Read if you want to. If not, then don't.

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Things to Know:

I am here to write stories, and that is all. This is why I list nothing concerning myself.

Whether you like my story or not, I will continue. I shall take your advice and only hope to make it better for my readers, but I will not change my story. I promise to you all that I will finish this. Whether you stay through beginning and end, that is a decision you must make.

I did not copy this story from anyone. And if anyone decides they should plagiarize mine, I will find you. This idea was born, raised, and finished in my mind.

DO NOT start any random comments in this story, or I will report you. This thread was made for readers who wish to enjoy a story, not for random blabbering chat. There are other threads for that reason.

DO NOT PM me. I refuse to reply to any messages.

I take time on my writing. I will go at my own pace until I am entirely satisfied with it. I will not rush to post more. It you are patient enough, it will come.

DO NOT ask me to change my story in any way. I have had this planned in my mind for some time now, and I will change it for no one. As I said before, you may give feedback. I will take any criticism, whether it be the kindest thing ever said or the harshest thing you can think of. I shall put that into my thoughts and use it when I write, but I will not change the plot of my story.

I will only post my story. I will not say anything between them. So to all of you who enjoy my story, I thank you now. Please do not take it wrongly when I do not thank you in the future.

~~~Please excuse me if this sounds quite harsh, but I am only here to write a story. And I hope you are here to help me improve on my story and through you, make me a better writer.

Thank you for you cooperation.

Whether we like your story or not is not the point, it's the fact that this is in the wrong forum, if it even fits in any other forum (I think the Fiction section or something, it will). But though you meant no offense, this is not a place to do just that and leave, this is a community to chat. You may not even receive any comments/suggestions on your writing. I suggest you get to know the people of KMC, you might be surprised at us.

Ohhhhhhh...I love stories...........I have takin classes in such a thing......

I don't know if this is the right forum,.......but it not, it will be moved.

You are new, and welcome............ smile

Rogue Jedi
tell me a bedtime story.

what if someone steals your story? and it's published in a book, guess you can always prove that u thought of it first via the time and date on this thread...


That's the forum you want.

And how exactly do you expect to get feedback? ermm

Rogue Jedi
RJ wants a damn bedtime story!!!

Ta-da! Moved.

Grinning Goku
Wow 4 months of silence, and then bam! smack.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.