Ryo Sakazaki vs Blanka

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Major Snafu
Ryo Sakazaki is in Brazil.

Ryu had disappeared and his last known whereabouts were somewhere in the South American Amazon. Ryo, along with his sister Yuri, is tracking him.

They come across a small vfishing village on the banks of the Amazon River. There, teaching the children how to fish (and speaking fluent Brazilian Portuguese), is Ryu.

At Capcom's request, Ryu has taken some time off to recover from the last tournament, and instead of visiting Ken or Chun Li, decides to head south.

Ryo: There you are, Ryu!

Ryu looks up.

Ryu: Sakazaki? What the hell are you doing here?

Ryo: I came here looking for you. You owe me a rematch.

Ryu: As much as I like to, Capcom's got me on leave and forbid me to fight until after I recover.

Yuri: I think you're chickening out on the rematch.

Ryu glares at Yuri.

Ryu: I'll be sure to deal with you for stealing Ansatsuken's moves once I'm recovered.

Yuri 'eeped' and hides behind Ryu.

Ryo: You want my sister, you got to go through me.

Ryu: That can be arranged.

Before the fight can begin, a coconut smacks Ryo in the head.

Ryo: Ow! What the hell?!

The three fighters look at the offending person. Standing there, holding a coconut in one hand and munching on a banana, is Ryu's host, the man-beast Jimmy Blanka.

Yuri: Eeek! It's a monster!

Blanka: Argh whoo hoo rawl? Whoo hoo hoo. (What are you doing here? Ryu can't fight until he is recovered.)

Ryo turns to Ryu.

Ryo: What the hell is that?

Ryu: That is my host, Jimmy Blanka. And he is not very pleased that you intruded onto his home, looking for a fight.

Blanka: Rawl hwoo hoo. (If you want to fight so bad, then fight me.)

Blanks tosses the coconut at Ryo, who destroys it with a Koho and beckons Blanka.

Ryo: Come and get it!

Stage: Blanka's stage. Loser gets tossed into the Amazon and chased by pirahna Benny Hill-style.

King Nothing

Superboy Prime

Ryo whispers something into Blanka's ears. Ryu and Yuri are confused but everything is answered when Blanka takes snatches Yuri and takes her to his cave.
Ryu: what was that all about?
Ryo: na, nothing. I just told him he can do whatever he wants with Yuri while you and I duke it out.
Ryu: nice....you have popcorns?
Ryo: why?
Ryu: well after I kick your ass we can watch!

*Ryu and Ryo laugh in full glory of their perverted glee*

P.S. Blanka is going to get pwned badly.

Emperor Ashtar
Sigh, Ryo. . .



Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.