The ULTIMATE MEDIEVAL/FANTASY HERO Competition =win a Year's DeviantART Subscription=

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Hello people, that's right, I'm running an art competition, I started it at DeviantART but as some of you already go there, I'll do it here too smile

This hopefully doesn't count as spam, so I'll try not to direct everyone's attnention over there, the contest will be held here also, I'll display your art over on my page if your entering smile

This is what I typed there:

an Idea came to me last night whilst I was watching Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I began to sketch my new DevID in preparation for my upcoming 5000 pageviews and an Idea for a competition popped into my head.
Wouldn't it be interesting to have a comp where there's no limits as to what is in your entry, you may make two heros/heroines with whatever powers, weapons and abilities you can think of. The Idea is to find the Ultimate Medieval/Fantasy Hero, someone who both looks intimidating and can really dish out some pain for the diabolical villans.

The prize will be one year's subscription to DeviantART payed out of my own pocket!

Details of the competition are as follows:

-Entries may be Traditional Art, Digital Paintings, 3D Modelling and even Photography but it MUST be a photo of a character you invented!
-This competition is aimed at medieval or Fantasy heroes, but may also include SOME Sci-Fi traits.
-A maximum of two entries can be made.
-Try to focus on a 'Lone-Wolf' style, the exception may be an assistant or a 'sidekick' instead of a second entry.
-May be a Hero or Heroine, included can be him/her defeating a villan but must not be focussed on the villan.
-May have a maximum of two weapons and two abilities, an example of a said hero will be posted tonight (Hopefully)
-A description is not neccessary but can help to set the character and may earn you extra points.
-Bonus points will be awarded for action shots and striking poses.

I will also need three peoples to judge and everyone who takes part to tell their friends, because who can resist getting a full year's subscription for free just by doing something they already enjoy

This is still in planning so a start/Completion date has not yet been finalized, hopefully starting next week, giving a up to a month until finished.

Interested? It's free to join and all artwork will be fully credited and displayed under the artist's name!


The Contest HAS now got a set date: 27th January to the 17th of February this year, all entries will be accepted Before the finishing date, but it is preferred that you submit your name beforhand.

I have one judge so far and need an additional two people that I know and trust to do the job. I won't be entering but I will post an example of one of my heroes possibly today or tomorrow.

Hope to see your names on the list, reply soon smile

your friend,
Aliies AKA Tomas

The Competition has had a decent reply thus far, as such, it will go ahead as planned, kicking off this Saturday! though one more judge is needed smile

Here is the working title for now:


For those who are unable to draw, or do not wish to, the competition is also open for an active short-story of your character; Describing his persona as he fights villans and saves countless lives... All that Jazz

Here is an example I did for another participant (Simple but gets the point across ):
**Aeolin's hammer crackled into life as it fell upon the skull of his first attacker, the lifeless undead shattered into countless pieces as it's tortured soul was released into the afterlife. The soft-white glow of Aeolin's armor seemed to brighten as if his alignment towards good grew stronger with every unlife he saved...**


OK! We have four judges: Myself, Kawaikit, Aqullion and TracyJB!
We also have around ten confrimed participants including a fair handfull of possibles, the contest is still yet to begin and we are looking for many more entries into the contest, including more prizes for second (Three month Subscription) and third place (One month Subscription).

This project is all-ahead-full and will commence on the 27th as planned, be aware that you can enter at anytime during the three weeks between the 27th of Jan to the 17th of Feb and I hope to see many more of you oh-so-talented people from this great community.

Till' Then, Salut!
Aliies = The Ultimate Hero Competiton, Season 1: Medieval/Fantasy

Okay, the comp starts today in about twelve hours, any more entries?
We currently have 27 participants smile

The competition has been going for nearly four days now, so far there's nearly thirty participants and submissions have already begun. Reminder that this comp goes for three weeks, ending on Saturday the 17th of February. for further information, check out and view my journal on the right hand side of my page. Hope to see many more of you there smile

laughing out loud Quintuple post.

yeah, but it's because
A: So it didn't fall low in the forum listing.
B: It attracts more people if it's active.
C: I was updating the info anyway, so Nyah stick out tongue XD

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name-Seimei Handan

weapons-cape used as a shield,ancient sword

powers-super speed, invisibility

class-elight death knight


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so like i am confused dose anyone even come to this site anymore cuz i have had this posted for a long ass time

The contest was on DA.

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well what is da

Deviant Art.

You gotta click the link in his sig.

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well see i forgot my email password so i cant damn it

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