Poems... quotes... songs... those kind of stuff.

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this one haven't got any chords:

I Stop look at me for a second
Listen to me right now
Do i sound ok to you
Do i look ok to you
-What do you think-

II I don't get it
Why am I still feeling this way
You left me
And never came back again
It shouldn't matter
but i never felt the same since then

III Stay, just for a while
Just try and stare at the mirror
What do you see
What does it feel
-its not you-

*repeat II *

WHy why why should it be like this way
why why why did you like, take my heart away
hey hey hey i really wanna go away (break away)
But i i i really miss you

*repeat I *

COda<or something>: WHatever
SHut up and listen
Don't tell me I'm just a lie
Stop playing, stop saying
That you're sorry
Don't think i can forgive you
-but after all these things-

*chorus 2x *


this one has chords:
I'm Coming Through (not a final title)

Lying here in my bed
Am Em
boxes of pizza near my head
G D Am - D
in a few i'm gonna take off to school

Rolled over to the other side
Am Em
Don't wanna get up, that's just fine
G D Am - D
This could be a start of a good day

G Em
Part ways I'm coming thorugh
Am D
Nuff said I'll do what i want to
G Em
Move along stop looking over here
Am D
There's nothing to see except for me
G D Em - D
You don't care what i do i'm coming through

(just like first stanza)
Finger got stuck in a door
Not looking i slipped on the floor
Laughing it up I didn't care

then received a tardy mark
now i could hear dogs bark
run off to class what have i got to lose


bridge... coda...(or something)
Am D G - G
Everyday just keeps on getting better
Am D G - G
if you look on the bright side
Am D
learn to bear all your strifes
G Em
just take it all in strides
Am D G(not final chord)
relax, let go, and move on

Chorus (tranpose higher, not final decision though)
Chorus(back to normal)


song isn't fully finished yet, still teaching myself how to play the transposed part and trying it out....


so.. whadaya think?


wrote all of those in the past few months... or years.. i don't actually remember.. dodgy

That's ok, as long as you are in touch with your creative side.

For the poems I have to say they are freakin awesome the 1st two it was almost like i couldve written them myself cuz thats exactly how i feel

thanks.. smile

No problem =)

kinda forgot about this. anyway, new poems since i last posted.


I sat down in the cold
Waiting for something to happen
I guess I should've just moved
And tried to reach for you

But you just ran so fast
i couldn't catch up
you turned towards a path
A path where i can't follow

stop! Don't move!
I thought you wanted to be with me!
i can't catch up!
you move too fast!

is it you?
is it the time?
or am I too slow?

I stared out after you
In the distance you look so small
I stretched my hand out again
but you didn't even look back...


(untitled 2)

I hope the day would never come
The day that you have to go
I'm not sure if i could take it
Letting you slip through my fingers

But we both know that we can't prevent
The things we don't want from happening
Maybe, I could still reach you
But I know, I can't.

I'm not strong enough

But don't worry
I'll strive to be ready
And will follow you to the ends of this earth


most recent

(untitled 3)

And as I caress my hand upon thy cheek
I fervently wish I am the glove of my hand
Piercing my heart with longing
Sending a shiver down my spine
How I pray I could look into your eyes and see
How much you truly love me
For so long I've dreamed of seeing your face
Yet the darkness veiled my eyes
Thine lovely hand pressing on my arm
I feel cold
I doubt you can save me
But I'll let you try

I tried to reach out and touch you again
But my limbs are limp and frozen in time
If I could I'll brave the waters again
And fight the monsters of the sea
The curse laid upon my hand
I can't feel anything
My heart will always belong to you

Don't just leave me
stab my heart and let it bleed
only you control my fate

The ship sunk into the sea
And as I sink down to the ocean
Pinned down by the mast of my desire
I reach out my hand and beckon to you
Save me
Yet you were not there

I feel..... cold.

Rogue Jedi

thank you so much. smile


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