It's Blob-erin' time!

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Willy Wonka's put a trillion dollar bond inside the wrapper of a chocolate bar. the Blob absentmindedly ate the bar, wrapper and all.

Superman's x-ray vision caught sight of the bond inside the Blob.

The Silver Surfer, who was on the other side of the cosmos at the time, saw it coming, whizzed across the entire universe only to miss the bar by three inches (needs contact lenses but nothing stays stuck to his silver eyeballs no expression).

Galactus shrugged, he doesn't need the money.

Spiderman's Spider sense warned him of the impending doom should that trillion dollar bond fall into the hands of the wrong person, so he's come to recover it.

Thor's just heard about it from The Silver Surfer, so he's come along too.

Dr. Doom's already prepared a specially formulated laxative.
Batman's figured out exactly where to punch the Blob in order to make him vomit up the wrapper.

The Flash wasn't looking where he was running and happened upon the scene as all these superheroes/villains cornered the Blob....

oh and Wonder Woman's there too... just 'cos she looks too damned good not to be in every comic (imaginary or otherwise!).

ok, so... of the lot of them, who'd get to the chocolate centre of the Blob the first?
oh and what would they do with the money?

There is a cartoon like scramble and they all dive on Blob, then in true cartoon style, Blob apears Bugs Bunny like next to pile and shrugs his shoulders as the fists continue to fly.

He then pulls the bond out from under his tongue smiles to himself and walks off.

oh cool, my member's a senior now confused

ugh, Blob saliva no

you can go into your profile and edit your member title like most of us.

Like mine says "Man of Steel"

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Nice custom title! laughing

Doom disgises the laxative as another chocolate bar and he eats it gets the ticket but they won't give him the money because he is evil.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.