Resident Evil: Umbrella's Revenge

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Whats the story?

Racoon City...
liberated from the zombies due to the
president's action.

It's been nearly 10 years since that
incident, and the city has been

No one has heard of Wesker for a long time,
and he's a mystery to all.

A tall slim girl enters the RPD office,
and she is looking onto the ground.

"Good morining Stella..."

A woman sitting on the front desk
looks up at the girl and smiles.

"Good morning miss Angel,
here let me open the door
for you."

Stella pushes a white button and
the door buzzes, then it opens
up automatically.

"Thank you Stella, do you want
to go to a cafe for our lunch
break?" Angel asks

"hmm sure why not, I've been
craving some caffine the couple
of days." Stella replies.

Angel smiles and walks through the opened
door. She arrives at her office,
she unlocks the door and opens it.

"Man another boring day..."

She sits down on her rolling chair and
turns on her computer.

"Hey Angel!" someone calls out her name

"what's up Mark, hey have you've seen
the chief?" Angel replies

"ehh...not really, but I think he'll be
here in like about 20 minutes.
He's probably dropping off his
daughter to school" Mark answers

"Ohh well, thank you." Angel responds

Angel looks at her computer screen,
and she logs on. She opens
up the local criminal icon
on her desktop. No criminals.

"damn, I hate this job...
it's so dull."

Angel's phone suddenly vibrates,
she got a text message.


She opens her phone,
her text says,

Subject: Anonymous
Hello there...
it's been a while,
so how's your job?
Well I've got a
task for you,
that isn't so boring...
that is if you're
up to it.

" this?"

She text back at this anonymous
person, 5 minutes later it
texts back.

Rendezvous at the
outskirts of Racoon City,
I will send you a
profile of a person...
a woman will be there
to give you the your objective.
It's nice having you
on our team again Angel.
Don't disappoint me now.

", I can', what did
I get myself into."

Angel leaves her office and gets
in her car. She starts the engine
and is ready to leave but
Stella comes outside.

"Angel, where are you going?"
Stella asks

"I'll be right back, it's an emergency"
Angel replies.

"Alright, take care"
Stella answers

Angel drives off.
30 minutes later Angel arrives at
a weird location and there is
a car pulled over at the side
of the road. A woman in red
steps out of her car and smiles.

"Are you here for someone?"
Angel asks.

The woman just smirks at Angel
and hands out a manilla folder.

"Your objective...take it."
she responds

Angel takes the folder and looks at

"Is it too late to back out?"
Angel asks.

"Of course, why?
Are you scared?"
The woman in return asks Angel.

" I'm not.
I just don't want to be
involved again. By the way
who might you be?"
Angel glares at the woman.

"I'm not the objective
right now, so let's focus
on what's in that folder,
open it...."
The woman replies.

"...yeah it was
nice meetiing you too."
Angel opens the folder and
looks at the contents inside
the folder. There is a
cell phone and a tracking

"umm what is this?"
Angel asks.

"Read'll find out,
just don't back down
on your mission. You
wouldn't want to do that,
you've already opened the
folder. Meet us at the new
location, it's not that very far
from here. Just keep on driving north
from here, away from the city.
And you'll come across a
small town, there is a
bank. You'll need this...

The woman hands over Angel
an ID card.

"With this you'll be able to
acess any floor, take the
45th floor..we'll be waiting
for you there."
The woman turns around
and slowly walks away.

"We? We who?"
Angel asks.

"Hah, don't act as if you've forgotten know very well who
I am talking about. See you at
5 in the afternoon tomorrow....
Present your ID to the lady on
the front desk, her name is Hellen.
Have a nice day."
She gets in her car and drives off.

"Ohh man...."
Angel looks down at the folder,
and looks at her objective.

Objective 1:
Go to the bar at dowtown
Racoon City, there you'll
be aquainted with some
new faces, once everyone
is rounded up you report
to the bank and present
your ID. Once the woman
at the front desk approves
of your idetification,
take the 45th floor and
wait at the small
lunch room. There you'll be
meeting a man 15 minutes
after you're arrival.
He will discuss to all of
you the purpouse of
the mission that I have
in store for all of you and
your friends.

"Man...that twisted man...
what is he planning?"

Angel opens her car and puts
the folder in her purse.
She drives back into the
city. Once she makes it
back, she goes back to

"Hello Angel, the chief wants
to see you in his office, he has
a task for you. Something's
come up." Stella tells Angel.

"Thank you Stella"
Angel walks to her office and
goes to her computer.
She opens "Umbrella's Folder"
She sees that Wesker has been
missing for quite a while, and
that the government is out
looking for him. She looks up
at S.T.A.R.S. now.

"Suspended, what could that mean...?"

She leaves her office and goes to
her Chief's office.

"Good afternoon Angel,
it's nice to have you
here with us, we were
just about to discuss
about y'all new
The chief says to Angel


recently there has been some
people in the city who
have claimed to know
where Wesker is at.
I don't know if they are
serious, but I want you
all to investigate this.
Go to the 'train station'
and there you'll see
this young man,
he's in his early 20's and
he works at the ticket booth.
He says that he has a friend
who works for Umbrella.
Go over there and ask him
about his 'friends's' name
and address. I want you
and someone else from
this department to help
you with this mission.
I have a new man working
for us, he may be new
but he is experienced
with these kinds of things.
He was a former survivor
from the incident 10 years
ago...I think he might be
of help. He'll meet you at
the lobbie."

Angel leaves the Chief's office while he is
taling to the other officers about
their assignment.

"A new man...? Hmm, it sounds
kind of sketchy...."

10 Years on... It had been a long time since he had been to the RPD.. With all his travelling around over the years!!
The last time he was in the City he was one of the last people out.. Alot of memories here Good and Bad!

The Lobby looked pretty much the same bit newer with 10 years technology and a fresh lick of paint, Big New RPD symbol on the floor over looked but the old wooden walk way around the edge of the room... He had forgotten how big this place was..

He walked right into the centre of the big embelm.. He stood and turned all the way around thinking of the old days! He stood about 6ft Tall with Longing curly Blonde hair.. His 9mm Beretta that had saved his ass so many time over the years holstered and his S.T.A.R.S uniform very worn and battered from the old days abit tatty but still as effective as ever! Cleaned countless times adding to the ageing effect!

he stood around in the Lobby were the new women at the counter told him to seeing as the last one got eaten!! Not many people got out of the place back then!!

Bildo wondering all the time what happened to the guys that got away.. did they really get away in the end!!

"As weird as it sounds that there is a
survivor from that incident...
I'm kinda excited to meet this

"Hey Angel right on time aren't you?
Well go to the lobby you'll find
someone that you'll find very
'interesting', good luck."


She continues to walk and takes a right
there was the lobby and a man
standing near the entrance,
she walks into the lobby and looks
at the man.

"hello there, are you that
new officer working for RPD?"

(im taking a guess you just jump in)

A man with a long brown leather jacket walk in inside rpd station brushing his long brown hair. The mans green eyes looking around for life in the new police station barely built as he as new to the force at the station is in rpd.

The man black sneakers hitting the police station as he is heading toward the front and dinging the bell on the desk waiting for help to come to him.

(I would join but for some reason i have a feeling alot of new ppl will come in and just randomly destroy everything since there you just jump in erm )

((omg I'm confused right now who's who?
I thought Bildo was the guy in the lobby
or is it zslick?
you could join it spadeking I don't mind))

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Bildo was looking at a ceiling when the Girl spoke to him.. He bought his head down to look at her, it wasnt to long before he stopped his head because she seemed quite tall 5'9/5'10 to his 6'2 maybe.. She was young and slim didnt look to much older than 20, if that!

"Hey" He broke the silence with that,
"New!! I aint new to this game darling" He replied to her question with a slight British accent, Thats where he came from originally, came to Raccon City about a year before the inncident!
"I've been doing this a long time, too long in fact" Bildo said to the young lady turning slighty to reveal the S.T.A.R.S Badge on the side of his arm..

The one on his chest had been ripped off at some point, a while ago. He kept it in his top pocket waiting for some time to stitch the tatty badge back on his tatty armour!!

"What ya wanna know?" He asked the young lady... He rubbed his forearm which was uncovered by rolled up sleaves. You could see names only little names tattooed on his forearms!!

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"wait you were in S.T.A.R.S.?
Do you by any chance knew
anyone by the names of Claire
and Chris Redfield?"

She looked at Bildo with

She looks to the left and sees another man.
Now confused, which man she was
suppouse to meet.

"You new to this department?"(to zslick)

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The man turned around looking at the woman as her beauty came through the sunlight comming from a window. Almost studdering the man than stick out his hand.

