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Chapter 1: Parting of ways

A long time it had seemed, that Harry had left Hogwarts, yet now as the summer reached it's peak the usually haziness and heat was replaced this year by a cold chill and a fog that slowly rolled over Privet Drive, the flowers were dead and the lawn's were yellow due to the lack of rain as they had done two years ago when the Chosen One was attacked by two out of contol Dementors and he had learnt of the Order of the Phoenix.
However, this summer, only one week from returning from school Harry Potter was confined to his bedroom , merely by choice, he had not left his bedroom the entire week, save only for the bathroom, his aunt and uncle was not talking to him, it did not matter he liked it that way.
He had not eaten or the entire week, he could not stomach it anyways, the lack of food had made him very weak, he could not sleep either, the black bags under his eyes were deep and etched into his skin, it would take for ever to get rid of them.
I guess you could say Harry Potter was no ordinary boy of sixteen, soon to become of age, when he did the magical protection Albus Dumbledore has invoked on the house would be lifted and he would no longer be safe.
Thinking about Albus Dumbledore brought up a sick feeling in his chest, and his eyes would swell he was not ashamed to admit that he had cried on many ocasions, after all he had been like a father too Harry.
Everynight in his dreams Harry would watch the old man soar gracefully off the rampart and die, then his dreams would change and he would no longer be on the tower but lying on a cold hard floor, gagged, watching everyone he cared about be tortured too insanity by Lord Voldermort,
"Harry!...Save us!...Harry!" where the cries he would hear, then voldemort would speak.
"you can save them Harry, you know what to do" the cries would continue until he woke up covered in a cold sweat, his t-shirt stuck fast too his torso.
When he awoke he would sit and think about what he had to do.
"you have to leave them"
"but you need them"
"your putting them in danger!"
After many metal arguments Harry decided what he had to do.
"tap, tap, tap" the noise was coming from the window, across the room Harry Potter stirred in his sleep, the tapping noise slowly got louder until Harry jumped up and pulled out his wasnd, his reflexes were exceptional.
"Who's there" his voice was shaking.
'Who's there, show yourself" his voice grew in confidence.
"tap, tap, tap" it was coming from the window, Harry Located the noise and darted too the window and wrenched it open. A scruffy looking owl flew through the window and landed on the cabinet hooting, Hedwig opened her eyes and hooted back to acknowledge the other owl.
Harry crossed the room to the bird, presuming the owl was the new Weasley Owl, as Errol had done one journey too much, sending him a letter from Ron and Hermione trying to convince him to return too Hogwarts and to wait for them to pick him up, on several occasions he had scrunched up the parchment and tossed it into the corner.
Harry was hurt knowing that Ron and Hermione had got together and had not bothered telling him, which was blatantly obvious.
However as he untied the letter from the owls leg he noticed it was not their handwriting, yet it seemed strangely familiar, he pondered for several minutes about wether to open the letter, or not. But as the sender had written urgent on the front Harry felt that he had too.
Slowly and carefully Harry opened the letter it proved to be tricky as his fingers were num and he couldn't grasp the letter properly, eventually he began too read:

Dear Harry

It is of the upmost urgency that i ask you to listen to what i have to say, Dumbledpre died to protect you so did Sirius likewise with your parents, please think carefully before you decide too leave, i know what it is you have to do, Keep your friends close Harry, i may never see you again old friend, but i say it once more, you look just like your father but you have your mother's eyes. Remember this.


"How did he know... he will have told the others.... i have too leave"
As Remus's owl left a smaller owl zoomed through the window being weighed down by a letter as Harry was about to close the window. It was pigwidgeon. Harry wasted no time in opening this letter it plainly said "lupin has told us don't go nowhere we will pick you up tomorrow" it was Rons handwriting.
"Damn!, i need to go now" He sat down for one minute and tried to calm down and clear his mind, occlumency.
"I'm really crap at this" he thought tho himself.
Mustering the strength he stood up and started carelessly throwing his items into his trunk, it took him several minutes to pack everything away. When he had finished he noticed that he would not get far with his trunk as big as it was. He shrank it and put it into his robe pocket.
"I wonder if non-verbal spells can be registered" it didn't matter because he did not care.
Harry opened the door took one last look around around picked Hedwig up and dissapeared under his invisability cloak and made his way downstairs....
As he was about to leave the house he heard a quiet sobbing noise from the kitchen and then...
"You are leaving aren't you" came a dry voice from the darkness of the kitchen, Harry walhed through the Hallway and switched on the light, his aunt was sitting at the table a pile of used tissues were next to her.
Harry put Hedwig on the floor and took off his cloak and simply said.
"Yes i have to for everybody's sake" he stated
"do you have to"
"Yes i do"
He walked across the room and sat down at the table opposite his aunt.
" I never hated you Harry, not really, you just remind me of them, your parents, lily and James" Harry had never heard his aunt say there names, he was grateful.
"I loved your mother, but she left me alone and i hated her for it and i never said sorry so i took you in as repayment to your mother, i am sorry Harry" she said
"Did she just say sorry to me" Harry thought
"Before you leave, i want you too have this" it was a locket Gold locket with a Red orb shining in the middle.
"It was your mother's " said petunia.
Harry put the chain over his head and let the locket fall to his chest it was cold, yet at the same time it was warm, it was his mother's love rushing through him.
Harry stood up so did his aunt.
"I do love you petunia, it has just taken a while to show"
"I know Harry, maybe when it is over i will visit your parents grave" she kissed him on the cheek and he turned around picked up Hedwig and dissapeared under his cloak. He walked out of the house and down the road, his aunt had given him an idea he was going to live at Godric's Hollow.
He turned on the spot and muttered a single work "Goodbye" and with a loud crack he dissaparated leaving nothing but silence behind him.

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Chapter 2
Godric's Hollow

The Potters house, as did the Riddle house, had lain empty for a long time, sixteen years to be precise.
The old house once stood tall and strong, now it sat there in ruins, windows were smashed, roof tiles were shattered on the ground at the foot of the house, there was cracks in the path leading up to the front door and long twisting vines were crawling over the house.
It was an odd place, thats what the muggles said, whenever the youths of the village attempted to get near they would suddenly remember something urgent, but when they had returned home they had forgotten what it was.
Rumors said that it was haunted and those who did manage to get near were never seen again, this was nonsense of course and were spreaded by witches and wizards living in the area.
Tonight however something would happen that would give the village people plenty of gossip, the house would be restored mysteriously. (sp)
As Harry Potter stood infront of his home invisible to the naked eye, the sight of his home had released a tear from his eye, it slowly rolled down his cheek until it fell to the ground.
"No, i have to be strong"
He suddenly set off at a brisk walk, carefully dodging broken tiles and cracks in the pathway, right up to the front door.
"Ahhh!", as upon touching the door handle he felt a different kind of magic flow through him, it was Lord voldermorts anger and hatred the magic he had used to murder Harrys Parents.
However during the pain he had suffered he had managed top hold onto the door and turned the handle it was locked.
"of course, it wouldn't be left open would it" he muttered
Harry imagined with all his might about opening the door and then he turned the handle.
"It's open" he exclaimed out loud
"oh my god" he muttered under his breath, he had visited this house in his dreams many times, yet now it had changed so much, books and papers were spread all over the floor there was a thick layer of dust that had settled onto everything, the dust had aged the room by almost twenty years.
Even through all the damage the house looked peaceful.
"Well, i home" he said cracking a smile for the first time that week. He let Hedwig out of her cage and he enlarged his trunk.
"Well if I'm going to live here i better clean up"
'Scourgify" the thick layer of dust disappeared instantly, it seemed to Harry that the Ministry were no longer keeping tabs on under-age magic with what was happening, realising he had just done magic.
With one sweeping motion of his wand all the books and notes zoomed back to their position on the bookshelves, the rips in the sofa instantly closed and shattered ornament and photographs rejoined together.
Normally he would have found this spells hard as there was so much to do but he figured that his mother was helping him.
By the time he was happy with what he had done it was one o'clock in the morning, he walked over to the door and muttered "collopurtus"
the door sealed tight. it could be broken.
Tonight he didn't care, he was safe. He retired to his armchair and muttered "incendio" a roaring fire bust into light in the grate, it illuminated the room, as he relaxed his eyes found the bookshelf.
On one shelf sitting on its own stood a deep blue coloured book with the words "one hundred magical ways too protect your home inscribed in gold lettering. "Accio book" it soared gracefully into his outstretched hand.
The book turned out to be very interesting, he sat there reading it for nearly two hours and he had marked several pages for further investigation
He was reading a page that explained the fidelus charm when the words blurred and turned into dark black tiles, that over time were rusting.
"Where am i"
"you know where you are Harry" came a voice he feared to hear.
"no...no, it can't be...leave me alone!"
Suddenly Harry woke up, something had disturbed his sleep, he was very thankful, once again he was covered in a cold sweat.
There it was again, the noise, it was coming from outside.
"Who's there!" he glanced at the clock it was five o'clock in the afternoon, he had sleeping for nearly fourteen hours.
"Harry its me!, open up" came a shrill voice from outside.
"Oh shit, shes found me" it was Hermione
"How do i know it's you?" said Harry
"I don't know...ask me a question"
"OK then...um...i got it, what shape does your Patronus take?", he hoped he got the answer he was looking for.
"An Otter" she replied simply
Harry wrenched open the door and within a second Hermione had bounded straight to him pulling him into a tight hold, all the air was forced out of him.
"mione...can't...breath" he gasped
"Ooops, Sorry Harry" she said staring at Harry with a huge smile on her face.
"Whats up with you" he said whilst massaging his chest and looking worried about her facial expression.
"nothing...I'm...just...happy to see you...thats all" the smile had now vanished.
"So, how did you know i was here?, why aren't you at the burrow?, Why didn't you go home?" as soon as he said this she burst out crying.
"Oh god, I'm sorry, come here, it's just i did not expect anyone to find me" he said whilst stroking her hair, this cheered her up.
"Well then, where shall i begin" She said wiping away the tears.
"Why are you here, tell me that first" he said obviously thinking he was helping.
"Well" she began "you know i went back too the burrow with Ron"
"of course" harry butted in with a slight note of bitterness, she smiled at this.
"Well i had been there for about a four days, when me and Ron had an argument.
"Again" he interrupted
"Yes, it was about you, nothing bad" she added noticing the anger rising.
"I said i was worried about you, whereas Ron told me to shut up and that you would be alright.
He got it in his head that i fancied you and i was cheating on him with you" she could not read Harry's blank face, he just looked at her in silence so she continued.
"he dumped me, but said i could stay and wait for you to come if i wanted."
"I felt betrayed by him, nobody was speaking to me, so one night when every one had gone to bed i left and made my way to the dursleys"
"Hang on, i got a letter from Ron this last night saying they were going to collect me from the dursleys this morning because Lupin told you i was leaving"
"No letter arrived there when i was there Harry"
"So what took you so long too arrive at the Dursleys" Harry Said
"As i was saying i made my way to the Dursleys, i didn't know what it looked like, so couldn't apparate, i had too fly."
"How you don't own a broom" he began but she cut across him.
"I bought one during the week, it was on discount, a Nimbus 2000, i had a feeling i would be needing one"
"Anyway i found a map so i could fly to the Destination, it took several hours. By the time i had arrived i had started to enjoy it."
" I rang the doorbell and your aunt answered"
"You are a friend of Harry's aren't you?" she said
"Yes, i replied"
"He's left" she said looking quite upset.
"I began to cry, she then told me that you had gone to Godric's Hollow"
"She also said something else..."
"What did she say?" Harry butted in.
"She said to me that if i truly love you then i should not go to you"
"But how did she know?" She added outloud by mistake.
"Then she said not too go just wait and give you some time on your own"
"Your aunt, let me stay there for a few hours, i thanked her and left on my broom, i told her not too tell anyone else where you was."
Hermione looked up at Harry, his face could be read by anyone, he was confused.
"What is it Harry?"
"You said...that...how did she know you loved me" He said a little bit too quickly.
Harry looked up and Hermione was smiling at him, she got up and slowly walked towards him and sat down besides him and looked into his eyes, they were getting closer, he could see her tears clinging to her eye lashes. Eventually there lips met, after a few seconds Harry pulled away.
"Harry what is it...I'm sorry...i shouldn't have done that"
"No...it's just...what about Ron...i fell like I'm betraying him..."
"Listen...Harry...after we had finished he said that he always knew we would get together, he saw it years ago, he said that he would be happy for us us" she said blushing.
Hearing this, Harry's guilt vanished and he Lent back into Hermione who was waiting for him...
Several minutes later they had pulled apart, he couldn't believe what had just happened, it was nothing he had ever shared with Ginny, which was certainly something, but...Hermione was in a league of her own.

