Pet Sematary nove vs movie (SPOILERS)

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there are some major diffrences between the book and the movie id just like to know your opinion on which is better ill name the diffrences below.

in the novel the pet sematary is described as having almost no bounds like some weird alternate reality where you can easily get lost, in the movie its like a barren wasteland but in part 2 you see its just a cematary in the middle of the woods or forrest.

in the novel the power behind the pet sematary is clearly described as being a horrible demon do not be fooled he's not just some stupid demon he's a very faul creature who lured men to there dooms using there fear of death and loss against them making them part of its evil. the demon by the way is the wendigo. in the movie there is no such demon just the cemetary itself being evil.

in the movie jud is single, in the novel he has a wife.

in the movie the people who come back as just creepy zombies, in the novel as im to understand they come back diffrent and possessed by the windigo there demonic, they know things that most poeple dont dark secrets, they use such dark secrets to screw up poeples lives driving them over the edge, and other times as in the case of cage they murder.

ima give an example for what i stated above perticularly the zombie and demon diffrence in the movie and novel, in the movie timmy the soldier who's dad buried in the cematary who came back as a lumbering freak that killed his father, yet in the nove from what ive heard im to understand he caused little physical harm but told ugly secrets to all those around him even causing his father to commit suicide.

one of the best books ever and nobody wants to talk about it

I had major problems with the movie. The omission of Norma Crandall, the suicide of Missy, how Rachel was not as bitchy as she seemed in the book, there was no mention of the wendigo (not to mention the horrible excuse of it's face when Louis was burying Gage), and they way they portrayed the animals, Gage, and pretty much the characters in general.
Even though Jud was the best pick for his part compared to the others, I thought he was a little too upbeat. I almost hated Rachel in the book, but not so much in the movie. Louis did not seem as psycho as he was in the book. Church and Spot I think were too aggressive in the movie. I find it creepier that they were more passive in the book. I thought the death of Gage was too soon in the movie, as if they rushed it along.
Zelda was pretty scary in the movie but I imagined her to be younger looking. No one knows why the burial ground is cursed because they didn't mention the wendigo. Also the face shown in the woods makes no sense.
I understand they can't put the whole book into the movie but it could have defintely been better.

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