"My name is Seth and yea just moved to this department, I graduated from the police academy and they say theres a stars department here somewhere?

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"S.T.A.R.S!! Thats upstairs, or it was. Well last time i was here im sure the building i based pretty much the same layout!!"

Bildo said to the other guy in the convosation!
He looked down at his hands and flexed his fingers!! Then replied to the young lady!

"Still was S.T.A.R.S last time i checked.. Was on a long vacation if you can call it that"

He said to her with a small smirk looking through his longish curly hair at her! Then he put his Black duffel bag down which was also tatty, he had had it through everything!!

"Chris!! Yeh i knew him, Was in the same team for a while.. Dunno what happened to him after the inccident! Everyone got split up trying to clear the city! He might be back here nowadays i dunno.. Claire!!! Met her once or twice.. Nice girl"

He followed up after his last reply!!

"Im Bildo by the way Nice to meet you! You are?

He asked her then finished off by holding out his hand!!

Angel smiled at the both men offering
their hands to be shaken and she
just saluts them.

"I'm not sure where the S.T.A.R.S.
department is at...I didn't even
know we had one. Are you in

She looked at Bildo and smiled
"The name's Allison
you're a survivor aren't you?"

"Hey Allison.. Nice to meet you!.. Survivor! yeh i guess you can call me that"
Bildo smiled back.. after his reply

"so what you wana know then??"

Bildo asked her.. He nodded at seth...

"Well...I want to know more about you,
your story, during the incident.
But I guess we really dont have
time for that because we're suppouse
to be looking for a man, who might know
where Wesker is at...."

The man dropped his bags in a sense of you humor and salutes he back. He was going to chuckle but he didnt know if they would like his sense of humor so he just grinned.

"Yea im actually with the stars, do you know whos our captian by any chance?"

Seth looked at bildo "so do we have meeting soon?"

She starts thinking...
"S.T.A.R.S......just one more step closer to my

"Well, umm yeah I'm guessing we have the same boss,
but like I said earlier, we have a mission."

She couldn't stop looking at the two new men,
and she found herself actually checking them
out x.x

thinking "focus Angel...."

clears her throught
"errm....yeah well I guess we can just go since
we are all here...I'll be waiting in my car."

She walks out of the lobby and looks
at Stella, she winces.

"Hunks aren't they?"
Stella asks.

She smiles and walks out of
the door.

Bildo Just Picked up his duffel bag and walked towards Stella at the desk!!

"Hey.. Your new, Well newish Right??"

Bildo asked her but then before she had time to reply he just said,

"Doing a good job"

Then he headed for the dorr aswell, Thinking to himself.

"Wesker.. What do they want with that creep??"

As it crossed his mind his grip on his abg tightened!!

He reached outside the Station. His eyes Scanning the car park for Alison!

Looking through her car window,
she thinks to herself,
"I can't believe what I am getting
myself into...but then again
I could kill the boredom.
There hasn't been any criminals
lately, so...this mission seems
perfect, I just hope it's not
another tradgedy. I'll find you
Wesker, that I promise you."

She rolls down her window and

"Over there Mr. Survivor over here"
She smiled.

thinking, "where's Seth?"

Bildo saw the youngster waving from her car so he strolled over!!

"Ritson, Mr Ritson.. Just call me Bildo!
But Survivor if you like!!

He said to her then walked round to the other side of the Car and got in!!

"So Shall we?? And what ya wanna know?"

Bildo asked her!

She started the car but waited for Seth
to arrive.

"Bildo it is then, so I guess I'll give you
a brief explination about our mission....
First of all this random guy, claims
to know where Wesker is...
and we have to find this guy. But first
we have to find this guy's friend
because we do not know where
the man who claims to know where
Wesker is at. His friend though knows
where that man is. So we are going
to head to the train station and
ask him some questions. After that...
well I've got some personal
things to take care could
come along if you'd like, I'd feel
more safe."

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Bildo just smiled and said!

"why not!!"

Then he asked!

"Wesker?? What do you want with him?

He clutched his fist hard!!

Then he clickd!!

"Safe! Why would you need to feel more Safe?"

Bildo asked the young women looking in her eyes. At the mention of Wesker not a safe character he decided to go with her.. One he knows what he is like and Two he kinda has an old S.T.A.R.S Score to settle For some old pals!

He looked at her intently awaiting a reply!!

"let's just say I have finish some

She looked down,
and looked back at Bildo.

"I'll feel more safe because I know
I can trust you."

"Thats really nice!!"

Bildo said sincerly as he put his hand on her shoulder!

"Advice?? Next time dont be so quick to judge.. Trust is a big factor in this game Alison! Make them earn it! Ok?"

Bildo suggested to the slightly worried and shy looking young Lady!

((Mind if I join?))

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A man stood on the corner of a street next to a green light waiting for it to turn red so he could cross. His name was Chris Burnett and he was unknown to most people. Anyone that even barely had connection knew that he took orders from a mysterious man that was always referred to as "Wesker." No one had ever seen to have met the man that was in the group that Chris was in. In fact Wesker had nothing to do with the group. Chris' phone chimed in and broke the silence.

"Hello this is Chris."

"Chris, it's not safe for you there. Come the Plaza Hotel. I'll have a contact that will take you straight to me."

"Yes sir."

Chris hung up the phone and ran through open traffic towards the Plaza Hotel just a few blocks from where he was. He though to himself as he ran. "This must be pretty important if he wants to meet me in person."

"haha thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind"

she turned on her lap-top computer that was
attached to the car, she accessed the RPD
files. She looked-up at the man that they are
suppouse to look for.

"he's quite a young fellow...he's in his teenage
years and he's not really an adult yet.

She looked at Bildo.

"should we trust this kid"

she smiled.

"as for Seth...I think the Chief is
going to take care of him,
let's get on with out mission."

She began driving, she came to a
red light, and watched a man
walk across the street and
waited for the light to turn green.
Once it turned green she continued
driving foward.

"alright, were's almost at the train station."

Chris had run almost all of the way to the hotel before he gotten another call. He answered the phone and waited for the responce.

"This is Chris."

"Chris, the hotel is not secure. We are moving to one of our safer bases. Meet me at the train station in ten minutes. Wesker out."

"Agreed. Chris over and out."

Chris started to sprint the other direction but a car pulled up next to him. The window rolled down and a man motioned for him to get in. He complied and got into the car. The car sped up quickly and rounded a corner speeding up heading towards the train station.

Bildo sat as she drove and listened to the Random chatter on the radio!
Then decided to say about the Kid!!

"If he is involved with Wesker then i doubt it.. Especially that he is young.. Impressionable and naive!!"

They headed for the Station!

The car Chris was in stormed past a certain care with two people inside. "looks like they are heading the same way." The driver just smirked as he rounded another corner and stepped on the gas, weaving in and out of traffic. They finally arrived and all the driver said was. "First train, third car." Chris nodded and took off down the steps and jumped over the ticket counter. He made it onto the train with plenty of time to spare. He began to look around when a tall man, wearing a trench coat and had a buzz cut type hair came up to him. "Rarely anyone takes a train anymore." Chris sarcastically replied. "With guys like you on them I can understand."

(Bildo you don't know Sheila like Zslick does :P just he won't be as old)

Sheila came from around the table counter after throwing his hat off in disappointment, fired from another fast food restaurant for eating too much of the food, 25 years old and still working in places like this because of prison, all of his life spent in djj or prison. He looked on the bright side he was still in shape for someone who ate like him. but before he left he took the next customer's order and ran off out the door while working on his new and free lunch, also just how he liked it Big Mac everything on it and he also pulled out an extra slice of cheese from his back pocket. He would probably be arrested but, it wouldn't matter he needed that pay check to pay for his rent by today so why not spend his time in a warmer prison he was well known and respected their already and intimidating to the other smaller imates. Standing at 6ft. 3in. tall 225lbs. basically all muscle since he spends alot of time working out just incase he ends back up in the pen again. What really suprised him is that the cops showed up immediatly, for a lunch break though, but he unknowingly took a large chunk out of the burger and threw it directly into the officer's face as he stepped out of the vehicle and run while the officer was still stunned

She saw the car speeding and she reported the
lisence plates numbers.

"what's up with these people?"

She made it to the train station and
parked her car in the train station's
parking lot. She got out of the car
and made her way towards the

"I wonder where that kid is at.
Maybe you're right, he's just a
kid after all."
She said to Bildo. As she was walking
she heard something on her walkie
talkie. They were reporting some man,
who threw a burger in a police's face
and the cops didn't gave a good
description of him. She just smiled
and silently chuckled.

