Harry Potter-The Last War (RM)

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Well, the story I'm about to post is what one of my friends in Real Life's own fan fic. (the same one behind "Another Time Another Story" Fanfic) He never did finish it and has given me permission to start off where he left off. But before i do that i am going to see how many people will read
it. Please post all of your comments.

Harry Potter and the Last War
-A Long Summer-
It had been a very long summer for Harry. His time at the Dursleys had been less than enjoyable. What had made it all the more unenjoyable was the recent loss of Dumbledore. As Harry brushed the hair out of his eyes and sat up in bed putting on his glasses he wondered, as he did daily, was it his fault? Dumbledore spent the precious few seconds he could have used preparing to defend himself on parlyzing Harry.
Not a night went by Harry didn't dream or think of the night Dumbledore died...He could still picture clearly Dumbledore on the ground at the base of the astronomy tower, people gathered around. It sadend him to think that probably one of the most powerful wizards of all time was dead. But not only was Dumbledore powerful, he was Harry's teacher, and Harry wanted to think of him as a good friend as well.
As he walked down the stairs he passed over the cupboard under the stairs and he remembered the life he had before being taken to Hogwarts. Now with Dumbledore gone he lost one of the things that made Hogwarts special.
Harry had decided not to go back to Hogwarts though. Instead he would spend one more day with the Dursleys, then, off to the burrow for Bill and Fleur's wedding which was in one week. After that he would head for Godric's Hollow, to visit his parent's graves and hopefully find a lead on the horcrux's.
Harry came down at the breakfast table and his Aunt petunia served him some eggs and bacon. Aunt Petunia had increasingly been more caring the past two years than his whole life together. There was a crash in the living room. Unfortunatly Uncle Vernon hadn't.
"Blast these confounded owls! I won't have it! I won't, I--"
Harry walked into the living room as Vernon was trying to catch an owl flying around with a letter in its hand.
"It's for me..."
The owl dropped the letter into Harry's hands perfectly, then flew back out the window where it had apparently entered. The letter was addressed to him, from Hogwarts. He knew it was mail to announce the opening of Hogwarts this year with a supplies list. He threw it in the trash.
No sooner had he done so when there was a knock on his door. He went to answer it and when he opened the door a mildly suprised and shocked look came over his face but it quickly broke into a wide grin as he saw who was standing there.
Ron, Hermione, Mr. Weasley. Behind them was what suprised harry the most. It was their ford angelina from Ron and Harry's second year trip to hogwarts!

