jedi Defense
Skills: Spot 6, Listen 6, Piloting 6
Force Powers: 3 Mind Trick

And I was the one who voted for the Republic.

Thx for the help, btw.

My back story is going to be my next post.

True Geek
Alright, so you are a Clawdite Force User, right? Diplomacy and bluff checks are high, and emphasis in mind trick can be scary sometimes. Looks like your character should be fun to be.
So we have a fighter and a talker. interesting.

True Geek
Hmmm... no one else voted. I guess we're doing Republic because that is the only thing that got a vote. Be sure that if you make a backstory it has something to do with the Republic as an ally. Possibly how you became a member of it.

True Geek
Here are the details of how leveling up works.
The equation for how much experience points you need to level up is 1000 times the level you are. So if you are level 1, you need 1000 experience to level up. When you gain a level, your experience is reset to 0 and you become stronger or faster or whatever.
Here is a chart showing the experience to gain a level

6-6000 and so on.

When you level up, you gain skill points, sometimes feats, force powers, sometimes neat things that are not feats, and an ability point.

Ability points are things you add to abilities such as to-hit bonus, damage bonus, dodging bonus, physical resistance bonus, mental resistance bonus, or force regen per turn. You do not get an ability point for your first level.
So if you have +4 in your damage bonus, and you gain a level, you can decide to have +5.

Johns Mannequin
Originally posted by True Geek
Alright, so you are a Clawdite Force User, right?


Age: 28
Planet: formerly Zolan, Yavin 4
Inventory: Lightsabre
Name: Bie-Jo Owmar

Bie-Jo was born on Zolan in the midst of the Clawdites war against the Zolanders. His parents didn't want him to grow up a soldier, but had no choice. They quickly realized that they wouldn't have to worry about him, at the age of seven he could talk his way out of being killed, as well as punishment for killing someone. No one but he himself knew how he did it, but he brought an end to the millenia-old war by way of masterful diplomatic skills, promises that would go unfulfilled, which he already knew as they were unattainable, and intimidation of Zolan's most fearless leaders. He forced them to sign a treaty very favorable to the Clawdites, which included himself being named the ruler, and the Zolanders becoming the equivalent of slaves. He decided on a capital city, and began creating a metropolis. It flourished and grew quickly, making quite a name for itself in the galactic scope of things. He was able to rule like this for fourteen years, but then, disaster struck. The planet, which experiences thunderstorms half the time, unleashed a devastating cyclone. Massive tsunamis crashed into the city, flooding most of the city. What wasn't flooded wasn't left in ruins was blown away by the strong winds. Three quarters of the population was killed, and people rebelled. They thought the storm was a sign from the gods to overthrow Bie-Jo. He did not have nearly enough support now, and he decided to do some talking. By this method, he got the Zolanders to join his cause, promising to free them and make the Clawdites slaves if they won. The war resumed much like it had before, but eventually it came to a standstill. Now, Bie-Jo decided to take the war into his own hands. Flying his A-wing, or the Zolander equivalent, he tore apart the Clawdites air forces. He was immediately considered the greatest ace in the planet's history, though that isn't saying much, as they are not a people known for their flying. With the Clawdites blow out of the skies, Bie-Jo carried the war to the ground. He was a master secret agent and could sneak up on Clawdites who were fighting their way through a city, and, one by one, slash them apart with his gem-hilted knife. He killed many this way, and he was the x-factor that again won the war for his side. He made a more democratic system this time though, for fear of another rebellion, and effectively made himself the Prime Minister. A guerilla war still continued, however, and he grew sick of it. He wrote and recited a speech, apologizing to the Clawdites for his turning of coat, and thanking the Zolanders for accepting him as their leader. He then left the planet of his birth, sick of the war and of politics. Zolan returned to its war-torn state, and Bie-Jo made his way to Coruscant. The affairs of Zolan were relatively unknown on the galactic stage, and Jo-Bie started an honest life as a banker, but he quickly realized that he missed the action of Zolan. Not daring to go back there, he decided to join the military of the Republic. Jedi fighting with it quickly realized he had force potential, and took him to their temple on Yavin 4, he was too old to be formerly trained, but he learned much at his stay there, and built on his already-masterful skills of the spoken word...

(Hope it isn't too out there.)

True Geek
It's a little out there, but I will be nice and give 100 bonus XP to you, Bie-Jo. Only 900 more xp and then you gain a level!

True Geek
Okay, now that we are all online, let's play.