Seth came running through the doors hoping they didnt leave without him. His green eyes searching for the car but he couldnt find it. *great seth thanks to your little bathroom break the probably left without you*

He than had a ring on his cell phone as he raised an eye brow. "No one knows my cell phone number" he whispered to himself as he got the new cell phone yesterday as he picked it up thinking it was a FBI agent, cia or worse umbrella. He picked up just to hear kids laughing and than hanging up.

"congrats leon you just have been a victim to a prank caller, FBI agent haha"

Bildo followed not far behind her!! His radio ringed as hers did about the burger thing.. He wasnt that fussed he's S.T.A.R.S he fry's bigger fish..

As they got closer to the station building He put his hand on Alison's shoulder stopping their advance!!

The way Sheila was running you would figured he stole something as he continously climbed over or hurdled the fences depending on the height. He stops in a shaded area between two houses to rest, next thing you know he hears sirens, someone reported him for running through their garden and someone else reports him for stealing food from their grill out. Now he is back and out running again trying to stay hidden, atleast he had only one car on him but, then comes another with a small ketchup splatter and pickles on there so he figures his only chance of escape is either taking a hostage and using them to sneak away somehow or go back to jail with their home made brick waffles.

Chris let out a deep saying looking directly at the man. "So.. what's so important the we have to meet in person? You know you freakin creep me out.." 'Wesker' replied with a brash remark. "It is of utmost importance if I have to meet anywhere, you should know that by now Chris." Chris took a seat and laughed. "So what are we dealing with here?" he smirked and blurted out. "I wish this train would hurry up and get out of here..."

Angel felt Bildo's hand on her shoulder,
and she stopped walking.

"what's the matter?"

Bildo put his hand on his holstered beretta and said!!

"If Wesker is here i want you to call S.T.A.R.S! There will be no doubt that traitor will be working with umbrella! or another evil company!"

Then he moved in front of her..

Angel just looked at Bildo and looked down,
she looked at her radio.

"I'll take care of him..."

She walked around Bildo towards the

"I know I'm being selfish, but I have
a score to settle with him."

Seth than turned around as he saw a potrole car resting inside the paking lot. He than walked up to it realized the key were still in it.*joy ride perhaps, check out the scene and if im lucky ill catch someone* he said to im self

Seth hoped inside the car just to find a warm welcome of a shotgun."well hello sweetie, here to watch me drive" he said as he pulled out of the station.

"well sense the S.T.A.R.S don have any real mission to do ill look for my own crimes." sh snarled cruising the streets of new racoon city.

Chris waited for the doors to close but it seemed like it never would. "C'mon close already..." He sighed as the doors still sat in their place. Wesker sighed as he watched more people get into the train. "Something is wrong.."

The was an announcement at the station saying that a train
would be departing soon. Angel walked inside the train station
and looked around every ticket booth for the young boy.
He was no where to be found, so Angel went up to a random
employee and asked him where the kid was.

"excuse me sir, but do you know an employee by the name of
Mark Williams?"Angel asked politely

"as a matter of fact he works here, he's at his 'lunch' break right
now. He should be arriving back to the ticket booth in five minutes."
The old man smiled.

"than you very much sir, have a nice day."
Angel smiled as well and turned around, she walked towards Bildo.

"well it seems like the boy is in his 'lunch' break, he'll be back in
like five minutes. So in the meanwhile, what's your story?"

Bildo followed her in a little while after the she was coming back at him and she spoke.. he replied!

"What parts of it, there is 31 years"

Bildo chuckled as he said it!! He was sort of on alert he always was most of the time.. didnt have much time to relax! He only really relaxed around one person anymore and that was Shalimar but he had no idea where she was...

His eyes scanning around the big station lobby like area!

"I'm interested I'd like to hear more" ^.^
There was another announcement once
again, and a boy ran inside the station
towards a train. Angel was still focused on
Bildo listening to him.

Chris was just sitting around quietly waiting for the train to get going so he could get on with his mission. He spoke loudly and annoyingly to try and anger Wesker. "Well Mr. WESKER, what exactly are we doing on this top secret mission. Wesker snapped back at him in a harsh tone. "Do NOT ever use my name in public! You never know who is here and eho is watching. Chris chuckled. "Lighten up."

((OOC: Do you know who wesker is!! lol He is Human anymore!! He would have no problem killing you by the way!))

"Ummmm ok" Bildo started his story.

"Well i grew up in england and moved here when i was 18, Join the RPD and S.T.A.R.S. Got married.. Wife had a kid already.. They died in the ya know inncident.. Escaped here.. ummm then chased Umbrella and the Virus around the world for years!! Now here!! There is my story in short!!
Whats yours?"

Bildo asked the youngster after telling her his!

OOC: ((I know exactly who Wesker is. I'm just playing it off as he is trying to keep a low profile. Or you could consider that he just doesn't want to deal with a fight right now.))

Wesker sat back down and watched the doors, now that he had become irritated there was no telling what his next move would be. Chris just sighed and watched out the window. His eyes came across two people he recognized but he didn't know from where. Being able to barely see them made it far more difficult to see who they were also. "Close already..."

Seth was driving around to see a boy knock someone on the floor and the man with the suit case who fell papers flew every where as the boy kept running into the train station.

Seth than did a force parking to the side and got of the potrole car running after the kid as his imagination was going wild why this kid is running. He called out kid just for him to be ignored as he ran into the train station.

Seth ran in as the kid dispeared as seth seemed like he was out of breath. "damn im out of shape" he thought to himself as his hand were on on his waste inside his black leather jacket.

He looked around thinking where did that kid go?

Sheila ended up finding himself ontop of a building after climbing a flight of side stairs carefully hopping from building to building. Lucky for him the buildings were pretty close together then he finally found a good spot, he walked into the apartments top door and took the elevator down and ran out and through a bush and ended up where he started, right back at McDonalds. He simply ran by without looking both ways as one car has to slam the breaks to stop form hitting him and alot more behind it ends up slamming into each other.

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When ran he looked to the side and noticed the two people in the police station. Seth didnt know if they caught him walking up but he was walking up he was trying to remember their names.

"damn wat was that guys name" "Bob no,beck no no, aha Barry, Barry? what kinda of name is that." "its not barry,bob, beck damn what was that name" "wait billy" "no thats my cousins name"


Bildo said to him!!

"Sorry but we are seriously busy!!"

He told him sorry to disapoint him! In the corner of his he saw someone running up the esculater!!

"Inst he yours"

Bildo said nodding in the direction!!

"Saw you chase him in"

He Followed

At the corner of her eyes she swore to herself that she
thought she saw Wesker in a train. As soon as she turned
to face the train, a boy ran inside the train and the train
doors closed. Angel then ran towards the train but the
train was already departing. Angel went up to the train's
window and saw two men and a boy, Angel banged on
the train's window. The train was slowly taking off.

"STOP the train!!!!"

Chris thinking quickly pulled on the cord that was hanging from the ceiling that brought the train to a slow halt. The doors then opened once more and a timer over the door said "10." Chris looked out of the open door and extended his hand. "C'mon get indside before the doors close again."

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Bildo got the train with Alison!!
He sorta knew why she stopped the train!!

"What about the boy we are supposed to be meeting??"

He moved her hair and He wispered it in her ear!

Just as the two strangers go onto the train the doors closed and Chris turned around. "Mr. Wesk... Where did you go?" He then remembered those two from the car. Tightening his grip on his gun he started to move to the closest door leading to another car. He spoke to himself very softly. "Damnit Wesker.. tell me if they are a threat next time... well at least a threat to me." Upon reaching the door he found it locked. "What the?"

Angel whispered back at Bildo,
"yes ofcourse but...I thought I saw Wesker...I must be
She then walked towards the stranger and apologized,
and left the train. She sighed and looked for the boy.

Bildo eyed down the guy on the train he looked so shifty and seemed to be a little nervous!!

But Bildo just walked around behind Alison!! He had more of a Supervisor role!!

Chris laughed to himself when he saw thew two exit. "Well Wesker you can come out now, they both left. From the seat he was in earlier Wesker just sat calmly reading a newspaper. "What do you mean? I have been here the whole time." Chris decided not to question what happened and just hsut up and sit down.

Seth than realized the doors were being shut. So he than just ran for the doors barely making it. Thoughts just coming to his head "all this for a kid who pushed a guy to the floor". *damn* he just remembered the potrole car was parked in a no parking zone.

he chuckeled to himself "great new day on the job and i already got a ticket for the potrole car" Seth was than going through the crowd as he than almost tripped on a mans shoe. He looked to appologies to the man as he just was stunned.

