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I began this story during 8th grade as a joke for my friend Brittany. Then I just kept going after awhile my friend joined in and helped me decide the development of this story and its characters.

Each character is based on one of my friends. Their reactions not so much as their looks and feelings. The story is based on multiple books, but created from my own imagination.

Four friends in a coming of age story, each their own problems, each their own way of solving them. Literally being thrown into a new world. Follow them threw questioning love, friendship, family, and religion.

Sometimes all you need is a little Trust .

"Damn" Brittany muttered as she stumbled across the sidewalk. Looking back she noticed a green glinting from the stone she had just tripped over.

"No way" Brit whispered under her breath. It was impossible wasn't it. Or maybe it... no it couldn't be. She walked over to the small pebble.

It was. It had the same blue, green, purple, and red color to it when it shone in the light. It had the same perfectly round shape and brought the same question to her mind, "Why didn't it roll away?"

She picked it up. At least this time she could take it home and observe it. The last time she had seen the stone it had been half way across town while she was on her way to the lake to go swimming. It would have been very annoying to have to keep a hold on a stone on her end-of-vaction day out with friends.

But now that she was only a block away from her home on her early morning run before school she could take it with her.

Geraldine woke with a start that morning. When she had opened her eyes she wasn't surprised to see her 4 year old cats Leo and Ozzy on her windowsill. She was surprised though to see that they had their hair on end and their eyes dilated to the point that you could barely see the ring of blue or green on the edge of all that black.

"Hey you two, what's wrong", she began as she sat up in bed. With no response from either the black or the white and grey cat she got up to see what all the fuss was about.

"What is it?" as she looked up she realized what it was. A small kitten was on one of the branches in the backyard. It was hard to tell what color its fur was from this distance ,but in the light that shone in from between the leaves it looked... no that was foolish... imagine a purple kitten. One thing that was for certain though, its eyes were green, an extremely deep green.

"It's so cute.", she whispered. Suddenly the small kitten turned its gaze towards her. The last things she saw from reality in that moment were not Leo and Ozzy ,but more along the lines of the lightning streaks that Leo and Ozzy become trying to make their way out her door.

It had been about 7:10 in the morning. Becky was laying face down on the end of her bed watching her fav. t.v. show ,"The Tribe". Suddenly her t.v. started to flash.

"Miiiiiiiiiinnnnna", came a slow eerie voice. Becky could do nothing else but look around her room. "Miiiiiiiiinnnnna".

"What?.... Who are you?", Becky asked whipping her head around the room.

"Mina!" this time it sounded almost as if it were calling for something rather then stating it. It sounded almost like a girl.

"Miinnaaa..." the voice began to fade, 'Miinna..." It was gone.
It was 7:43. Krystina was sitting alone in the class room with only the teacher who was sitting at his desk to keep her company.

She had gotten there early because each of her friends apparently had something important to tell and ,in Brittany's case ,show her. She would most rather be outside in the hallway with her boyfriend Daniel. Who conveniently also had something important to tell her.

Brittany and Rebeca walked together and Geraldine usually showed

Today better be good, Kris thought, I mean every things so important.

"I have a life too, even if the rest of you don't" she snickered under her breath.

The bell sounded and group girls who Kris recognized very well, walked in threw the door ahead of the rest of the class.

"Oh my God! Kristina you won't believe what happened today!" Becky said as she sat down.

"It was so weiiird!" Brit told her.

Gigi (Geraldine) just sat there in silence.

"Your on time and you have nothing to say. Looks like it will be good day." Kris said sarcastically.

"Shut-up Kristina" Brit warned, "She has her reasons." Brittany turned around in her seat apparently no longer interested in telling her story.

"Becky, can you fill me in? Seeing as everyone else feels the need to lock me out of the news." Kris said.

"Love to." Becky said.
* * * * *

"Oh my freakin' God!" Kristina exclaimed as Becky finished explaining to her what had happened in her room that morning. Class wasn't too far from being over seeing as Becky had taken it upon herself to detail every second of tale.

"Yeah, I know! I was almost to scared to take a shower this morning."

"What about Brittany and Gigi? I mean there has to be a reason they're so huffy today?"

