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Hello to all you KMC people! This story is an adaptation of a story that was started a while back by my friend but he never finished it . It's different from the normal HP fan fic's on here, such as all the seventh book fics. Not that theres anything wrong with them, they cool too heh, but this story takes place AFTER the seventh book. About 11 years in fact! So yea...comments please? and enjoy *Bows*

Chapter One- A new generation

A young boy named Alex Coda walked down a street in his neighborhood. He had medium length curly black hair, and dark brown eyes. He wore a black leather jacket and baggy jeans. He was on his way home from his best friend Evan Walker's house.
He stared at the sky and didn't pay attention to anything in front of him, including the young girl on her bike pedaling right for him. Looking down at the last second he jumped to the side out of the bikers way.
"Oi! Watch it!"
"You watch it, idiot!"
The girl pedaled by him, sticking her tongue out at him. She had long bushy red hair, and at once Alex recognized her. She was Emma Weasley, a girl that lived next door to Alex, in one of the strangest houses he had ever seen. Her house was several stories high and it almost seemed like it was held up by magic. As if such a thing existed. For some reason Emma seemed to always be snobby, as if she knew something nobody else in the world did.
Alex did his best to forget about her almost running him over and continued his walk home. Hm...Summer vacation is almost over... Alex's birthday was also tomorrow, and Alex could not wait. It was getting late, and Alex had slowed down. He quickly picked up his pace anxious to get home.
* * *

The day of his birthday came, and Alex was very excited. He got several awesome presents, and his best friend Evan Walker came over. After Alex had opened his presents, Evan got a phone call from his mother. It was urgent and Evan had to hurry home quickly. A few minutes after Evan left, Alex noticed a letter had come in through the mail slot of their front door.
Alex picked up the letter and saw it was addressed to him, and he looked at the back. The back had a strange insignia with an "H" in the center. He tore it open and read the contents.
Dear Mr. Coda, We are please to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Tadaa! Some feedback would be appreciated. If not many people like the story im going to just quit it now ^^ so yea...Even if ur comments "I like Pie" at least i know u reading story! So come on!!!

I like Pie ^_^

No but really, I think this is starting off very well, your not rushing too much, and the spelling is good as far a I can see. Just need to add a bit more details, and take your time with descriptions.

big grin keep it up!

Oh my gosh!

I like pie too! eek!

I agree that you should add some details. Thats what really helps the reader see what you're seeing. I like the plot so far...its different from a lot of other stories.

Keep up the good work.

no more? sad

Yea i guess ill keep working on it, might have it up by tonight check back ltr ^^ Ty much for comments ill try to add more detail AND make story a bit longer...

Oh i be posting story up real soon but i wanna add that besides comments like i been getting (Thanks!) You can also PM me suggestions you have for the story, such as plot ideas, characters, ect..ect.. SO yea.............Posting soon!

Well Thanks for being patient, heres chapter two. Same thing as always, please reply...even "I like pie" lol Thanks for reading Thus far. Hope u enjoy this.
Chapter-2 The new arrival

Alex finished reading the letter, the contents were unbelievable..."This can't be real..." he muttered to himself.
His father walked up behind him and read the letter over Alex's shoulder. Alex quickly realized this and
lowered the letter out of his father's sight. His father's eyes had widened, as he had already read the
beginning of the letter.
"Is that..?" his father asked.
"It's nothing!" Alex quickly walked around his father and upstairs.
He walked into his room and closed the door, locking it behind him. This was too much for Alex to
believe, and if his father caught him reading the letter it would be akward. He tried to tear the letter
up so he could throw it away. The second his hands applied pressure to tear, the letter glowed with a bright
light, and Alex's fingers began to slightly burn. He instantly let go and dropped the letter to the floor.
Alex examined his hand and saw burn marks quickly disappearing. After a few seconds his hand had
returned to normal and no signs of the burns remained, the pain had vanished as well. Alex stood there
stunned for what seemed like minutes before cautiously stooping down to pick up the paper. The second he
picked it up he let go dropping it again, testing to make sure it wouldn't burn him again. Deciding it
was safe, he picked the paper up and re-read it.
The paper contained a supply list and a brief description of what Hogwarts was about. He shook
his head. "Way to unbelievable..." He set the letter on the nightstand next to his bed. He decided he
would just have to sleep on it for now. Changing into his pajama's he crawled into bed and fell asleep.
* * *
Alex awoke with a start after hearing an explosion.He sat up and listened for a second. The house
remained silent. He slapped his head realizing he must have been dreaming.He laid back down on his bed and
tried to drift off to sleep again. He heard another loud explosion, and this time he was sure it was real,
and it was coming from downstairs. He nervously got out of his bed and approached the door. Another
explosion occurred, this time right outside his door. His door was blasted off its hinges flying
into the wall on the opposite end of the room.
Alex fell back onto his bed shocked. A figure cloaked in black slowly walked into the room.
He slowly turned looking at Alex, and raised his hand. In his hand the figure held a wand, though Alex
didn't know what the object was at the time. As the figure raised his wand and muttered a spell, a bright
flash lit up the room. Another figure stood in front of Alex his back turned to Alex. This figure was
cloaked in a red robe and also carried a wand. The figure waved his wand and in one smooth motion
a jet of blue flew at the black figure. The black figure turned into black smoke and vanished from
the room.
The red-robed figure let out a sigh and slowly turned to Alex.
"Sorry about that, almost didn't make it here in time"
The figure was now facing Alex and Alex could see his features clearly. He had short brown hair
and a brown goatee. He appeared to be in his early twenties and stared down at Alex. Putting away his
wand he spoke to Alex.
"Look kid, we have to get out of here. It's too dangerous for a young wizard like yourself."
Alex just stared blinking at the newcomer for a second. Finally Alex spoke up.
"What the heck is wrong with you! I don't even know you! What just happened! Who are you! what the heck is--"
Alex was cut off as the man sighed and grabbed Alex's arm. Instantly the room they were both in vanished,
and another room took its place. The room looked like an old Inn room from the 1800's and Alex just stared.The
man smirked and let go of Alex.
"Your a lot more enjoyable when your quiet like that...My name is Leon, member of the 72nd Order of
the Pheonix Unit. Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron!"
So anyone like? Please tell me what i need to improve so i can make the story better for everyone ^_^ Again thanks for reading this far.

yuck. I hate pie!

Haha. just kidding.

So, anyway, The plot is thickening...cool. now I'm really trying to figure out whats so special about this kid...(besides his being a wizard)

If you ever are in a stump, then you can always PM me. I love writing HP stories wink though I've never written one occuring after the series...hmmm.

I like it, especialy since its different from all the other hp stories. Keep on posting, its really starting to get interesting.

Glad to hear people like it ^_^

People do like it smile so whens the next post going to happen?

soon lol

lol i hope so.. do you already have it written out, and are just torturing me. or do you still have to write it?

lol BOTH im still finishing it up, but im taking my time to torture you. muhahahaha nah jk im nearly done though so you dont have to wait much longer.

haha, i bet you are secretly torturing me.:/ but as long as you put one up soon, torture me as much as you want.smile

oh i really love it.
it's very different, and interesting..
hoping for more!

although the last post was back in january...


Well guys... Sorry bout this long wait. My comp crashed, and the story i had so far with it. Im coming back to work on it tho, got this crappy computer! Not sure when next post will be. Just letting you all know so u dont forget about the story!

Interesting. I'm surprised that more people aren't reading this. Very....new. I like the way you started it off. Try to expand that. I almost feel like I want you to write in First person. I don't know why but it could be the nature of the story. I like it though. Very interesting.

no expression huh erm miffed ..... happy

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