Smooth Criminal

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ESB -1138
What is there left to go on for? No matter how hard you try you seem to be just out of reach of happiness. The perfect chance comes before you and you allow it to slip through your fingers and you live in doubt. Nothing could be worse then dwelling on the past. I made this mistake many, many times throughout my life and it seems that I try to make myself depressed...for some reason.

I stood facing my grandfather's grave. He has passed away from this world nearly six years ago. This day was windy as the fierce breeze tried to throw me off my own feet. My hands were concealed in my pockets as my black fedora kept the sun out of my eyes. I was wearing a white button up long sleeve shirt and black pants with black shoes.

"Well papa...I don't know what to do anymore. It seems that no matter how hard I try I fall short from salvation." I said kneeling down to graze upon his grave. My grandfather fought in the Forgotten War, Korea. He was a baptist pastor and a man of God to the highest degree. I knew in my heart that he would never want me to dwell on his departure but continue to move forward.

A cloud blocked out the sun giving me shade but the wind did not cease. Someone, perhaps my grandmother, came by and laid flowers on his grave. I knew he wouldn't want me to continue here but to continue on in the teachings of Christ Jesus. He would always reassure me or himself with a verse from Matthew:

All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

I couldn't help but return here for life wasn't easy with the war in Iraq. It felt like everyone in the United States were mad at President Bush for going to war but I always thought of them as selfish. They cared not for what happened to anyone else as long as they were happy. They wanted freedom just for America and no where else...but then isn't that going against why the United States were formed?

Such a downward spiral America has faced since its formation. People have begun to forget the try meaning of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Christmas has become a holiday about me, me, me and nothing more. People forgot that this was the day a savior was born and to not focus on one's desires but to care for others and give all that they can for them. Everyone just wants that new toy or whatever and never once stopped to think about what transpired on this day nearly two thousand years ago anymore. People have Christmas Parties but they never invite the birthday boy, Jesus.

Thanksgiving was NOT about the pilgrims and the native Americans who met long ago. The holiday of Thanksgiving first came about during the Civil War and was ordered by President Lincoln. Lincoln had Thanksgiving as a day of Sabbath, to not fight nor do any labor but come to worship the Lord Jesus. People hear about the bloody battles of the Civil War but people never hear about the Great Revival that happened during those times. In fact Stonewall Jackson's faith in Christ allowed him to stand in battle unflinching and that gave him his nickname Stonewall. Thanksgiving is a day to worship Jesus and put away all other tasks.

Easter has become a holiday about a rabbit and hiding eggs. I will never figure out who came up with that idea. This is a day we are suppose to rejoice! Not for eggs but for the rebirth of Jesus Christ! The Son of God conquered death and returned to the earth with full power over heaven and over earth. This was a day where everyone could find eternal salvation and yet people still refused.

With my head lowered I turned from the grave and walked back to my black truck. I stopped to take one last look and then opened the driver side of my truck and climbed in. I did not take the keys out of my pocket just yet but instead I did something else, I took a small brown Bible from the glove box and opened it up. The word of the Lord came before me.

I was at peace but yet my story hasn't even begun...

ESB -1138
The 10 years ago...

Jacksonville, land wise it's the biggest city in the United States. Home to the Jacksonville Suns. People from all over Florida has gathered at the Gator Bowl is held here every year between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators; Gators basically win every game the two teams fact. Jacksonville has been found as the perfect city for a football game with parades, parties, and everything else to lead up to the Gator Bowl.

Downtown Jacksonville is where the big buildings and all the offices are located in the South side. Many night clubs are down there some of which are for the 70's and others still for the current day and age of music. People from all around come to dance it out in these clubs most of which you must be 21 or over to even enter. Jacksonville is a city of both good and evil.

Many churches line the streets of the city, all most all are for Christians. But lately their has been a decline in visitors and in members to these churches. Slowly faith in the Lord Almighty has begun to fade away as people begun to seek their own personal self gratification. The people of the city have become like monsters, not caring for anyone other then themselves, such malice and hatred in their eyes.

Lately it's been getting worse as more and more people head off to bars only to be thrown out and taking their vengeance out on people just minding their own business. The city of Jacksonville has begun to become a place where the good die young and the wicked rule with an iron fist. The mayor does nothing to try to capture these criminals nor does anything to try to protect the children.

More and more people lose morals and values to seek the sins of the flesh such as drugs, alcohol, and sex. Murders and kidnappings have increased over the years and even rapes are going out of control. Still a few try to bring peace back to the city, they still try to heal Jacksonville. Some have made it their mission to save...these people are true heroes. These people made it their mission not to cave but to stand.

They seek the truth and nothing more. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastors, He restores my soul, He leads me beside the still waters, He leads me to the path of righteousness for His name's sake. Ye, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil! For the Lord thy God is with me. He anoints my head with oil, my cup overthrows with goodness. He prepares a table before mine enemies. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me the rest of my days.

ESB -1138
People gathered from all around Florida and some from Georgia as the Gator Bowl grew closer. The game would be held on a Sunday, a holy day that has been forgotten by the people. They come from all around to see these great players but forget about the great savior. They care only for themselves and no one else. It was nine o'clock at a large night club, three stories high.

The juke box was blasting in the corner to all the latest hits and some of the big hits from the 60's, 70's, and 80's from Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, and Styx. The club was filled with people from all around gambling, drinking, smoking, and every thing in between. The owner of this club was named Charles Malcolm, but people referred to him as Malcolm. The club was named Sinister Malcolm's. A rather simple name.