Chapter three: The Heir of Godric Gryffindor

When Hermione finally awoke on the couch she was alone, last night she and Harry talked for hours about past times until they had fallen asleep together.
She got up, and began to look around the house for Harry, she found him in the Kitchen sitting at the table reading some book, she crept up behind him and was about too cover his eyes when...
"Good Morning Hermione...i thought you were asleep, i heard you snoring" he said in a chirpy manner.
"How did you know, hang on, i don't snore!" she whacked him for his last comment.
"Sure, whatever you say" he said smiling, "i felt your presence, it soothed me, By the way i have placed the Fidelus charm on the house, as long as you are in between these four walls you are safe." he smiled at her got up walked around the table, he kissed Hermione and proceeded into the kitchen.
"Do you want Breakfast"
"Please" she replied, she had not eaten for a long time and hadn't realised how hungry she was.
"I was thinking about placing another enchantment on the house,take a look at the page."
After several minutes of reading and a few facual expressions she finally spoke up.
"Harry, this is really advanced magic you know" she told him as he brought her breakfast in.
"Don't worry, I've performed allot of complicated spells to get this place looking good, i can handle it."
"I know" she said at the same time as gulping down a throatfull of food, she had managed to dribble the sauce over her chin, Harry wiped it off her chin with his finger and smiled at Hermione.
Hermione got up and ran out of the room.
"Bloody Hell, Girls"
He picked up her plate and went to look for her and couple of minutes of searching he finally found her in the spare bedroom sitting on the bed crying.
"Hermione, my cooking's not that bad you know." this seemed to cheer her up a bit as he sat down beside her.
"I'm sorry...it's just when i think about us and then i think what you have to do, i get upset."
"I know, but you have to be strong... i love you Hermione, remember that"
"Harry...do you think that i could live here with you"
"Oh...okay...never mind...i shouldn't have said anything." she had begun to cry again.
"Hermione, i don't want you too ask because i want to offer" He began, Hermione had looked up to him.
Do you want to live here with me?" he was smiling now he already knew what she was going to say.
But what happened next was a blur to him because Hermione had jumped onto him squeezing the life out of him."Of course i do Harry"
"Mione...doing it...again...can't...breath...mione"
"I'm sorry Harry" she said as she got off him smiling.
"It doesn't matter, lets go downstairs i need to put that enchantment on."
They walked down the stairs and Harry went outside and was followed by Hermione.
"No, Hermione go back inside, no one can touch you there." Hermione smiled, turned on the spot and walked back into the house. She knew he loved her.
Harry pulled out the book from his robe pocket and began searching for the page he had found earlier, he memorised the spell and spoke them aloud.
The house began to glow brightly and a bubble appeared over the house and lowered its way down too the ground, upon reaching the floor it became invisible.
"Harry what did you do?" She inquired as Harry joined her at the sofa.
"I created an invisible barrier around the huse to repel all spells, i also added a bit of my own magic." he said smiling
"Why what did you do?"
"I implanted a barrier inside the bubble that does not allow anybody in unless they are invited, you can go outside now, if you want, please wear the cloak.
"alright, shall we go out now the house is safe" Hermione began.
"We need to go to Diagon Alley Harry"
"Well let me think...errr....well suspose we need money, what do you think" she said mocking him.
"...oh yeah..."
"Also you can take your apparition test whilst we are there."
"Okay then what are we waiting for, lets go"
Harry locked the door and left the house with just their wands and Harrys vault key. Harry had also stuffed his invisibility cloak into his robe pocket.
When they reached the end of the Garden path Harry realised something .
"How are we going to get there"
"Well, i guess you are going to have too aparrate us there"
"Why me"
"erm...because...i can't concentrate when i'm with you" her faced had turned Bright red, Ron would have been proud of her.
"Take my arm" he smiled at her as he pulled out his wand.
He looked up at Hermione closed his eyes a visualized Gringotts, the wizarding bank.
After a couple of seconds they began to spin and all the air was sucked out of him and with a loud crack they appeared in front of Gringotts, their appearance had caused a stir, several people were looking at them with dissaproving faces, occasionally throwing in comments such as "the boys got more important things to worry about than love, you-know-whos at large.
Harrys grip of Hermiones hand tightened.
"Ignore them Harry" her word soothed him and he felt himself relax without trying.
"Lets put the cloak on"
There was a lot more tuts after the crowd saw the "Chosen one" disappear under a cloak with some girl.
"We'll spend what money we've got on us now and then go to the bank"
"But i don't have any money Harry"
"Don't worry i have got plenty, and if i can't spoil the one i love, who can i spoil" Harry said proudly. Lately he realised he could say things around Hermione, deep emotional things and he would not get embarrassed.
"Oh Harry, you don't have to"
"Yes i do because i want to, so i will"
And with that the pair made there way up the street occasionally stopping into a shop to buy Hermione something.
"Harry, Thankyou so much, i don't know what to say"
"Don't worry about it, shall i apparate them home"
"That would be great." Hermione was laden with several gifts ranging from new robes and several books of course, but the one present she was most ecstatic about was the owl that Harry had bought her. She knew Harry had spent a fortune on her, she felt bad but she was enjoying the attention.
He apparated all the presents home including his invisibility cloak and with his arm around Hermione Harry led them up the marble stairs and into the bank.
"I would like to access my vault please"
"Your name and Key" the Goblin began
"Harry Potter...and...heres my key"
The Goblins eyes flashed towards harrys forehead but quickly flashed to the nearest free Goblin.
"Griphook!, get here and escort Mr Potter and his friend to his vault" Griphook was the Goblin who had took Harry into the vault the first time with Hagrid.
As Harry walked past the Kiosk he placed his short arm on Harrys shoulder.
"Mr Potter, this letter is to be passed onto you, please open it in your vault" Harry surveyed the Goblin for a second then strode past him through the doors and into the caverns.
He joined Hermione in the back of the cart which was waiting for him.
"Are you alright Harry' Hermione said grabbing his hand as the cart lurched forward.
"Yeah...i'm fine"
After many minutes of tilting and swerving the art finally reached its destination.
Harry carefully stepped over the gap and turned around to help Hermione across and together they walked to the door and inserted his key.
"You are to be left alone- i shall wait outside" the Goblin left the room and Hermione made top follow, Harry reached out and grabbed her arm.
"No...wait, i want you here"
"Okay I'll stay"
Harry looked up at his Gold even after six years of spending he still had a rather large pile of money of which mainly consisted of Galleons.
"Harry whats that letter"
"I don't know lets read it" they sat down in the corner of the room and began to read.

Dear Harry,

If you are reading this and are standing in your vault then i am sorry to say that i am no longer alive, at the moment i do not know why, this letter is to inform you of who you are.
You are Godric Gryffindors Heir and such is the reason of your wealth, what is in the vault is what i allowed to be present when you came to withdraw money.
should you wish to summon your wealth in your mind speak clearly these words "I Harry James Potter Heir of Godric Gryffindor return in the worlds hour of need."
Your money should appear and other items that i believe will interest you. Also you are probably not alone.

Your Friend
Albus Dumbledore

P.S Please return too Hogwarts we need to speak.

"What does that mean, we need to speak, he dead for Gods sake!"
"Harry does it matter you don't need him, you are the Heir of Gryffindor...speak the words"
He did as he was told and spoke the words clearly in his mind, suddenly there was a rumbling noise, the heat in the room was increasing, the room was growing in length. Red and Gold colours were coming through.
The greatly expanded room then began filling with money and was splitting down the middle creating a pathway, at the end of the pathway was a suit of armour.
It consisted of a Helmet with long Golden horse mane flowing down the back. A silver chest plate with a Red lion on the front symbolizing the House, there was also some Greaves and Faulds.
Amazed, Harry looked down at the letter again the letter was folded.

P.S.S Put the armour on and summon your sword.

"Herm, put some money in this bag" She wasted no time in filling the bag up with money.
"How am i going to fit into this, i'm not that muscular" he said reaching for his arm, his hand hit his arm before he thought it would, he looked down, his arms were allot bigger, he took off his shirt and...
"Herm, look"
"What is it Harry...Whoa!" a develish grin had appeared on her face.
"Later mione" he smiled putting his shirt back on.

"I have to put this armour on" it took them several minutes to get everything correct.
"My sword, where is it"
"You need to summon it Harry"
In his mind he clearly stated "I Harry James Potter summon the sword of Godric Gryffindor" He looked down at his sheath and saw a hilt with Red Rubies in sticking out.
He slowly placed his hand on the Hilt and pulled it out and looked along the length of the sword, it was dead straight. The sword shone brightly in the light, it looked like the weapon of a King.
The blood stains from five years ago had gone and no longer did it seem heavy.
He returned it too his sheath and looked up at Hermione, she was looking over his shoulder looking terrified.
Harry turned around lighting fast and pulled out his wand, he deflected his wand without even saying Protego.
"Well, well, well, if it isn't baby Harry potter all grown up i see" Harry recognised the voice it was Bellatrix Lestrang, she was alone.
"So you are the Heir of Gryffindor, the Dark Lord will be interested to know that.
"Petrificus Totalus" Harry screamed, the spell hit her and she keeled over, this alerted several more Death Eaters, because the next thing he knew the exit was blocked off by Five Death Eaters.
"So nice of you too join this little party, who's next" he said indicating to Bellatrix.
Five smiles vanished, at the same time they all raised there wands and shouted different curses.
Harry only managed to block four of the spells, the fifth one hit Hermione on her Chest, "NO!" she began screaming and shrieking until she eventually stopped.
The death Eater who had hit Hermione ordered the others to leave with Bellatrix, as soon as they had left he removed his mask, it was Lucius Malfoy.
"i am going to kill you Harry Potter, your parents are waiting!"
"Oh, kill me if you can, but heed this warning should you fail, i will kill you"
"You would not kill me"
"Lets see shall we"
Malfoy was looking worried, he had fired spell after spell at Harry, who flicked them away almost lazily.
"See you would not kill me, you can't even fight back, you are a coward, once again he attacked Hermione who was struggling to her feet.
"NO!", it was Harry's quick reflexes that allowed him too dive in front of the spell and take over half of it with the left side of his face, the small percentage left hit Hermione who crumpled to the ground.
"Ohhhh!" she exclaimed as she dropped.
Harry got up and looked at Malfoy he was laughing.
"Scared are you Potter"
"CRUCCIO!" Harry screamed, the curse hit him and was causing so much pain Harry poured all the hatred he could muster into it.
Eventually he pulled his wand away and walked over to Malfoy and crouched down beside him.
"I tried to warn you, now i shall kill you, Do not worry, your wife and son will be along soon."
"Goodbye" and with that he muttered "Avada Kedavra" the once arrogant and snobbish man lay there dead, Harry dragged his body out of the vault and to the edge of the platform.
Harry pushed him off, Malfoy was visible for only seconds before he vanished into the Abyss.
He ran back into the floor and dropped onto his knees and layed his head on her stomach.
"Hermione...wake up...i need you... please" tears were flowing from his face he didn't try to stop him.
He picked her up, he knew what he must do, St Mungos, she might be alive. He summoned away his wealth and left the vault.
He locked the door and changed the lock so only he could enter.
With his remaining strength he dissaparated in front of Gringotts, he did not know how he did it.
With a loud crack Harry appeared at the top of the marble stairs, he had been underground for over and hour and the sun stung his arms, the tears made it hard for him to see where he was going.
The Diagon Alley shoppers had noticed him and were gathering around him. He began to descend the steps, a slow clap emerged, he looked down at Hermione and could not contain himself, he began to cry again.
The crowds slow clap had turned into a cheer and people were shouting.
"The Heir of Godric Gryffindor returns-Hooray!" the crowd were laughing many were crying.
The crowds tears were Different too Harry's tears, he was crying for the one he loved and now presume dead. She made no movement as she hung limply in his arms.
He continued his slow walk up the hill to the Leaky Cauldron.
Meanwhile, a tall boy of seventeen with bright red hair was standing in Flourish and Blotts purchasing his new books for school, he would be returning with or without Harry and Hermione. He had not spoken to them for several days, he presumed they were together but he did not know where.
Eventually the noise of the crowd reached his ears, he hurriedly paid for his books and left the shop with the rest of the weasleys.
"What's going on Darling" a short plump woman asked her son.
"I don't know mom, the crowds have parted and someone is walking up the road.
After about a minute the figure came level with the Weasleys right at the end of the street, the crowds were merging and disappearing, but as the figure passed...
"Thats Hermione...whats wrong...who are you?" Ron shouted
His eyes lifting from the lifeless form of Hermione to the man carrying her, he saw a tall, stong and proud man carrying her in his arms, he was crying silently, the weasleys could not make out his face because of the helmet.
"Harry it's you isn't it" Said Mrs Weasley, everyone looked at her like she was mad, but then looked at the figure for confirmation.
The figure stopped and faced them slowly, he paused and then took off his helmet.
"Oh my God Harry!" Molly screamed, what they saw wa terrifying, half of his face was burnt and scarred, the girl still hung limply in his arms.
"Yes..it's me Molly"
"What happened Darling" she had begun to cry.
"I am slowly fading away, i have no time to explain" He gave the Weasleys one sweeping look reset his helmet and staggered into the Leaky Cauldron.
By the time Molly had burst in crying Harry had dissaparated







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Chapter eight: Meet the parents