"Actually I don't know know what's up with Brit ,but Gigi...well.... It was really weird. She woke up this morning and her cats were fluffed up. When she went to go check what was going on she saw a kitten in her backyard."

"So, what? Did it get like run over or something? I mean "Oh look a kitten' big deal." Kristina said sarcastically.

"Kristina,... that's not funny. She say that when she looked out the window the kitten turned to look at her and..."

"And what." Kristina pressed.

"And when she locked eyes with it she says she saw all these really ,really, bad images. She said it was like she was reliving it or something."

"Reliving what?"

"I don't know. She wouldn't tell us ,but what ever it was ... it was probably pretty bad." Becky ended lamely.

"Oh..." Kristina breathed turning to look at Geraldine just as the bell began to ring.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~At this point in the story the girls are now eating lunch after separate classes.

"So Brittany tell us what is it that you had to tell us." Becky said sitting down across from Brit and next to Kris.

"What?... Oh yeah! Um..." she reached into her jacket pocket. "I found this during my morning run."

"OH WOW! A rock. How fascinating." Kristina mused flatly.

"No! Well, yeah, I mean, it is a rock but... I don't know it's kinda special."

"Special Ed." Kristina said in what was supposedly a whisper.

"Kristina, what have we told you about under naming yourself. The word is retard my dear." Gigi announced as she sat down by Brit.

"Well you should know, shouldn't you Gig'?" Kristina said over the stifled laughter around her.

"Of course I should sweetie, I hang with you all the time." Geraldine gave as response while the others continued their laughter in congratulations to her attack.

"Anyway... um... Like I was saying it's weird i mean its not a stone..." Brit began.

"Yeah, it looks more like a marble." Gig cut in as she took the stone from Brit's hand.

"I know ,but watch this." Brit took the stone back and put it the table.

"Oh, wow." Kristina said.

"That's not it." Brit continued as she pushed the stone with her finger... or at least tried to. "It doesn't roll."

"Why?" Becky asked.

"I don't know."

Later that day, walking home from school
"So, what do you think it all means?" Becky asked.

"I think it means we're all on the slow circular decent towards insanity." Gigi said in away you would think she was talking to some else. She was nodding her head which told you she was in two places at once. Walking home with her friends... and outer space.

"Gig' are you in dream La-la Land again." Kristina said in away you knew she still hadn't forgiven her for lunch today.

"For YOUR information ,Kristina, it's called an imagination and some of us actually have one this time in age. Where all people believe is what is right in front of them and the rest the leave to science to figure out."

"For your information..." Kristina mocked.

"ANYWAYS... so whose house are we going to today." Becky chimed in.

"Well I'm going Danny's house. It seems he has something important to tell me."

"Well I hope the subject of extrema annoyance is involved."

"Sorry, Geraldine, the conversation is about us not small Brain rodents."

"Same thing." Gigi said with a wave as she crossed the street with Brittany and Becky leaving Kristina in cloud of hatred to walk with to danny's house.

"I just don't see why you and Kris always have to be going at it." Becky ended with a sigh as she sat down a bag of candy in Brittany's kitchen.

"Well maybe its the fact that Kristiuna never learns." Brit explained

"Exactly!" Gigi agreed.

"Learns what?" Becky asked.

"That I'm better then she is" Gigi said placing a blow-pop into her smiling mouth.

"Seriously Gig' why can't you and Kristina give it break."

"Well maybe if KRISTINA would lay off Gig' then Gigi would leave Kristina alone?"

"Not true Brit." Gigi intervined in a matter of fact way, "Just because Kristina is no longer laying on me, does not mean i will not devulge her of her wicked simplemindedness."

With that the repeated agrument ended and broke into laughter.

"SOOOOO, anyone for some 'Princess Bride' " Gigi sang out as she pulled the DVD from her back-pack.

"HELLO MY NAME IS MISTER HOTTIE-PANTS YOU MURDERED MY FATHER PREPARE TO DIE!" They said rang in great memory of their favorite quote of the movie.

It hadn't been fifteen minutes when things turned strange.
* * * * *

The popcorn in the microwave began to pop so hard it open the microwave door. The t.v. started to fuzz in and out and the televisions from upstairs could be heard. While the radio began to blast music on the surround sound.

