sci-fo/fantasyversus thread(sticky). Garbage.

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To put it in layman terms, the sci-fi/fantasy thread is perhaps one of the most useless thing I have ever encountered on the KMC forums. So why is this? What would my reasoning be behind this particular stint of criticism? Well to summarize, discussion is unorganized, there is a lack of awareness of what goes on in there and it would be magnitudes better to simply let the versus debates flow given the nature of this sub-forum.

My first point of argument was being that the sci-fi fantasy versus thread was extremely unorganized as hell. The problem with the compilation of all versus debates in a single thread is that re visitation of any given past debates can occur within that particular thread. Whenever this happens, a current debate can be thrown into a state of irrelevance and insignificance depending on the magnitude of the given argument. A more simpler reason is just merely because of the fact that it makes fluent reading of a given subject more complicated what with the obstruction of threads in the past. being picked up for easy reference.

Second point of argument is one of my more important points to make. Fact of the matter is, by creating separate threads, you would actually be able to draw in more people who are more interested in the thread and will thus generate more opinion and post over the given debate making it more productive with more finite and definite results. This is definitely not the case with the sci-fi/fantasy versus thread. There is generally less popularity given the fact that there is no initial title to draw anyone in and no way to know the very nature of the debate. Some people will merely bop around to see if there was anything new that was posted in and then just simply enough... back out. Some of those may be considered regulars and does not bring in any new people into the given debate because the status of the debate is not even known. The solution is just to merely let there be a seperate post of any given versus of choice and let it roam free.

So What I wish is that we let the versus debates run free and wild like it was before. Just leave it to rest in this very forum so that people may go and visit it whenever there is a versus debate that pops up that caters to a particular group who wishes to participate in it. There is just far too much absurdity in throwing a versus debate in a back alley (which is otherwise known as the sci-fi fantasy versus thread sticky) and let it waste to potential. Fact of the matter is, there has been so much sci-fi discussion around here that has related to all kinds of pockets of sci-fi that extends to books, movies. games and even tabletop gaming. We have seen the likes of threads which ask for best weapons, best warship, best etc etc and the results that are produced are from all pockets of sci-fi that most people may not have even heard of, and yet those are allowed. If such a nature of debate is allowed then simply put, why not a versus debate post? It only narrows down the discussion to specific targets unlike any of those previously mentioned threads which leaves it open to all kinds of answers from all kind of sci-fi universes.

In the end I would also like to say if the guys on the video game forums are allowed to debate things like Supcom vs Starcraft (which I am proudly able to talk about) and use evidence from outside of the game and from actual fluff, then this very thread itself should definitely be entitled to the same thing without having a moderator close it down because they want to remind us to dump our versus debate into a thread which would completely obscure the potential of the versus that they had had in mind. That is all.

And yes, I will chalk this up with admins, staff and whatknot but its important to let the public know about this first.

Endless Mike

Also Doctor Who owns any other scifi in a fight

This is easy - STAR WARS.

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