The Ripper's Cuts

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Scarlet Crimson, Bloody Red

She sat awake one soundless night.
The room was dark, devoid of light.

Her vision blurred, eyes full of tears.
Today she suffered all her fears.

Her boyfriend gone, her family dead.
These thoughts all echoed in her head.

She never flinched nor felt the knife.
All feelings gone, as was her life.

Nice, it has a really good rhythm to it!

Thanx. I wrote it a few weeks back when my sister was contemplating suicide and such. Made her read it and she completely dropped the idea. Anyway, thanx again. I'll add more as I come up with them. smile

awesome poem! i love clever rhyming schemes. wink

thanks... i'll post more soon... i've got writer's block...

Wow, that's amazing Jacc.

I usually don't like other people's poetry, but this was definetly amazing.

I hope your sister's feeling better now, good job thumb up

kick ass jacc...i love the whole thing i can relate to it too...when writer's block is done seriuosly send more

good job. smile

Jesicka, Dearest

Dedicated in loving memory to Jesicka Lorraine Donovan, lost but never forgotten. May you find peace in your passing.

She sat with eyes crimson as blood
Inside her mind, drowned in a flood

The room bright blue, though looked quite grey
Today itself seemed far away

The needles scattered 'cross the floor
Seemed to affect her nevermore

As all drew dark and breathing ceased
She felt her soul itself was leased

Hell's Reject or Heaven's Outcast
It seemed her pain would always last

Father beat her day and night
Mother never put up a fight

She felt the sweet embrace of fate
And then, she left behind the hate

The fears all gone, the pain no more
She'll feel their anger... nevermore.

no expression


This is some good stuff. It was like I really felt what was going on with Jesicka. You did a good job. I'm sorry for your lost, though.

its sweet. you are good.

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