Harry entered the house and found Hermione at the table with her parents who were smiling and looking very pleased about something.
"I'm home...Are you okay with the house." Harry asked the Grangers.
"Yes it is most satisfactory, please call us by our names." Jack told him, holding out his hand to Harry who grasped it politely.
"Hermione has told us everything about you, everything you have done since we were kidnapped, we already know the rest; the Philosephers stone, the Chamber of secrets, the Tri Wizard tournament and especially the Ministry where you managed to save yourself and five fellow companions." He said rather quickly. The next thing Harry knew all of the air was being squeezed out of him, he thought it was Molly at first but looked down to see Hermiones Mom holding on to him crying her eyes out..
"We owe you s-so much, after yo-you saved Hermione in your vault and ne-nearly died yourself!" she said stammering.
"It's okay, Hermione means allot to me." Harry said looking into jacks eyes.
"Harry, Hermione has told us that you are together, living together and of your plans." said Jack.
"I would be honoured to be the Heir of Godric Gryffindors father in law. When you have completed your quest i give you permission to Marry my daughter. I know Hermione said that you wanted my permission before you married. I can see that you are a true man." he said looking on at Harry with glee on his face.
"Now Harry Darling, tell us all about you, right from the begging." Diane asked looking up at Harry smiling.
"Well...i suppose Hermione has already told you that my parents died when i was a year old, i survived because of my mothers love...' Harry rambled on for several hours informing Hermiones parents about his life, occasionaly Hermione would chip, he told them everything up to the present day.
"Harry are you not scared of dying, you make it sound like another option." Jack asked him.
"There are many reasons why i do not fear death, shall i tell you."
"Yes i insist that you do." he replied
"Well firstly, i know that if i do die then my parents are waiting, and sirius and also Dumbledore. But the main view is that, maybe i was only born to serve this purpose and then i shall no longer be needed and perish when it is done. You see that is why i need Hermione, she gives me a reason to fight, a reason to live, in fact she is the reason that i wake up in the morning."
"I understand Harry, you are a great wizard, but i fear for your safety." It was Diane who spoke this time.
"Please don't, Tom can't touch me...or anybody i love. Now it's getting late, i shall make your room up."
An hour later the room was set up and everybody was sitting downstairs in the living room about to depart for bed.
"Where is Harry, Has he gone out." Diane asked curiously.
"He is in the garden, getting lost in his thoughts." Hermione said, finishing the dregs of her hot chocolate.
"Buts it tipping it down outside, look." Hermiones Mom replied looking shocked.
"Harry is a great thinker, he can make split second decisions that save peoples life. Look at him." The three of them look out of the Kitchen window at Harry, it was still light and the rain did not blur their vision.
"Whats he doing" Jack asked. Harry was standing still, feet apart hands behind his back. Eyes closed looking up into the sky, searching for clues, memories swirling around like in a pensieve, anything that could help him.
Harry had forgotten all about the Horcruxes...until he killed Nagini...the task was weighing him down.
"He is thinking...at Hogwarts at night time, he would climb the astronomy tower...the highest peak of the school, stand on the edge and think, sometimes for hours. He reminds me so much of Dumbledore." Hermione said sighing, she herself was lost in thought about Harry.
"Hermione!" Her dad shouted clicking his fingers in front of her face, she was daydreaming. Hermione clicked back into reality.
"Yes Dad what is it." She said composing herself.
"We are very happy for you" he said hugging her. " Now then wheres our room."
"This way Dad" She led them to their room and went back downstairs where Harry was waiting, he was waiting for Hermione so they could talk.
"Hey Harry" Hermione said looking up at him. "What do you think?"
"About what?" Harry asked looking puzzled
"My parents...they think you are brilliant...they are happy for us" she said all in one breath.
"They are great...i like them...they will be safe here."
"So...um...Harry, does this mean we only have to have two children?" she said inquiringly.
"Well thats up to you isn't it." he said smiling.
"Yes, i suppose so...anyway school tomorrow...are you going to be okay teaching."
"Yes, i have already got it all planned..."
The following day Harry went back to school and continued teaching, and then at lunch he visited Dumbledore's portrait.
"Ah, Hello Harry...how are you doing."Dumbledore said looking happy.
"I'm...okay...It's just...i don't know what do next...the Horcruxes."
"Yes Harry, you need to locate the next Horcruxe very soon, Voldermort is getting stronger...I suggest you look in your Fathers Study...there may be something there."Dumbledore said sharing his thoughts.
"Yes i will, anyway, how are you." Harry said changing the subject.
"well i suppose i'm okay, well okay as portraits go, it's very boring...i have just remembered something...how did you stop the killing curse at the Wedding?" Harry smiled, he had been waiting for this question from someone for several weeks.
"Well...i imagined creating a shield around Fleur, then i thought about it reflecting the spell back...and it worked." He said smiling.
"harry you really are a great wizard, you proved yourself in the Chamber with Voldermort." Dumbledore said looking very proud.
"Now your next lesson is starting very soon i suggest you go and get ready, you have the seventh years i believe...yes...what are you teaching them today." Dumbledore inquired.
"Occlumency, they are getting on very well." Harry told him getting up.
"Very well, you may go"
Harry left McGonagall's office and made his way to his classroom, upon entering he pushed all the tables to the side of the room and placed a Row of chair running parallel to them down the classroom on either side. It wasn't long before these chairs had been filled up and everybody was watching Harry.
"Now today, i shall attempt to teach you Occlumency...i never used to be able to do this...but now i reckon i can keep voldermort out of my head, several people cringed when they heard his name.
Slowly Harry worked his way through the class, many peoples mind could not resist the force of Harry's will.
"Imagine a strong barrier between me and your mind, a brick wall, a vault." Harry said helping Seamus to his feet. He had seen many memories and was sick of it, but he had to continue. Once the person had a go they could leave until it was just Ron and Hermione left.
"Now then you two are my best students, i want you to block me and try to enter my mind." Harry said hoping for a change.
"Are you sure Harry." Ron said looking nervous.
Ron went first and Harry had no trouble entering his mind, he saw flashes of a childhood, a happy one. Harry saw flashes of family dinners, games they had played together, Christmas and Birthday parties. It was then when Harry felt a pushing feeling inside of his mind, Ron was trying to break in.
Harry opened his eyes and saw that Ron was on the floor.
"Ron! Are you okay?" Harry said running over to him.
"I couldn't break in, you mind is to strong. It threw me backwards." Ron said gasping for air.
"Okay Ron, go to Madame Pomfrey and get a strengthening solution." Ron left and Harry turned to Hermione.
"You don't have to do this, you know" Harry said
"No, i want too, how else will i learn." Harry got Hermione ready and began.
It wasn't hard for Harry to break into her mind. He saw Hermione with her parents at a young age...at a funeral...it changed...she was on Holiday with her parents smiling...reading her Hogwarts letter for the first time...Harry lying in the Hospital Wing after saving the Philosepher stone...Harry after he fell off his broom, lying lifelessly on the bed...Harry in St Mungos's after the attack in the vault.
Harry heard someone say "No, your not seeing this" and suddenly the visions changed they were his own. He couldn't break away.
He saw himself being strangled by Vernon when he was a boy...his aunt hitting him with a frying pan after he tried to take the last slice of bacon...Vernon ripping up his Hogwarts letters...being locked in his room with bars on his window...blowing his aunt up...fighting voldermort, watching cedric die...seeing all his friends injured after the Ministry, the limp figure of Hermione...Ron swallowing poison...Hermione being tortured. All bad memories, suddenly the chain was broking Harry collapsed on the floor in heap and Hermione ran over to him.
"It's okay Harry...I'm sorry...i just wanted to see...i am sorry...Do you not have any happy memories?" She asked him crying, Harrys head on her lap.
"There is no room for Happy memories" and with that he fainted.
When Harry woke the floor was no longer hard, it was soft and warm.
"Where am i?" he asked
"You home Harry, it's the Holidays"
"What? It can't be there is still a week till Half-term."
"No Harry, you have been a sleep for a week."
Slowly Harry's eyes came back into focus and he was amazed at what he saw, there was a collection of people looking at him...Hermione, the entire Weasley Family and Hermiones Parents all smiling at him...even Ginny.

"Welcome back Harry" said Mrs Weasley hugging him tightly.
"Whats going on?" Harry asked nervously something wasn't right.
"Everybody is here to see if you are okay"
"I'm fine, should i not be.?" Harry asked losing his patience
"No of course not, we've just missed you."
"Okay then, let me change." Everybody left apart from Hermione who sat there watching him.
"Harry i think you should speak to Ginny" Hermione said stiffly.
"Why? she doesn't matter anymore"
"I know but she deserves an explanation, she needs to accept it."
"Fine...she will probably blank me anyhow" Hermione helped Harry get dressed and then helped him down the stairs, when they entered the Kitchen Harry realised what was going on. It was another Order meeting.
"Ah Harry you're here, lets begin." Said Kingsley Shacklebolt
"What is the problem" Harry said very annoyed
"Well..." began Arthur "there is a big problem...you see...we know about the Horcruxes...Dumbledores portrait informed us...and we can't help until you tell us what they are." he said finishing
"and how is that a problem"Harry said stubbornly
"Well we want to help...the quicker we destroy them...the quicker you can kill voldermort." he said proudly
Harry debated for several minutes about wether to tell them but he realise they were right.
Harry sighed."Okay then...well you know what they do...Dumbledore reckons that there is something of Hufflepuffs, presumably the cup, then something of either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, something of Slytherin and possibly Nagini. I have already destroyed Nagini and Toms Diary whereas Dumbledore destroyed the Gaunts Ring."
"Where shall we start Harry?" asked Tonks.
"i don't know where they are...i suppose i could check the Chamber of Secrets -"
"No! Harry i don't want you going back in there again!" Mrs Weasley shouted.
"Molly, if it is what he needs to do then he has to!" Arthur replied
"Yes i suppose so...be careful Harry." Harry nodded at her.
"Does anybody else know where one might be" Harry looked up and down the bench, they were all looking down thinking.
Ginny raised her hand. "Yes Ginny?" Harry said slowly.
"I think i know where another one is -" Harry quickly read her mind. "Of course" he said to himself, but he did not know.
"But first i want to jo-" she began but Harry interrupted.
"No Ginny i can't let you join, i care too much about you" Harry said sighing
"Why not, you are only a year older than me and you are the head...i was there in the Ministry...i know how to fight." she said tears streaming down her face.
"Ginny! For Gods Sake, pull yourself together...you don't understand do you...You think you can take on the Death Eaters because you fought several of them last summer...well your wrong...its not like throwing jinxses at each other...these spells kill you...every move could be your last...i fought Voldermort three times...every time he has tried to kill me...two times was thanks to luck but know i can beat him...he can kill anyone in this room...thats why i have to do it alone...you all mean to much to me."
Ginny was persistent and would not give up."What about Ron and Hermione you are letting them go!" she screeched at him.
"I know! It's because they are to stuck up to listen to me...I've tried to tell them they can't go...even i can't say i will live through this...I only hope that something happens to me for them to change there mind...i have to do this alone...it is my battle and i can't let nobody else die...This meeting is over!" Harry walked out of the house and into the garden. Several of the women inside were crying the men just sat there silently. The Grangers were comforting Hermione and Mrs Weasley was comforting Ginny.
"I think Harry will not live through this...he can not go alone" Kingsly said.
"Harry is not alone, i shall fight beside him" Ron spoke for the first time, getting up and following Harry outside.
"And me..." Hermione said stammering. She also followed suit.
The rest of the Order looked on dumbstruck until Arthur spoke up.
"Harry will protect them...we must have faith...he has to go alone."
Meanwhile outside Harry was kneeling in front of his parents grave crying. Totally un-aware of Ron and Hermione standing behind him listening to him.
"I will see you soon...very soon...i have to go to Grimmauld Palace...the Locket" He said un-aware people were listening.
Harry disaparated and was shortly followed by Ron and Hermione.