You 2 are on a Mon Calimarian ship. Your master, a rodian named Itoetiw, is sitting across from you. He says "We need to prove to the Republic that Jedi are needed. I want you to make the Imperial base near a Jedi academy to stop giving them trouble. I hear that they frequently kidnap learners and kill or turn them into Sith. We need to at least investigate this. I believe you 2 are ready for a task such as this. Try not to make too much of a scene. I will fly us back to Yavin 4 so that you can do that. I will be solving another problem that is not your concern."
When you finally arrive near a temple, Itoetiw says "The base is 1/4 miles East. Go"

Go into the temple to check things out

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will follow.

True Geek
When you get into the nearby temple, Itoetiw is in there and asks, "What are you doing here? You should be going east to the Remnant base."

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will answer, "Sorry, sir." and head outside towards the base.

Deb follows Bie-jo outside towards the base

True Geek
You arrive at the base located in a temple that was for Jedi. You see 3 stormtroopers patrolling the base. On top of the base, Bie-Jo sees 2 manned turrets on top of the base. Deb sees an unmanned turret on the left side of the base. Your left. Bie-Jo is heard by a stormtrooper who points his E-11 blaster in your general direction.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will attack the stormtrooper, igniting his lightsabre, and alert Deb to the turrets on top of the base.

True Geek
Hit for 8 points of damage. The other stormtroopers aim at you, as do the turrets.
Now it's Deb's turn to do stuff.

Johns Mannequin
The other stormtroopers aim at you, as do the turrets.
That's what I have advanced Jedi Defense for! big grin

Yay! Get out early for exams all this week.

How many points of damage do you need to kill a stormtrooper?

True Geek
Well, these troopers are fairly weak, and the turrets don't do much. This is a battle to practice for later battles which may get pretty tough.
I can't tell you how much health they have, you have to figure that out on your own. This game should be challenging that way.
Deb's taking a while.

Johns Mannequin
Originally posted by True Geek
Well, these troopers are fairly weak, and the turrets don't do much. This is a battle to practice for later battles which may get pretty tough.
I can't tell you how much health they have, you have to figure that out on your own. This game should be challenging that way.


ignites lightsaber and fights the storm troopers

True Geek
You hit for 17 points of damage on one, and he dies, you cleave and miss, and your other blade hits another one for 12 points of damage, and he dies.
Stormtroopers' turn. The remaining ground one, who is wounded, backs away 2 steps and fires at Bie-Jo. Bie-Jo blocks and deflects it into the trooper for 3 points of damage.
The turrets start warming up so they can fire next round.
Now it is Bie-Jo's turn.

Name: Jira
Species: human
Class: scout
feat: Point Blank shot, Far shot
skill(s): 6 spot, 6 bluff, 6 piloting, 6 locks, 6 diplomacy
weapon: pistol

True Geek
Okay, a 3rd player. You did the character good, and you will have 4 points to spend next level.
Alright, I'm gonna go insert you into this somehow... You were following them to see how they were going to do this, but now that they got detected, you by a cluster of trees now.
It is now Jira's or Bie-Jo's turn. Whoever posts first.

*watches them closely.*

OOC: sorry, can't post anything real intelligible..

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will finish off the stormtrooper on the ground.

True Geek
The one on the ground was already finished. I guess I forgot to post that. Do something else.

Johns Mannequin
Is there a way to get on top of the base where the turrets are?

True Geek
You can't see a way to get on top of the base, but you see a turret on the side of the base which does not look like it has an angle which can shoot the other turrets, and you see a small passage into the base.

Johns Mannequin
Well then Bie-Jo will enter the passage.

deb follows bie-jo

True Geek
You walk down a hallway. The area is pretty clear. There is a fork in the path. Directly left, and directly right. Which one do you go down?
The battle gives a 50 xp to each of you.
It is Jira's turn.

follows them both closely.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will tell Deb to choose left or right, and then he will go the other way.

True Geek
Bie-Jo: You walk along and finally see some technology. They look like computers.

Deb's turn. Bie-Jo and Jira can choose what they will do before Deb acts, though.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will walk up to the computer to see if there is anything on the screen.

True Geek
The computer is off, but you see strange markings on the rest of it, which do not seem to be anything you have seen before.

Johns Mannequin
Any buttons?

True Geek
There are no buttons that you can see. It is probably just a screen that is used to send messages to random stormtroopers in halls. You see a black dome on top of the screen.

