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K Tragedy
Come here to request a signature image from Kay Tragedy. I have some rules to follow. There aren't many of them so don't fret, poppet.

♥ Do not pester me. I have three boys to take care of. My life doesn't revolve around your request.
♥ Don't be too flustered if the image turns out as you haven't expected. Just reorder.
♥ Be respectful. If you're going to request a signature from me, have me go out of my time to make it, put it up, then take it down and replace it 3 days later, don't waste my time. Have it up for at least a week.
♥ My copyright ( © Tragedy Studios ) is listed on the signature for a reason. Don't remove it.
♥ Do NOT discriminate a request that is not yours. Example: Someone requests a picture of satan on it and you're religious. BITE YOUR TONGUE AND DEAL WITH IT. It isn't your signature, don't put in your two-cents worth.
♥ I reserve the right to cancel or withdraw a request. This means that if something comes up and I've already promised you a signature, I'll give you the end product. You can go to someone else if it is not to your appeal.
♥ No pornography, or vulgar words in your request.
♥ Include in your form under "Other Information" the following phrase: Love Will Tear Us Apart, to prove that you've read these rules.
♥ Despite my copyright, give me some credit. Put at the bottom, "Signature Made By: K Tragedy".
♥ Have fun. I hope everything is to your satisfaction.

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Phrase / Words:
Other Information:


More examples will be provided. NOTE: Not all of the images above are for KMC but other forums. They're just an example of my work so far.

Thank you.
♥ K Tragedy

Lovely hug

K Tragedy
Aww! My first comment E V E R!

Thank you, darling! I'm still just a beginner though. Photoplus... Not as good as Photoshop but I like it. *Huggles PP*

K Tragedy
Newest one...


I HIGHLY recommend the book Snow Flower & The Secret Fan by Lisa See. It's a wonderful read.

K Tragedy
For my newest novel...


I'm disappointed how it turned out, but I like it all the same.

K Tragedy

In Loving Memory Of: Richard Grune. A survivor of the Nazi Holocaust. He was a condemned homosexual and suffered so much through Hitler's reign over Germany. He was born August 2, 1903 and died in 1983.

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