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what i want to say at first is, i'm bad in english, so excuse me if you can't understand what i write

i'm nalia but you can both call me nalia or seira, i speak french and only write english

i like manga, so i have my nick in most of manga's forum, and i share my manga in my live journal

i think you will only see me in anime & manga section, because i want to share manga with the one who love it, here

i want to make friend ( from anywhere in this world), so anyone want to make friend with someone like me , let's talk, i always have time to speak with you

i'm searching anyone who have time and want to help me, correct my bad english...because i'm now translating a manga in english and french, but , you see, my bad english will kill such beautiful art
so i need all your help, but first, let make friend

let it be now

Hello and welcome, i hope you enjoy this forum.


Hi! I'm new too. We can be new together!

Welcome. smile I speak a bit of french, but not too well. happy

don't shiv
see ya around seira


i could help you with the english thing, but i don't know much french.....


see you around!

i really happy about this forum but, i don't get onething, why i can't post anywhere except here, and can't ms to other
my website
take a look if u want

don't shiv
in the top half of the page
is a long RECTANGULAR box marked "Forum Jump"
click on the arrow
and scroll down to highlight the forum of interest.
click go

Welcome happy I love manga eek!

And, as shiv said, use that box to get around. Feel free to message me happy

heyy welcome ... and enjoy being here ... and you can talk to me any timee

Sorry but you are only allowed to post links once you are more well known. This is to deter spammers. Thank you for understanding

it makes me angry about this one, and i can't understang why and when i can post


Huh...Thats odd. ermm

I guess you have to be a senior member?

-Silver Falcon-
Welcome to our house in the middle of our street

someone can answer me when i'll be more well known?
can't reply, can't post even new topic, and can't messager to other even the mod

hello welcome

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.