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1) next chapter
2) possibly luna when they return from holiday
3) More is to come from Ginny/ Dean probably hates ginny so maybe not
4) There will be a chapter at the end possibly talking about it and possibly kids
5) fairly hard...the ideas just pop into my head and i can't help myself but write them down. the next chapter i have already half typed up in the last hour and half

Chapter nine

The silent courtyard was filled with a loud crack, the pigeons that were aimlessly wandering around kicked off into the air kicking up a trail of dust that with the help of the wind blew across the yard. The houses in the area were all uninhabited thanks to Dumbledore who had moved them on. Silence.
As Harry took a step towards Grimauld place there was another loud crack, Harry turned around to see Hermione charging at him her hair trailing behind.
"Don't you ever -" she slapped very hard on the face. "leave me again Potter" Harry smiled his cheek red raw.
"I'm sorry did that hurt?" she asked laughing
"Yes -" he picked her up and swung her around and then Lent down and kissed her...when they had finished Hermione was looking very flustered.
"I didn't think you were going to come." Harry said smiling, Hermione was still in a daze.
"hem..hem" for a moment Harry thought Umbridge was here so he spun around and pulled his wand out and pointed it at the culprit.
"Whoa...mate it's me -" Ron said looking very worried at the wand pointing at is chest.
"I just thought that you might like to get a move on and save that sort of stuff for the bedroom." they next thing Ron knew Harry and Hermione were laughing at him.
"Honestly R-Ron your face...i thought you ad crapped yourself for a moment then." they were rolling around laughing there heads off.
"Yeh-yeh very funny, come on lets get inside." Harry led them up to the front door, visualised the words that were on the paper two years ago and spoke them inside his head.
When Harry opened his eyes the house was sitting there very snug, the empty houses had been shifted across, even if anybody was i there they would not have felt it anyhow. Harry pushed the door open and entered.
The house was not how they had left it, the dust that was there the first time had been replaced, Harry also noticed that most of the cabinets were full again and he immediately darted to the cabinet where Ginny had found the locket.
"It's not here, that little...Kreacher must have hid it!" Harry said shouting. But then he was rivalled Sirius's Mother had woken and began screaming.
"BACK AGAIN! - HALF-BREEDS!, MUDBLOODS!, BLOOD TRAITORS!, FOULING THE HOME OF MY ANCESTORS!" she ranted on for several minutes, as much as they tried they three of them could not close the curtains.
"Silencio" Harry said relieved as the noise had finally gone.
"I need to get her off the wall...for Sirius." Harry said thinking about how he was going to do this.
"I have it...move over there" he told Ron and Hermione pointing to the opposite side of the room.
"Harry! What are you going to do?" Ron asked looking very nervous.
"You'll see" Harry mustered his strength and pointed his wand at the portrait, the womans face looked scarred and horrified.
"REDUCTO!" harry said aiming for the portrait, it had an immediate success. Where the frame once stood there was a hole.
Harry looked through the hole to see the portrait, it was at the other end of the room in the next house. Smiling he brought his head back into Grimauld Place.
"Harry what about the hole?" Hermione said looking shocked that Harry had blown a hole in the wall.
"Ah, yes" Harry took a step bake and waved his wand. He conjured a wall out of nowhere that fitted perfectly into the gap.
"I have had an idea" Harry exclaimed "This is my house...which means...Hermione would your parents like to live here if i made it proper nice?" Harry said looking delighted.
"Why?' she said worried by Harry's face expressions.
"It's just we haven't had much time to ourselves recently." Hermione started grinning.
"Whoa...information overload" said Ron walking out of the room.
"Well they always talked about buying a bigger house...i reckon they would love it."
"Brilliant...well it's time for you to go to bed, we can stay here for the night, it will be a long day tomorrow."
"Okay...Goodnight Harry..."she walked over to him and kissed him before she made her way upstairs to her bedroom.
"Hey Ron!..." Harry shouted he had disappeared somewhere.
"ot ou want" he said reappearing in the doorway his mouth full of food.
"Bed Now!" Ron looked at Harry then stuffed the rest of his sandwhich into his gob.
"ight" he said mouth full of food, he then climbed the staircase to his room.
Harry was not tired so he thought he would tidy the room up a bit.
"Scourgify!" the layers of dust disappeared to reveal a mouldy carpet. Harry closed his eyes and flicked his wand. When he had reopened his eyes he saw that not only had the carpet changed so had the rest of the room.
The fire place was filled with a roaring fire, the carpet was a blood red colour and the walls were white.Above the fire there was a huge Lion painted red filling up most of the space. Harry hadn't noticed until he closely examined the Lion that there were photo frames on the walls. Most of them containing Hermione or her parents.
"Wow! thats a different style of cleaning for you"he said to himself. The thought of cleaning made him think of Kreacher so he called out his name.
"Kreacher!" with a loud crack the elf appeared in front of him wearing the same rags that he had worn when they first met.
"Master called! the muggle lover" he added quietly. Harry ignored him.
"Where is the Locket Kreacher, Slytherin's locket, i know you took it." Harry said slowly
"Master talks no sense, poor Kreacher" he replied without even looking at Harry.
"Kreacher this is an order, give me the locket now, you are not what so ever to try and swap the locket, or replace it, or do anything, do you understand." He stood there for several seconds before speaking.
"Master is clever thinks of everything, Kreacher will get the locket...yes good Kreacher." and with that he disappeared.
It was about ten minutes later when the elf finally reappeared holding the locket in his hand.
"Master wants locket...good Kreacher gets it for him" Harry heard him mumble something else after, it wasn't very pleasant.
Harry looked at him and on sight thought of something else.
"Kreacher you are not allowed to try a nd steal this back...or switch it with something else...or anything" harry said hoping there was no back door Kreacher could use to bypass what Harry had said.
"Clever master...always thinking ahead."
"Okay, now go back to Hogwarts.' Harry felt very pleased, not bad for nights work he thought.
Harry decided it was time for bed so he made his way up the staircase to the Master Bedroom which was very dusty also, he cleaned it up and made some similar changes like downstairs. Once he had opened his eyes the four poster with silk curtains bed was allot bigger, a window was put in to make the room seem larger than it already was.
He did not have any energy to change so he hopped into bed and allowed his tiredness to consume him.
"Harry- Harry wake up" someone was prodding him.
"Wuzzgoinon, i'm a sleep, leave me alone." He ever it was had just gotten into his bed. Harry woke up instantly.
"Herm- what you doing"
"I was lonely and couldn't stop thinking about you...and you said we hadn't had any quality time...so here i am." Harry was definitely wide awake now.
Hermione rolled on top of Harry and looked into his eyes."I love you Harry, never forget that." she was about to continue but Harry pushed her over and rolled on top of her. "I love you Hermione, never forget that."
When Harry awoke he suddenly realised why he was wearing less clothes than he remembered wearing.
"Bloody hell" he thought to himself. Hermione was not there she must be downstairs.
Harry made his way downstairs and located Hermione in the Kitchen eating toast. He walked in and kissed her on the neck.
"Good night?" he inquired
"It was the best" she said her face full of glee.
"Funny that, i don't remember much of it." he said running his hands through his hair. Smiling.
"Don't remember what...you never...do you reckon they will call me uncle?" Ron said finally getting out of his bed and joining them.
"They might do, we will have to wait and see." Harry said laughing, Hermione by the looks of it did not approve.
"Anyway" Harry said managing to control himself. He placed the locket on the table. Both Ron and Hermione gasped, Ron shot food everywhere.
"I've got it, Kreacher had it, i made him get it." Harry said very pleased for himself.
"Hold on a minute" Ron said looking around the room. "It's changed"
"Yes, i am going to offer the house to Jack and Diane, i don't need it." Harry said.
"Well" said Harry "it's the last day of the Holidays, we can either go back to mine to find out how to destroy this or we can go back to the Burrow and play Quiditch. Personally i vote Quiditch" said Harry. Hermione left muttering something about boys and Quiditch.
When Hermione had finally got dressed they made there way to the Burrow. Where Mrs weasley was anxiously waiting for Ron to return home. when she saw them she ran out of the room in her pink dressing gown and fluffy slippers and each in their turn hugged them, whilst squeezing the air out of them.
"Was it hard work" she asked them leading them to the kitchen where she was preparing a meal
"Oh yes, very hard work" Harry looked at Hermione who smiled at his joke. Ron shook his head violently.
"So did you get it" Mrs Weasley inquired. Harry pulled the locket out of his pocket and showed it to her, at the same time Ginny entered the room, saw what Harry had and stormed back out.

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Hr parents moving in to GP

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quiditch match GvsH/R/S dementors attack hundreds of them Hayyr saves everyone (yeh)

erm... room of requirement (Horcruxe/ something of Ravenclaws perhaps)

Ron gets off with pansy parkinson (only joking...no seriously...only joking) Luna?

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1) harry and ginny talk- she understands y he doesnt want her nemore
2)hermione is still thinking about how harry is supposed to die for the one he loves
3)luna asks ron out, he agrees, and she comes along with harry, hermione, and ron to find the horcruxes
4)ginny asks neville out, he says, "Wow, ummm.... sure ginny, i'd luv to."
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new spells:
evera dominestucus prolobob= the forgotten language
toshettia henbog tosanomina= the forgotten language
yedgnat= push spell
carpe retractum= pull spell
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the forgotten language spells could be used for revealing horcruxes when there. lust 2 let u its actually latin, i used google translator because i couldn't think any off the top of my head.

am i right in thinking that the carpe retractum spell is from the third harry potter game.

some ideas for the use of the other spell?

push spell could do what expelliarmus does without losing the wand bit.

ya carpe retractum wuz in the third harry potter game i looked it up
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more forgotten language:
diestfact guanomentio shavanevomeravenom
oarteghettocola crunxhavascent
more spells:
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Quiditch match/ dementors
Harry/Dumbledore convo
Harry goes back to office ginny there
Hr parents move in at the end.

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harry/giiny situation is what i was thinkin hermione catches them. and harry uses a pensieve to show her what happened

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"Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the chosen one. Harry and his scar. We shall remember.

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He stood there looking at them with a stern face, most of them were applauding, Girls were crying, normally he would have rushed up to the top table, but now he strolled up to the top and passed around the side. Hagrid beamed at him, Harry made his way to McGonagall, and he bent towards her and whispered something in her ear. McGonagall looked at Hermione, which was returned with a rather curious facial expression. McGonagall nodded and Harry smiled. Harry held up his wand and disaparated there were many gasps and talking broke out.
y did mcgonagall look at hermione?
It wasn't hard for Harry to break into her mind. He saw Hermione with her parents at a young age...at a funeral...it changed...she was on Holiday with her parents smiling...reading her Hogwarts letter for the first time...Harry lying in the Hospital Wing after saving the Philosepher stone...Harry after he fell off his broom, lying lifelessly on the bed...Harry in St Mungos's after the attack in the vault.
Harry heard someone say "No, your not seeing this" and suddenly the visions changed they were his own. He couldn't break away.
wut wud hermione not let harry see?

more forgotten language:
hartabenfaged granhascientta
yunmuttruscurse deaghighjube
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Well here goes, first part of chapter ten...hope u enjoy

