Maximum Ride

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"Maximum Ride" is a fairly new series by James Patterson about a group of avian-human hybrid kids (yeah, I know, "bird-people sound kind of dumb" but its very cool and action packed). There are three books total: "The Angel Experiment" "School's Out - Forever" and "Saving the World, and other Extreme Sports"

Anyone ever read them? confused rolling on floor laughing

SURE, i did, read 2 books, third one i havent, i will when i go to book store... LOL its amazing good, what do u think of it??

I've read part of the first one, but I had to give the copy back to my teacher.

the third one is REALLY good! very funny at sometimes! "I vill now eat nine Snickers bars visout bahfing!" and "I vill now destroy de Snickuhs bahrs!" are most defiantly my favorite quotes!

couldn't even get through the first book . . . no

I laughed when I saw the commercial for this book. I thought it was a f*cking joke.

yeah, I didn't like the commercial either; it looked stupid and the CGI graphics were awful. the idea DOES seem stupid and kid-ish, but what really grabbed me was the style of writing. I suppose it IS centered more on juvenile audiences...

i liked the first 2 pretty well, havnt gotten the trhird one yet, waiting for paperback

even though its Pattersons first young adult book, it is still good writing

i am on the first one my girlfriend made me and its actua;;y pretty good

I haven't even started any of these three, but I kinda backtracked, reading his older books that are with reference to Max and the gang. (When The Wind Blows...and later, The Lake House)

yeah its a good action book 2 me and cool chares

C Teng
i luv maximum ride, its 1 of my fav books

That ACDC Chick
awesome series aweyes
i'm re-reading the series up until The Final Warning until i finally get my hands on Max

i believe the next ones gonna be called Fang and it's gonna be told through his eyes

My dad got me to start reading this series it was pretty good so I continued the rest of the series. I have Max, I just haven't really finished reading it yet... I find it's starting to drag on...

That ACDC Chick
i cant wait until the next one
it doesnt come out till next year though aweweep

That ACDC Chick
only a little over 2 months till Fang comes out
cant wait! w00t

I quit reading Maximum Ride after the 3rd book.The 4th sucked,but the first three were some of the best books I have read.

But I like Patterson's Alex Cross and Michael Bennet Series better.

Has it ever been said why by James Patterson the chapters are so short?

That ACDC Chick
I didn't really like how Angel kept going back and forth from being a cute little girl to this rebellious little ***** throughout the series.

well, its how James Patterson had plotted his storyline... Im reading eighth book, the final adventure of Maximum Ride, its really interesting that Ari kept coming back to life from death...sorry for spoilers, i havent read whole book yet.... smile

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