For Your Consideration: Hanks ... Tom Hanks (No, Really)

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Hey guys.

By now, most people seem to agree that Daniel Craig was excellent as James Bond in "Casino Royale"; happily, Craig is apparently under contract to do 3 Bond films, so we can expect at least another 2 outings from him as 007. However, hearing him speak in interviews about the role (and from his apparent attitude towards movies in general), it would seem that, in all likelihood, he will not choose to appear in a fourth film; and so the question becomes: who should replace him?

Now, I know that it's way too early to be thinking about this (as Craig will be playing the role for at least the next four years), but it appears that one name is already being thrown around as a possible replacement: none other than Tom Hanks. If you don't believe me, check out this video clip:

As much as I like Hanks, he is, of course, completely and utterly wrong for the role (aside from just the whole American thing), but that clip is so funny and so well-done that I just had to mention it here. Check it out.

History Buff
I would say that i hope the producers can convince Daniel Craig to do a few more Bond pics after his contract is up!!!

Darth Martin
Me too!

Whilst I do really like Craig as 007, as I explained in my post above, I think it's unlikely that he will choose to do any more Bond films once his 3 are up (as he seems like the kind of guy that would prefer to try his hand at a varied range of acting roles, rather than be tied down to one part).

And in any case ... I think that it's healthy for the Bond series itself for the actor playing Bond to be changed every few films. Past experience has shown that, after a particular actor has played the role for a certain amount of time, either they end up becoming too old for the part (like Moore was towards the end of his run), or they lose some of the magic that they brought to the role initially (like Connery did in his later films); and in any case, the quality of the films always seems to nose-dive just before a re-boot of the franchise with a new Bond at the helm ...

The exception to the above, IMHO, being "Licence To Kill". A great, hard-nosed, edgy Bond film (with a fantastic villain) - a shame it performed so woefully at the Box Office.

Tom Hanks already has a job and that is as Robert Langdon.

Amongst many, many other roles ...

It's just a joke video, in any case; as far as I know, Tom Hanks is *not* (nor indeed has he ever been) in the running for the part of James Bond. At least I sincerely hope not confused ...

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