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Well some idiot that I was chatting with kept saying that this was the ending to the seventh book to Deathly Hallows. Then he says it was a joke. but I found him too much of an idiot anyway. ALSO he claims to have the leaked audio of the last book. but anyway, show and tell!

So Harry, Ron, and Hermione are sitting in a restaurant in the muggles world. Ron puts a quarter in a jukebox and puts on Journey's "don't stop believin'".

They discuss general bullshit.

Voldemort sits down at a table across the diner.

The song continues to play. A trucker comes into the diner and sits down.

He keeps eying at Harry. It's obvious that there is a hit for Harry Potter. They continue to discuss. Mean time, Hagrid is having trouble parallel parking his car.

More discussion. Voldemort eyes Harry a couple times. The trucker looks at the three as well.

Hagrid continues to have troubles parallel parking his car.

Two black men walk into the diner and look at some pies behind the counter. Harry begins to sweat.

The trucker gets up and walks into the bathroom. Harry and Ron discuss. Hagrid succesfully parks his car, and starts running into the diner.

The sound of the door opening is heard. Harry looks up....and suddenly, in the middle of the sentence, it just cuts off. And then the book is like blank for like 50 pages. :P

this is the most ridiculus, and as you've said, only an idiot could have pretended that this is the book

Yep. And wait to you see my next thread coming up. Going to rant! big grin

And so you began this thread....


It's set in England, we don't use quarters thank God.
He'd have put 25 pence in the jukebox.

are u guys so out of touch with TV shows? this is obviously a joke. it's the ending to the sopranos =P

Since its a joke:
Tee-Hee HaHa lol will some one close it?

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