Chapter ten: in two minds

"Welcome ladies and Gentleman! to the first Quiditch mathe of the Season, Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw!" Rang Seamus's voice threw the stands. Harry had returned to school, the day before he spent a joyous afternoon playing Quiditch with his friends. except Ginny.
Harry now being a teacher could not play so he sat in the staff box next to Professor McGonagall and Professor Slughorn in front munching away on some sort of delicacy. Harry had invited Hermione to join him as he did not really want to stop and talk to any other of the teachers.
"Out come the players...Gryffindor led out by Captain Ronald Weasley...Keeper for the third year" a chorus of Weasley is our King rang through the stadium. "Out comes the rest of the team...Weasley as the seeker...Roberts, Thomas and Robbins the chasers and finally the beaters...Kirk and cootes." the team recieved an outstanding avation, most of these players had not been there but Gryffindor had won the Cup for the last two years in a row.
"Out comes the Ravenclaw team...Ravenclaw Captain Micheal Corner, it's his first year of captaincy, the stadium rang with boos. followed by the seeker Bradley, the chasers Hutt, croft and Hughes and finally the beaters peech and Davis.
"The teams walk out to the middle of the park and mount their brooms...theres the whistle...they are off!" Seamus said beginning the match comentry.
"The Quaffle is seized by Roberts who plays it to Robbins who shoots towards the goal...Brilliant tackle by the Ravenclaw chaser Hutt. Who is then hit by a bludger and is picked up by Thomas who throws it to Robbins who reverse passes it...Thomas has dodged one...two...three...he is one on one with the keeper...he squares it to Roberts who catches and throws threw the ring...the keeper was left floating!" The game raged on an Gryffindor managed to secure a lead of 110-70. "Brilliant save by Ron Weasley in the goal...one of many this game...he will surely be remembered as one of the best keepers to play for Gryffindor!" the whole crowd noticed Ron turn Bright red, not because of nerves but for being proud with himself. After that he managed to save every shot until the Seekers erupted into a daring battle.
"And the seekers have seen the snitch...yes there it is." Seamus shouted the rest of the teams had turned to watch, if Bradley caught it they would tie the match as it was 220-70 to Gryffindor.
"Weasley is in front but Bradley is right on her tail...he is leveling with her...but Ginny puts on a burst of speed...so does Bradley...they are neck and neck...the snitch turns and Ginny rolls over Bradley and catches it in her outstretched hand...gryffindors wins...wait...no...no...look...DEMENTORS!" Seamus shouted pointing to the sky, Hundreds of Dementors were gliding towards the pitch less than a mile away.
The whole school erupted in fear, Girls were screaming and running...several ex-Da members had pulled out their wands waiting.
"Harry do something!" Hermione yelled.
Harry grabbed the Micro phone and started shouting.
"Nobody move! Stay exactly where you are! Now!" the whole school looked up to the staff box. They saw Harry standing on the edge with his wand pulled out...the cold came first, chilling the insides, many people collapsed...then the rattling noise...they were getting closer. "Harry now!" Hermione shouted.
Harry looked at her..."EXPECTO SHIELDUS!" Harry screamed thinking of Hermione...a ray of light burst out of his wand, Harry soared into the air and held his wand up high, the light began to form a bubble...just like it had done at his house, the edges descended over the Quiditch field creating a Dome.
Harry hoped everyone was inside the bubble...the Dementors finally arrived, unable to see the shield and then they attacked...the first few rows smashed into the shield vanishing upon impact. They were coming from all directions.
Harry could feel himself being drained...he felt icy cold inside...he knew the school depended on him so he held on.
Eventually the last few Dementors flew away to scared to face the shield which had not been weakened. Once they had all gone he released the shield and slowly floated to the bottom. Once he hit the floor he blacked out for several seconds.
When he woke up he thought he was floating, he thought he was dead. But when he looked around there were people holding him up...hundreds of people surrounding him cheering and shouting. He blacked out again.
"Harry...Harry wake up!" Hermione was prodding him. "the Headmaster wants to see you" again she prodded him. Harry had been lying in the Hospital wing for several hours and then began to stir.
"What does he want? Am i in trouble?" he asked groggily.
"Don't be silly...you're a hero!" she said ecstatically.
Eventually they arrived at the Headmistress's office where Dumbledore was waiting. Hermione had left to find Ron who had disappeared.
"Ah Harry...you have woken...how are you feeling?" he asked gently.
"Never better...just tired." he said yawning.
"It is to be expected...you just defended the school and all it's pupils from over one hundred Dementors...most of them no longer exist...it has been decided that yourself shall be awarded a trophy for special services to the school...you can have your own cabinet now...two special services the tri wizard cup and a Order of Merlin first class" he said smiling
"Order of- your joking...right." Harry said gob smacked
"The Ministry has deemed it fit to be awarded to you!" Dumbledore replied looking very proud of Harry.
"Now Harry...i have one question...recently you have been inventing your own spells...how?" He said intrigued.
"I don't know sir...i think of something...then say the spell and it...just works" Harry said
"Harry you are a very powerful wizard...i believe the time is arriving for you to defeat Voldermort." Dumbledore said looking concerned.
"Voldermort...i have his locket!" Harry suddenly remembered. Placing it on the table.
"How do i destroy it?"
"Speak the following words Harry...'toshettia henbog tosanomina'..." Harry repeated the wands and pointed his wand at the Locket. it raised into the air and was engulfed in Flames, slowly the locket disintegrated leaving a pile of ash on the table. Harry pointed his wand at it, then it vanished
"Harry you must now go and work on the next Horcruxe which i believe is in the Room of Requirement...think of ideas to say before you go." Dumbledore said dismissing Harry.
"Thankyou Sir, i will" Harry made his way out of the office and to his office. When he entered his office Ginny was waiting for him looking nervous.
"Harry!" she exclaimed as he walked in. "We need to talk!"
"I have been trying to talk to you for ages." Harry said rather rudely.
"Yes i know...I'm sorry...i understand...it's just...i thought we had something...but i can see that what you and Hermione have is stronger" she said looking at her feet.
"Have you made up with Hermione yet...she is very upset." Harry said looking at her.
"No...but i will...i wanted to see you first Harry...i want us to be friends...i want to go with you to find the next Horcruxe."
"No" Harry said suddenly "it is to Dangerous." he continued.
"I don't care...i want to fight with you...even if that is all we have..." She said looking at Harry for the first time.
They sat there in silence until Harry spoke up. "I will think about it" he said plainly.
"Thankyou Harry" she said getting up. She Lent over his desk and kissed him on the cheek.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Hermione screeched just entering the room at the same time Ginny kissed Harry.
Herm, its not what it looks like, she was going...Ginny Go!" Harrys shouted. Hermione walked out of the room.
"HERM! Get here now!" after a couple of seconds she reappeared.
"Prove it" she whispered. Harry wondered how he could prove it then the pensieve came into his mind.
He conjured a Pensieve and extracted the memory out of his head and placed it in the dish.
"Ladies first" he said annoyed she had not believed him. Hermione cautiously walked over to the pensieve and looked at Harry. He pointed at the pensieve without looking at her. She slowly bent over the desk and felt her nose break the cool waves of Harry's memory. Then she was sucked in. Harry sighed and followed suit.

When Harry entered his saw Hermione and saw that all her attention was on what was happening once again Harry sighed and crossed the room and sat down on a chair looking mildly interested.
"I don't care...i want to fight with you...even if that is all we have..." the memory repeated.
"I will think about it" Harry's memory replied.
"Thankyou Harry" and for a second time Ginny kissed him on the cheek, the Harry watching was picking his finger nails waiting for Hermione.
"Harry?" he walked over to her and put his arm under her elbow they began to raise and then they were thrown back out of the pensieve.
Hermione landed in a heap on the floor, she looked up and Harry was sitting at his desk. He opened his mouth to speak then he closed it.
"Harry? I'm so sorry...i didn't realise!" she said sobbing.
"You should have trusted me...i love you...haven't i proved that...or is it not enough...eh...come on...what?"
"Ha-Harry...I'm pregnant...Harry?!"
"should have truste- what! your what? pregnant? oh my god...thats Brilliant...fantastic...I'm gonna be a Dad" he picked Hermione up and swung her around. He suddenly stopped. "your Dad...he will kill me...hes gonna kill me...I'm dead...what do i do...what do i do" he said pacing again.
He picked hermione up and kissed her "I GONNA BE A DAD!" he screamed
"I have to finish Tom off then we have to get married before the baby is born...baby...i gonna be a Dad!" Harry said.

rest of chap 11 thought i might as well put it on

Part two
"Should we tell Ron, he has a right to know?" Hermione asked looking up at Harry who was Hugging her.
"No...not yet...anyway shall we go and find him?" Harry said pulling out the Marauders map.
"Ah..." Harry said smiling. "He's in the Broom cupboard...and he's not alone...Luna" Harry smiled.
"Come on lets get them...come on" Hermione insisted. She led them outside to the Cupboard next to the field.
They sneaked up to the Cupboard and peeked in and swung the door open.
"ER...What are you doing!" Hermione screeched giving the impression of a first year. Outside Harry was on the floor laughing his head off. His fist pounding the floor his eyes watering.
"Ha...Ha...Very funny" Ron said his ears turning very red, Luna just smiled.
"Come on Ronald" and she led him away.
"Don't forget Ron, we know where you are" he said managing to compose himself.
"Harry come on lets go for a broom ride" she said looking longingly across to the pitch.
"Separate or together." he said smiling conjuring up his own broom.
"Together" she said climbing on. Harry kicked hard off the ground and shot into the resting his head on Hermione's shoulder, she turned around and kissed him.
"Whoa!" the broom dropped several metres "Lost control for a second there" he said smiling.
They carried on flying weaving in and out of the towers occasionally swooping down on unsuspecting students crossing the bridges or in front of the castle. as they made there way back to the cupboard they passed the headmistresses office where Dumbledore spoke.
"Love Harry, Love" he mumbled.
"what do you mean Albus" asked another portrait.
"Harry is ready to defeat him, he has had great news." he smiled certain of what it was.
The weekend couldn't of come any sooner in Harry's opinion, he wanted to go into Hogsmeade and buy her some presents for the baby. But Hermione insisted that it was to early and that people would ask questions.
So instead they decided to help Jack and Diane move into Grimauld Place, well they had to find out first.
"Jack, Diane...i have heard they you are hoping to buy a new house, somewhere bigger."
"Yes Harry...but funds are low." Jack replied looking very sad.
"I have a solution and would be delighted if you accepted. You can have Grimauld Place, i have refurbished it, it looks brilliant."
"Harry we couldn't-" Diane began to protest.
"I insist, it's my way of saying thankyou." Harry said beaming at Hermione.
"For what...is something going on" Jack replied, eyes flicking to Harry and Hermione.
"For bringing Hermione into my life." Harry said still gazing at Hermione.
"Something is going on...spit it out...now Harry!" Harry looked at Hermione who slowly nodded.
"Jack...Diane...you are going to be...Grandparents"
"YOU WHAT! SHE"S NOT! MY LITTLE GIRL IS - PREGNANT!" with that he collapsed into his chair.
"Get him a brandy would you Harry" said Diane Smiling.
Harry conjured a glass of brandy and offered it to Jack, he took it, his hand was shaking violently, his spilt mot of it down his top before it got to his mouth.
"Congratulations Dear!" diane said to Harry hugging him then pulling Hermione away into the living room shortly followed by allot of giggling. Harry dreaded to think what they were talking about.
"Jack? are you okay?" Harry asked sitting down opposite him.
"Yes Harry, i have just had a weird dream, you told me Hermione was pregnant and i was going to be a Granddad...which is just fantastic...but it can't be true because you haven't..." He stopped and looked at Harry.
"It's true isn't it?" Jack sighed.
"Your lucky i' not one of those guys who would normally lash out...Congratulations...Dad!" Jack said running into the living room to find Hermione.
The following day the four of them stood outside Grimauld Place ready to enter. Today it was no stranger than normal there was still that eerie silence and the dust that rolled along the ground. Nobody was in sight.
"Let's go in" Harry said glancing over his shoulder. The entered the house and Harry closed the door behind them.
"Well here we go feel free to have a look around." Jack and Diane climbed the stairs and began to look around Harry sat down on the sofa and Hermione lay against him.
"This is a brilliant idea Harry" she said looking up to him her head resting on his chest.
"I know...we can have some peace and quiet for a change." he said smiling.
"Harry...tell me that you are never going to leave me." Hermione said, after hearing what he had said about him dying she was unsure about what was going to happen.
Harry thought about it for a second...he knew he couldn't guarantee it but.
"I will never leave you Hermione...never...i will always be in your heart." he said
"Harry...tell me what you mean when you say you know that you are going to die." she said, she had to know the truth.
He considered not telling her but he felt he had to.
"I have seen my death...i die in your arms...i kill voldermort but the energy used kills me" a tear trickled down his face "i can't let it happen Hermione...i can't" Harry said wiping away the tears.
"You can change your future Harry, use your love...you are going to be a Dad...that will help you survive." she said, she herself was now crying. She heard her parents coming downstairs so she wiped her face and sat up.
"Harry, this house is Brilliant...when can we move in." they smiled.
Harry waved his wand, all of their possessions appeared out of nowhere and piled themselves up in the corner. "Now if you like, then we will leave you so you can settle in."
"Okay then we will move in now, so how do we get in the house."
"Well...you know all the spells i placed on my home...then are on hear...the only people who can get in the perimeter of the house are the names of these people...the house will reflect all spells and to get in just speak in your mind. 'The home of the Grangers can be found at Grimauld place' and the door will appear...well we better be going school tomorrow." and with that they Left the house and disaparated home.

