The Unusual Soul Slayer

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this is my first fan fic and i know the title is lame but i couldnt think of a good title.

The Unusual Soul Slayer

Chapter 1: Not Knowing

It was a nice and beautiful day out.
I was with my mother and we were at the park.
I was playing with some of my friends on the playground,
and she was sitting on a bench just watching us.
"No what are you doing, Stop it, No!"
I heard my mother yell,
I looked over and saw her on the ground on her knees crying,
I went over to see if she was ok and saw some man running away.
My mother was crying and she was just starring, then I realized,
That guy had stolen her purse and hit her.
I got mad and started to run after the man,
I caught up to him and jumped on his back and started hitting him.
He threw me off of him and went to kick me and I moved.
I saw my mom running towards me and th stranger now.
I ran up and kicked th guy in the shin and was thrown back down to the ground.
My mother screamed and ran towards the guy and slapped him across the face.
He hit her in the face and she stumbled back a few steps.
I saw the guy pull something out of his pocket and didn't know what it was.
He pointed it at my mother and I got a bad feeling,
I jumped up off of the ground and ran towards my mother and pushed her to the ground.
We hit the ground but I felt this really bad stinging pain in my shoulder and my vision was getting blurry.
Then everything turned black.

"No mother!" Shawn yelled awaking from the dream about him not protecting his mother. He was always told when he asked what happened to his mother that she sent him here to live with his grandma and grandpa because she didn't want him to get hurt or risk his life for hers. Shawn is now seven teen years old and threw the years that he has grown older he has found out that everyone had lied to him. He always had the feeling that his mother died that day at the park but never really beleaved it until about a year or two ago when he was on his way downstairs and heard his grandparents talking about him.

"When are we going to tell Shawn what really happened to his mother and why he was really sent her?" My grandpa said. "I don't know Joe but if we have went this many years without telling him it may be best if we just don't tell him." My grandma said, I was about to leave then but what my grandpa said kept me listening. "But Valire how can we do that, I mean the boys almost eight teen and he risked his life when he was eight years old to save her I think the boy deserves to know why he was really sent here. Yes I am old and I don't have a lot of years remaing in my life but I don't think I could live out those years happily knowing that I never told Shawn the truth about his mother and why he was sent to live with us." My grandpa said and that's when I left and went back to my room.

"I'm sorry mother, I was weak then but now I have grown older, stronger, and wiser and I am ready to avenge your death. I will find the guy that killed you and I WILL KILL HIM!" Shawn said to himself. He looked over at the clock and noticed that in about a hour he would have to get up and get ready for school so there was no reason t go back to sleep. Weird things were starting to happen to Shawn, he would start talking to himself and having conversations to himself about his day and his mother, he would just start having a conversation with himself like there was another person standing in front of him. He also started hearing this weird noises and what sounded like to be some kind of creature screaming. He never saw them even if h could hear it screaming right next to him all he could do was hear it, but they never attacked him. Then he started seeing people but they weren't real people they were more like ghosts because no one els saw them or anything, but he did. Shawn shook all thee thoughts out of his head and got up out of bed and got his school clothes on and grabbed his book bag and left the house. He was going to get to school early and just wait for his normal school day to start.

im thinkn bout wut to write for chaper 2 so idk if it will be done by tonight or not

Chapter 2: The Hollow & The Little Girl

Shawn had just left his house and was on his way to school. He never took the bus even when it stopped for him. He thought it was just to crowded and to loud, he liked peace and quite when he just woke up not some kids yelling at each other or anything. It was now starting to get light outside now that the sun was coming up. Shawn was just walking down the street when he heard what sounded like a little kid crying or very very scared. He stopped at the entrance of a alley and heard the little kid again. He turned down the alley and started walking towards the sound of the little kids. He came across a path that went to the right and he looked down it and saw a little girl sitting on the ground in a corner holding her knees to her chest crying. Then he heard the really loud scream of a monster the things he had been hearing a lot lately.

"Please mister don't let it eat me please I don't want to get hurt or eaten please mister save me or it will eat me and turn me into one of them." The little girl said.

"What are you talking about little girl? What's going to eat you? I'm not going to eat you? And what do you mean by one of them?" Shawn said looking at the girl starring at what was now behind Shawn.