He looked at the man as if he came from a funeral or he was a terminator fan. Dark shades covering his eyes wearing all black and blonde slicked backwards.

"sorry about that" seth appologies to the hollywood man. who just looked at him with a newspaper in his hand.

Wesker suddenly stopped after some kid had tripped over his shoe. "Chris.. your orders are in the trunk of a car in parket space 117, floor B. Once you retireve them call the number on the slip of paper. I have more important things to do as of late." Chris nodded and started to walk off towards where the parking area was located three blocks away.

Bildo grew tired of waiting for this kid so he headed for the Staff only rooms!!
Alison followed not far behind!

He found the food quarters..

"So which one is the kid??"

Bildo asked Alison...

after seth just looked at the man who didnt even except his appologies just put the news paper back in his face hidding his identity once more.

"huh, thanks for excepting my apology." seth muttered under his breath.

he than just stop and gave up looking for a kid. So he than just stand right next to the men talking waiting for the train to stop so he can get a taxi if hes lucky back to his patrole car.

Seth heard but didnt really pay attention to the men was talking as he didnt know it would affect in anyway because it wasnt any of his buisness but the two men also didnt know seth was now part of the new S.T.A.R.S team and if they did it would been most likely his life on the hands.

Seth heard everything from the parking space to the slip of paper but he let it just go in one ear to another as he was just more worried about the patrole car.

Angel looked at the crowd and finally she found the kid. She walked towards, the kid and she put her hand on his shoulder.

"Mr. Williams? I'm from the RPD, I would like to ask you a couple of
questions if you don't mind?"

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The kid just stared at Angel blankly and nodded, they both headed out
of the train station and sat on a bench outside. Angel had asked the kid
about Wesker and his 'friend' it turned out that his friend had taken the
train recently with Wesker. Angel then looked at the ground, and thanked the kid for the cooperation. But just before she left, she asked
the kid one last question.

"do you know where they are headed?"
Angel asked.

"I'm not quite sure but Wesker's quarter's is somewhere in New Mexico,
and I'm pretty sure that's where they are going. I'm so sorry but that's all I know...I wish I could of been more help to you, well if you don't mind, I need to get back to my shift." They boy smiled and waved as he was going back to the station. Angel just stood outside leaning on her car, and waited for Bildo.

Bizzy Bullet
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Originally posted by SpadeKing
( I'm already in the RP im the huge muscular black dude running from the cops cause he threw a half eaten big mac at them, with extra cheese ermm ionno where to go from here if you guys leave to mexico cry )

((Go to the police station and see if they have a half eaten cheese burger in their custody. lol))

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Sheila stopped once he got a good spot hidden by bushes, all the running was making him hungrier, he started wishing he never threw that burger now. Next thing he knew he was off asleep, what he hadn't noticed was, he was sleeping on the side of his house.

The lad went back into the station brushing past Bildo as he was coming out!! He stood and watched the lad rush in!!
He saw alison at the car so he strolled over!!

"So whats next? Back to RPD?"

Bildo asked her.

Seth just finally skipped off the train to just return to his car and park it back to the police station to a day well done. A whole day wasted just to sit on your butt.

*keep at this you will look like a soap oprea singer fat just no talent*

Seth than just took a walk to the patrole car instead of a taxi so he can take a look around the town and the fresh air. This town is very beautiful and i cant belive such a nightmare happened to this peacful town.

Seth than stopped to tie his shoe when he notice a man on the floor sleeping in his driveway.

*could he be dead?*
*Night of the living dead has probably come to get him, shut up... its probably a drunk* he told the little voice in his head

seth walked up to the man just to tap with his shoe sayin with an authority voice "hey mister"

"yeah ofcourse..."
Angel got inside her car and took off with Bildo, as she was
driving some policemen where talking about a 'suspicious man'.
Someone from a random neighborhood called the cops and told
them that someone was going through the bushes. It was a
woman who reported this man to the cops and she mentioned
he was 'black'.

"man that woman is racist...she's just probably paranoid."

Then Angel came across a red light, she put the brakes on and
waited for the light to turn green. She looked out the window
and saw people crossing the road, people selling vegetables,
and cars passing by. There were kids with their parents walking,
and there was a man coughing violently. She saw that he
coughed blood and rushed in his house. Then she heard
someone honking at her, she looked up it and saw that
the light had turned green.


She continued driving and headed towards RPD, after a short
while, she finally made it and parked the car.

All the sirens and various other noises caused Sheila to awaken again, he quickly jumped up and hit his head on the bottom part of his window and sat back down rubbing his head, this team he carefully rose and looked around. police were still everywhere, but he had no choice he ran out of the bushes and more sirens activated as he ran across the street again, he couldn't wait to see how many infractions he had this time cause either way he was gonna end up in jail unless he can run all the way to mexico.

Bildo got out of the police car slowly!! Half way out he looked up and saw someone leaning against the big wall slumped over, at the entrance to the RPD!!

There was a wall going around the whole police station and its grounds!! It stood a good 10ft high, it had always been there!!

He stood next to the car and closed the door!! As the door closed the person collapased! Slumped into a seated position!!

Bildo rushed to the guy! As he got to him he was coughing up blood, it was all over his jeans and down his shirt!! He was a very pale and cold.
Then he stopped, there was nothing.... Bildo sqautted down to checked his pulse. It was weak.. He put him in the Recovery position!!

He turned to call Alison over and he saw she was already coming!! He had his hand on the guys arm to balance his squat.. Before he turned round the guy laying on the ground grabbed his arm hard with a tight grip!!

Bildo turned to the man and looked his eyes.. He knew those eyes.. Blank, vacant and cloudy.. He began to pull away.. The guy began to bare his teeth!! Bildo knew this.. all to well!

He shook the guy off violently!! and stood up.. The guy began slowly crawling toward him.. Alison running now.. Bildo put his arm outand stopped Alison running past him.. He held her back!!..

"No, Stay back! Dont go any further!"

Bildo shouted to her... He unholstered his gun and aimed at the guy!! He began to take slow steps back pushing her back with the other arm as the guy crawled towards them..

Angel got her Beretta ready and aimed at the person, and walked slowly
towards him.

"sir, could you please get up and stop crawling."

But it was no use, the man just continued crawling, Angel kept on reapeating her phrase and then the man grabbed her leg tightly.
After that the man's mouth opened wide and went towards her leg,
Angel then kicked the man's face and shot him on the head. She then
felt that the man's grip on her leg weakened and soon his hand just
fell to the ground. Angel looked at Bildo with her eyes wide open,
she then looked around to see if anything else seemed suspicous.
She went to the corner of the street and saw people walking by,
living a normal life. Angel then thought she probably made a mistake,
she came back to her previous location and stared at the dead man.

"was...he...was he really....?"

(coughing blood... sounds more like los plagas to me ermm)

He stopped and turned around the cars were still coming for him but, once again he took advantage of the bushes that he ran threw to escape cops earlier, he wasn't being a good escape artist as he past the same place twice. He considered finally turning himself in but he wasn't sure if this would be his third strike or not? Next thing he knew he finds himself stopped by the same officer he threw the big mac at. 'Stop right there sir!'

"Aight, you got me man I swear man I didn't mean to take that guy's food I'll pay for that and any car damages i caused," Sheila replied as he walked with his hands in the air towards the cop. The cop began to loosen his grip on his weap as he hid behind the door and came closer to sheila, then it happened so quickly. Sheila grabs both the officer's hands around the gun and hit him with a hard right knocking the officer out cold in unto the ground. Sheila kept the pistol and left the cop as he went on to try and find another spot to hide maybe another city until he can get enough money to get to mexico.

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Bildo looked her in the eyes.. They were so wide.. She looked so scared and lost..

"Yeh... he was.. It was in his eyes! I know the eyes! you only did what i was going to do!!"

She was just stoood there staring down.. Bildo stepped closer and put his arms round her pulling her head in close to his chest..

"Dont worry we'll be ok. Im sure they have safe guards now"

Bildo said to her in a reassuring tone!

Just as quick as the fight happened and ended more cops came at him this time they were calling in back up for him and they were serious, one fired the taser weapon at Sheila, he easily dodged that by throwing another human body in the path of the weapon. This was going to be a hard battle he thought.

seth got closer to the man laying in the driveway looking at him why isnt he moving. He pushed with his boot but nothing happened. When seth went to call for ambulance a low groan came from the body as he than came into shock that the man was still alive and kicken.

The man got up slowly but not like a usual maybe a drunk. He first arched his back in the sky and his legs picked the rest of his body and the man just stood watching his garage door as if it was goin to open. He stood there in confusion.