Ch2- Flight to the Burrow

Harry stared dumbstruck. Wasn't the car running wild in the forbbiden forest outside Hogwarts? As if reading his mind, Hermoine, Ron and Mr. Weasley grinned at each other and awnsered his question before he could ask.
"It suprised us as much as it did you, we woke up the morning after Ron got back and there it was, just sitting in our front lawn! Strange isn't it? Mr. Weasley said, "We managed to fix her up and now she's as good as new, if not better!"
"Wow, uh...thats great..." Harry replied, "but I thought you were picking me up tommarow."
"Oh you know, we just couldn't wait to show you, and besides," Mr. Weasley leaned in closer, "It's getting more dangerous here than you mary realize. I will tell you more in the car."
Harry nodded and ran up the stairs to his room. He wasn't expecting them to come today. Not that he cared, he loved the burrow much more than this house. The Weasley's were always very kind to him.
As he entered the his room, he heard Ron and Hermoine come up the stairs and Mr. Weasley attempt to start a conversation with uncle Vernon. He laughed silently to himself as he remembered when the weasley's tried to use floo powder to get to Harry's house.
He was grabbing his Firebolt when Ron and Hermoine entered his room. Hermoine started stroking Hedwig as Ron helped Harry get his things together. They seemed more quiet than he remembered.
"You two are awfully quiet..."
"No we aren't, your imagining things" Ron stated quickly.
"No i'm not."
"C'mon we just want to get out of here quickly."
Harry let it go at that and carried his suitcase and belongings downstairs, Ron behind him helping some other belongings of his, and Hermoine brought up the rear carrying Hedwig's cage with Hedwig on her shoulder. Harry reached the bottom of the stairs as Mr. Weasley was finishing talking to Uncle Vernon.
"So really, egg's will not fry in one of your, toaster's was it? As I found out the hard way. And I don't mean to brag but my plug collection has gotten rather big lately...Oh Harry! are you ready?"
Harry nodded, struggling to keep a straight face, as Uncle Vernon was looking at Mr. Weasley his as if he were the craziest person alive.
"Ok then! let's get your things in the car and be off! And by the way" Mr. Weasley looked back at Uncle Vernon, "Good luck with your frying pan!"
As Harry and Ron put Harry's things in the trunk, Hermoine and Mr. Weasley got into the front seats. As Harry and Ron sat in the back, the memories flooded back of them sitting in the car while getting pounded by the womping willow, and how Ron's wand broke. Oh the trouble it caused Ron and some of the situations it created made Harry smile. As the car took into the air, instantly going invisible Mr. Weasly spoke,
"Lot of trouble been happening recently, with Dumbledore gone many wizard's and witches have gotten bolder, or given up on the side of good, and gone to voldermorts side. People dont know who to trust anymore. With each passing day his side grows stronger and stronger, while the ministry grows weaker. There are no safe places anymore."
"What about Hogwarts!?" Harry asked quickly.
"Hogwarts was safe because dumbledore was there."
Hermoine spoke up, "not true, there are various spells on--"
"It's not any average wizard Hermoine, you think those spell's keep hogwart's safe more than Dumbledore did? No, those spell's mean nothing to Voldermort, just like last year, he will find a way to get in." Mr. Weasley said plainly.
The ride was much more quiet as the remembered last year, how Draco had betrayed them, how Snape betrayed them, there was betrayel everywhere.
"What does it matter to me," Harry said slowly, "I'm not going back this year."
"What!? You have to go back Harry!" Mr. Weasley shouted at him with suprise in his voice.
"No, Dumbledore wanted me to do something, and i must finish what he started..."
"Dumbledore is gone Harry! I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted you to quit school and go on some crazy mission!"
"You don't understand..."
"We will see about that, I may not be your father but your in my care right now, and i won't have you in anymore danger!" Mr. Weasley said with finality.
As Harry was about to say more, he didn't for two reasons... One was that he didn't want to tell him about the horcrux's...not yet, and two, the burrow was in sight. They had arrived.

I am aware of many of the grammar mistakes, but my friend asked me to just post it the way it had originally been so...there ye goes the first 2 chapters. Here comes Chapters 3-4! (PLEASE COMMENT!)

