Season 6 Episode 6/21 "Prototype"

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From S.A.M.

In "Prototype", it seems Senator Burke has been pushing billions to LexCorp for a project called 'Ares' (which if you know your Greek mythology, and who doesn't, Ares is the son of Zeus). Burke finds out that Lex wants to make multiple Ares instead of delivering the prototype. He threatens to cutoff funding and Lex threatens to expose how much money is in the Senator's Cayman account. Later, while Lois is confronting the Senator in front of a restaurant about his Cayman account, he is killed along with his bodyguards by an unseen force. It seems Lex's prototype has escaped...

Stills from "Prototype", Thanks to DTS


Thx alot JP big grin

Directors cut for Prototype! smile

That is so terrfyingly freaky. Lex has just totally given over to the dark side. *shudder.

Its about damn time I mean he couldnt be half good all the time

This episodes gonna be kik acs

Originally posted by fostagangsta
This episodes gonna be kik acs

Just like every other smallville episode. big grin stick out tongue

I liked it. I wish there was more of a fight at the end though. ext week's episode looks to be good.

Maan that was freaky. The way Lex threatoned Lana was pretty scary. It just shows that he never really loved her. If he could hurt her the way he has, he could'nt possibly love her. That dude seriously needs therapy. I actually feel a little bad for Lana.
I can't wait for the final episode.
It's weird though how Lionel can still decipher kryptonian heiroglyphs. I thought his connection to Jor-el and the kryptonian language was severed when the fortress was disabled. Hmmm?

lionel is jor el

and lana is really a shemale

Originally posted by davood
lionel is jor elB] Linoel is subconsciously control by Jor-El. That much I'm sure of.

As for Linoel losing his connection to Jor-El when the fortress was destroyed well it was probably reestablished when the fortress was regenerated by Clark and Raya. As for Linoel saying other wise, well, LINOEL LIES ALLOT!

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