Ghost Rider 2

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jason maddox
This is how I would do the sequel, please note I am straying away from the comics and doing my own original story so don't bash it for not following the comics.

"This is Roxanne Simpson and I have the latest on the state wide manhunt for fugitive Johnny Blaze" she said as they walked into the cemetery. The rain and wind was really making it hard for her to work tonight but this was the biggest story of her career and she would not let anything stop it. She took a deep breath and continued, "Johnny Blaze is still wanted on the charges of several murders and breaking out of jail", she stopped as they approached what looked like a house in the middle of the crowded cemetery. She opened the door with great caution but only found it empty, "turn it off" she told her camera man sounding very frusterated.

"I thought for sure this is where he would be" he said as he set the camera down very carefully and started looking around the room.

She sighed, "it's been over a year and he was supposed to be back last week, I think something is wrong" she said as she looked out a dirty window and saw movement in the cemetery. "Shit, get down" she said as she dropped to her stomach.

"What the hell is going on Roxy?" he asked as he crawled over next to her.

"I think someones out there, I swore I saw someone moving" she said sounding scared as she remembered the pain Blackheart had caused her last year.

"Stay here, I'll check it out" he said as he slowly got to his feet and slid out the door. He could barely see due to the howling wind and sheets of rain. He rounded the corner and seen something dash out of his sight, "who in the **** is out there?" he shouted as he slowly manuvered around graves. He was about to head back to the building when he saw a man standing ahead of him, "what the **** do you want?" he said as he walked up to him.

The man opened up his eyes to reveal blackness where his eyes should have been and let out a deep laugh, "you humans always try to act tough, I will make you beg for your life" he said as he held out his hand and black liquid shot out hitting the camera man in the face and chest.

He howled as the black liquid burned all over his body, "ahh, let me die, I can't take this pain" he shouted as he squirmed on the ground and the guy walked over to him.

"I will take your soul and send it to hell" he said as he leaned down and placed his hand on his chest sucking the life force out of him and then the body exploded into flames.

Roxanne ducked down when she saw that happen, "where the **** are you Johnny?" she said to herself as she looked for another way out of this building. She lost all hope when she looked at the entrance and saw whatever had killed her camera man standing there looking at her with his dark eyes. "Stay the **** away from me" she said as she got to her feet and backed against the wall.

"You are not as tough as you think human" he said as he walked over to her and grabbed her throat as she started to beat on his chest but it did not affect him at all. "I'm going to put this world into flames, everyone will die but I may spare you" he said looking into her eyes.

She screamed because it felt like a knife ripping through her when he looked her in the eyes, "**** you" she said as she spit on him.

He looked away, "I offered you the chance but you refused, I can respect that though" he said as he let go of her throat. He turned around and held out his hand, "I'll tell you right now this is going to hurt like hell" he said as once again black liquid emerged from his hand straight towards her.

She moved as fast as she could but the liquid caught her in the face and she fell to the ground screaming, "****" she screamed as the liquid seemed to flow through every vain in her body causing searing pain. She rolled over after another minute, "kill me" she said to him and when he place his hand on her chest and she felt her life being sucked out of her she told him, "the Ghost Rider will avenge me".

He smiled as her lifeless body exploded into flames, "I'll look forward to the Rider" he said with a smile as he walked out of the cemetery and the whole thing burst into flames.

Dope Scriptz
I liked it. I thought this was a very good story. Good imagery.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.