Seth than looked at the man putting his hands up in a stopping motion.
"sir do you know where your at?"

seth reached for his gun and starting circling to his face. "sir it would be best if you just sat back down and breath, just to gather your thoughts".

Angel then heard in her radio that, there was a man on the loose
who stole a cop's car. They gave the license number and requested
for backup, Angel tehn quickly got in her car, and started it.
She motioned at Bildo to get in the car, she then looked at the
corpse that lay on the ground, and then she looked at the
steering wheel.

Bildo looked at Alison sat in her car...

"Go, But come back quick!"

Bildo called to her as he holstered his Beretta..

Sheila ducked behind the car door for coverage, he saw the lady who was sitting on the porch earlier laying face first on the floor but, the bullets has just started flying no way she could have been shot that quick. Atleast it was a quick death he thought signified by the pool of blood around her head. Sheila began to stick his head up and look through the car window until someone shot the window out.

He snuck inside the police car which was still on at the moment while the cops remained firing everywhere, he searched the entire front seats and found nothing but had an idea as he popped the trunk made his way around the car and back with a shotgun, knowing all cops had one in their trunk and took a few shots at the cops. He positioned the gun under the driver seat to stand up then carefully lifted put one foot outside of the car and let the shotgun down unto the gas pedal and bailed out the car, the cops began to panic, scramble, and fire like crazy.

Sheila made a run for it and stopped at the lady he heard her groaning or something but didn't have time to help as he kept going, a couple of seconds later after teh cops finally noticed he is gone some climb from out of the reckage of their cars and the deploy car and chase after him and some didn't make cause not too long after that an explosion followed.

The mans red eyes peirced at seth as he pulled out his walkie. The man didnt bother listening to him when he said sit down and relaxe. Seth pulled his hands out saying sir stop there dont get any closer. But the man didnt listen he just started staggering toward seth.

This man had one drinks too many; off of the way he was tripping over himself but for some reason he was reaching out to seth with his arms sticking in front of him like he wanted a hug. Seth than only had one hand out as the other was reaching for the gun.

As the man was now three feet away and seth was running out of sidewalk to back off of as he was running into the lawns fence. "sir you need to stop right there."

In a second without hesitation seth pulled out his gun right when his back hit the fence bording around the lawn. Then mans mouth opened and groan came from it as the man was coming for seth. Than the most odd thing happened in a second of what was goin around seth. A iron came from the window, off the driveway they were in. The iron flew directly into the mans head knocking him out cold as seth looked at the window to see a man and woman peeking out at him.

Seth pointed a finger at both of them and said "ill be coming back for you two but in the mean time mister you want to give me a ride to the police station?" The man nodded as he than looked at his wife as if he wasnt finished with something. As seth was arresting the fainted man, the mister who was in the house closed the door to the front door and said with a loud voice "Were getting in the grey truck right there" as keys were jinggling around his hands.

Bildo Paused for a second...
Then ran back to the car! He ran straight past it and banged on the roof!.. He headed for the doors of the RPD!

'Oh Dear not all this again! Where is Becky and Shal when you need them?'

Bildo thought to himself as he ran into the lobby...
He went to the Desk..

"Is the Chief in??"

Bildo asked.. She replied!

"Yes Upstairs"

Bildo smiled at her then banged on the desk and he was off across the station and up the stairs... He came down the corrider and turned right into the door with S.T.A.R.S on it..

He burst into the room and shouted

"Its happening again"

He stood there a few of the S.T.A.R.S Looking his way!

Sheila was causing quite a riot. Cars were crashing everywhere cause of him and police illegal crossing and some actually trying to hit sheila. He proved he was no stranger to the game though as he fired three shots hitting one officer in the stomach, arm, and neck. The only problem with his gun skills was the way he held his weapon, sideways. Sheila started running out of options to escape police cars so he began kicking down the doors of people's house's and exiting the back and so on.

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Seth was in the passenger seat of the truck as the passed out man was laying in the trunk and the man who's husband to the toaster wife was driving the truck. Seth was checking his gun to see how many bullets he had. The funny thing is he hadent even shot one bullet.

The toaster man than looked at seth than fixed his gaze back on the road. "so your new to this town huh?" Seth looked back the man putting his gun away raising an eyebrow "so how did you guess" With a chuckle under the mans breath "haha i could tell... were here at the station"

Seth face kind of turned red as he realized the man was just making fun of him as the station was just around the block. Seth than turned to the back to see the man knocked out still and laying but for some reason his stomach wasnt moving.

"Well sir if you can help me carry him into the station and than i will let you go without a warning, but you got to get that window fixed" under seths breath as they went to go pick up the body from the trunk "and counseling too"

The man and seth walking up the grey steps of the raccoon city police department carring the body on their shoulders. Seth saw a bench as they enterned the ten foot bullet proof glass doors. Seth ordered the man to sit him down there until he wakes up. they placed the lumpy body thier as seth waved the man goodbye as he walked toward the glass doors.

seth looked at the knocked out man and noticed he had a bit mark on his neck with a huge welt on his head where the toaster hit him. "Who are you"

Angel then immediately recovered from that shock and she just held
her Beretta high. She made her way towards the RPD but then there
was an explosion around the corner. Angel then ran around the corner
and the area was covered in smoke. Angel covered her face with a hanckerchief(sp?) that she keeps in her back pocket. She was walking with caution. As she was proceeding she heard some groans and people screaming, and she heard the noise of loud munching. Angel then tripped over a body that was on the ground and her Beretta fell off of her hand. She was trying to get up when all of the sudden the body that was on the ground grabbed her leg and squeezed is. Angel kicked his face very hard, that she heard his neck break. She quickly stood up and picked up her Beretta.

"damn it, I hate to say this but they're back...."

Angel can still hear the loud munching, and the noise was coming from behind her. Once again, Angel was walking foward and she saw a dog eating a man's face off. Angel shot at the dog's head, and kneeled next to the man. It appeared that the man was a cop, she took his gun away and emptied the bullets, and reloaded hers.

The smoke cleared up and from a distance she can see 4 zombies walking towards her. She shot their heads from a distance and once
they all fell she turned around and headed towards the RPD.

Knowing he wouldnt get an answer from the slumbering man. He decided he would just exit through the seven bullet proof glass door, just to find out that inside wouldve been alot better than what he was about to conter in the oustide.

Seth looking in the distance with emerald geen eyes only to see chaos. As he didnt noticed that his life is going to change with the explosion outside and dead walking the earth once more. It only took ten single mins for racoon to be infested with the night of the living dead once more.

Brushing his light brown hair out of his eyes and noticing a woman was running to the rpd station in the filthy air of the dead. He took his weapon aimed at the nearest zombie close to her and shot him right in his temple.

"Lady over here!" seth yelped out loud.

"Whats happening again"
said one of the S.T.A.R.S Officers, looking puzzled.
Before Bildo had a chance to reply the radio Shouted out!!
"Its happening all over town people killing people.. Fire, shooting. Whats going on need some assistance!"

Bildo rushed over to the radio!
"Shoot the hostiles in the head dont let them bite or scratch you.. Find survivours and head to the Police station or somewhere safe!!"
He called back down the radio!!

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Sheila stopped at one house where he saw an old lady laying on the floor with multiple wounds on her body, her cats all came around her and started licking her, the blood was still fresh too. Sheila pretended not to see the cat part as he walked through the house slowly and before he knew it an old man, who was most likely the lady's husband just fell through a door and slowly rose up.

"Yo, move it old man unless you wanna end up like her! yo, what the f-"

The man's pupils were gone, and he opened his mouth making hissing noises as he closed in on Sheila. Sheila being freaked out punched the man in the face knocking him down and ran off.

Jeremy awoke abruptly to the sound of the explosion across the street.

"What the hell is going on?" he muttered to himself.

Jeremy is about 17 years of age, kind of scrawny with long dark hair.
He looked out his window to see people screaming and running down below.
A terrorist attack? He thought, but then he noticed someone who looked to be dead, stand back up slowly, and grab a woman running by.
He watched as the strange man bit into her and pushed her to the ground and began a feast.
Jeremy quickly got dressed, grabbed his phone and burst through the door of his apartment.
When he got outside, he saw a woman with a gun, probably a cop, shooting some more of the strange people.
When she ran off he decided to follow her and see if she knew what was happening.
He noticed she was heading for the RPD station and saw a man on the steps calling out to her...

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Seth was already too late. The lady was already surrounded by those freaks. He couldnt do nothing, by the time he would shoot all of them they would all be dead. He couldnt just waste his bullets all he could do is turn away as the creatures hunting for flesh devoure her body as she screams in pain.

