From the Deep Dark Depths Of My mind

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Well here's a few poems && a few songs. I've written ofcourse. I hope you enjoy. Give me some constructive critisism.please.
Thank you.

You Burried Me

I'm stuck in this hole,
I need someone to help me out!

Trapped down so very deep,
These walls,They are too steep,
For me to climb.
HELP ME. I'm running out of time!..

I need lifted up
before it is too late
i'm sinking farther now
as it starts to rain.

Nothing but spiders and maggots they crawl!
Surrounding me as I fall.


Screaming so loud,
Not making a sound.

Chips of fingernails and streaks of blood
Where I clawed my way out.
Never being understood.
Leading me down this route.

The shirilling cries.
My ****ed up eyes
All your lies
trapping me until i die

One after another,
Shovels full of dirt.
Onto me as I scream
I'm Not dead. Someone.


Bloody Love

I stalk her
in the dead of night
ever so silently
so is to not cause any fright
I come up behind her
running my fingers through her hair.
moving each strand to the side
so very gentley,with care.
wrapping an arm gently around her waist
pulling her softly closer
without such haste.
clutching her stomach
as my warm breath haunts her neck
I bite down with strength
as she does not fight back.
Her breathe deepens
Moaning just a bit
Her eyes close slightly
as she bites deep into her lip.
To muffle her screams
as she weakly falls back in my arms in ecstacy
she enters a place she thought only in her dreams.
Pulling back lightly,
I lick the wound there.
Kissing it softly
Replacing her hair.
I turn her around.
So her eyes meet my sight.
I kiss her passionatley
as she returns the kiss,then pulling back
she bites deep into my neck.
I smile as this is the begining
To the rest of our lives.
Together forever
Together in sin
Together in blood
Together..until the end.

Untitled Song

So many emotions

here to drive me wild

killing me inside

since I was a child

fear of rejection

growing everyday

inside me like a parasite

that will never go away

Nothing left to do

to keep my heart alive

I've been here so many times

Yet everytime, you've lied

Im defeated

im beatn' to the floor

im giving up now

I can't anymore

Im screaming

yet no one will hear me

Those who will, never care

Why the hell can't you see?

Im short of breathe

Yet i can't leave

Im still caged inside

too much diseaved

This is my ballad

This is my dream

This is my ballad


If you can listen to me moan

you can listen to me whine

If you can listen to me whine

you can listen to me scream


For my life

For my love

To keep my ****ing head up

For my future

for my...

for my..


Love Never Dies?

Just shoot me dead, fallen to the ground, one shot to the head, one last bang, and not another sound. make it fast and painless, like those words you said, "This isn't working out" ,Remember? ,When you cut my heart out, and threw it to the floor, as you ran out the door, and left me in the dangerous depths of my mind ,to sit and cry ,until one night, I came upon you and her, smiling so slyly, I just couldn't take it, I ran straight home ,grabbing daddy's old gun ,loaded and cocked it, going to her house, I blew her brains out, I now sit here looking up at you, with blood stained clothes and flooding eyes .turning the gun from you. placing it upon myself,I take your hand around the trigger. and smile as I make you pull it tight. with one last breathe I whisper, " I love You Good night". A loud shot rang through the town as the paper read. "Love Never Dies?"

Very Dark as usual....very nice : D

It almost always is..
Comeon..Look at the name of this thread.

dark but great. nice job, i really like them. smile

Thank you Thank you ^_^ <333

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