Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

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Some of you are familiar with this game. I'll start with an actor - Kevin Bacon for instance - and name a second actor. I will then link the two actors by the films they have appeared in, working my way from one to the other by using other actors/actresses. Keeping it below six films is the idea. It's really simple if you've never played.

Okay, here goes.

Kevin Bacon to Henry Fonda

1. Kevin Bacon was in Mystic River with Sean Penn...
2. Sean Penn was in Carlito's Way with Al Pacino...
3. Al Pacino was in The Godfather with Robert Duvall...
4. Robert Duvall was in True Grit with John Wayne...
5. John Wayne was in The Longest Day with Henry Fonda.

Then the next individual to post will continue on with the game by linking two new actors:

Gene Hackman and Taye Diggs

Good luck!


1.Gene Hackman was in The Royal Tenebaums with Bill Murray
2.Bill Murray was in GhostBusters with Harold Ramis
3.Harold Ramis was in The Last Kiss with Tom Wilkinson
4.Tom Wilkinson was in batman begins with Christen Bale
5.Christen Bale was in Equilebruim with Taye Diggs

Try this one:

Adam Brody and Sylvester Stallone

1.Adam Brody in Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt
2.Brad Pitt in Ocean's Thirteen with Al Pacino
3.Al Pacino in Devil's Advocate with Keanu Reeves
4.Keanu Reeves in Speed with Sandra Bullock
5.Sandra Bullock in Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone

Here we go:

Russell Crowe and Louis Gossett Jr.

1. Louis Gossett Jr. in The punisher with Dloph lundgren (Drago)
2.Doplh Lndgren is in Rocky IV with Sylvester Stallone
3 Sylvester stallone is in Oscar with Peter Riegert
4.Peter Riegert was in the mask with Jim carrey
5.Jim carrey was in man on the moon with Paul Giamatti
6.Paul Giamatti was in cinderella man with Russell crowe

Al Pacino and jason schwartzman

1.jason schwartzman in Bewitched with Nicole Kidman
2.nicole kidman in Peace Maker with George Clooney
3.George Clooney in Ocean's Thirteen with Al Pacino

Bruce Lee and Michael Dorn

A.D. Skinner
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1. Bruce Lee was in Enter the Dragon with John Saxon...
2. John Saxon was in Timemaster with Michelle Williams...
3. Michelle Williams was in Brokeback Mountain with Heath Ledger...
4. Heath Ledger was in Monster's Ball with Halle Berry...
5. Halle Berry was in X-Men with Patrick Stewart...
6. Patrick Stewart was in Star Trek: Generations with Michael Dorn.

Ice Cube to Madonna

1.Ice cube was in Boyz n the hood with Cuba gooding Jr
2.Cuba Gooding Jr was in rat race with john cleese
3.John Cleese was in Die another Day with Madonna

Gregory Peck and Kevin Smith

1. Gregory Peck was in Cape Fear with Robert DeNiro...
2. Robert DeNiro was in The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon...
3. Matt Damon was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back with Kevin Smith.

Sean William Scott to Diane Lane

Much faster way to Fonda
Kevin Bacon was in Apollo 13 directed by Ron Howard
Ron Howard starred with John Wayne in The Shootist
John Wayne starred in The longest day with Henry Fonda

1. Sean William Scott was in old School with Luke Wilson
2. Luke Wilson was in My Dog Skip with Diane Lane

FYI: Kevin Bacon was also in My Dog Skip, do I win?

Daniel Day-Lewis to Johnny Depp

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