Hiya, Yvonne from Norway here

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Hello everybody!

Well, since it's my first time here, I thought I should introduce myself. Here goes;

My name's Yvonne and I turned 20 last November. I was born and raised in Oslo, the capital of Norway. My parents and I moved about a thirty minutes drive from Oslo, to a little town called Vestby. Here I've lived with my parents the last five years.

Since I was six I've had a dream of becomming a teacher, and now I'm in my second year at Oslo University College, attending the four year teacher education programme. The four year programme prepares me for employment as a teacher in compulsory primary and lower secondary school. There I've got subjects like maths, pedagogics, Norwegian and Christianity-, religion- and philosophy. My favourite subject at school was English, so I will take that later on, the same with pedagogics, social studies and Norwegian.

I'm also widly interested in politics, and therefore I'm active in the Norwegian Labour Youth Party, Workers's Youth League. Then there is karate, which I've been doing for over seven years now. And I love downhill-skiing, travelling, drawing, watching films and listen to music. And just to let you know;

I love films from the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's and I'm a fan of old literature in general. My favourite novels are Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, North & South, Bleak House and so on. I'm a great fan of films in general, loved the new adaption of Jane Eyre btw.

I'm not sure there's more to tell, but just ask if you have any questions. Oh, I'm very fond of languages (as I speak 6 myself) - and Frank Sinatra. smile

Regards, Yvonne

Darth Extecute
Hey there, and welcome to KMC happy I'm sure you'll have a great time..

- Thomas from the country east of yours, over and out ninja

(My cousin is named Yvonne stick out tongue)

That's great. smile Nice to meet you btw. wink

Regards, Yvonne

cool! you peak 6 languages?! i would love to speak two! I'm a terrible person

what languages?

My mother tongue is Norwegian, then I speak English (obviosuly, known it since I was six - though I know I'm not perfect, I consider myself fluent), Swedish and Danish (as the two languages are quite similar to Norwegian), had German for more than 5 years at school (I speak it fairly well) and I know a bit Spanish (but I won't brag). Would be wrong to say I'm fluent in all six of them, as I consider myself fluent in 4 of them and knowing the two other languages fairly well.

Regards, Yvonne


Sorry - I must be tired. embarrasment

Regards, Yvonne

Captain REX
Welcome aboard, Yvonne! You sound like a drastically more interesting person than I am! eek! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Thank you. I look forward getting to know you all. smile

Regards, Yvonne

Welcome. smile I LOVE OLD MOVIES!!!!! eek! droolio Those books are great, too. wink

Welcome to our house in the middle of our street welcome2

Hello! Welcome to KMC. Feel free to pm me if you ever want someone to talk to happy

Thank you all. smile And I will try to remember that Wild-Cherry. wink

Regards, Yvonne

welcome to kmc

don't shiv
aahh..... old movies hit the spott girl!

like senorita Grim said: Hola Yvonne big grin

Hola smile Or 'hei' as I would say in Norwegian. smile Nice to meet you all. wink

Regards, Yvonne


Hei hei smile

I see you know a bit Norwegian. wink

Regards, Yvonne

you are amazing

6. wow. quite impressive! smile

anywho.... HOLA! see ya around!

can you speak chinese?

Thank you. smile No, I don't unfortunatly. I know a few words in Japanese (since I practice karate) though. I've got a friend who lived in China for a year (she was an exchange student) and is now studying Chinese. I might learn something from her one day.

Regards, Yvonne

welcome to kmc enjoy your stay

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