Johns Mannequin
Is there any way to get up and get a closer look at it?

deb goes to the left

True Geek
Bie-Jo: You look closer, and it seems to be an opaque black glass dome.

Deb: You walk left for a long time, and then there is another fork in the path. It is a 5 way fork. Left, middle, right, middle left, and middle right. You see holes in the wall. 16 holes. You also see a cutout in the wall. The cutout is tall and thin, a little shorter than you, and barely wide enough to stick your lightsaber through.

Johns Mannequin
Is there anything I can interact with on the dome?

True Geek
There is nothing you can see on the dome other than the fact that it is glass, opaque, and black.

It is Jira's turn.

Johns Mannequin
Does the hallway continue past the computers?

True Geek

follows bie-jo.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will continue down the hallway.

True Geek
Down the hallway, you see even more black domes along the path. Eventually you see a door which is made of stone. The only other way from the door is back.

Johns Mannequin
Well then Bie-Jo will go through the door.

True Geek
You walk at the door, but it doesn't automatically open like most doors. You try to push open the door, but it won't move. There is a handle, but it refuses to move any way you twist, pull, or push it. You think it's locked.

Johns Mannequin
Is it possible to cut through it with my lightsabre?

True Geek
You cut a hole through the door. Inside you see 8 droids attatched to the walls. They appear to be deactivated with blasters mounted on their wrists. You see several containers which you can't see the inside of.

Johns Mannequin
Is there any way to open the containers or look into them?

True Geek
You can open the containers.

Johns Mannequin
I will do so.

True Geek
The first one you open has what seems to be water.
The second one you open has a keycard, 6 thermal detonators (don't use those unless you need to create a 50 foot radius explosion), and a very small blaster pistol.
The last is filled with very small blaster pistols. At least 26.

Johns Mannequin
I will take all of them and, if there is another door or hallway, continue.

True Geek
No more doors.

Johns Mannequin
I will walk back the way I came until I am back outside, in front of the base, where the turrets are. Then, I will lob the detonators on top of the base to destroy the turrets.

True Geek
Uh... Are you sure about that? The base is only 20 feet tall, and things do blow up in this game.

Johns Mannequin
Will my Advanced Jedi Defense be able to protect me from the turrets?

True Geek
It depends on what I roll for to-hit, and to-block. This game is tough that way.
The turrets do have blockable shots, though.

Johns Mannequin
Is there any way to climb on top of the base?

True Geek
There was a turret on the side... Maybe if you climb on the turret, and do good on a jump and climb check you can. Also, there is the path that Deb took.

Johns Mannequin
Well I'll go ahead and try to get in the turret to fire at the ones on top of the base.

True Geek
There is an improper angle to fire at the other turrets, as Bie-Jo remembers.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will then return to the area w/ the domes and destroy them with his lightsabre.

True Geek
As you destroy them, you see that there were cameras inside. When you get to the one that was on a screen, the screen has a face on it. It says "Why do Republic pawns care at all about this structure? Do you not care about your kind at all? You Jedi are meaningless to your leaders! If you decide to join us, you will be able to reach your full potential of the Force, and win the war." He sure likes to ramble, doesn't he.

Johns Mannequin
"And who sir, might you be?"

True Geek
You see the tip of a blaster point at his head on the corner of the screen. "I am under strict orders not to give any information of that kind." The blaster moves away.

Johns Mannequin
"Ah, so you're the pawn, not me, but what can you tell me, other than the the shit about the dark side?"

True Geek
"I can tell you have absolute doom in... 10 hours and counting. That base will be destroyed, along with the rest of half that moon. Prepare for the most amazing achievement since the Sun Crusher!"

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will go to Deb, tell her to follow him, and return to the temple and warn them.

True Geek
You see Deb standing not that far from where you separated. As you run out of the temple, the turrets start shooting at you. You two manage to not get hit by any blast, but one is deflected into a turret for 15 points of damage.
Jira is still in there, but Deb and Bie-Jo don't know that.
Jira's turn.

Jira follows them outside. (again. wink )

Johns Mannequin
Now Bie-Jo will return to the temple and warn the others.

True Geek
Back at the temple, the Jedi immediately could tell something was wrong that you were thinking. Itoetiw looks at you 2 (3 if Jira revealed she was there) and says "What's wrong now?".
Bie-Jo explains it to the group of Jedi, and some of them laugh and make comments such as, "Only HALF of a MOON? That's not even as powerful as the puny Death Star was!" and, "10 hours to fire... I can wait." Obviously not all of them believe it to be much of a threat.
"We must go," Itoetiw tells you.

