Teens liveing thou it all

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Under the pressure
They want to be pretty
They want to be the skinest
They want all the hot guys.
They want it all.
The follow in the modles shoes.
But there stubleing and falling.
They do stuff wronge
And there hurting deep down inside.
They go to the wild partys.
They force them self to puck so they can be as skiny as a pole.
There sliping deep down into a hole.
Hands reach out to help these girls.
But they oways go a differnt way.
There grades slip.
They take the drugs.
There on the pill
The parents are crying
They want there baby back.
These girls are dieing one by one.
The try to be the most in the world.
But all there doing is killing them selfs.
They cry them selfs to sleep they wont eat a thing.
There loseing there way to a new life.
But now its just to late.
Draging more girls into this game the teen age girls are under the pressure.
To be the every thing .
I see it every day and its riping me to sreads watching these teens just destroying them selfs...man o man

Scared to be me
I want to laugh
I want to smile
I want to run i want to be cool.
I want people to like me
So i do silly and stupied things
But all im doing is looking like a fool.
Im triping and stumbleing into a differnt world
Iloseing the true me what is this a dream?
Lost with these meangirls what have i become
Im not mean
Idon't like this
This only hurts
And this is driveing me insain.
Its to late to run.
But i still can change.
What with this stuff.
All i wanted was to be me
Loseing my self
My feet of the ground im flying away from the girl who are mean
Imake my way back home and hug the people who i love.
I can laugh
I can smile
I can be me with no fear deep inside of me.
But i been thinking why did i go the other wzay was a fool.
But now peolplw love me for the true me.

Lost with out you.
You know i care for you
You know your the better half
You know that i nee you
Im in pain with out you.
I loved you all along
I know i said some things
That realy did hurt you.
But i know they did.
And there hurting you..
But killing me.
I tryed to get by with out you.
But that was a stupied move.
I fell and got hurt
I love you still i need you now
Iwant you in my arms
So i can call you mine.
I want to know every thing is alright.
I need to know that you still would hold on tight.
Im lost with out you.
And im dieing here with out you.
So please don't go im lost with out you love.
I truely do need you and the words i said
Im soo sorry i neaver ment to hurt you
I was drunk i made some wronge moves
Please forgive me and please lets try one last time.
People are asking me so many things..
Its hurting to much to face the truth.
I need you here to help me get throu
With out you im not going to get thro.
So baby im just saying....im lost with out you.

Tears will fall.
My tear are here
My tear are frozen
My tear are only for you.
But why did you die?
Why couldnt i help you.?
Why can't i cry
Why can't i feel any thing?
Why isnt hurting?
Why am i like this?
Why are on the ground?
Why is your blood on me?
Why am holding the knife?
Why did we half to fight?
Why did you half to push me?
Why ..?
Why did you half to cheat on me?
Why did you bring her home knowing i was going towalk in ?
Why didyou do that?
Why is she screaming?
Why am i going after her now?
Why did i just kill that screeming girl?
Did you love her?
Do you want her ?
I thought you loved me ..did u?
Why are you trying to crawl now?
Why you srceeming?
Do i half to kill you more?
Why is my head spining?
Im not going to run.
So come back here you little thing?!
I want you to feel the pain you made me feel!
Iwant you know
I still LOVE YOU!!
I still want you.
but now your going to pay the price ..
No money i don't want that.
I want all your blood on me.
I wantto see your heart stop.
I want you to look at me before you die.
So good bye.
You...youll make good withthe soil...ill make sure your layed nextto her in my garden..your a great couple in the pits of hell...
Good bye you peaice of meat.
Just leting my feeling out and what ithink i want todo with this one guy ..grrr

The wind in my hair
The light glow across my face.
The shineing eyes
And the golden back leaves
The laughs the fun.
The happyness
Playing ball
Playing soccer
One of my favorets tackle football.
Fall is a call to get out and have a life.
To sing
to dance
to grow
till the nasty snow comes.
Tast the cold warm air
Feel the light sun across your golden face.
What a great time....
Thanks fall
Thats like one of my fav sessons.