"WHAT"S GOING ON!" Becky screamed over the roar.

"HOW SHOULD I KNOW!" Brit screamed back.

"IT'S ALIENS! THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL US!" Brit's little brothers, Zack and John, screamed as they came streaming down the stairs and crowded around the girls."THEY WANT OUR BRAINS!"

"SHUT UP!" Gigi's voice rang supreme over the rest the chaos.

"mina....mina..." ,came a small voice from near the stairs. "Mina...Mina." ,the voice sounded louder and seemed to approached the place they stood near the couch.

"YOU GUYS I THINK WE SHOULD MOVE." Brit suggested backing away.

"MINA! MINA!" The voice sounded almost as if it were right in the center of the group.


"MINA!MINA" it started to reach the back of the group.


"Mina!...Mina...mina" just like that the voice disappeared and the everything went quite.

There was along silence finally broken by Gigi.

"Okay we're definitely going insane."

"Shhhh... listen." Becky said.

They heard the soft shaking of the glass in the kitchen then a sudden crash.

"What was that?" Becky whispered.

"Someone go check." Brittany said.

"What do we do!? What do we do!?" Brittany's little brother screeched.

"Shut- up John!" Becky whisper.

"Don't tell him to shut-up. He's just scared." Brit said protectively while trying to peer around the wall the divided the kitchen from the living room.

"Everyone be quite!" Gigi said. Looking around the wall.

"IT'S ALIENS!" John screamed.

"AHHHHH!" Zack screamed.

"Every SHUT-UP! Besides it's not aliens. Its a kitten." Gigi said now stepping into the kitchen being followed by her friends.

"Here...sweety...C-c-c-come....c-come h-here." Becky said nervously trying approach the kitten.

"Don't look him in the eyes!" Gigi said.

"Why not it's so sweet?" Becky said easily picking the small kitten, which began to purr contently and rub against her neck.

"Awww!" Brit swooned walking over to the sweet scene.

"Gigi, is this the kitten that you saw today?" Becky asked scratching the kittens neck.

"I think so...." then Gigi saw te light from over head on its paw. "Yes! I remember because I thought it had purple fur. Look... put it up to the light."

With that Becky the small creature towards the light.

"Oh my God... It does." Brit said. "Let me see." Brit turned towards Becky hands held out.

"Here." Becky said handing the now struggling creature. "I don't think he wants you."

"I don't think you guys should be holding him." Came a shaking voice from Gigi's side of the room.

"Why not?" Brit asked.

"Because of what happ....." Gigi started.

"Because it's an ALIEN!" John screamed hiding behind his sister (which considering what he thought of the kitten wasn't a good idea).

"No. Becaaaauuuuse..." Gigi began as she glared at John ( who hid even further behind his sister), "of what happened to me yesterday."

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I remember the story now! If I am correct all things sort of end badly! Sort of!

"Well maybe it only happened because you looked it in the eye?" Becky hypothisized.

"No! Becky don't...." Gigi tried to tell her, but it was to late. Becky was already working on getting her answer.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH! He's so cute!" Becky squealed as she starred adoringly into the kittens eyes.

"Oh, look he has little green rings around the center of his, GOREGOUS blue eyes..." Brittany swooned.

"They're like saphires..."

Becky and Brittany continued to swoon over the kitten when a sqreech came from the 2nd floor.


"Oh my God!" Brittany exclaimed when she remembered. "LUCIA!" Brit screamed as she raced up the stairs. "IT'S OKAY LUCIA! IT'S ALRIGHT! I'M COMING!"

When she finally reached Lucia's room, she found her in her crying in her closet cuddled up close to their cat, Ariel.

"Are you okay?!" Brit asked as she pulled Lucia out of the closet and walked her towards the stairs.

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"Brittany, whats goingon!" Lucia asked in her scared child's voice.

"Nothing's going on Lucia...Its okay. Everyone's in the..."

Brittany didn't have enought time to finish her sentence because just then a sudden crash and the sound a breaking glass came from the kitchen. Grabbing her sister she rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Hmmm.... what's next!

danielle marie.
Wow, this is definetly interesting.