Johns Mannequin
"Well then we shall do so."

True Geek
All (including Jira) of you go onto the ship, and start flying away from Yavin 4. When you get off the planet, you see no advanced technology ship, but you see a fleet of Star Destroyers heading this way. Looks like they bluffed, and tried to make you run. Itoetiw starts retreating from the ships as they start using tractor beams at the ship. None of them hit, but many of the other ships aren't as lucky. You arrive back on Coruscant where Bie-Jo and Deb were trained as Jedi. "Boss, the academy on Yavin 4 may not be doing good anymore," Itoetiw says.
200 XP each for surviving that mission. 350 each total.
"It's a shame... Why do they want that moon anyway?"
"How can you give such little consideration for the Jedi?"
"It's not that, it's just that we are losing so much power that it doesn't make much of a difference. Speaking of which, how are you doing in persuading Tatooine to get out of anarchy?"
"I'm working on it."
"Well, we need as many supporters as we can get as fast as we can... How about you get your... Padawans... to help you."
"Alright." You 3 and Itoetiw leave. "Now, I sort of promised that I would make Tatooine believe in Republic laws... and that's not working so well. Feel like helping?"

Johns Mannequin
"Sounds great." Bie-Jo replied, smiling.

True Geek
You go in the ship and fly to Tatooine. You follow Itoetiw to some rediulously tall building. "This is the building that controls the planet's people... except the few wild tuskens that still exist. If we manage to make them trust the Republic, we will be winning this war in no time. There is no elevator, so be ready to climb a lot of stairs... there are 894 stories... the tallest building that still stands in the known galaxy. We only need to go up 890, though." You start walking up the stairs.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo continues to walk up the stairs.

looks up as far as her eyes can go and climbs up too.

True Geek
After about 300 stories up, you all are tired of walking up. Itoetiw says, "Well, it seemed like a lot less steps last time I started climbing... Maybe that's because there were hand rails. We can rest for a little bit and then continue. After about 5 minutes you start walking again. Eventually through several stops, you are at 890th floor. You continue following Itoetiw untill you get to a room decorated with what looks like paper and dirt, maybe a tusken head on a wall. There does not seem to be anyone in there.
"STATE YOUR BUSINESS," a voice that sounds like a poorly made droid talking through poorly made speakers says. Itoetiw looks confused.

Johns Mannequin
"We are here to help make you believe in Republic laws."

True Geek
"Oh, not you again! Didn't we teach you that we're happy enough without your laws! Will we have talk for a few hours and then drop you in the pit again, or will you just go?" the voice says.
"That won't work because I won't stand on that door again," Itoetiw says, and points at an obvious trap door.
"Okay, fine, we'll "reason" with you... again... just let me out of this crappy excuse for a chair." He continues to mutter as you wait.
"That's odd, I thought that there would be turrets mounted on the wall... oh well."
A short, slightly fat human man walks out of a curtain, and into the room. "Alright, tell us the crap again."
"Well, you see, you need..." Itoetiw continues talking as though he had practiced these lines many times before. The short man continuously says rude things about the "crap".
"If we agree and we don't like it, what will you do for us?"
"We will willingly leave."
"If you earn my trust, maybe I will. Go on, try to say something that might make me agree."

Johns Mannequin
"If you accept our laws, we will provide you protection from the Empire and the Black Sun Pirates."

True Geek
"Hah! Most of the people on this planet are loyal to the Pirates!... Although the Empire is getting rather annoying... But still, my reasoning is the same: Laws will turn to revolution. I'm mostly alright with the Republic, but I REALLY don't want the same fate as the last man to run this planet... Poisoned, beaten, shot in every extremity, drowned, hung, cremated, and finally put in a jar attached to a rope tied to an autopiloted ship going high speed into a sandcrawler. Accepting your laws is absolute suicide!" the man said, sounding like he practiced those words.
"Exactly what he said last time," Itoetiw commented. "I told him that overall only 12% of everyone on this planet supports the Black Sun Pirates, but he plugged his ears being very childish about it..."

Johns Mannequin
"You will have the same fate of the last man to run this planet if you do not accept our laws. He didn't and look at him. Anyway, you cannot deny the Empire would overrun this planet if they decided to attack."

True Geek
"If that comment of fate was a threat, go jump off the stairs right now. The Empire has tried to overrun the planet before, and they barely defeated the tuskens, but I do see your point. Blaster, arrow, lead for it? I'll get your ship and all your possessions if you lose," The man says.
"He cheats," Itoetiw says. "Some kind of drug."

