Marvel Heroes Roleplay xP

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Simple, Its the marvel Universe and yes you may have cannon characters laughing out loud

Cannon characters you may have:
Iron Man
Captain America
The punisher

Red Skull
Green Goblin
The Juggernaut

In the Marvel universe, Heroes have beaten villains plenty of times by themselves, "alone they may be nothing but Together the Heroes shall fall!" Said Magneto as he told the villains before. So The heroes of the Marvel universe Teamed together to fight the villains...TOGETHER!

Character Sheet: (I am making a example with my own character)

Name: (Include Secret Identity) Shadow Blade(Kurt West)
Powers: (Limit of Powers is 3)Has super stamina, Super reaction and has Super Intelligence
Weapons/Gear: Shadow Blade has Swords and a Hover Board
Description: (How do they look?)Shadow blade has a ripped up cape, a paint ball mask, Black jeans and a black shirt, Shadow blade's hair is Dark brown which is covering his eye.
History: (Simple enough, just put their history! but please...make it at least a paragraph)Kurt has been a average teenager until he turned 16 and stepped foot into the lab where his father works. He wondered around too much and stepped into a tank where scientists were conducting a experiment and that created Shadow blade. Kurt however went through many depressing stages, his friends and family became enemies, he had been forced to kill some of them and for that Kurt is not proud of.

2.No spamming
3.Have fun!

I think I'll join but it doesn't look like its too popular, but ill play if more people come...
BTW this is an actual character I made for the palladium game "Heroes Unlimited" and he's kind of a blend between "Pyro" and the "Human Torch"

Name: Nova Bomb (Gordon Wright)
Age: 17
Powers: General creation and manipulation of fire
Weapons/Gear: None
Description: Wears everyday clothing including a trench coat, but also wears a fireproof jumpsuit under his clothing so when he engulfs himself, he doesn't have to worry about the world seeing him nude when he cools off. lol laughing
History: Ever hear the saying "Don't play with fire or you'll get burned"?
Well Gordon decided to play with fire, at the same time an eerie surge of energy was approaching the planet. Gordon lit some twigs on fire, but they sparked into a massive fire, swallowing him in the flames. When the energy passed through him it caused the fire molecules to merge with his own. Soon he learned that he was able to create fire, and control heat. He then became Supernova, a Diabolical Super Hero, who still fights to protect, but shows no mercy to evil...

List of Fire Abilities: (If I may use this)

- Continuous Bolt of Flame: Shoots forth a bolt of fire from his finger tips like a flamethrower, can be maintained with concentration, small amount of damage.
- Fire Ball: Creates and hurls a ball of flame that dissipates on impact, fair amount of damage.
- Wall/Circle of Flame: Generates a wall of flame to trap others or block passages, 6ft Deep 24ft High and can circle as much as a 20ft radius, Large amount of damage to those who touch it.
- Radiate Heat: Concentrates to increase and maintain the heat of the area.
- Fire Blast: Creates a blast of fire out of thin air and hurls it at an enemy, more than a fair amount of damage but not great.
- Spontaneous Combustion: Causes any combustible material to ignite.
- Fuel Flame: Quadruples the size of any flame and can constantly be fueled to enlarge the flame.
- Extinguish Fire: Permanently extinguishes any fires within a 90ft radius at a distance of 120ft away.
- Create Smoke: Generates a dense, grey-black cloud of smoke.
- Fire Form: Engulfs self in flames to protect himself and harm enemies, but it is dangerous as it could burn things easily such as forests, cars and buildings.
- Invulnerable to Fire: Cannot be harmed by fire or heat.
- Super Nova: The Super Nova is a last ditch ability, born in desperation, in which Gordon can overheat and literally explode.blowup
This will not be used often as it destroys everything in the blast radius and could very likely KILL Gordon, which he wouldn't really like...
Radius: 700 ft
Damage: (to heroes, everything else is gone...)
300ft from center of blast: Deathzone
the following 200ft: High probability of death, but small chance someone may survive.
Remaining 200ft: Probable chance of survival, but death may still occur.
Outside Blast Zone: May feel some heat but otherwise it looked pretty kewl...

As you can see this last move is a god like move, BUT it will cost him his life if he uses it, and everybody else's...

Shit, I take spiderman, and i be a good smartass while doing it.

Typo on the subject.

lol wow, i guess this never really started up, but what contains energy??? molecules, they are what make up everything solid liquid and gas in our universe, energy is purely what is formed when these molecules begin to move, they all possess kinetic energy, which soon becomes .... cant remember the other form of energy (energy being exerted or in motion)

This never really started up because it didn't go through the process of getting permission to start an RP on here.

Captain REX

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