Out of the Storm----sailorleo's fic

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Scanning the ever-climbing waves, James Norrington squnited. It was almost as if he could manifest the Black Pearl and its arrogant captain. He shook his head at the decision to extend a pirate good sportsmanship. Head-start, he scoffed.
"Commodore?" He heard a voice behind him.
Turning briskly, he saw Gillette on the deck of the Dauntless with him. He managed a smile-- the crew being the only the only source of enjoyment on this, this death voyage.
"We're coming up on the Pearl," Gillette said.
Snatching the spyglass from him, James ran up to the helm. Sure enough, black sails peeked through the darkening sky.
"Sir, the wind's picking up. We suspect a hurricane. Please. Let's find a port."
"I made myself a promise I would catch the infamous Jack Sparrow. If his ship can sail through it, so shall ours." Taking the helm, he steered the oaken wheel in the direction of the other ships, the black sails just disappearing into the horizon. The foamy waves began to reach even higher, washing upon the deck as if it was a beach. Long, drawin-out howls accompanied it, the wind knocking the ship to and fro.
"We'll capsize!" James could hear the men rushing to the ropes, up and below the decks. Sneering, he kept calling the commands. Not this time, Sparrow. Not this time...
Stinging rain and even harsher gusts covered the Dauntless. When the men began losing their footing, James attempted to turn the helm. His own feet slipped on the flooding deck. No, he thought. He jerked his head to search for the men. White waves swept over the deck, and the deck seemed to greet all of them. It couldn't be.
They were capsizing.
In a swift motion, James dropped into the frigid water, more and more toppling over his head. The ship followed, almost crashing down on him, crushing his comparitively small body. That's how it felt. Small. Amid a vast sea with wind almost blowing him through the water, James flapped his arms. The surface was so close. The waves would part and he could freestyle to a nearby island. He could get help. He spoke a dozen languages, could always use his knife if.... The waves probably knocked his knife away from him. Wiggling out of his boots, he opened his mouth to take in the stirring air before the water pulled him down again.
"James Norrington."
"Who..." he tried to ask, but the water rushed into his mouth.
"Take my arm."
Before he could even figure whose voice was speaking to him and how he could hear it, his grasping hands caught the arm of another being.
Soon, he was pulled out of the colliding waves, the entire hurricane underneath him. Looking up, he saw what appeared to be a woman.
"I'm going to save you," she said.

To be continued

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"Who, who are you?" he coughed, the taste of wet salt lingering on his lips.
"I did not have time to save everyone. You, James Norrington, are the sole survivor." She gave him a sympathetic look with her shimmering eyes. Even in the night sky, her briliant irises reeled him into them.
"But..." he coughed again.
"Sh, I'm taking you somewhere safe. Just call me Sailor." The woman who flew without wings said no more. High above the swirling winds and rains, he finally spotted a shoreline. Fighting to keep consciousness, the sight of land gave him a welcomed rush of alertness. The soft, sleek skin of the woman holding him from the clutches of death almost seemed a completely new sensation to him.
"There," she said, setting him down. "You've been through so much, sailing through that hurricane. Let me see if you are hurt..." She edged closer to him, her soft fingers running from his temples to his hairline.
"My men?"
"Dead, at peace now. I had time for only one." She inspected him further. "You have a purpose, James. I had to save you."
"What are you?" All of a sudden, he saw his hands were carressing the tips of her hair. Breaking away from her, he closed his eyes. The dizzying feeling of being in a hurricane returned to him. She edged closer again. Backing away, he nearly tripped and fell to the sand.
"Oh, what a frighening day for a human. I am a nymph, a sea nymph." She smiled brightly at him, stifling her own giggles.
"Oh," he choked out. Taking deep breaths, he finally managed a smile at the lovely girl standing before him. Clad in a creamy linen robe, her bare arms extended out to him.
"You were in the cold, James. You were in the cold much longer than you needed to be. Will you let me save you?"
"You did, and I thank you," he stuttered. in a swift movement, she wrapped her arms around his waist.
"My work is not over." She closed her eyes and placed warm lips onto his. His eyes rolled back, savoring the pleasantness contrasting so well with the nightmare he faced not long ago. Yes, he did want her to save him. He wanted his Sailor to save him.

TO be continued.

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James amazed himself with how much control he took over the situation. He knealt to the ground, taking Sailor with him. His hands cupped her sun-kissed cheeks, pulling her in for deeper kisses. A nymph. So much he never believed could have existed actually turned out to be physical...standing right in front of him.
"Come back here," she purred. Her voice jolted him out of his thoughts. Quick, strategic touches between his thighs jolted him even more. Propriety be damned, he thought. He was going to take her.


"James," she said, still huddled into his arms. A tangerine sun rose slowly into a rosy sky. She burrowed into him, her head resting on the groove where his arm met his shoulder.
"Sailor," he said in the same tone, nuzzling the back of her neck.
"It is time for me to go." She sat up, tears welling up in her wide eyes. "But I will see you again." Any stoicism he thought she possessed before melted away as she threw her arms around him and pulled him into another addictive embrace.
"Can't you come with me?"
"No, I must stay to save those from the sea. She is not always kind, the sea," she whispered. "But you are the one I choose."
James held her tightly, tilting her chin up to kiss her slowly, deeply. Once he was reunited with her, he would lift her onto his desk on whatever ship he would be on, able to express his feelings for her for even longer than this eventful night. Morning now, he thought. He could take a nymph from the sea. Or he could go with her. All the mythology stories always mentioned mortals who manage to be the lovers of the gods and earn their own immortality.
"There will be a day when I will retrieve you again, only it will be on a horrible day much like this one." She glanced out to the sea, then back to him. "James, you will be afraid that day. But I will come and get you and we can be together."
"You know what will happen, don't you?" He read her eyes. Astonished he could already read her face much better than he could anyone else's, he held her even tighter. "It will be the day of my death, won't it?" Flashes of all the ways pirates, more monsters, even carriages out of control ran through his mind. But it would be worth it to be with Sailor again.
"It will." She nodded. "That one day, we will be together again. Don't forget this." She picked up his discarded wig and placed it on his head. "Although I do like the sloppier look better." Laughing, she kneeled down. "Let me say goodbye to you how I wish, James." He felt the release of his britches from his legs. Having to die to see her again would be worth it.
"Sailor," he moaned, closing his eyes as she "bid him goodbye." One Day, he thought. One Day.

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