Three large bouncers stood at the door to make sure no one under 21 would get in. These were the biggest bouncers you laid eyes on. All they thought about was bouncing, they would go find other bouncers and talk about bouncing. Then they would go home and beat off to monster trucks...(Ron White's joke).

All had an ear piece in their left eye and wore white t-shirts and black pants. Hidden cameras were placed throughout the club to keep track of everything. Malcolm sat in his chair in his office counting his profits, he was a greedy man and only cared for money. He has killed many people in the past.

ESB -1138
"Mr Malcolm sir..." a simple business man said stepping into his office. The man was twitching and balding. His clothes were dirty and he was hunched over. "Sorry but I don't have your money yet. I had it but it was stolen. I'm sorry sir...if you just give me one more week I can have your money with interest. Just give me some more time and I will have your money."

Malcolm did not look at the man. Malcolm was a man with skin as black as night, his eyes lusted for blood and he had his left hand tucked away under his black jacket. Malcolm stood up towering over the man like a mighty giant looking down upon his next victim. Malcolm raised his head and lowered his eyes down upon the man.

"I gave you three months to have my money and this is how you repay me? By getting it stolen." Malcolm replied slowly approaching the business man. By the door stood Malcolm's body guards that kept the door lock so the man could not escape. "You believe that I would allow you to continue like you are? You expect me to believe that you can raise the money in a week that took you three months before?"

"Yes sir." the man answered.

"Ha! I don't believe that." Malcolm responded pulling out a pistol. The pistol shimmered brightly under the hanging light above. The business man shrieked at the sight of the gun and he tried to flee but the door was locked. Malcolm pointed the gun at the man. "It's a shame. I really liked you."

Malcolm fired the gun at back of his head followed by two more shots to his back. Malcolm gave his gun to one of his body guards and he started to clean it. The other grabbed the body of the man and took him out of the room via a hidden doorway behind the bookself. Malcolm sat down on his chair and viewed the screen.

"Profits are down this month. I need a way to increase my income. Perhaps I can find a way that's a little bit illegal." Malcolm said to himself chuckling. He pushed a button and in came three men all in black suits wearing dark sunglasses. "I have a job for you three."

ESB -1138
Malcolm stood upon a catwalk above the dance floor of the nightclub. He peered down below at the many dancing people. Those who so happened to gaze upon him suffered an ominous feeling. Malcolm had to deter himself from doing anything then and there as he tapped his fingers on the railing.

Briskly Malcolm headed for the door leading to the fire escape ramp on the side of the building. The three suspicious people whom Malcolm called in his office stood down below waiting for his orders. The day had turn to night and the full moon was encased behind a dark cloud rendering the light from the moon useless.

Malcolm reached into his coat's pocket and pulled out a letter with a small weight on it. Malcolm released it from his hands as it fell down below. It landed in the midst of the three men and the shortest of them knelt down and picked it up. Malcolm retreated back into the nightclub vanishing into the silent darkness.

The shortest man opened the letter and read what was on it. He peered over the note before folding it up and ripping the letter into little bits. The three men hurried out of the alley and down the sidewalk.

Malcolm returned to his office where the two body guards stood. Malcolm sat down in his chair and turned to face the two men. Malcolm cracked his knuckles.

" seems we are in need of some more brute force. We will soon have another reason to make sure no one knows what is going on within these doors." Malcolm said very calmly. "Once everything is pushed into motion there is no getting out of it. Prepare yourself for the fight of your life."

ESB -1138
The sun came up this red day. In the night within the apartment complex not to far from Sinister Malcolm's someone was badly wounded while she slept in her room. Witnesses saw three large men break into the room attacking the girl. They left with a suitcase and left behind everything else. The cops came as fast as they could arriving around three in the morning.

The name of the girl was Annie Kain and she was taken to the hospital nearly an hour after the attack. The Jacksonville Police Department have been searching for clues on who may have been behind the attack but as of now their are no leads. They suspect it's the Smooth Criminal who has killed nearly fifteen people in the past four months.

This criminal has never been caught and still no suspects have been found. He'll leave behind his trademark, a feathered pen, which the police found at the apartment. From what they could see she hid under the table before fleeing into her bedroom where she was struck down. Annie was the first of the Smooth Criminal's victims to survive the assault.

Searching for anyone who may have captured a picture or have any leads to where the three men fled. Still no clues can be found. Michael, a close friend of Annie, visited her at the hospital but she was unconscious during the visit. Michael left behind some flowers before heading outside where he met his older brother, Sigmund Esco "Jackie".

"Well little brother? Is Annie okay?" Jackie asked.

"She's's terrible what happened bro. I wish I knew who was behind this attack. Gr! I wish there was something I could do to help her! Or help bring down whoever done this!!" Michael replied in a fury.

"Calm down. There was nothing you could have done to help her."

"What if there was?" Michael asked. He walked off in a fury heading down the sidewalk approaching home. Jackie stood where he remained for a moment and headed off the opposite direction then where Michael was heading off. Michael remembered hearing something at Sinister Malcolm's last night before heading off.

So Michael taught he would start off at the nightclub to find any clues on who attacked Annie. But Michael would have to get to the king pin himself to try to get all the answers he needs; he'll have to get to Malcolm.

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