Exar Kun runs the gauntlet!

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NO AMULET BLASTS! He gets full rest after every match.

1. Darth Maul
2. ROTS Obi-Wan
3. PoD Bane
4. Count Dooku (ROTS)
5. ROTS Darth Vader (pre-suit)
6. Kas'im and Sirak
7. Mace Windu and Depa Billaba (AOTC)
8. Darth Revan and OT Vader
9. Yoda, Cin Drallig and Ki-Adi Mundi
10. DE Sidious and Dark Side DE Luke

1. Kun wins though Maul puts up a decent fight.
2. Kun takes out Kenobi with the Force like Dooku did in ROTS.
3. I think Kun could take PoD Bane but it would be fairly close.
4. Same as #4, imho.
5. Here Kun might lose - we pretty much all agree than "in teh zone" Anakin would beat Kun, however, Vader isn't nearly as strong as Anakin "in teh zone" and he might slip, make a mistake, that could cause him to lose. I say Kun wins here, 6/10.
6. Kas'im alone would put up a great fight and maybe win 9likely not, though). With Sirak here as well I say Kun loses here, 7.5/10.
7. If Kun makes it here he loses, Mace alone could maybe beat Kun and Depa is pretty tough, too.
8. Vader could put up a good to great fight alone, and Revan may even win. Together they win with little difficulty.
9. Kun loses, Yoda alone could likely do this. With the other 2 they win comfortably.
10. Alone Sids wins comfortably - Luke wins with a little difficulty. Together they curbstomp him.

So I say probably #6, but Kun might lose at Vader.

Darth Sexy
He would most likel die at sirak and Kas'im.

id say at vader if vader keeps his head

Maybe #5.

Yeah, i think he stops at 5. I think he can take Maul amd Pbi-wan, even though with difficulty. Against Bane, well, i think he may beat him, though it's hard to say. The same to dooku, who would be a hell of a fight to him. After that i think that kun can't win against anakin. Not Anakin in teh zone at least. Even if he do, i am almost 100% sure that at least windu and Depa beats him, the 2 masters of the vaadpad. Also, Kas'im should be able to put a good fight. Anyway, i don't see him to have a chance in the last 3 challenges.

Spartan ll
He goes down at 7.

More like 5 or 4

Funny how so many people said #5 but there are so many votes for #7.

Darth Sexy
Yea he's not going down at Dooku but it's possible he might go down at Anakin. If not he goes down at Kas'im and Sirak.

traya winz CAWKHEADZ

Count Makashi
He could go down at Bane, probably at Dooku and pre suited Vader, if he gets close quick, then he defeats him in a saber duel, Exar couldn't get away from Anakin.

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