This is for my school newspaper i got a poetry artical

To walk in my shoes.
You neaver walked in my shows
Seen thouw my eyes.
Or lived one day of my life.
You juge me as you do,but you realy have no clue.
You neaver seen the way i live or how i am .
Look into my eyes and tell me , you looked thouw my eyes,you walked in my shoes,and live a day in my life.
Have you ever seen your freind lie there on the ground crying there eye out.
Have you ever goten bad grades and wish you wherent here any more.
Have you ever lost some one close and neaver feel the pain till now.
Have you ever loved some one but they turned on you.
Have you ever seen your friend get killed right in frount of your eyes.
Have you ever seen had a griend who was a dictied to drug,but all you you could do is watch them die?
Have you ever had you father yell at you for something you neaver did.
Have you ever seen your friend get beat up and you where hoild back.
Have you ever couldnt eat and you slowly start to die.
Have you ever seen my life?
Have who knoq any thing?
Have you walked in my shoe
Have you ever lived my life.?
For one day?
Some stuff is true about me but some stuff i just put in there because i know people have this .People juged others and they have no clue what the other persons life is <3

* Teens living through it all

Yeah, I was confused by the title as well.

Originally posted by Barker
* Teens living through it all

Well the computer said that way was wrong and the other way was right...don't blaim me confused

Sorry for being a true friend
I see your hanging with a new crowd.
Are friendship grew space.
But every minute i see you ,i knew where both leaving.
Though the past years i been there for you.
But you where never for me.
You yell and scream at me, for not being a good friend to you.
IM sorry i was there when you hurt.
IM sorry i was thinking about you every time i got you some thing.
IM sorry for lieing to your parents saying your spending the night,but you just left me.
IM sorry i did all your work,but you never repaid me.
Sorry i loved you like a friend.
Knowing you didn't love me.
IM sorry i fought all your frights so your face didn't get mess up but didn't care if mine was.
IM sorry i was nice to you.
IM sorry i gave you all my good stuff.
IM sorry i was a true friend.
You can hang with you new friends ,and forget about me.
I don't care, go some where ,where i can't see you.
I can't hear your laughs at me.
Some where all the hurtful memoirs leave me.
Leave me be.
So i can find some one who will be a good friend to me,which you whernt to me.
And maybe i can call them a true friend.
When you have left i could see,many good people where around me.
But you hid them away not wanting me to see how bad you where.
When you left you fell into the wrong crowd.
I was there to show you from the people who wanted to hurt you and the people who loved you.
You went into the crowd and never came back,i waited for your return ,but no sine.
I could see your life fall right in front of me .
But i didn't help you because you where such a a bad friend to me.
I look back apon this day and wonder why i couldn't see the devil inside of you.
When this all began you where perfetly fine.
But now you hurt
A dead 5 month old baby in you
Your ugly.
Your mean
Your cold.
You 6 feet under.
You lost it all because you lost me.
IM sorry for trying to help you.
But you couldnt see the true friend in me.
I loved you as a friend.
A sister
And a part of me
But you lost it all,and takeing a part of me,which will never be found

This was to one of my friends,she oways mis treated me as a friend, once we got older she made new frinds and forgot about me, And when you went into the crowd, you got into drugs,diets,partys,sex, and other stuff,now your dead,

Im the girl
Im the girl wh o sat in math class.
Im the girl right next to you.
Im the gril who loved you.
Im the girl who knew you.
Im the girl perfet for you.
Im the girl who wanted you
Im the girl who asked you if you truely loved her.
You said yes.
Know it had just killed me.
But you took my hand and told me,"Not as much as you"
And you smiled at me.
Im the girl who wakes up next to you in the mornin.
Im the girl who is married to you.
Im the one who truely does love you.

Love <3 i half to be happy some times don't i ?