When Brittany reached the kitchen she stood next to her friends, whom had each went into hiding behind the table, which had toppled over. Outside, a blazing light shone from the center of the backyard.

"What is that?" , Brit asked as she held Luchia closer kneeling by Gigi.

"If I knew, do you think I would be kneeling here unarmed, let alone at all!" Gigi whispered back while trying to peer over the side.

"Its ...aliens!"John whispered peering out from under Gigi's arm which held him close.

Brit looked to her other side Zack had taken the same precautions by hiding under Becky's left arm. while her right arm held the small ,now struggling, kitten close.

Luckily the table had landed near enough to the sink, where a few just washed dishes and knives were. "Gigi..." Brit whispered.

"Shut up Brit...I think its...singing?" Gigi said squinting into the bright light.

It was true from the bright light came the sound of music..some sort of vocalization...Almost as if a small angel chore had landed before them.

"Why is there ominous singing coming from the creepy, unnecessary, floating light?!" Becky asked with her back pressed against the table.

"I don't know!" Gigi said pulling back and looking at everyone. "Is Zack a sleep!" She said when her eyes landed on him.

"What!" Brit yelped in fear and then realized that it wasn't just Zack John had fallen asleep as well...Luckily she could tell from Lucia's constant shivering that her little sister was still awake. "How the heck can the sleep at a time like this!"

Suddenly a deep voice came from the other side of the table.
"Stand. Now." It demanded.

Gigi placed John gently on the floor and Brit carried Lucia on her waist as the booth stood slowly as possible, afraid to accidentally bump into the threatening sword held inches from their faces.

"Becky stand up!" Gigi said then looked out the corner of her eyes to realize that Becky had fallen asleep as well.

Gigi couldn't believe that everyone had fallen a sleep! They were asleep and there was this crazy guy with a sword in there face!...

"Look at me!" The man demanded as the other men came in and scanned the room. The were all dressed with a medieval type of style.

'Yep...definitely crazy...'Brit thought to herself and then found her self pulled forward by the man who had just swiftly put down his sword and pulled her in alarmingly close.

"Tell me something..."He said glaring into her eyes, "Why are you still awake...How is it that you two are still unaffected by the spell?" He asked looking at the two them.

Gigi Looked down at Lucia and realized they must not have noticed some one as small as he. She must of been scared out of her wits.

This is a good story.

Why shank you! ^.^...Sorry I havent written any in a long time I keep getting distracted by other books...XD...I'll try to adds more mm-kays! ^.^...

Gigi Leelove

Gigi looked around. There were a lot of them now. Maybe seven or nine just poking around the kitchen. She put her eyes back on the guy who was interrogating Brit. She took Lucia by the hand and pulled her behind her back, she was ready to jump if this guy did anything stupid and didn't care where that landed her.

"What do you mean spell?" Brit asked almost desperately. He shook her ruffly which made Gigi twitch, but she stood firmly where she was as Brit answered, "We don't know...I swear we have no idea....What do you people even want?"

"Leave the others and take these two..."

"Brit!" Lucia squealed when she heard that they would be taking her sister away. Then quickly coiled back behind Gigi when the man's eyes landed on her.

"What about this one?" One of the other men said grabbing her shoulder tightly. Gigi had the right mind to turn around and punch the guy square in the face.

"Leave her here...She's to young to take with us. We're only taking these two because they seem important."

With that he took Brit by the hand and walked her with him towards the back yard. Gigi was being pushed along by the guy who had put his hand on Lucia's shoulder and she wasn't too happy that he had pushed her out of the way when they had begun to move.

Gigi had tried to protest, but was faced by the tip of a sword in her back. She didn't care as long as the didn't try to harm any of them which she tried to pay close attention to as they were walked towards out the back door (more like giant-want-to-be-door hole-in-the-wall).


Lucia cried out for her sister and that's what made Gigi whip around furiously.

Brit struggled to get out of the grip that the warrior like man had on her but now he was paying attention. The only thing she could do was watch as Gigi Swung a fist at the man who had pulled Lucia and made her scream.

The next thing Brit knew she was being pulled into a forest bigger then she could have imagined was real.

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