Seth took aim to the lady and shot her in the head for pity for the woman. How could everything change instant. Everything was fine when he walked in and he walkde out it turned into a war zone he wished he never saw.

Must find survivoirs from this hell hole. If people survived it last maybe he can too. seth turned facing the RCPD station as he heard screams coming from inside the station. "No, We have to have one place as a sanctuary" He thought as he ran in to check who were the screams coming.

Bildo Ran down to the entrace hall from the S.T.A.R.S office.
Just as he came through the door into the Big hall he heard a scream. Looking around he saw one of the zombies trying to get in the revolving door. It was the receptionist screaming from behind her desk.

Bildo ran and kicked the door sending it flying backwards back outside!
He went through the doors after it and as it stood up he calm shot it in the head then turned and came back inside..
He was back in the zone again!

Seth than stopped in his tracks as the screams were gone. He had nothing to follow, the sound was leading to the trouble now he doesnt know where its at. New to town and new to this structure police building lost in the halls and not knowing where the doors are at. "wow this going to get fun quick" Seth than raised his gun to his blowing his hair from his face.

Seth heard a noise come from the second floor office as he turned to shoot the noise only to have his actions leaving him wet. Apparently it was just a water jug making a noise as the water was just receiving air than shooting a hole in it the water splattered all over seth.

Seth now all drenched wet, his hair wet, smelling like a wet dog he opened the door with his face down and hair hanging as he hunched over the door entrance as if he ran out of breath. Holding the door with one arm and the gun in the other. He than realize he was in the main hall and a guy pointing a gun straight at him.

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Seth was admiring all the choas coming and looking at the man right in front of him inside the police station. Seth jumped out of the way bullet shot from the strange mans gun. Than the man held the gun high and told me to come out with my hands out.

I yeld at the man with the gun told him to put his gun behind the cherry colored desk with my gun to the side of my head.

(who wants to be the man)

(me and i guess were starting again?)

" damn you better watch out next pal " said the stranger "next time something like that happens i wont miss" said,phil. a man in a black raincoat and black scratched,dusty jeans it was obvious he had been through alot

(ooc whas that a good start?)

yea good enough. Seth got up from the corner of the desk and started to walk to the stranger with his left hand holding his gun firmly while hes shaking back and forth, the other hand was goin out for a shake.

"so what your name stranger danger?, my name is seth"

Bildo turned back to the door and saw a guy in a raincoat and jeans with another guy greeting him. Bildo jogged over,
"Hey guysThis place is safe, are you hurt?"
Bildo asked them both putting his hand on his beretta..
"Cant be to careful ya know"
He kidded..

"Im not sure what you want to do.. go and find survivors or stay and hold the fort. A Partner of mine is out there looking for people now but im here for the moment. I have done this before, to much"
Bildo said looking at the floor.

"The captain has sent me down here to take charge while he does the higher stuff so what i say goes ok guys, i know what im doing and its from this exact experience. I have a plan if you want to here it? Oh im Bildo by the way"
Bildo said holding out his hand...

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Seth looked at bildo remembering him earlier as they both walked through the corridor doors of the racoon police station. They both came here for S.T.A.R.S.

"haha bildo, still alive i see." as seth re-introduced himself by taking bildo's hand. "the name is seth, nice too meet you again" He than opened his coat "no bites, no scratch im clean, and its been like i've been in this mess too because i read the books of what happened here., didn't think it would happend again." he muttered as he walked away scratching the gun with his head.

he than walked to the double doors entrance and just smiled " i love how were in here thinkin its safe when they come anytime now busting through those doors like a bloody rampage dog" "we cant stay here we got to look for other surviviors thats the only way to survive, bildo you have the most experience, i'd say you give us a brief session to expect what coming to us"

"Yeah im still ticking"
Bildo said with a chuckle. He thought for a couple of seconds about were he was going to start. Then he began..

"Well, yes staying on the move isnt everything, having a base camp is a good thing as well! i mean we are lucky there is alot of us here atm so we can get it done quickly, its only the beggining of this nightmare so we have time."
Bildo said rubbing his face in thought..

"Right what we need is to board up the windows all the outside windows, they are stupid but strong in numbers. Any wood, plastic, metal you can find that we dont need in here get it boarding up. Leave firedoors they are a good for a quick escape and they cant get in them. Then the car park we are very lucky it has a ten foot wall around it which is attacted to the building so its closed off, part from the gap in the entrance to the carpark that we can block with cars and dumpsters.."
Bildo said with a little pause to catch his breath.

"Once that is done we can get on with the rest of my plan after that but yeh steps at a time.. i need you two to help me organise the people here.. leave what S.T.A.R.S members to me to organise.. so lets go shall we, one organise boarding up and the other do the car park.. ill go up to the S.T.A.R.S office sort them all out and the other Police."
Bildo said with a nod and awaiting confirmation on his plan..

Seth looked at bildo, "huh the man knows what hes doing" he said to the stranger still hasnt gave out his name pointing his thumb out to bildo from his back. seth back was now to bildo. in a joking way seth looked at he two. "you two dont mess around when im gone haha"

as seth headed to the back to head toward the parking garage to lock it up he looked back opening the door"ill be right back" he shouted in a shrieking voice as shut the door behind him.

seth looking at the dark hall seeing a flight of stairs leading down. "damn, i thought today will just be a desk job!" he pointed his bretta out walking through the empty shadow halls. He than heard click sound coming from the end of the cemented halls. voices can be heard from the jail cell in the back. Seth looked toward the jail cell and than the parking lot. "well that cell can wait" he just turned and went right toward the parking garage!

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Likes:People that help her
Job:Former UK Army Second Lieutenant.
History:Torri grew up as the only daughter of Brigadier:Marshall J. Braddock.Taking interest in what her Father did torri would later find herself Working for the Rolay forces.After ranking swiftly making officer rank Torri visited her aunt Annie in the U.S. One night the city Torri was in became an total incarnation of hell.Unable to save are 54 year old Aunt Torri rushed to find help only to find that she was the only help that she would find in this city of the dead.Now life isn't living anymore for her, it's just an sad game of survival.

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Bildo watched him out of sight and said to the Stranger
"So what is your name??, oh he has gone out the front to do the carpark, by the sounds of things he has got that covered. You can get a few people from around the station to help you, to get it out the way ok?"

Bildo turned and headed to the S.T.A.R.S Office, then turned back and called back to the stranger..
"I'll send someone to give seth a hand.."
Bildo then went through a door to a staircase...

When he got up to the S.T.A.R.S office he entered and the teams looked up at him..
"Bravo Team i need you to go out the front to the Car park and help a guy called seth out, he'll fill you in..
Delta Team i need you to help out the group that will be gathering to board this place up, The guy i have set up down there will fill you in." Bildo said to the teams, they nodded and left accordingly.

"Alfa Team your with me ill breif you with what we are doing.." The rest of you, i need to to do anything, jobs like taking up positions in upstairs windows, lock down Get the RPD Officers to help you aswell Captain is in Charge of them and i have been called in to take things on here so goodluck boys and girls.... wait for mine or the captains orders..."
Bildo said with a warming smile an turned with Alfa team and left to head back downstairs..

Seth went to the car parking lot looking in the empty carlot. "haha well this looks fun" he muttered as walking through the souless police cars. He looked at them "now ladies im just here to check up on ya, dont worry seth is here and im here to protect and serve you, as i am in S.T.A.R.S, the most lethal combat trained agent around."

A white cup with pink ridges on the top fell from a black and white cop car. The black midnight coffee splattered on the floor making a loud crash sound as it echoed through the empty lot. Seth shrieked as he pulled his gun out and aimed at the loud sound. He than looked and saw what it was and than placed his head on the car next to him taking deep breaths with hes head on his arm. "f**k, aww man haha. whew"

Seth looked around than as he heard footsteps and not knowin where it was coming from. As his right hand is extended with the gun the other reaching for his knife as it was sleeping in its holster of its right arm. He was lookin around with his pure green eyes as he realized it was coming from the entrance where he came from. He blew his light brown hair from his face as his gun pointed straight for that the door as the other holding as siver eight inch blade.

~I'll just come in as Shalimar Fox.I'll post most of her detailed bio in my post~
The sound of heels clicked down the street of the city."Lifeless as normal."As small gusts of wind blew the leather trench coat tails seemed to dance in along side the wind in an all but happy moment.All of her friends dead now but her two 9's, and more her love Bildo.Now she had nothing to hold her back from her feral side.An woman without anything to lose. She slowly stopped and smelled the air, nothing rotting yet was near.The sound of nothing was also unnerving."Someone must be alive in this city.Lets see; If I go somewhere with lots of buildings I'll have the hiding risk on my side but the danger of running into something the same."Without an look back she headed toward the RPD to restock up on ammo.After several city blocks there it was.The RCPD.Only thing was this place stunk with the smells of humans, after weeks if not months she could no longer tell dead from alive.her best play was to walk in with both guns out and get in an out ASAP.
Her blue eyes scanned the windows.Nothing but she needed an closer look.Those blue Eyes turn yellow with black slits down them."mmm somethings up there just what?"