True Geek
"Plus, it's not even a real game... he made it up and bends the rules," Itoetiw said.

Johns Mannequin
"Ah, I see. Do you know of any game that we can make our own rules too?"

True Geek
Itoetiw thinks for a moment. "I suppose so... but it has to have nothing to do with the thoughts of your opponent."
"Are you guys plotting something over there?" the man asked. "I wonder how long it would take security to get here... I'll find out," The man walks over to the desk in the room and presses a button. "Don't worry, the guards are unarmed, and I can send them away."

Johns Mannequin
"Alright," said Bie-Jo, ignoring the call for security, "how 'bout we play a game where you ask me five questions about an object I'm thinking of, I'll answer the questions to the best of my ability, and, if you guess what it is, the Republic will leave you alone. If you are wrong, you will agree to follow Republic laws."

"I doubt he'll let you off the hook that easy..." Jira murmured.

True Geek
"That sort of has something to do with thoughts. He has some sort of drug," Itoetiw said to Bie-Jo.

Johns Mannequin
"Oh, yeah," Bie-Jo responded, feeling slightly stupid for not realizing it. "How about a friendly fight of some sorts?"

True Geek
"Friendly and a fight? Explain," Itoetiw says.

Johns Mannequin
"You know, something like a fencing match, where you can't actually hurt each other."

True Geek
"That might work..."

Johns Mannequin
"Well then, let's see if he'll agree to it."

True Geek
You ask him, and he replies, "I'm not the fighting type. How about when the guards finally get up here, you fence them? How can I be certain you won't kill them?"

Johns Mannequin
"Ah, well, since your guards are unarmed, I will fight unarmed as well, so it will be very unlikely for any of us to die. If they lose, then I will have shown the strength of the Republic and you will agree to their laws. If I lose, we will leave and never return."

True Geek
"How about a gradual change of laws if you win?"

Johns Mannequin
"Deal, but if your guards win we leave, but may return."

True Geek
"It's the deal I said or no deal at all," he says looking even more annoyed.

Johns Mannequin
"Alright. Deal."

"Are you sure he won't cheat?"

Johns Mannequin
"I don't see how, I'm fighting his guards, not him."

True Geek
After about an hour of waiting, 2 gamoreans arrive up the stairs exhausted. One falls over. "These are the guards I was talking about. It's unfortunate that they took so long... I made a wager with these people. You fist fight with... Which one of you are fighting?" the man says.

Johns Mannequin
"I can fight one, and Jira can fight one, or I'll just fight."

True Geek
"No, I just want one person to fight the one that... isn't lying on the floor right now," he says. "None of your fancy magic stuff, got it?"

Johns Mannequin

True Geek
"So..." he looks at Bie-Jo, "You're going to fight?"

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo replies in the affirmative and attacks the guard, trying to land a powerful punch in his abdomen.

True Geek
The guard, not expecting anything, takes a hit right in the abdomen and squeals in pain for 6 points of nonlethal damage. He punches right in the jaw and hits for 9 points of nonlethal damage. He looks very angry.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will now leap into the air and bring his leg down on the guard's head.

True Geek
The guard knocks Bie-Jo's foot out of the way, and returns by trying to grab you. He succeeds in grabbing you. (When grappled, you can try to break free, but you can only attack with the parts of you that are free."
Bie-Jo's turn.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will try to get free and kick him with a free leg if possible.

True Geek
Alright, you kick him right in the shins, and he drops you. You don't fall over. He tries to punch you again, and misses.

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will punch him.

True Geek
You hit for 6 points of damage. The gamorean finally gives up and falls over.
30 XP each.
"Oh... That was unexpected... Fine, we will give you soldiers if they want to be soldiers, and we'll gradually add laws," he looks at Itoetiw. "I assume you have forms you want me to sign..."
"As a matter of fact, I do," he pulls out a set of papers that look more like a book that had all its pages separated. "Go on, I'll catch up. There's lift which will let you safely get to the bottom... We didn't take that up because it takes too much arm strength to lift 4 people."

Johns Mannequin
Bie-Jo will take the lift down.

True Geek
When you find the lift, it looks like a box with a rope with a restraint attatched to the top. When you take a step on, it responds instantly with trying to fall. If you fully step on, you're not exactly sure what would happen, as with your group fully stepping on.

Johns Mannequin
I'll ask Itoetiw about it.