Chapter eleven: Ravenclaws Wand

They next few weeks seemed to fly by for Harry, he had composed several ideas for what to say for entry of the room of requirement. He had came up with endless possibilities and he didn't know where to start. Hermione was for the first time no use to Harry, nor was anybody else as he was speaking a language once used by Godric Gryffindor which for no reason Harry seemed to know.
He spent many hours standing outside of the room attempting in vain to try and get in. After many attempts he simply gave up.
and now the start of the winter was arriving, the students gathered more inside the school as it was to bitter to stand around speaking to a brick wall. Harry had been labelled mad many a time, but this would top it, if anyone found out.
Hermione had joined him in his office on the Sunday morning, she looked annoyed.
"Harry haven't you figured it out yet?" she said impatiently.
"No...nothing works." he said trying to remember anything that might possibly help him.
"Well...this may sound...a bit...silly -" she began.
"What..." Harry interrupted eager for ideas.
"Well...you could try...telling the wall who you are...and to open up!" she said nervously.
"Hermione...that...might...just work" he stood up and kissed her. He went into his trunk and pulled out his invisibility cloak.
"See you in a bit" he darted out of the room. Hermione waited a minute and pulled out an object looking vaguely familiar, she adjusted it and put it back in the cloak.
Twenty minutes later Harry was preparing to start. He waited until it cleared of people then he began his move.
"I Harry Potter order you to reveal the Horcruxe." he spoke aloud in his mind. Nothing happened.
"Try speaking Gryffindors language." a little voice said in his mind. So he tried that instead.
"hartabenfaged granhascientta yunmuttruscurse deaghighjube" he said walking past the wall three times with his eyes. He opened them and standing in front of him was a huge golden door with red marking around it.
"Maybe Gryffindor made this place" Harry said aloud.
"Yes maybe he did...you took your time though didn't you" came a cool voice he instantly recognised as Ginny.
"Oh no...don't think for one second that you are coming." Harry said noticing Neville and Luna standing behind her with Ron and Hermione.
"Don't you dare think for a second your stopping us" she said pulling out his wand."Don't make me curse you Harry...were coming thats that." she said.
"Ginny you wouldn't attack me...and it's too dangerous." Ginny huffed. "I wouldn't - Furnunculus!" she shouted. Harry just stood there it bounced right off him.
"Come on Gin, i thought you were better than that." and with that he walked into the room, hoping they took the hint.
The sight his saw made his eyes swirl in there sockets, it was an enormous chamber...larger than the great hall...and was filled with another giant maze...the same height as a the tri wizard tournament maze...Harry did not wish to think what was in there.
"Wow it's massive...what do you think is in there." came a voice from behind him.
"I don't know - Hey, get out now...i nearly died in the last maze and voldermorts made this one...it will be harder."
"We don't care we are coming whether you like it or not." There was only one thing for it. Harry dashed inside the maze and stopped at the entrance. He turned around and pointed his wand at the Hedges...which closed inwards blocking off the path.
Harry sighed and continued down the path.
"HARRY POTTER!" somebody screeched. "REDUCTO!" she shouted. the hedge was blasted to pieces, revealing an annoyed Hermione her hair crackling like electricity. Standing there with her wand pointing at him.
"We are coming with you!" she said taking a step forward.
"Do what you like" Harry said turned on his heel and strode further into the maze. Hermione nodded and the others followed.
"Wait up Harry!" they shouted running after him.
"Duck!" he shouted, a Dragon flew straight at them flashing it's claws, on his first swoop he was unlucky and missed. On his next swoop he was blasted by a Green light which stopped him in his tracks. He was dropping out of the sky and was about to land on the others. He stopped the Dragon and vanished it. Shook his head and continued.
The others looked very nervous after that but never the less they continued and followed him. Then they felt it the icy chill once again, the rattling noise the feeling of unhappiness. Dementors.
"Is this the best you have Tom, eh, this is to easy." He vanished the Dementors with hardly any effort, and proceeded. A flash of Green light shot towards him. He deflected it away. "For god's sake, this is too easy." he said continuing forgetting the people that were following him.
"Harry wait up!" Hermione shouted.
"WHY, you are in to much danger, there are Death Eaters in here, and i have to keep all of you alive...it's not helping." he said speaking the truth. It pained him to say it. Another Green light shot over his shoulder. Harry created a shied wall in front of them the spell bounced back off and reflected at it's sender.
"Don't you see...i can't lose any of you" he said trying to make them understand.
"You won't, just leave us and we will help you."
"Fine...do what you want...if you won't listen...then i can't stop you." He looked at them and then took the next right in the maze.
"Point me" he whispered. His wand began to move on his outstretched hand and pointed to the left of him.
"Hmmm....REDUCTO! the hedge blew apart, it was total devastation yet, in the middle of the stone courtyard stood a stand and rested on it was Ravenclaws wand, Harry wondered how on earth Voldermort had found it. Yet there it was sitting there waiting to be taken.
"This is where you help me, whatever i say you do...if i say run..you run, if i say leave me and save yourselves..you do it...do you understand" he suddenly remembered having near enough the same conversation with Dumbledore before they went to the cave.
Harry started his approach to the wand when the floor began to rumble and then gave way. They threw themselves backwards and managed to reach the path behind the hedge.
"How do we get to it?" Ron said
"I have an idea" Hermione spoke up. "Carpe retractum" a orange light shot out of her wand forming a whip, as it made it's way to the wand it hit an invisible wall.
"Like last time but a bit different the only way for me to retrieve this is to fly and pick it up with my hand...then i presume the ceiling will collapse." Harry said deep in thought.
"It's time for you to go." He said.
"Why Potter...scared your friends are going to get hurt?" it was a Death Eater and he was not alone.
"What do you want...don't try and stop me...i presume you've seen my death count." Harry said coolly.
"Yes, i have Potter, am i to believe you are beginning to enjoy using it." he said.
"and what makes you think that you are any different than the rest of them." Harry said his eyes fixed on the other Death Eaters who were spreading out.
"Because i am the Half-Blood Prince." he said revealing his identity.
"Snape you should not have come here to day...i have allot of rage against you...you wouldn't live...coward."
"I am not a coward!" Snape screamed shooting a spell at Harry who deflected it away to a Death Eater who fell to the floor and did not get back up.
"You are the coward who won't fight without his friends behind him" Harry turned around and pointed his wand at them. He dissaparated them to Godrics Hollow.
"Well then looks like where alone. oops, not just yet, didn't see him." A man was slowly backing away trying to escape, the man vaguely reminded him of someone. It was wormtail.
"Avada Kedavara" Snape shouted pointing at Harry.
"Is that the best you have got" Harry said mockingly returning his own spell which just missed Snape.
"If i don't kill you Voldermort will Potter...you can't win" Snape said, the pair of them circling the room.
"Voldermort has no power over me...just like you." Harry replied, sending another shot which hit the floor in front of Snapes feet.
"Potter why do you hesitate to kill me...i killed Dumbledore." Snape said.
"No you didn't...Dumbledore tricked you...by you killing him...you unleashed me...Dumbledore knew that...he sacrificed himself for me...and the only way i can repay him is to kill you." Harry said concentrating on Snape.
"Do it then...if you can" Snape said confident that Harry would not do it.
Harry smiled he had a better idea. "CRUCIO!" all the years Snape had taught him and teached and punished him, the anger was flowing through his mind and out his wand. Snapes screams and cries filled the chamber.
"Like i said..you unleashed me" Harry said trying not to enjoy what he had done.
"Kill me!" Snape pleaded the spell had driven him to insanity.
"With Pleasure...Avada Kedavra" he mumbled. a flash of green light shot out of his wand and hit him squarely on the chest. Snape was dead.
Harry remembered why he was here and conjured his broom. He climbed on and shot out towards the wand. He felt a cooling feeling as he passed through the shield.
His reached out for the wand and scooped it up, he then darted out of the shield and began to fly away. As he predicted the ceiling began crumbling. Large pieces.
Using his Quiditch skills he managed to dodge most of them and used spells to blast some away. Eventually he reached the door. "Alohomora" the door swung open and he flew out.

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Harry jumped off his broom as he entered the corridor and he ran down the corridor. He kept on running until he came to McGonagals office. Once again he did not know the password.
"Move" The Gargoyle jumped aside and Harry stepped on to the Staircase that began to move. Eventually it reached the top and he ran across the room to the door and opened it.
"I have it Albus...oh...Professor...sorry...to burst in like that." Harry said Nervously. The Headmistress had been slowly falling to sleep in her armchair.
"What is it Potter...am i to assume you have another Horcruxe?" She said suddenly alert awake. Her beady eyes magnetised to the wand held tight in Harry's hand.
"Can you wake Dumbledore for me?" Harry asked. "I can't Potter...he is out" the pair of them sat and waited in silence for over half an hour, occasionally a set of eyes would wander to the portrait then shoot back.
"Harry i assume you wish to see me? came a voice from the portrait.
"Yes...I've got another one...Ravenclaws wand." Harry began excitedly.
"Ravenclaws wand how on earth did Tom manage to get that...i did not know it existed." said Dumbledore his eyes also magnetised to the wand now resting on the table.
"Albus how do i destroy it?" Harry asked unsure what to do this time.
"Destroy it...are you ma- oh yes...erm...i suppose you could snap it in half." he said as though the idea was outrageous
Harry put the wand in between his hand and applied the pressure, it wasn't even bending.
"It's too strong, i can't bend it." Harry said his hands red raw from the amount of pressure he was applying.
"Harry remember what you told me, any spell i want to do happens...try it with your hands." Harry concentrated on the wand and imagined breaking it into two pieces. Suddenly the middle of the wand snapped and the wand was now in two pieces.
From the middle of the wand came a silvery substance that floated into the air and formed a shape, unrecognisable and then it vanished leaving a trail of mist floating where it had just been.
"Harry you are nearing the final battle, just Hufflepuffs cup left and then Tom himself...now let me tell you where i think the last Horcruxe is..."

Several weeks Later one evening Harry was sitting alone in his office, thinking, would he survive Voldermort to see his child grow up?, would he be able to defeat Voldermort?, all these question were racing through his mind that he was totally unaware that Hermione was standing in side his doorway trying to get his attention.
"Harry!, HARRY!" she screamed eventually he snapped out of his thought and realised Hermione was there.
"Ah Hermione, is there something you wanted?" Harry asked sorting out paperwork on his desk. He looked up and she was sitting down opposite him.
"Well we haven't spoke much recently, have we? you've been busy, i have been busy...i have missed you" Harry indicated for Hermione to come over. She sat on his lap and he stroked her hair.
"How's my little boy" Harry asked smiling.
"You mean Girl!" Hermione answered back.
"What makes you think it's a girl?" Harry asked curiously, did she already know, he thought to himself.
"What makes you think it's a boy?" Hermione asked curiously, did he already know, she thought to herself.
"Well we need a boy to carry the good looks down, don't we?" Harry said seriously.
Hermione punched him on the arm and scowled at him.
"I'm sorry, didn't mean it...you forgive me." he said in between kissing her.
"Of course i do, i know you meant my good looks' she replied running her hand through Harry's hair.
"I hope if we have a boy he gets your hair." she said leaning resting her head on his shoulder and slowly falling to sleep.
When she had fallen a sleep, Harry picked her up and placed her i his bed, he tucked her in, kissed her on the forehead and walked towards the door. When he reached it he looked back at her and whispered goodnight before he closed the door.

That following morning he was in Dumbledore's old office receiving Dumbledores opinions on where the last but one horcruxe was.
"I have knowledge to believe that the Horcruxe is underneath the cellar in Borgin and Burkes the shop in Knockturn Alley...He collected it whilst he worked there then he disappeared, there is a possibility that it is underneath the shop in a vault as such."
"When shall i go? now?" Harry asked keen to get this out of the way.
"Yes i believe you should, the quicker you get this done the better." Dumbledore said his face looking very sullen.
Harry left the office and made his way to his own office where he collected some items he might of been needing. Then he walked outside down to the village, he didn't have to he just fancied a walk. When he reached the end he disaparated.

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Chapter twelve
Hufflepuff's cup.

Harry looked up at the shop then left and right down the alleyway. 'Knockturn Alley' Harry had apparated right in front of the shop and pulled his hood over his head to cover his face. He did not want to be recognised especially on this street. He opened the door and strode into the shop the bell jingling to show his presence.
"Who are you?" Borgin spoke shouted pulling out his wand. "Leave now you are not welcomed." he spoke his voice trembling.
"Stupefy!" he shouted Harry flicked it away and walked up to the counter aiming his wand at the man.
"Take me to the horcruxe now!" Harry ordered. raising the wand slightly.
"No, i won't i will die rather than show you where it is!" Harry raised his wand higher.
"Very well, IMPERIO!" the mans eyes glazed over and he dropped his wand.
"Take me to the horcruxe, now" Harry ordered checking he was alone amongst the shelves.
"Yes sir, follow me"
Borgin indicated for Harry to follow him behind the counter. he pulled a curtain across and began to walk down the staircase not waiting for Harry. Harry caught up and lit his wand they were in a store room. Nothing peculiar about it just a regular store room.
Borgin walked across the room to a large cabinet and began to push it.
Harry used his wand and it shot across the room. Borgin paid no attention to this and walked through the hole in the wall. They walked for several minutes until Borgin stopped and turned around and began to talk in a stiff way.
"The Horcruxe is though the woods, Death Eaters guard around ten of them, you-know-who's best death eaters."
"Stupefy" Harry non-verbally said, Borgin fell down stunned.
Harry walked out into ta clear before a wall of enormous trees block the view there was no way around the only way was through.
He slowly crept forward passing the first few trees, he heard a twig snapping, he stopped and hid behind the nearest tree.
Harry could hear heavy breathing.
He made himself invisible and crept slowly towards the breathing noise until he located the noise, it was a Death Eater crouched behind a boulder occasionally peering over it searching for someone. Harry made his way behind the man and noticed who it was, it was McNair, Buckbeaks would be killer.
"IMPERIO!" Harry commanded McNair to kill the other Death Eaters, McNair turned around and headed further into the woods. Harry followed until eventually he stopped.
"McNair why aren't you guarding the entrance." one Death Eater asked him.
"Avada Kedavra" he spoke the questioning Death Eater fell down dead.
Another death Eater saw what happened and killed McNair. he also saw Harry but before he could say a word he was dead.
"Oh well, three down, can't be many left" He said to himself. He continued into the woods.
After several more minutes of wondering Harry came to a shelf looking over a valley which a stream ran down the middle. It vaguely reminded Harry of the description Hagrid gave them about where the giants lived.
Harry behind to climb down the vertical slope which had barely any footholds so it was tiring work but he managed it and was soon at the bottom. Panting and holding his side. Several minutes later he managed to compose himself and began walking again.
After a short walk across along the river he came to an encampment with several tents around a fire the occupants were still in bed. Harry smiled. He flicked his wand an d all the tents raised out of the air and began shaking vigorously in an attempt to get the people out. Several people dropped out at least six. All of them, He cast the tents into the river and turned his wand on the death eaters.
"Hello Boys, missed me. AVADA KEDAVRA!" three death eaters were blasted off their feet and killed.
"Potter, you are a murderer now one of us." one masked death eater spoke in an attempt to convert him.
"Shut up Dolohov!" Harry killed the Death Eaters on either side of him.
"Just me and you now, duel me, to the death death." Harry said enjoying himself.
"I will kill you Potter, if i don't the Dark Lord will!" He snapped.
"Voldermort can not beat me he knows this thats why he has stayed away from me and gone into hiding, now fight."
"Expelliarmus, stupefy, crucio!" Dolohov shouted. Harry flicked them all away back towards him, his wand went flying, he got stunned then tortured Harry walked over to him.
"Where is the Horcruxe" Harry said calmly. He was now coughing up blood. "In the cave he said then he stopped moving and went stiff.
Harry looked up and saw the cave entrance in the distance. He stood up and made his way too the cave dodging rocks and dead animals on the floor.
He stopped in front of the entrance he could not get any further. He guessed that it was another gate way, he began moving along the wall running his fingers along the wall not aware of what he was muttering.
He decided that this door also required a payment of blood.
Since that day he and Dumbledore visited the cave Harry always carried Dumbledores knife.
Harry cut his hand and placed it on the correct spot, like last time the wall appeared and an arch had formed. Harry walked through and noticed in the distance a ring of circles like Stonehenge.
He curiously made his way up to the ring in the middle stood a shorter stone yet fatter on that stood a gold Cup gleaming in the sun light, Harry could see the Hogwarts emblem engraved upon it.
Harry walked up to it and tried to reach out to the cup but thought better of it as his fingers were a millimetre away.
"KREACHER!" Harry shouted with a loud crack the house elf appeared. looking murderous.
"Master called, the blood traitor he is" he added with a whisper. HArry ignored him.
"Kreacher pick up the cup" the Potter boy wants Kreacher to pick up the cursed cup.
"KREACHER! Do it now!" Being subjected to an order the elf walked over to the cup and hesitantly placed his hands on the handles.
The elf went into a seizure screaming out in pain, like the cruciatus curse but worse. Harry did not want to but he placed a placed a sticking charm on Kreachers hand, he could not let go.
After several minutes the screaming stopped the cup rolled out of his hands and glowed but the colour faded and returned to its gold colour. Harry picked it up and placed it in his robe pocket. He looked down at Kreacher thinking of how his lie caused Sirius's death, Harry turned payed his payment to the cave and walked out the cave closing behind him. He made his way back to the shop and out into the street and the dissaparated back into the village of Hogsmede, he needed to be alone for abit to think about what he had done.
Eventually he made his way back to the Headmistrisses office thinking how easy and quick it had been to obtain the Horcruxe and how the end was near. Several ideas popped into his head about what he needed to do before the end.
"Albus i have it" he said in a whisper.
"Fantastic Harry, may i inquire how you got this one." he said noticing Harry's downcast face.
"Sir, i would rather not talk about it, how do i destroy it?" He asked not looking up.
"Well Harry i have been preparing for this one, over on the side you will see a bowl and a red potion, place the cup in the bowl and pour the potion in. Harry did this and poured the potion several seconds later the cup began to smoke and it began to melt. The cup was melting when it was down to its last bit of cup the same mist appeared in front of them then it vanished as it always did. Harry expected the pain in the scar but there never was anymore.
"Sir, i need to go things to do, i need to go to Gringotts sort something out." Harry said for the first time looking at Dumbledore.
"Harry am i to believe you are off to right a will, is there any particular reason?" He inquired.
"Yes Sir...Hermiones...Pregnant, i'm going to be a dad" he said smiling.
Harry could hear the portraits muttering, the Phienas spoke.
"Congratulations son, the Potter line is reborn"
"Thankyou, i need to go, goodnight sir"
"Goodnight Harry" Dumbledore said smiling.
Harry was alone in his office it was nearing midnight and Harry was making his final adjustments to his will.