Bravo Team came through the door into the Car Park followed by Bildo followed by Alpha team.
"Seth Bravo are here to help you and cover you if need be.. block the gap up with some cars and bins, thats the only way into the car park me and Alpha are here to cover you outside the gap till you have it secure.. ok?"
Bildo said to seth then nodded waving alpha to follow him, Bravo moved over to Seth..

Bildo and Alpha team took up a dome position over the Entrance gap in the ten foot high wall. Bildo in the middle looking down the street coming towards the RPD.. The streets were quiet at the moment.. Bildo only had his 9mm Beretta and his Knife at the moment but the rest of the team had MP5's, a Shotgun, and a sniper rifle they were set..

The others inside continued to board up the windows and doors bar the front entrance and fire escapes...

Shalimar moved abit closer.the icy cold grip of fear seemed to hold her inplace. if the undead was in there it would just be her and them.She looked up toward the sun.Night would fall in just an few hours an she had used up the last of her food and was down to an few bulletes."Hello!!!!"the word stumbbled out.If anything was to come it sure would now.Most surly an single undead walked slowly toward her back.In an blink of an eyes shalimar turned around.Aiming her gun toward the head.Without an second thought she fired at the head.With the dead now dead her last bit of hope was smashed into peices.

Seth than getting ready to shoot pressing on the trigger holding the knife tightly as it was just about to soar in the sky. He realized it was just his former buddy that he saw earlier with couple of S.T.A.R.S members. "Hey commrade, ill take care of this!".

Bildo dissapeared into the shadows as the alpha team followed behind him, but before he left he had the bravo team be under controle of Seth. "well, well, well first things first we gotta controle that gap." Seth then commanded three men to guard the car lot with m16s. The other three will help seth block up the hole, with whatever is there.

S.T.A.R.S member spoke out while pushing a car to block the gap, "maybe we should put carlos on there hes fat enough to block the whole hole." the member than laughed as they all didnt see a dog run inside the party pregade parking lot. What is left of daylight was covered by empty box.

Seth clapped his hand together taking away the gray dust as they evoprated inside the thin air. He fixed his coat as he than exahaled almost out of breath "there... all done." Seth looked at three S.T.A.R.S member as they all looked in one direction. The man named Carlos turned his head as he found an empty baretta on the floor. The other two were throwing comments back at each other laughing and giggling.
As one was about to say you know how i know your gay, A dog jumped from in the pitch dark on to one of the S.T.A.R.S members.

He yelped in pain as the dog attacked its neck biting creating holes for blood to extract from his wounds in the neck. The S.T.A.R.S member yelling turned into gurgles as he tried to grasp for air and pushing the dog away. "NOOOO" a member yelled and starting shooting at the dog as the other six S.T.A.R.S members unleashed bullets onto the dog. Forgettin reserved bullets and wastin ammo the try and try to help their dying fellow friend.

The dog fell as it went into deep slumber in its puddle of blood but right before that it made a puppiesh yelp. Seth and the other members went his side. The medic carlos ran to his side just to hold his hand as his left out his last breath.

Shalimar looked back toward the building. "It's now or never" First she needed food.She notied and small mom and pop store on the corner.As she opened the door an bell rang, cuasing her to almost jump in fear.As she walked neared the front desk she found an box of jerky.She swiftly packed it into her pack.Water was the next item but the cooler was covered in dry blood.How erev the matter was the undead could smell possibly smell blood.

Once more she stood infront of the building.Her hands grapped the cold handle of the door.She pulled and pushed only to find that the door was some way locked or broaded up


(Jump in)

Seth looked at the man who eyes has dissapeared into the darkness. He did not know this man and he couldnt feel any morse for him. One of the S.T.A.R.S member who held the m16s starting whimping but she held her head high tears falling on the dessert cemmented ground. Creating the ground to finally drink water. She than grabbed her left hand whipped the tears from her face as she shrugged the other team members who tried to hug or give her a pat on the back.

If a zombie or a monster wanted to kill us all in one swip right now would be a perfect moment as were all not know paying attention. Micheal the one who was commenting back at the dead man took a black cover from one of the police cars and covered the dead corpse. As they group was a silent as rat trying to get food from a kitchen, Seth decided to break by speaking out. "Okay men, lets get out of her no more good can come out of this.

The group starting walking back to the main entrance from the garage. Sarah was the last one to leave as she looked back at the dead S.T.A.R.S member before she closed the door. Back inside the empty gray holding cell of the garage a movement was made. Behind in the police cars and in the corner there was a dead man who was covered. The black car cover moved. The group thought they would go back to the holding cell to check on the prisoners.

(what happened? no expression)

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Seth shoes clicked as the other six members followed in precaution as the were look outs. The holding cell bars shrieked as it slided open. the members walked it right after seth went in. Seth yelled in the cell wake up! you cell mates dont deserve to sleep!

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"Sir!....Mal, wake up!"

"Ugh...piss off...tired..."

"Mal, god damn it, there's shit loads of those things out there and you want to sleep? You're mad."

Malconin sat up slowly, chuckling low. "Funny, I've been told that alot over the last few years. But hey, multiple exposure to the virus, turning into a monster that scared the shit out of myself, killing my friends..." he shrugged casually, "Give me a break, so I'm a little crazy. I was the CEO of Umbrella at one point remember, being crazy is a requirement of the job."

"Not to mention turning your wife into something more than human and-"

"I wouldn't go any further Johnson. You know that topic is off limits."

"So, shoot me."

A wicked grin split Malconin's face. "So tempting." He rose gingerly, clutching at the gash on his right side and breathing shallowly for the pain. "How many?"

Johnson peered out through the dirty, cracked window, puffing out an annoyed breath. "Thirty, maybe forty?"

Mal checked to make sure his gold plated Desert Eagle was fully loaded as he joined Johnson by the window. "Forty? Piece of cake, even with you getting in my way."

Johnson shouldered his AK and glanced sideways at Mal. "Perhaps I should just stay here and watch you get overrun, eh?"

Mal snorted. "Yeah, either that or-" his hand snapped out, clasping Johnson by the back of the collar and with little effort, despite Johnson being a large man, pitched him through the window, the big mercenary landing sprawled in a field of shattered glass. Two shots from his Desert Eagle quickly followed, taking down the nearest of the undead with perfect head shots and giving Johnson time enough to recover from his shock.

The mercenary quickly slotted into his element, the AK roaring to life and mowing down the first dozen or so zombies, Mal taking down half a dozen more with his always perfect head shots. His hightened senses and abilities kicking in with the adrenaline, he lept nimbly out the window and scaled a downpipe up to the roof in mere seconds, perching on the flourescent advertising sign and reloading his weapon.

In less than a minute, the road was litted with the corpses of the once dead, Mal holstering his Desert Eagle and gritting his teeth against the pain as his infliction tried to take control of his body once more. Fumbling in the left pocket of his cargo's, he pulled a small glass tube out and with shaking hands, worked the top open, gulping down the contents.

After several more minutes of agony, he managed to regain complete control of his body and slowly worked his way down the access ladder on the opposite side of the building and back around to Johnson, who watched his approach with considerable concern.

"You okay Mal?"

"Never been better," he managed to spit through gritted teeth, "Lets just get the hell out of here, I need more of that Anti-Virus."

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People on the streets of Racoon City didn't recongnize the man that was driving into there city. All they knew was that his car was to damn loud. The 1969 Camaro SS rumbled down the street, making young heads heads turn, and old people grimance.

These people had no idea. They had no clue that only a decade ago, these streets were crawling with undead; undead that could have been related to them. Maybe they did have a clue. Maybe they did remember, but refused to acknowledge the memory. The one thing they definatly wouldn't remember was the man in the car. No one remembered the man that helped saved the city. Why would they? All they knew was they could go back to their pointless lives.

Drake Holden wouldn't forget. In fact, thats the reason he was back. Rumors had started circling in his circle of informers. Rumors that scared the piss out of Drake. Rumors that would scare any human alive if they knew what it meant. Rumors that Umbrella was resurfacing. As soon as Drake had heard, he had come out of the mountain home he had built himself, bought the car, and headed for Racoon City.