Ch-3 The Wedding

As they neared the Burrow, Harry saw what looked like an arrangement for a party in the Weasley's front yard. Ron saw Harry's quizzical look and reminded Harry,
"Bill and Fleur are getting married remember?"
It came back to Harry as he remembered the conversation at Hogwarts last year while Bill was in the hospital wing because Fenrir, a crazed werewolf, bit and scratched him. Luckily for Bill, Fenrir wasn't in werewolf form, so not much changed about Bill except his face and eating habits.
"But isn't it in a week?" Harry asked.
"Oh yes that's another reason we came to get you early. It's tomorrow." Ron replied.
Harry thought to himself. One of the reasons he was going to the burrow was for Bill and Fluer's wedding, and to see Ron and Hermione before he left of course. So he wasn't going to stay as long as he thought he was...
As Harry was thinking about this he hadn't realized they had already landed. Again, Hermione and Ron helped carry Harry's things up to Ron's room. Ron's room was still colored in the same orange, but the posters were gone.
"Where have your Quidditch posters gone?" Harry asked.
"Who can worry about Quidditch these days!?" Ron said as if Harry was mad.
"I guess your right...but where's all of your other belongings?"
Harry had noticed that Ron's room was very bare compared to last time Harry visited the Burrow.
"Well...uh...me and Hermione figured we best be prepared to go to Godric's Hollow with you..." Ron said nervously.
"No! You can't come! I don't want you guys in danger also!" Harry shouted.
"Well we are coming too! Whether you like it or not! I was there with you when we went to Aragog, Hermione was with you going to Sirius, we were BOTH there when we fought death eaters in the department of mysteries!"
"And Harry, all those times we all needed each other...and we need each other now!" Hermione finished for Ron.
Harry had to admit to himself that they were right about those times
"But this is different..."
"NO!" they both said in unison, Ron continued on "This is not any different, you may be the 'chosen one' but we aren't letting you tackle this alone!"
Harry dismissed the idea of arguing more. They would not budge on this point. Neither would Harry. Harry would have more time later to think a plan through so he could get away without them following him and going into danger.
They heard a Mrs. Weasley call from downstairs, "Lunch is ready!"
They all silently walked downstairs and sat at the table. Mrs. Weasley served them all sandwiches. As they began eating, Bill and Fleur came downstairs and sat down at the table, Both saying hi to Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley also sat at the table. Mr. Weasley broke the silence.
"Molly dear, I beleive Harry doesn't want to go to Hogwarts this year..."
"What!? Why not!"
"Dumbledore asked me to do something that i must, and i can't do it at school."
"Well im sorry young man, but we care to much about you to let you quit your schooling"
"Im not going to Hogwarts"
"Oh yes you are"
"You are not my parents"
"Well yes but-"
"So you don't have a say. Im sorry to be this way but i can't go."
Everyone was silent at the table. Harry finished his meal in silence and went back upstairs to Rons bedroom. Ron came up a little bit later.
"Blimey, you argued with my mum and dad!"
"Yes...sorry about that..."
"Are you kidding me? That was wicked!"
Harry fell back onto the bed. Then he had an idea. A way to leave, unfortunatley he wouldn't be able to see Fleur and Bill's wedding, because he was leaving tonight.

Ch-4 Night Flight

Harry slowly went down the stair's his watch indicated it was almost 1 A.M. and he had a suitcase. He had let Hedwig fly out to the window to fly above him once he was out. As he passed a clock he looked at it. It was the Weasley's special clock, that didn't tell time, it told the status of all the Weasley's. He smiled and started for the door, but pulled his wand out immediatly. There were shadows at the door.
"Lumos..." he said barely audible.
The tip of his wand erupted into a shower of sparks and illuminated the shadows, it was Ron and Hermione, there were each carrying a bag on their back.
"I hope you weren't trying to sneak out" Ron said with a smirk.
" I-you-what?!" Harry stammered
"Like it or not, we are in this together until the end." Hermione said.
Harry smiled. He was reluctant to put them at risk, but there was no changing their minds, and he was glad to have his two most trusted friend's at his side.
As they made their way outside they all decided to walk for a ways before mounting their brooms. As they were about to mount Ron looked back to see his house for maybe the last time. It was the last time. Ron's mouth fell open.
The house wasn't much bigger than Harry's thumbnail at this distance. Harry saw Ron's mouth and where he was staring, as he turned around his mouth dropped as well. Hermione caught on and turned around gasping, her hands coming up to her mouth. Clearly, and plainly visible over the burrow was the last thing they wanted to see. Harry told them to take off now and go as fast as they can. They all mounted slowly and shot off the ground away from the house. Ron nearly on the verge of tears as he looked back again.
There above the house was the Death Eaters and Voldemorts trademark. The Dark Mark.
SO TADAA! Anyone like? There are 6 more chapters he already had but im going to wait to post em till i have some feedback ^_^

please finish. it is great

i like it a lot....but what happened to Ginny in all this....

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