Gay marriage

If you can love some one.
Shouldn't they be married.
Shouldn't they have the right to love.
Yo have the right to know there truly married.
If its wrong for a man to love man.
Then why is it it wrong for a man to love woman?
God might say it isn't right,but he wants you to be happy.
Love is love.
Love is strong and love is powerful, but if you tell some one who loves some one that they can't get married , that just bothers me.
If you want to stop the hate and the fights,then lets start with a simple right.
Let people love who they want.
Married who they want.
So in the morning light they know that perosn is truly there's.
And there bond together,in the eaths light.
If love both of the kinds,who shouldn't be judged.
Because the others love some one to.
So if your bi or gay, you Shouldn't be put down.
Because the people have no right ,say ing its wrong for you to love the same.
So its wrong for them to love the other sex but you can't love your own.?
I support you decision in any way,bi,or ,gay, your still a friend to me,and I'm going to fight for the rights,because it ain't right to not be abul to love the same kind and get hurt about it.
But people I'm stairt.
And fight for the rights of gay marriage.
I'm trying to fight for peoples gay marriage rights because, they should be abul to love,to know there bond to some one.
I'm getting the poem sent to allot of areas.
I'm going to get all the people to sine there names that support this so all my gay or homo friends can love and get married with np worries. <3

My song to a friend that i seem to hurt...im sorry i neaver ment him <3


He seem to steel the light away
He seem to take my breath away.
I neaver seen it comeing.
He had took my heart ,and kepted it safe.
And one day i seem to fall in love.
But this distence between us holds are love.
It feels like knifes.
And i didn't want you to cry.
Baby your are my sun shine.
And i might have some one,but it can't take my lover away.
Baby you need to see,my love for you,only grows on and on,neaver faids away.

Baby i might have some one else.
But i still hold onto you.
Though the hardst,and the sadest.
Ill oways be there.
I might have found some one who makes me lught,not as hard as you make me.
I can neaver replace,a perfet man like you.
You are my life.
But now i might have some one knew.
But who the hell said i cant love you.

Some days i wonder,if i ever will make it.
But i might,but not enof to smile about it.
You hold me up,you hold me strong.
Baby,where going all wrong.
You need to stop hurting.
You need to be smileing.
Becuase now your hurting me.
Baby,please stop this.
Where both lieing.
About are love we have.
But im sorry things went wrong,but this shouldnt end out as something wrong.


You give me the the will to live.
You give me the strengh to live.
You give me love to charsh.
You give me happyness to oways smile.
But if we end up ina fight,this just givesme a fright.
And now i gess you hate me.
And ill just say good night.
But,all i want to say,.
Is baby just please don't hurt me ,pleas edon't hate me.


Just pleas eplease please,don't hurt me.

My friend which i knew for over 3 years.
If my memmory

If my memmory survies me right.
Maybe tonight is the night.
To tell the feelings,that i want to share with you.
Maybe where ment to be.
Baby i think its just you and me.
As i look into your eyes.
I see every thing that i need.
As the days roll on,the midnight talks fads on.
It killing me,to see what was happening to me.
Im just a silly girl lveing this boy way to much.
My heart is hurting.
My lungs are deing.
And i just want you to know.
Tonight is the night,ill show you my love.
As we share,feeling are shared.
And a smile is to big .
And a giggle is to load.
We halfto keep this love.
A secert.
To make sure no one knows.
We acked like where just friends,you know.
But When where aloun,where in love.
Are shine.
Are lips giggle.
And are hands togather.
I know he wount hurt me.
Iknow this is for real.
I know these days are hard to get by.
Every second with out you.
People try to love you,but they need to know you got alover.
You need to know,
My memmorys of you are contless.
Are laughs are to high to count.
And are love goes on forever.
As you can see.
My memmory of you is to spechle to me.
All the times we cryed togather.
All times we laughed.
And are midnight talks togather is the best part.
I want you to know if my memmory surves me right,tonight is the night ill love you.


you might want to pace yourself...

They are ok but it doesn't feel like too much emotion is put into them and I'm not saying they suck or nuttin but just needs some work but no offense it would help if u could spell a little better cause I'm having trouble reading your words

Ya i used to be so good at it.But now im not puting alot of work in them, i have them in my head and i type 100 words per min,and i don't re-read them,i have short time .

maybe you need to take time on them if you want other people to read them. especially if you want real critique, at the moment you are making it so hard to even read...

Maybe you should learn the language first.

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