1 upon my death, half of my money is to be transferred to Hermione Grangers vault.

2 the following half will be split equally between the weasley family.

3 Potter Manor and all its land is to be left to Hermione.

4 my motorbike and any other vehicles are to be given to my child along with the marauders map.

5 my invisibility cloak and chess set is to be given to Ronald Weasley.

6 all my possessions not mentioned are to be given to Hermione.

signed by Harry Potter.

Harry sighed there it was his will, never would he have thought he would be writing his will at the age of seventeen.
He looked down the list to see that everything was in order.
"Dobby" There was a loud crack and Dobby appeared with a grin plastered on his face.
"yes Harry Potter sir" he said beaming at Harry.
"Dobby if i die" Dobby smile vanished. "If i die Dobby, please ensure that this envelope is given to Professor McGonagall." He told him.
"Dobby will do what ever Harry Potter wishes" his smiling returning.
"Thankyou, it will be in my trunk if i die, you may go now, thankyou."
"Goodbye Harry Potter Sir!"
Dobby dissapeared, then Harry remembered what he wanted to do so he picked up his wand and dissaparated to Gringotts, to collect something from his vault.

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Chapter 13
ideas, proof and a proposal

"Morning Darling!" Harry said enthusiastically, tiredly, greeting Hermione in the Great Hall at breakfast the following day.
"Harry! you're back!" she screamed, scaring several first years as she squeezed him to death.
"Where have you been?" she said finally releasing him.
"Come with me" he said smiling pulling her by the hand.
He led her out of the great hall and then outside, to where a crowd was forming.
"Whats going on Harry?"
"You'll see." he replied smiling at her.
The crowd parted as the couple made there way to the centre of attention, suddenly the object came into view, it was a black Harley Davidson. Several people were trying to close to it but there was a magical shield around it propelling them back if they got to close.
"I have arranged it with McGonagall, and since we can't apparate because of you know you" he said smiling at her stomach. "I thought you might enjoy this!" he said leading her through the shield, the crowd looked on in awe.
Harry climbed on and indicated for Hermione to follow.
"You do know how to drive this don't you?" she said nervously.
"Of course i do" he said smiling running his hand over his unshaven.
Several girls in the front row seemed to faint at the sight of him, they were mesmerised by him, he laughed at them then returned his gaze to Hermione, who was now climbing on the bike.
"Your a sex god, you know Harry, all the girls fancy you, even the first years." she said laughing at the girls.
"I know, i can't help it, you are a very lucky girl!" he said kissing her. Most of the girls looked very annoyed at this and glared deathly at Hermione.
Harry kicked off the stand and began to drive forcing his way through the crowd, he couldn't go very fast, but when he was out of the crowd he shot into the distance leaving everybody behind.
Hermione tucked her head onto Harry's shoulder.
"Where are we going? please tell me" she said giving Harry her sad face which usually worked for him, but not this time.
"Can't, but it will be brilliant, just wait."
Eventually after half an hour of driving Harry pulled up outside a small shop that seemed to have been squeezed in between the shops on the other side. It was called 'Harrot's Properties'.
"Harry why are we here?"
"Come on he's waiting"
Harry secured the bike and together they entered the shop.
"Ahh Mr Potter...and Miss Granger i believe...yes your right on time...follow me." he began staring at the couple. "i'm Mr Harrot, please come through to my office."
Harry entered the office and was followed by a very reluctant Hermione, they sat down in the chair opposite and took in their surroundings. There was pictures of houses plastered all over the room except for in the corner where a lone filing cabinet stood the top tray opened revealing several documents.
"So Mr Potter what can we do for you" he said sorting through his notes.
"Please...call me Harry...well Potter Manor, i want to move it to Godrics Hollow and...make it into one building" Hermione looked up very confused.
"Are you quite sure you have the funds Harry?" the man asked looking very skeptical.
"Yes Sir, i went to Gringotts last night, i have just over three billion pounds in my vault" Harry said smiling.
"Very well...right where do you want it moved to?" Harry looked at Hermione.
"Do you want anything else darling?" Harry inquired now serious.
"Erm...how about a quidditch pitch...at the back of the house....and a massive twenty foot garden hedge going around the perimeter of the estate..." she said getting involved in the conversation.
"Brilliant!" Harry said smiling.
"Right then let me add up the cost" Mr Harrot said finally finding a calculator to work out the cost.
"Well it's quite expensive, but nothing to you...it's three hundred and thirty four thousands galleons" he said looking up.
"Thats fine here you" Harry said passing a cheque over.
"Brilliant Harry the transaction has been made, here are the keys the house will be done by next saturday." he said standing up.
"A week today, blimey thats quick.
They said there goodbyes and made there way back to the bike.
"Harry why did you do that?" she asked him suspiciously.
"Because we need a big home where we can get everything in, i was thinking 'Potter Manor', anyways next place!" he said
"St Mungo's for a check up." he said grinning.
Ten minutes later they where at the patients desk.
"How may i help you sir?" a blonde witch asked at the counter not even looking up.
"We are here for an ultrasound me and my fia-girlfriend" hermione once again looked confused.
"Name?" she asked curling her hair around her finger.
"Harry Potter and Hermione Po-Granger" he accidentally said. The young witches eyes snapped up and widened taking in the view.
"H-Harry Po-Potter, err...yes...Healer Athlon will see you shortly.
Harry led Hermione into a free cubicle. She climbed onto the bed and Harry sat in the chair.
"Harry?" she began but was cut off by the Healer who entered.
"Ah, your ready, just lie back for me Hermione...thankyou" the healer began waving her wand over Hermiones stomach which was giving off colour codes.
"What do-" Harry began
"Shush shush, i'm nearly done...there we go- oh my" the healer exclaimed.
"Whats wrong!" Harry and Hermione both shouted.
"oh nothing, your having twins." she said smiling Hermione screamed tearsof joy and Harry fell back in his chair.
"Twins 'Mione, that means two babies, two babies that means twins...TWINS!" he shouted jumping around. The healer obviously thought he had gone mad.
Harry swooped down and kissed hermione passionately.
"Erm...Mr Potter...considering your girlfiends position...it might be best to refrain from doing that for quite some period of time." the healer said strictly.
"Oh yes right" Harry said getting off the bed grinning sheepishly.
"You may go now, you don't need to come back until the birth, which is six months away." the healer notified them.
The pair left the hospital and decided to go to the Burrow to tell Molly the news...
two hours later Harry and Hermione were back at Hogwarts still recovering from Molly's bear hugs and screams of joy.
"Ah, your back!" Ron exclaimed as Harry and Hermione entered the Great Hall for dinner.
Harry left her an made his way to the staff table. five minutes later there was a ear pierecing scream, Harry instantly jumped up pulling his wand in lightning speed. This act received scattered laughs as the source of the noise was Ginny Weasley and Hermione who were both no hugging.
When everybody had finished looking at Hermione there eyes shot to Harry who was receiving a motherly hug from McGonagall. The Hall burst out in conversation, new rumors were being formulated.
Harry looked at Ron and called him up to the table, once he arrived Harry led him to the side chamber that he had waited in after being called out of the cup.
"Ron do you know?"
"Know what?"
"Well...Hermiones pregnant...were having twins" harry blurted out.
"Hermione is preg- thats brilliant Harry, always knew you had it in you." he said thumping him on the back.
"the thing is Ron...tonight i'm going to ask Hermione to marry me...will you be my best man?" Harry said nervously.
Rons face lit up again and he hugged Harry.
"Of course i would, i'd be honoured...Harry Potters best man...something to tell the Grandkids!" he said smiling.
They both returned to the hall and finished there meals then departed for bed, Harry kissed hermione good night and made his way to his own office where his second years essays on Ancromantulas were waiting to be marked...
Three hours later after all the essays were marked with the help of magic, Harry collected what he needed and made his way to the Head Boy and Girls dorm. He gave the password and entered climbing the staircase, he entered the large room which was the same layout as the Gryffindor tower. He noticed ron was asleep on the couch.
"I don't want to tap dance, you can't make me, STOP IT!" he shouted and awoke sitting upright.
"The spiders Harry, they want me to tap dance, i don't want to tap dance" he said shouting.
"you tell them spiders Ron!" Harry told Ron as he fell back asleep as he made his way up the stairs to Hermiones dorm.
Harry was shocked to see how untidy it was, there was old books and clothes strewn across the floor and hanging off the chandelier.
"Hermione" Harry whispered nudging her.
"What is it Harry?- HARRY!" she shouted yanking the bed covers up to her chin.
"What did you do that for 'Mione i have seen everything you've got" Hermione blushed deep red, unseeable in the dark but Harry knew she had.
"What do you want?" she said dropping the sheets to reveal the nightie she had made Harry buy for her.
"I've got something to show you, just put some clothes on, come on" he said leaving to allow her to change.
five minutes later Hermione was fully dressed and had accompanied Harry to the top of the tower.
"Ha-Harry? why are we up here?" she said shivering, watching him looking up at the sky.
"Oh well, here goes...Hermione you have been my best friend for seven years, my girlfriend for half a year, the mother of my children. without you i would be half what i am now, lifeless and soulless. A body without a heart...which you put back in. i realise i have loved you since you stepped into the compartment on that day seven years ago and fixed my glasses. i was a fool not to see it.
But i do now, and i love you with everything that i have got, i would die for you a million times over and once more.
Hermione will you marry me?" he said dropping down on one knee pulling out a black box and revealing the ring. Hermione gasped.
"It's beautiful...YES! YES! YES! of course i will!" he placed the ring on her finger and embraced her. He picked her up and swung her around then kissed her.