The city hadn't changed a bit. They had white washed the walls, repaved the street, rebuilt the biuldings, and let everyone back in. As Drake drove through the streets, anybody watching would have thought he was an out of towner, wandering around the city, looking for a place to eat. Drake knew where he was going. He had been to the building he was pulling up to a hundred times in the past; "Earls Guns and Ammunitions".

The only weapons Drake had kept from his original visit to Racoon City was his Dessert Eagle and Amber, his 12 guage, semi-auto shotgun. He needed ammo for both, and probably a couple of other side arms, and maybe a rifle. Sure it would look suspicious, but for what he thought was about to happen, he wanted to be ready.

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Seth walked in calmly as the some of the inmates were standing next to the bars waiting for there lives to waste away. Except one man who was in the last cell all the way to the right end of the hall. He walked his way to the end, to a man who just laying down on his bed witht the pillow on his face. The pillow had no blood stains and everything in the room seemed to be attatched. "so was he dead?"

Sarah looked through the entrance of the holding cells looking back at the main door of the garage. "billy" whimpered out of her mouth. The man right next to her the weapon specialist looked at her with his sapphire eyes.

The man: You said somethin?
Sarah: nothing at all, mike.
I looked at sarah for and i felt sorry for as her and billy were getting closer, only i knew they were dating for six years. I shouldnt tell her he was going to propose to her. No got to keep mouth shut.

carlos on the floor checking his medical bag to make sure everything is in there as Shane stopped to check with him.

S.T.A.R.S member: Hey wake up
S.T.A.R.S member: I dont they can hear you lad. maybe we gotta bang on there own cells.

I turned to look at the S.T.A.R.S members making all kinda noises by banging there guns on the cells. "Hey hugo, fernando shut up we dont want those creatures to hear us in here"

Hugo,Fernando: sorry sir

"So ill take it your the head hancho of this group eh" Seth looked straight as he realized he was starring face to face with the man in the cell.

Shalimar still stood at the door.Just before the thought of kicking it in she notices that the windows were boarded from the inside.hoping someone alive was still in there she aimed her gun an took an shoot at the window. The sound of the breaking glass seemed to echo around the city.In truth it only could reach an area of about 20feet

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( two days later :P )

Drake walked down the silent streets of Racoon City, his shotgun proped on his shoulder, his Desert Eagle in his shoulder holster, his new 9mm's on his thighs, two belts of shotgun ammo strapped acrossed his chest, and a small duffel bag on his back with more pistol ammo.

As Drake walked down the streets, he kept a keen ear out for the shuffle of feet that would give away the presence of undead. It shocked Drake that the events that he had guessed would happen, happened so quickly, and without any warning. He had had no time to aquire an inside informer, or find anyone that might have been around from the first attack. He had a good group last time he fought these bastards....he had good friends....

But life went on; friends died, you made new ones, that was the way it was, and the way it always would be. What he wouldn't do to have another good gun though.

All of a sudden, there it was; the sound of feet. Drake smiled. He hadn't fired his shotgun in 10 years; he had cleaned it and kept it in killing condition, he just didn't need it. He had forgotten how fun killing these ****ers was.

Drake ran towards the corner he heard the undead coming from. As he rounded to start firing, he had a loud crash of glass and saw a rather large man fall to the ground from the second floor of a small in. Drake heard two ringing shots from what sounded like a Desert Eagle, and watched two undead heads explode. The large man recovered and started killing.

Drake ducked around the corner and waited for the carnage to stop. When the firing stopped, he poked his head around the wall, and saw the large man walk down an alley. Drake instantly went into S.E.A.L. mode, and quietly followed him.

When he got to the back of the building, standing in the middle of the alley was the large man, facing another man, a man Drake knew well. Too well; he had saved his life twice, and had watched as he died when Drake couldn't save him a third time. Malconin. Drake rushed behind the large man and got him in a firm neck lock, with his Desert Eagle pointed at his temple.

"You," Drake motioned at the man that looked like his long gone friend. "Who the hell are you?"

Shalimars acute hear kicked into gear.She began to head toward the sound of the Desert Eagle.Picking up speed it didn't take long to find the spot."Undead are near her"she whispered to herself. Now all she had to do was to pick of his sent due to the high levels of Testosterone this would be easy.As she walked she noticed something had been stalking her.looking at the corner of her eye she saw fully what it was.just your normal undead.As she turned around she noticed about seventeen of them."MMM I'd better play this smart since i don't have that much ammo nor any back-up for any hand to mouth combat."As she came across the Alley she noticed two men luckily she had left the under about ten city blocks away.This would be just perfect to see what was going on an then warn them.As she moved closer she entered her feline hunting mode.her once blue eyes had turned to her famous yellow cat eyes

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"haha so hes alive?" seth question and walked closer to the cell. He put both hands on the cell and arched his back than stuck his head as closes he could to the cell. "so you look to comfortable to be in here! Whats your story"

The man in the bage janitor suit had gotten up from his bed. Brown eyes stared striaght into seths soul. The pony tailed man than grabbed his utilty belt and put it right next to him kept in his right hand. "Well the way i see it mister is, the long i stay in here the safer i am"

I watched the man get closer to the cell i wonder what he wants. He's not dressed like the other members of S.T.A.R.S members. As this guy had long brown hair and a jacket to match it.

:so what your name mystery man?
Seth looked at him as he ansewered back.

:The name is david.

"so you gonna come out and join us david or you gonna sit in here like a trapped rat?

Sarah still feeling sorry for billy his love. The man She had loved for the longest time and now his taken away from her and the earth. what she doesnt know is that hes been given a second chance to live but not the life he wants.

Carlos has enough iteams to be packed and is ready for any medication that inquire but for now they are okay and didnt need any medication.

Shane just checking his magnum 45 his uncle named barry had given it to him before he had left into hidding with his family. Now he knows why.

Mike looking at the team has mixed feeling going, knowing his new teamleader has become captain and his old one was savegly raped by by that killer dog. The oldest and strongest man is taking commands from a pretty boy.

Hugo and fernando spoke out. okay men listen we can realese you but you have to list to our command!
"yea mates you do what evar we say!

Malconin rolled his eyes in exasperation, then grinned wolfishly, waving his Desert Eagle at the newcomer in a nonchalant manner.

"Drake Bloody Holden. Funny, I thought you were dead?" His shooting hand tensed, barrel of the Desert Eagle aimed right between the newcomers eyes. "Now, if you are really Drake, you'd know that I could hit the centre of your forehead with my eyes closed. So, if I were you, I'd step away from my large friend there."

After a tense moment of silence, Malconin threw his arms up in the air in frustration "For christ sakes you stubborn Navy son of a b*tch, I am Malconin. Now, are you going to stand there threatening your only living, flesh and blood allies, or are you going to help me kick some undead ass. You know, like the good old days. You save my life, I save yours and so on and so forth."

Still Drake made no move.

Malconin grinned sheepishly and rubbed at the back of his neck. "Look, if you're still sore over the whole me trying to kill everyone thing I can understand. But you did try and save my life before we parted ways, remember? You can't be that pissed off with me, surely?"

Malconin's Desert Eagle snapped up. "Speak now, or die!"

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*go for it bro just jump right in, just no god moding we are all killable*

The whole seven man crew held at stand still as they all heard a gun shot in a distant. David blew his hair from his face and smirked. "it looks you got survivors to worry about, more than little of me"

" Well look were a seven man crew counting me, we have alot of ammo and a shield unbreakable so your with us or against us"

*unbreakable? huh? tell that to bill lying in the garage lot* sarah thought to her self!*

mike right next to her holding his rifle and lost in space.

"okay but im not leaving without gun" as david rose from his seat he held out his hand. Seth looked toward mike and screamed with a command "Hey rookie throw me one of your extra gun!"

*Look at him so much of a captain leader, talking to the enemy. Hes in a holding cell for what i dont know hes a killer for all i know and hes talking to him as if hes one of us. ill be damned if i have to take one more order from that useless pathetic

"hey rookie throw me gun"

*WHAT?, did he just say rookie. Ha it looks like ill show him my skills sometime.*Mike than looked up with a shock on his face than looked at the ground with a smirk than toss the gun toward him without paying attention to its destination.

hugo, fernando: ooh conflict

"hey carlos you think you have enough medical supplies if they dook it out"

"shane only time will tell" they both raised to there feet ready to move on to the next destination or hiding spot they will encounter.

Shalimar walked into the open"I hate to break this little reunion up but we've go undead coming this way ."As she looked over at Malconin she began to speak toward him"Do I know you from somewhere?"Without waiting for an reply she walked to the opening of the ally.They weren't there yet but if they didn't get move on they'd all become food