"Mister look out it will hurt you or even worse eat you and make you into a monster."


"Mister behind you watch out or you will get hurt."


"What are you talking about mister if you can see me why can't you see the scary Hollow right behind you?"



Shawn said as he turned around and threw a hard punch at the air behind him.

"See what did I tell.........Wait what did I hit? I felt that I hit something but there is nothing there?"

*The Hollow screams*

Shawn takes a few steps back.

"See mister I told you there was something behind you."

"Yes you did but how, there's nothing there. I can't see anything but I still hit something when I punched the air."



Shawn was hit by something powerful and it sent him flying into a alley wall.


*Hollow screams again.*

" the he..ll" Shawn said as he slowly got up off of the ground. He looked behind him and saw that his body had left a big crack in the wall. Shawn put his fists up and looked around nervously.


"Mister above you."

Shawn rolled forward and heard the Hollow land on the ground. He turned around and threw a punch straight forward and once again hit the Hollow right in the face.

"Mister watch out he is about to hit you."

Shawn jumped into the air but was a little late the Hollow had hit him in the legs and he fell to the ground.

"Little girl how do you kill or beat one of these things?"

"I'm sorry mister but I don't know."

"Ahhh **** this!" Shawn said as he turned towards the girl and took off running grabbing the little girls arm as he passed her.

"Come on run!" Shawn yelled pulling the girl with him.

"But mister it will just catch back up to us."

"So I don't know how to kill it because it's not a human or animal so you can't beat it up just fighting it with your fists and legs, and you don't know how to kill it either so our best chance is to run."

Shawn and the little girl had been running for a couple minutes until the heard the Hollow scream again. They were running down another path in another alley when the little girl tripped over something. Shawn heard the Hollow scream again and when he looked up into the sky to see if it was in the sky he could barely see the outline of something.

"Come on little girl hurry up and get up it is right above you!"

"I can't mister, I can't move my leg it hurts." The little girl said holding her leg crying. Shawn saw the Hollow now starting to come down towards the little girl and he dove over and on top of her.

*The Hollow screams in pain and defeat*

Shawn opens his eyes and looks up and around.

"It's quite and where did it go? Did it just disappear?"

"No it didn't just disappear. I killed it. What were you doing just crouching there with that Hollow about to attack you. Are you stupid." A new female voice said. Shawn got up to his feet and picked the girl up and held her in his arms.

"Thanks for saving us, BUT FOR YOUR INFORMATION I WAS TRYING TO HELP THIS LITTLE GIRL!" Shawn yelled at the female that had just appeared. She looked his age and she was really hot.

"Wait you can hear and see me?"

"Yes I can hear and see you, why else would I of responded to what you said to me."

"Well I'm sorry Hottie but I thought you were a regular human and couldn't see or hear me."

"What do you mean? Are you saying im not a regular human because I am."

"Well you must be a soul slayer or soul reaper because thats what I am and only other soul reapers and free souls can see us. We are the people that send the free spirits like this little girl to the soul society and let them live happily and in peace, and we are also the ones that fight and kill the Hollows."

"Ok what ever, schools already started and i'm already late so sorry to cut our time short but I have to get to school. Maybe i'll see you around sometime sexy. O and bye little girl don't go finding anymore Hollows ok." Shawn said as he ran off with a grin on his face. He had just met that soul reaper girl not even ten minutes ago and she already called him a hottie so he thought he would return the favor by calling her sexy. He finally made it to school and forgetting all about the fight with the Hollow he had he ran inside the school all beat up with scratches on his face and arms and bleeding from a few and he had a rip or two in his shirt. He walked into his first class and sat down in his seat and could tell everyone was looking at him not because he was late but because of the way he looked.

"Uhh...Shawn are you ok is there a problem?" His teacher asked him

"No Miss. Moore there is no problem."

"Well then why do you look all beat up then?"

"O a couple of guys tried to jump me on my way to school but I took care of them and everything is ok now."

"Ok then, I'm glad your ok."

"Thank you Miss. Moore."

Shawn said as he leaned back in his seat. He could tell that everyone was talking about him or thinking about him but he didn't let it get to him.

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