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Chapter 14

Potter Manor

it was the day that Harry had been waiting for the day he would visit his and Hermione home for the first time and the house was waiting for them he had received a letter the previous night informing him. Harry had at first thought of moving godrics hollow to potter manor but he didn't want to leave his parents grave.
Harry rolled over in his sleep to reveal himself covered in a sweat as Hermione was about to wake him. His face was horror struck, he began thrashing around in his bed Hermione could not wake him or hold him down he was to strong, all she could do was listen to him and watch crying loudly...
"So Potter, we meet again, you came looking for me...your foolishness will kill you" voldermort hissed
"You can not kill me tom we both know that" harry replied snickering. Voldermorts jaw tightened then opened to form a smile.
"No perhaps i can't...but i can kill your mudlood girlfriend!" voldermort waved his wand and Hermione appeared gagged and bound her eyes were bloodshot and her and the side of her face covered in blood.
"Crucio!" Hermione began to scream and harry blasted tom off his feet, Harry moved in front of her.
Meanwhile Hermione listened intently but in the end she could only make out one thing, Harry was dying for her, the tears were pouring down her face.
"Don't kill her, kill me! it's me you want, don't kill her!" unbeknown to Harry who was sleeping his eyes were crying and he was screaming hermiones name until...
"KILL ME!" and he shot up and awoke, he noticed Hermione and called her over he saw that he and her had been crying but he didn't talk about it.
"Ha-" she began, her tears slowing.
"It was just a dream baby, it won't happen, i won't let it happen!" he said kissing her forehead and rubbing her back gently.
"Come on" he said pulling her up to lead her downstairs, she began laughing.
"You can't go down looking like that"
"Because your only wearing boxers" she said laughing.
"Shit!" he said grabbing a t-shirt to cover his manhood.
"Don't worry i've seen everything you've got" she said remembering last night "oops someone needs a cold shower" she said looking down as she kissed him. "i'll see you in the great hall."
Five minutes later Harry walked into the Great hall and located HErmione, he decided to sit at the Gryffindor table today..
"Hello again" he said still embarrased about what happened, hermione smiled sweetly.
"Morning potter, was your shower nice and cold."
"you can't say that for long Mrs Potter" he said before kissing her much to the disapproval of a lot of girls.
"Erm guys...if you could just stop for one second, i have something to tell you, i told mom your getting married." neither heard him as they were deeply involved in their kissing, hermione stopped and glanced at ron, Harry had to make do with her neck.
"Harry stop! Molly knows were getting married, he suddenly stopped eyes darting to ron.
"What?" he began.
"Well you see-" but he was cut off by the usual screeches of the owls that had entered the great hall.
Harry noticed errol heading for them and was surprised he was still alive. The owl dropped the letter and hopped onto Ron's shoulder, Ron gazed at the letter.
"It's a praiser!" he began several people turned around after hearing him, interested to see what it was about.
The envelope was small and blue it reminded Harry of a howler. The edges began to smoke then it opened.
"AHHH! your getting married! thats brilliant! your parents would be so proud Hermione i can't wait to go shopping with you, especially for your new home, me and arthur will see you at Potter Manor. it's a good thing you asked her, you need to be married before they are born you don't want them to be- well you know what i mean. Oh its BRILLIANT NEWS! see you later!" the envelope burst into frames and the hall burst into conversation. HArry burst out laughing and kissed hermione.
McGonagall stood up and made her way to the Gryffindor table. she reached them and told them to follow her to her office., she sat down and faced them.
"So Ms Granger, your soon to become a Potter congratulations i hope i'm invited" she said forcing her lips to smile
"and you have relocated Potter Manor to Godrics Hollow, you will find some surprises when you get there." she finished revealing nothing else.
"Well i think the time is right that we get supplies for the children" he said smiling at Hermone
"Very well you may go, enjoy yourselves"
Harry led Hermione to her dorm and told her to get changed, wearing harry's quidditch shirt with potter seven on the back and jeans.
"I wondered where that went" it had become Hermiones favourite item, she had took after they had been together the first night at Godrics Hollow, it reminded her of him and smelt like him which hermione could use when he wasn't there to comfort her.
"Come on i have another surprise for you."

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Harry led Hermione to the same place where the motorbike had been this time there was a black range rover parked. It looked like something from the future.
"it's yours Hermione...for when you pass your test."
"thankyou, thankyou, thankyou." she said kissing him.
Ron and Luna were already inside sitting comfortably waiting to go. Harry noticed Ginny lookingvery annoyed because she could not go Hermione informed her. She soon got over it when some fello sixth year of hers Harry did not no by name started to snog her senseless.
Harry and Hermione battered there way threw the crowd and got in the car.
"How are you Ron?" Harry said shaking rons hand.
"I'm good, just curious why you want us here." he replied.
"Well we need to get your suit and Luna's Dress, Hermione will go with Ginny at a later date. Lets Go" this car was no ordinary car, it was a magical car it could apparate as long with everyone inside it.
"Crack!" they had arrived.
"HARRY JAMES POTTER! i absolutely refuse you to do with our children in the car, do yo-" she was cut off by Harry kissing her.
"Yes Wife" he said smiling. they had arrived outside the leaky cauldron.
"H-HArry im gonna throw up!" Ron stated, he had turned a funny shade of green.
"out the car then please, this cost thirty thousand galleons, i don't need another one." he pointed his wand at Ron who turned back to normal.
"Harry why are we here there is no baby supply shop here?"
"There is, a new mall has opened next to Gringotts."
Harry shrunk the car and they made there way down the high street.
"Come on Harry! such a slowcoach!" Hermione said pulling Harry along.
"I'm coming bookworm" he replied. she turned around glaring at him. Harry picked her up and put her over his shoulder. she screamed loud enough for several people to pull out there wands only to laugh and put them away at the sight.
Eventually they arrived and Harry dropped her down and kissed her.
"My Bookworm" she relaxed a bit then smiled putting her arms around his neck pulling him closer.
"Guys we need to go come on." he said pulling them apart.
"there is a time and a place, this is neither now come on"
Harry led them up the escalators to the second floor then entered the shop.
"Ahh, good afternoon sir, Madam, what can i do for you?" the shop assistant asked.
"Well me and my fiancee are expecting twins, so give us everything you have got, everything." the shop owner flicked his wand and all the items started zooming towards the counter. the items consisted of two car seat, changing mats, two cribs, bottles nappies and toys lots of toys. and then finally two enormous teddy bears.
"Okay...your amount is...1314 galleons"
"Here" harry said passing him a check.
"you-your, Harry Potter, i saw your s-scar, i insist on a discount and a autograph." Harry gave the man his autograph and refused the discount
"Thankyou Mr Potter, please come again"
"Well i certainly hope so he said smiling at Hermione who beamed back.
Harry and Ron split up from the girls and after two hours they had met at the car.
"Where is everything Harry"
"In the boot shrunken." Harry replied to Hermiones question.
They dissaparated to Potter Manor.
It was a magnificent sight, a twenty by ten foot wall surronded the manors estate of two hundred acres, and a gravel drive way that led up to the forecourt where a huge golden fountain was.
"Harry this is like the same size as Hogwarts!" Ron exclaimed.
"I know, it has around fifty bedrooms, twenty five bathrooms, an underground kitchen system like hogwarts and there are many secret passage ways i need to find so the kids can't escape." he said leading them up to the giant doors.
Harry opened the door and led them inside, the room was enormous, it's marble floors reflecting the light from the chandeliers hanging above.
"Hmmmm, it's okay" Harry began.
"Oka-Okay, it's bloody brilliant" ron stammered.
"Well you could always move in or i could build you a Weasley Manor"
no, me and luna want a place of our own, no offense." he said,
"none taken, it means i can chase Hermione around the castle naked, without any intruders." he said smiling.
"HARRY JAMES POTTER! don't be so rude!" she said whacking him around the back of his head, followed by a wink.
"Theres a Quidditch pitch, if you want to take a look Ron, me and Hermione will drop off the baby stuff."
"Fine, just keep your clothes on." Ron and Luna made there way outside whilst Harry and Hermione made their way upstairs. They began opening all the doors until Hary found the nursery he flicked his wand and all of the stuff appeared and stacked neatly in piles.
"OH MY GOD HARRY!" Hermione shouted.
Harry darted out of the room and saw Hermione blocking the view, she turned around smiling.
"Take a look Harry" Harry walked in still looking at Hermione then he turned around and gasped dropping to his knees.
"no...no...it cant...no...no" he said crying into his hands.
"Hello Darling, you have found us."
"...mum...no...is it really you"
"yes son it's us"
"...father...why did nobody tell me."
"Son...now is not the time...there is a way you can bring us back to life, but it is dange-"
"tell me how, nothing could be more dangerous than what i have already done." for the next five minutes he told his son about the magic he had discovered and how to perform it. Harry began tracing his wand over the portrait muttering something, then the portraits turned to a liquid canvas and two figures stepped out. Harry fainted.
Lilly ran across to him and lifted his head off the floor.
"Your so handsome, you look just like your father, you have his hair, that horrid black hair and my eyes, you have my eyes."
"Yes Darling"
"mum...my hair is a girl magnet they can't resist running their fingers through it." he said laughing. "ask Hermione.
Lilly and James looked up to see a young beautiful girls crying at the sight of them.
"What's a matter Hermione?" James asked pulling Harry up giving him a hug.
"I've missed you son" he said then returning his gaze towards Hermione.
"It's just Harry's never had a real family, now your back i know he's going to beat voldermort." she said hugging him.
"Come on lets go and find Ron and Luna." Harry said.
"Ron Weasley?" Lilly asked.
"Yes...Ron's my bast mate, Molly has raised me like a son for the past seven years, Ron, Fed and George rescued me from the dursleys one year when they locked me up."
"What do you mean!" James asked but was interrupted by a voice behind them.
"Oi, Prongs! How did ya get out of your portrait" it was sirius.
"Padfoot! Harry did it, your basically a Potter so it should work on you" ten seconds later sirius stepped out laughing.
"That tickled!" He grabbed James and hugged Lilly and then he noticed Harry and Hermione together holding hands.
"You two finally hook up then, took your time,pots been running since your first year, looks like Dumbledore won, he said seventh year, it was up to a thousand galleons when i died, how is the old codger." sirius said laughing.
"WHAT!" Hermione screamed.
"now now Hermione calmed down i know all about your emotions"
Harry spoke into her ear and she calmed down.
"Lets go downstairs she said pulling Harry.
"Look everyone Hermione looks like shes got Harry in tow just like you Lilly with James." Both the girls shot deathly looks at him.
"So wheres Dumbledore?"
"He's Dead" harry replied
"How?" James, Lilly and Sirius asked at the same time.
"end of last year on top of the astronomy tower."
"Severus Snape"
"i'll kill him" James spoke.
"you can't"
"Why not?"
"Because i already have"
"Have you killed other death eaters, how many?"
"I've lost count" he said, walking out of the door. James, lilly and Sirius all exchanged looks as they followed Harry and Hermione downstairs.
Downstairs they found Ron in the kitchen having a drink, he smiled when Harry entered and then dropped his glass when he saw who had followed.
"Shit!" he shouted as the glass smashed over his foot.
"Ron you need to calm down" Harry raised his hands and the glass lifted, he closed his hands and the glass formed into one then he lowered his hands and the glass landed on the table.
"Ron this is my Mum and Dad and well you know sirius." harry said.
"Hello Ron" said lilly hugging him.
How you doing mate" James asked.
"Ron! hows Arthur, his snake bite okay?" sirius asked hugging ron.
"Yes it's all fine, oh, this is luna." he said grinning.
"Hello everybody." she said as if she knew full well that Harry would come back downstairs with his parents.
"Who's up for quiditch?" James shouted.
"I'm in" said Harry glad of the chance to play. He conjured his broom. The girls rolled there eyes and went to sit under the tree.
"You play? what brooms that? James asked proud his son was playing.
"This is a firebolt fastest broom in the world, Sirius bought it for me and i play seeker, i was the youngest person to make the house team in a century." Harry said proudly.
"Wow!" said James. "thats amazing"
For the next half an hour they played quiditch Harry and Ron against Sirius and James. Harry eventually caught the snitch after pulling off a fifty foot dive.
"Well done son, i reckon england might come knocking." James said hugging Harry.
"I reckon i might just play!" Harry replied considering the option.
"Don't you want to be an auror no more" Hermione asked giving him a kiss as they made there way to the house.
"No, i've seen to much fighting for one life, only one thing left to do." he said kissing her back.
Harry noticed his Mother was beaming ear to ear, she led his father away and whispered something in his ear who then began smiling.
Ron and Luna had left and only the four remained sitting in the living room. Sirius had gone out. Harry was lying down on the sofa and with Hermione snuggling up to him. On the opposite side of the room James and Lilly were snuggled up together wathcing Harry and Hermione.

Harry had his hand on Hermiones belly and she had her hand on top of his, they were talking occasionaly stopping to kiss.
"I think Hermiones pregnant" lilly said smiling.
"Why?" asked James puzzled.
"Because when i was pregnant with Harry thats what you used to do to me" she said looking at him.
"Oh yeah, your right of course, shall we speak to them?"
"No they will tell when they are ready" she said kissing him.
They sat there for several hours until they each departed for bed.

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